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  1. We won't be coming up for a good while. The whole Outlook of this club has to change. We have to get rid of this old boys network. Who was the last youth player to cone through the ranks? Polworth? No one can tell me there's no decent players in Inverness. I coach youth football and I see players week in and week out who are good enough. The whole structure of the club is rotten, we've no decent scouting system, no connection with the local community, and our youth structure is non existent. To many old boys in it for the kudos, and until that changes we're going to be on a long do
  2. Same with Boden. I've no idea whether he's decent or not, the only times I've ever seen him is as a brief 5 minute sub role. Seeing as Foran signed him, it's baffling why he was given so little opportunity.
  3. I've just got a horrible feeling that we'll win...but so will Hamilton. Hopefully I'm wrong.
  4. Bloody hell, I've now had to cancel a trip to the mother-in-laws to celebrate her 80th birthday so I can get to the game on Sat. Win, win all round!!
  5. Ach, we just need to win our last 4 games. 12 points still available. 4 cup finals etc etc etc etc......
  6. Total embarrassment. I said weeks ago we were down, 4 wins all season, is shocking. I'm sure Foran will come out with his usual sob story after this. If he had any decency he'd walk.
  7. We are ***** and fully deserve to go down. How many goals have we gifted teams this season? Shocking.
  8. I've been coaching local kids for over 10 years. Even at under 12 level you can spot the kids who've got 'it'. There is no shortage of talent in the Inverness area, I can assure you. I've seen kids from all over town who you just know have the ability to go a long way. The majority of those that are picked up by Caley are dropped by the time they get to under 17 level. I've know idea why, as they can't all suddenly be not good enough. In truth though, the majority are never spotted and the relationship between ICT and local Inverness youth football organisations are pretty much non
  9. We've won 4 games out of 31 this season. We need to win at least the same from the last 7. If I was a betting man I wouldn't be putting a single penny on that. Sorry, but we've had it for this year in my opinion.
  10. Can't really see us making top 6 now!
  11. And credit where it's due, Tierney and Armstrong were absolute class tonight.
  12. That must've felt like a training session for Celtic. We didn't get near them all night. Looked to me that we were terrified of them from the start, I've never seen us stand off a team like we did tonight. And you simply can't give a team like Celtic all the time in the world to play it out from the back. Even without the howlers I suspect the scoreline would've ended up the same at the end. I left after the 4th, I'd seen enough...and it was feckin freezing to add to my misery.
  13. We have a 3 page thread on here basically saying how **** Boden is. Doumbauya is up there with the worst strikers I've ever seen at our club. Yet Foran starts him every game. The guy can head a ball...with no accuracy, and that's it. And as for Tansey..I forgot the bloke was playing today until about the 80th minute. If Aberdeen, or anyone else want him, take every penny we can. Start with Boden and Arnier against Hamilton.
  14. I actually considered leaving after 10 mins of the second half. Stayed on thinking we surely must improve. We didn't. Really dire stuff. Partick looked better all over the pitch and if we had sneaked a winner it'd been a travesty. Nothing else to add.
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