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  1. I’m sorry but I feel ever so let down. ICT could have gone out on a high but, no, just again an uninspiring draw. Now we have to wait nearly three months before another game and, even then will we be allowed to be actually there. The lockdown is easing, I felt so safe at the Stadium last December when allowed to see the game, so why couldn’t we have been there tonight? It could have made a difference to the performance. The easing of lockdown seems to be aimed at pubs etc instead of fans wanting to see our teams. Sorry, on hindsight, maybe I should be sending this to the Scottish Gove
  2. Like many others I find Andy’s stats and constant inane chatter irritating. Iain Auld is so much better, speaking when necessary, staying silent when there’s nought to talk about. I actually muted the stream and listened to Radio Scotland commentary which, at times, was irritating but not as much as ICT commentary. If the same circumstances are to continue for any length of time, in regard to Covid, then ICT must make improvements especially in the commentary area.
  3. lizi

    David Carson

    Well deserved. Now for an extended contract to be signed.
  4. Love the strips this year and the pink away strip seems lucky unlike the black strip wasn’t lucky at all and made them look like eleven refs running around! I know luck has nothing to do with football really but anything helps nowadays.
  5. Why David Carson on the bench ? He’s been in the SPFL team of the week the last two weeks after months out due to injury.
  6. Hope there’s a designated penalty taker - not a grabfest
  7. I am happy with Mark as Captain but a goalie is too far away from the action in a dispute over who is taking the penalty. The decision must be in the dressing room before the game, with a second choice if the player is not on the field and a third choice after that. Tonights schoolboy squabbling cost ICT 2 points tonight and must be sorted. (Or maybe Mark needs to shout and be as forceful as Kasper is as captain of Leicester)
  8. Ive bought mine! Love that the confirmation email says ‘entry via your own front door’.
  9. And he was Man of the Match. Well done him.
  10. Likewise I was at Dundee game and the circumstances were extremely safe - well done to ICT that day. I am so chuffed I was able to be at that game - but whenever the restrictions allow, with all vaccines etc, I really look forward to seeing ICT again. (Hopefully in my own seat in North Stand, but would be happy anywhere in Stadium just to be there). Stay safe everyone x
  11. Is our legend David Raven the first ex ICT player to feature in a BBC1 televised game v a Real Madrid player (Gareth Bale). He will always be an ICT legend and was great today in a non league team v Spurs. Well done, our Dave the Rave.
  12. lizi

    Ian Broadfoot

    Such sad news but makes his book even more special. I am honoured that he signed his name to my copy. Unbelievable really. So sad. My sincere sympathy to all his loved ones.
  13. Will we still get streaming of home and away games although they’ll be behind closed doors for next three weeks (or longer, please NO). I cannot remember if that’s what happens, the rules have changed so much I’m confused. Thanks
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