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  1. Could you try to make it look like I'm winning please I'm even worse at this than I thought!
  2. Can you still get team lines at the home games, I've not seen them in a couple of years, since before Covid I think. I was just reading the email from the supporters trust about putting game info on the back as a suggestion but I thought they were a thing of the past. Where do you collect them if they are still going, thanks
  3. I know we have to give him a chance and I will but 3 years! How much will this be costing and if we have the money why didn't we spend some of it on players in the summer to replace the ones that left. I really hope this works out
  4. I would love someone like him just for the contacts he has. We need someone that can attract players to come up here like he did.
  5. I spoke to him today and I honestly think he can only be good for the club.
  6. Ignore me sorry I'm getting mixed up with NAPs and this one I thought it was the same thing
  7. Hi should have posted on here instead of main page, can you tell me if I'm still playing, I've disappeared from the table, am I out already ? Thanks
  8. What a start to the league . Can't remember us getting more that 2 passes put together and why do we play with more urgency for the last 10 minutes of the match, play like that from the start! The only positive from today's game for me was Keith Bray looks a good prospect for the season.
  9. Does the supporters bus still run from the bus station to the stadium and back after? I didn't use it last season so wasn't sure with all the bus cancellations if it's been stopped, thanks
  10. Do you get a prize for coming last, that's what I'm aiming for
  11. Do you just start playing at the 1st game of the season or do you have to join? Thanks for your help
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