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  1. Quite difficult to chose as ICT really played as a TEAM. Great result but ooh the weather was absolutely Baltic.
  2. If it helps ICT, surely if cash, which is sorely needed, is forthcoming, then Thank You, and Welcome. Incidentally, where oh where, and When (even more important) is/are the Stadium naming sponsors? That’s taking longer than Brexit.
  3. Ps - yesterday was awful. No segregation of fans and if game had played til midnight ICT didn’t look like scoring.
  4. You may consider me a “happy clapper” but ICT are my first and only team, am a season ticket holder and go to the majority of away games. I certainly don’t go to the odd game not caring who wins.
  5. Maybe that’s why I overheard a comment in the North Stand today “where’s Polworth when we need him”.
  6. So what did Man of Match Charlie Trafford not do today to be dropped next week?
  7. Ps spoke to Sean Welsh today. He hopes to get surgical boot off in two weeks and maybe back playing around Christmas/New Year time. . Good news.
  8. Todorov had a good game v Queen of the South (I was there) and scored a goal but gets dropped today. Why on earth? On his worst day Toddy is better, more industrious, not scared to tackle, than White. I am fed up of White jumping and missing the ball. I am no football manager but fail to see the benefit Robbo sees in playing White week in week out for little return. I would have Todorov starting, with Walsh too and Keatings. Incidentally well done Charlie Trafford, he never gives up despite not being given a regular start. Carson a good signing, improving every game.
  9. lizi


    Why ? North Star will be full spread pages of the mighty Ross Co.nty and their wonderful exploits v the rangers via the assistance of Global and Uncle Roy.
  10. How come no Voting for players in this game? An oversight or?
  11. lizi


    Some people then need to apologise if they have spoken, or put on Facebook, words which on hindsight were inappropriate. We await.
  12. IHE - 39 not 19 at Dumfries and if you count all the persons in the photo of the away section, there was even more who made more noise than the whole of the crowd. Some must have sneaked in! If you watch film of the goals, you may hear my rattle being used each time - success! Happy days.