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  1. Does anyone know if there is a supporters bus running to the game from the bus station and back tonight? I asked on twitter but didn't get a reply, thanks.
  2. Will there be a testimonial game too?
  3. I would have liked to start with Samuels and Chalmers, first half was awful but 2nd, what a difference. Delighted to get the draw and can't wait for Monday now, come on Caley ⚽⚽
  4. Is there still spaces available?
  5. When do you have until to book a seat on the supporters bus for st Johnstone 2nd leg?, not sure if it's just me or plus one yet.
  6. Same here but we have scored some amazing goals this season, hard choice.
  7. Are the playoff home game/s included in the season ticket or do we buy them separately?
  8. What a game, brilliant. Bring on the playoffs ⚽
  9. I'll happily take the luck now, we haven't had much for a while.
  10. What an end to a game, brilliant. Come on ICT 👏👏👏
  11. Well that was good, did it really happen!! 😄 Great performances today, what a difference a good result makes
  12. I still wish Neil McCann had taken the job when offered, had us playing great football but we need to do something soon, every week is getting worse.
  13. I have been asked to do that for the last few games now, never really knew why, I never take a bag with me and thought it was a bit over the top.
  14. How long is Allardyce under contract with us?
  15. Great last 10 minutes to the game but wish we showed some of that urgency through the rest of the match.
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