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  1. Great idea, if it's possible could you say what kind of distance from the grounds or where the supporters bus usually parks. Would like to go to more away games but the person I sometimes go with can't walk too far. Thanks for any away day info, it will be so useful.
  2. Hi, I've not had a reminder or email but want to sponsor again this season. Where is the link to do it, thanks.
  3. That is such a shame, never knew they didn't receive a medal for Scottish cup final. We should club together, get them a trophy/keepsake as a thanks for one of the greatest moments in our teams history
  4. That's great, will do, thanks for your help
  5. No not yet the lady I spoke to said they would be in touch this week to let us know, I think it must be one leaving at 7.30, I just read about one leaving at 7am and thought I'd got the time wrong
  6. Hi I'm booked on bus from stadium but not too sure what time it leaves, is it 7am or 7.30 thanks
  7. For me it has to be the moment David Raven scored the screamer against Celtic in the semi final, pure joy
  8. All the best Scotty, best wishes
  9. So sorry to hear that Scotty, hope all goes well. Good to hear you have great support from family and friends, including everyone on here, take care.
  10. What time does the supporters bus leave Inverness for Dingwall game?