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  1. Wasn’t it a clean sheet v Peterhead a couple of weeks ago?
  2. That was a waste of £10 for the streaming. Boring commentators but enjoyed stadium announcer making a mess of his own players names - sub with Mac replacing another Mac and he got them muddled. At least we know Manny can score pens.
  3. At half time on Saturday it was obvious that the subs were being put through their paces quite sharply, in quite a contrast to previous seasons when the subs usually casually chatted and maybe kicked a couple of balls about halfheartedly.
  4. Thank you, Robert. I looked at the option of doing it on line tonight but will phone tomorrow to ensure my renewal. Thanx again.
  5. I would be very unhappy about the ‘first 1000 season ticket buyers’ rule as, if I was at home, I would be there as soon as season ticket sales opened. I did ask about renewing my season ticket when I went to pay my Player Sponsorship money but couldn’t do so then. I went on a stay in Scotland holiday, first time away from my home since 2019, and if I am barred I will be a very unhappy clapper.
  6. I will be renewing mine as ever. I felt extremely safe (from Covid) at the Dundee game last season, very well organised by ICT staff. Strange experience being in the away end but great atmosphere and seeing fans I hadn’t seen since the start of lockdown. I’m just looking forward to seeing ICT this coming season. Incidentally I was happy to see the games on my iPad, no matter how crappy, was much better than nothing. (Ok I’m a happy clapper but pleased to admit it).
  7. Not happy with Dodds comment on TV about who’s off when he included Toddy and no announcements made officially. Poor start for Dodds in my view.
  8. I’m not a happy bunny - why no re-signing for Toddy?
  9. I’m just so happy I saw ICT in Romania - a wonderful few days, quite surreal and a never to be forgotten experience. The travel, the heat, the camaraderie, the stadium(!), the overkill armed police(!), the food, the drink (both so cheap!).
  10. I bet he wishes it was him - think of the spondoolacks!!!
  11. Many congratulations to our boys, including Daniel even though he’s not officially still ours. A great result for ICT back room staff working and bringing on our local boys. Well done to these youth coaches.
  12. Really enjoyed watching the young ICT team and very well done to the whole team - a great result. Good to catch a glimpse of old ICT favourite Darren Dods in charge of Fife Elite. Well done to the camerawork, eventually seeing the goals again. However I seemed to see ICT fourth goal umpteen times before seeing actual game at 88mins but a nice Friday game so, Thank You ICT. Ps Iain Auld’s commentary, eventually, just at the right tempo and excellent.
  13. Where’s Iain Auld for his commentary?
  14. Looking forward to seeing this. We used to go to reserve games on a Tuesday afternoon, in the early 2000’s and saw some teenagers who came good and first team players coming back after injury etc. A great way to use flexitime working also.
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