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  1. Will be watching live stream too, hopefully I've done it right, only showing the badge on screen so far.
  2. That's brilliant thank you.
  3. Does anybody know if the supporters bus from the bus station will be running this season?
  4. That's me paid, thanks.
  5. Please be McCann I was so impressed with his time here
  6. Really enjoyed the game tonight, it was great to see the team playing with confidence, feeling so much more positive. Credit to McCann for bringing something new to the team and a freshness we were needing. John Hughes saying before the game he wants to win cup with county too, win the game tonight take the plaudits then on to the next round 😄oops. 3 great goals for us too, come on ICT
  7. Got mine yesterday and my mum's who's not a football fan asked me to get her one too! Can't wait to see how far this can get, brilliant so far from both sets of supporters 👏
  8. Does he regret leaving straight after the Scottish cup game we had against Celtic in which he scored the winning goal and not taking part in the celebrations after the match?
  9. Keep going Robbo, we will all get there if we stick together ,get through this and support each other in everyway. We can get back what we are all missing, football and a catch up with pals. Stay safe
  10. I emailed match centre and just got a message back saying to refresh my browser and it's finally started working, at least I'll get to see second half
  11. Do you only get an email if you have been given a ticket or do you get told you weren't selected this time too? , thanks.
  12. Ordered mine yesterday with a donation, really hope it gets lots of interest.
  13. That was the first football game I ever went to, got hooked that day. Goal even better than I remember.
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