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  1. This result only fuels the idea that the SPFL really have more than one rule, one for the ugly sisters, one for SPL and another specially for ICT. How dare we win the Scottish Cup, how dare we have poor crowds that umpteen times are more than Hamilton, St Mirren and even St Johnstone, but still survive. It was a blatant error by Aitken again but after his antics at Ayr I am sorely disillusioned that the SPFL have sided with him. I will always support ICT but never again give these morons any support, these “experts” who supposedly run the SPFL - biased, idiotic, spineless, not worth a penny of the inflated wages they pocket every week. They have no consciences, don’t accept the truth, should resign en bloc.
  2. David Carson in SPL team of the Week. Well done David.
  3. This topic is descending into total stupidity. Can the Mods please close it ASAP
  4. If he was reacting to boos, then why thumbs up to the Ayr directors box? A reaction to boos would normally be towards the fans doing the booing. No excuses - that referee should forfeit his payment for his performance today - so biased and inconsistent, it was laughable. Looking forward to seeing the points awarded for MOM and ref!!
  5. Great guy Jamie - I wish you every success and will follow your future career with interest. Good luck.
  6. I wish Coll all the best - but hope he remembers he was going to give up football altogether before ICT came calling to give him a chance after his “toxic” time at Dundee United. He has a lot to be grateful for - ICT revived his career so I hope he acknowledges that in the Press.
  7. All the Caleyaway songs were superb at Dundee. Let’s continue the theme again at all away games, especially the young voice encouraging give me a “C” - you were a star.
  8. Me too. Never a fan of the ugly sisters and never will be. Look out for scores of Elgin, Clach, Fort William and Brora out of interest but only ICT for me.
  9. I have received a 3ft by 3ft pic of Liam Polworth in action in a cup winning game, I believe! I love it, but, if I put it up in my spare bedroom, my guests may not sleep! Shall I put it up in my own room and remain single for ever! No disrespect to Liam - it’s a great picture and Peter Paul said I should get it signed but...... would Liam want to come to my abode to sign it? Decisions decisions.
  10. I am usually classed as a Happy Clapper but......I totally agree with Gregors comments. It’s now time for ICT to be sorted out, from the Boardroom, to the Manager, to the team. It’s not working just now, so, get your thinking caps on or get someone in with a plan B. Please. ASAP.
  11. MAs an ICT fan, going home and away, I loved the Semi Final v Celtic and that game will always be one of my favourite memories. After queuing for ages for umpteen tickets for the Final, I became seriously ill and couldn’t attend. Friends offered to take me by wheelchair, but not possible. Awful! After all these years of following ICT, to miss the final. Watched on tv - not the same. Was delighted with the win, but, I wasn’t there. However I have wonderful memories - David Raven v Celtic, Nick Ross v Hearts at “neutral venue” Hibs! Games v Ross C.unty so good. Ayr with 7different goal scorers; ICT have given me so many good days out and the craic with those around me is so much better than watching games on tv. Thank you ICT.
  12. David Raven - if only for that goal against Celtic in the Scottish Cup Semi Final. Never forgotten and it’s a disgrace that he didn’t get a medal after the Final when subs who didn’t even play received a gong. They should have handed one over to him, if they had any decency or conscience.
  13. The best bit will always be David Ravens goal v Celtic in the Scottish Cup Semi Final. These memories even eclipse going to Bucharest and seeing ICT fans in the street and on sightseeing bus - wonderful days.
  14. Lovely to meet you in Sports Bar, Buffy. Hope you enjoyed your day despite the result. Happy Christmas to you and yours, except when against ICT! Love from Lizi xx
  15. lizi

    Ian Cumming

    Always sad to lose a legend for any Inverness Club. Sincere sympathy to his loved ones.