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  1. As you are so fond of Storey, maybe you could ask him for a zero percentage loan?
  2. I am so unchuffed that my doorbell is temperamental and didn’t work when ICT called with my goodie bag. It would have been a highlight of this season to meet the “delivery guys” especially as we may not have a Sponsors Night or Ladies Day this season. After an awful time of illness in my family, and friends, since new year, expressions of kindness from ICT is so appreciated. A family club in so many ways.
  3. Me too and delighted with the contents - all useful and very acceptable. Many congratulations to ICT, to those who donated the contents and the mystery person who left it on my doorstep. Many many thanks.
  4. Well done that player and I hope he recovers soon.
  5. lizi


    Take comfort that you and Simon had a great night together last Friday. You could have had no idea of what was going on in his mind after you parted. Remember all the happy times, the laughs, the jokes, don’t try to analyse the what-ifs. You were a good true friend but he didn’t want to share his troubled thoughts and that can never be anyone’s fault.
  6. lizi


    Why oh why did I have a clear-out last year and got rid of two huge boxes of programmes to recycling! I still have one box full but these are ones I decided to keep for their good memories.
  7. lizi


    Can’t believe it. Such awful news. Sincerest sympathy to his nearest and dearest and especially his lovely Dad. Liz S x
  8. I was at the game and only now watched the “highlights” on tv. Was that supposed to be a premier division pitch? - I’ve seen better pitches in the Highland League - shocking and the Hibs ground staff should be ashamed. My comments are nothing to do with the result - just making a point in favour of expert groundsmen/persons elsewhere. Ps enjoyed the actual ‘being there’ but not the highlights! Bring on the other Cup Final at the end of the March.
  9. And a big “thumbs up” / “high 5” to Owain Fon Williams who waved and smiled and acknowledged the ICT fans after final whistle. Shows a good way to prove he has happy memories of his time with ICT. Made us smile.
  10. Beverages of all types very reasonable at the Rugby Club. Enjoy
  11. No. I wonder why not.
  12. lizi


    Sorry I was being a worry-guts. Great news. Surely now the red card will be rescinded. If not, there will be certainly be more red faces at SFA.
  13. lizi


    I hope this is true and not just a rumour
  14. This result only fuels the idea that the SPFL really have more than one rule, one for the ugly sisters, one for SPL and another specially for ICT. How dare we win the Scottish Cup, how dare we have poor crowds that umpteen times are more than Hamilton, St Mirren and even St Johnstone, but still survive. It was a blatant error by Aitken again but after his antics at Ayr I am sorely disillusioned that the SPFL have sided with him. I will always support ICT but never again give these morons any support, these “experts” who supposedly run the SPFL - biased, idiotic, spineless, not worth a penny of the inflated wages they pocket every week. They have no consciences, don’t accept the truth, should resign en bloc.