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    Old Programmes

    I am interested in programmes from Nov 96 to about March 2000, as I have none in that period. Thanks. Alex
  2. Both goalkeepers played well but Mark Brown never puta foot wrong -- well done Mark
  3. Hope some of those who were there last night will come to another match
  4. KOB is right. The difference between success and failure is very narrow and a win next Saturday would get things moving in the right direction again and change the tone of this discussion completely.
  5. Why change a winning team? Brown, Tokely-Dods-Munro-Hastings Wilson-Black-Rankin-McBain, Dargo-Bayne Charlie is doing fine
  6. I would like to see County in the SPL so we would have 2 Highland teams and the central belt teams would have to make the trip up the A9 EVERY week...but can't see them making it next season.
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