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  1. The Stadium used to be a happy place with long term employees - what’s happening now is very unsettling for fans and likely the remaining staff.
  2. First time I actually met Keith was at the ‘Meet and Greet’ event recently for fans who had paid out monies to sponsor players over the Covid period, without any actual recognition from the club. He was a genial host, friendly to all, players and fans, and made it a really good informal night. I am sorry if it seems he has been made the fall guy in regard to the Concerts - there are many others who should accept responsibility and I wish Keith every success wherever he goes, hoping he is treated fairly in future. I do hope he hasn’t left with any bad feelings for the ICT fans who appreciate his endeavours.
  3. Looking forward to the craic today - with D Ross running the line and Iain Vigurs in Cove team.
  4. No no and I’ll never be seen in that colours either!
  5. No sign of the poll so likely to be fake.
  6. lizi


    For many years I have sponsored an ICT player. Firstly goalies gloves, until they spat on them!, then boots - hoping for these boots to score ICT goals. Unfortunately this past season ICT player sponsors have been unacknowledged, ignored, considered unworthy despite paying £££S. Not even a letter or email to say what the current situation is. As a supporter since childhood of Caley, then ICT, I find this non-communication more than disappointing. Does this mean ICT don’t want us, ordinary supporters, to sponsor players in the next season? What do other sponsors think, or have they had communication? Our
  7. Clach is always a good night and, joy of joys, the Trawler Restaurant in Golspie for great food before meeting Brora on Saturday 2nd July. A happy fan.
  8. Thank you for compiling the votes. Shane Sutherland a worthy winner and I do hope he recovers well from that dreadful injury. Also well done to Willie Collum, the absolute winner of being the worst ever referee all season.
  9. What’s the difference? I know that when one of whichever it was was set off downwind of us, it was so choking we used our face masks to breathe until it cleared. Not nice for anyone with a bad chest or asthma.
  10. lizi


    It’s now the time of year for the Club to send out letters regarding Season Tickets and then letters about Sponsorship. However, despite after all the restrictions due to Covid, hospitality returned a while ago and still no thank you to those of us who, year after year, pay hundreds to sponsor a player or players. Why has the Club not had a Sponsors Night, even a tea and sandwiches, meet their sponsored player and get a photo? I know of quite a few who, disappointed in the Club, are considering not sponsoring again. It’s the Clubs loss - they are happy to ask for money but with no acknowledgement to these fans.
  11. Great idea. I , and so many others, have many memories of Telford Street and all the fine young men who played for the shirt on that turf. By a very strange coincidence, in chat, did I meet up on Monday eve, on bus to/from St J , two great stalwarts from our days there. Such a small world indeed, in football.
  12. Please phone the number ASAP to book your seat on the bus. If you delay, the three buses are filling up quickly.
  13. Contact details given in the post - either phone or go on Facebook and ask.
  14. Well done and congratulations to all. Well deserved accolades.
  15. That pink strip really is lucky!! Great way to spend a Friday evening - atmosphere at the end was great.
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