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  1. In my humble opinion I think the team are missing Carson and hope he’s back soon after his compassionate leave.
  2. I answered the questions in this survey as soon as I got the email.
  3. Referees are never great, dubious decisions, a yellow to Roddy? I vary in my points to referees but have yet to witness one deserving more than mediocre.
  4. And another plastic pitch - not liked by some of our players. However I’ll be there, hoping to make my usual noise (plus rattle).
  5. I can assure you I was using my rattle to the fullest when Gardyne scored! Lizi x
  6. The proverbial game of two half’s ! The noise, atmosphere, singing, chanting, foot stamping in the North Stand today was absolutely great - everyone came away smiling. Today the North Stand sounded like our usual away crowd! Let’s have more of the same as the ICT players react to positive encouragement.
  7. Well deserved. Many fans have said they think he could be a future Team Captain.
  8. Our walk-up fans, without season tickets, were in the South Stand nearest to the Main Stand, and I could see lots of children there. Maybe families still undecided regarding season tickets, or Covid related money problems. The 100 or so Raith fans were in South Stand area nearest the A9.
  9. Wasn’t it a clean sheet v Peterhead a couple of weeks ago?
  10. That was a waste of £10 for the streaming. Boring commentators but enjoyed stadium announcer making a mess of his own players names - sub with Mac replacing another Mac and he got them muddled. At least we know Manny can score pens.
  11. At half time on Saturday it was obvious that the subs were being put through their paces quite sharply, in quite a contrast to previous seasons when the subs usually casually chatted and maybe kicked a couple of balls about halfheartedly.
  12. Thank you, Robert. I looked at the option of doing it on line tonight but will phone tomorrow to ensure my renewal. Thanx again.
  13. I would be very unhappy about the ‘first 1000 season ticket buyers’ rule as, if I was at home, I would be there as soon as season ticket sales opened. I did ask about renewing my season ticket when I went to pay my Player Sponsorship money but couldn’t do so then. I went on a stay in Scotland holiday, first time away from my home since 2019, and if I am barred I will be a very unhappy clapper.
  14. I will be renewing mine as ever. I felt extremely safe (from Covid) at the Dundee game last season, very well organised by ICT staff. Strange experience being in the away end but great atmosphere and seeing fans I hadn’t seen since the start of lockdown. I’m just looking forward to seeing ICT this coming season. Incidentally I was happy to see the games on my iPad, no matter how crappy, was much better than nothing. (Ok I’m a happy clapper but pleased to admit it).
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