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  1. Seen on Instagram he's had his op, speedy recovery Aaron
  2. Every day you think things can't get worse at ICT and every day your heart gets broken more. Unbelievable way to treat Aaron, one of the teams most loyal, talented and nicest players we have ever had. Just happily donated but it's heart breaking that this has to happen in the first place. The board all get treated well between themselves but where's the same loyalty and decency when it comes to the the team, the players that have given us the memories, goals, games and special days in our lives that I will never ever forget since I started supporting them back in 1996. If we do survive this mess, Who would want to come and play here when they see how how a long term and loyal player like Aaron has been treated. I can't imagine what a bad taste this will leave in the mouth for Aaron after all these years here but hopefully this will show how much he means to the fans at least.
  3. That's the thing I'm worried about now, no communication from the club about updates on players, who's staying or going. What team are we going to have nevermind where they will based. You just want to hear something!
  4. Can anyone find out if he would like to work in Fife and visit Inverness twice a month
  5. "If" this does happen and "if" we got promotion next season, what happens then, Will everyone relocate back to inverness? Or is this a permanent thing. I still can't get my head around this
  6. I think this has wound me up even more than getting relegated, makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. What makes us ICT now? Where's the link to being a community club and getting a better relationship back with the supporters. So now we are a central belt team that visits Inverness to play. Absolute madness!!
  7. Thanks for running it and all your hard work, my first year playing it and really enjoyed it .
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