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  1. I’ve sponsored Liam’s boots for years. A lovely young man, always happy to chat. He goes to pastures new with my best wishes for a superb future. I hope he has much success. Motherwells gain is ICTs loss - maybe now the boo boys will realise just what a contribution he made to our team. You know who you are - I could name more than a few who blamed him for everything that went wrong, but never acknowledged his attributes. So be it.
  2. It’s a shame that Mark has a dislocated finger (had one myself - not funny, painful and no-one gives any sympathy). So Coll might not be fit, Carl will likely not be fit, so - bring on Morton. Our boys are made of stern stuff and, I hope, have ICT now in their genes. Come on ICT - bring home 3 points. Please.
  3. I can hardly believe that an ICT fan would forgo watching his team at Hampden because of the SFA and their awful policies. Some of our players may never have played there before, and may never play there again. Such occasions make memories to be savoured for all concerned, young and old. I was too ill to attend the final in 2015 but have great memories of the semi final - wonderful David Raven goal. I hope all going to Hampden on Saturday have a great time, no matter the result - such are days out following ICT - come on Caleyaway. Raise the roof- make plenty noise.
  4. Ladies Day was excellent. Maybe not a big take up (can I suggest that was because it was going to be a pay bar despite lower price). Then days before actual date it was changed to free bar. So many fans missed out on a nice meal (with delicious canapés before), absolutely excellent raffle prizes (Lorna at my table won an exclusive handbag worth nearly £400!) (Kath won afternoon tea with Prosecco at Kingsmills Hotel) and Jason Porter, a tribute singer. He was great - sang before and after game, lots favourite songs, Michael Buble, Neil Diamond, Bee-Gees, Beatles, and more. Then lovely goodie bags to take home. Come on, what more can you want. Bring on Ladies Day next year.
  5. Please go to sleep Satan ASAP
  6. Can hardly believe that Nick Walsh was the ref in the Rangers game today! What does that say about these “blue suits” who are supposed to envigilate the referees and their performance at each game.
  7. Well said Mr Caleyjag. So pleased you had a good day with the missus and miss.
  8. I’ve been to many away games over the years when numbers attending were low. However ICT away fans make up for lack in numbers by enthusiasm and voice - everyone joins in the singing, chanting, clapping and, if drums there, even better. A few fans can sound like umpteen times their number if they’re vocal. That’s why home fans are not heard - so far away in North Stand and Main Stand so silent. No wonder the away games are more enjoyable for the fans AND the team. Let’s all be VERY vocal at Hampden. It makes such a difference.
  9. Sad news indeed for such a young lad. Wishing you all the best for the future Angus, whatever your future brings.
  10. Really bad news on Club website that this young man has had to retire from football due to his ongoing hip problems. So sad - but a benefit game to be arranged in Edinburgh for him. I do hope his future is brighter, out of football. All the best Angus.
  11. Often accused of being a happy clapper but, just seeing this as it it is.
  12. Not a happy clapper then !!??
  13. Draper was a nobody when he came to us. Didn’t shine in his first game at Elgin so many years ago. He forgets that and thumbs his nose to ICT now. I sponsored him for a few years and didn’t appreciate his gestures to ICT fans at last game at Dingwall. Some players show their class when they go to pastures new - Draper is not one of these and will never be a legend in the history books of ICT players - shame but class shows and he never has and never will.
  14. lizi

    The Run In

    I am a long time fan and season ticket holder. I support the team through good times and not so good. I go with the Travel Club to away games and, if for any reason I can’t go on the bus I pay my fare plus extra for first to score etc so the Travel Club doesn’t miss out for my absence as empty seats still have a cost. However if a fan can’t go to a game, for any reason, that doesn’t make them any less of a fan. Each to their own, but, please one day will Invernessians appreciate ICT and support them any way they can, please.