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  1. lizi

    New Kit

    Collected mine today. Unlike the black top years ago with fans names on (mine on back so couldn’t frame! and neck so tight I couldn’t wear) I am delighted with the “25” top, size and length just right for me and the box is a real keepsake with all the players names on. Hope for a nice day on Saturday so I can wear without a rain jacket over hiding it!
  2. lizi


    I’ve been going through three big boxes of programmes. What memories! Have reduced down to two boxes so far but so many I can’t part with. Unfortunately the cast offs so far have gone into recycling.
  3. Sorry, don’t usually rise to bait but ‘old goat herder’ was uncalled for. Sorry again.
  4. As long as he does actually have a magic hat, two magic feet to hit goals into back of the net, then ok.
  5. I am totally scunnered with your “old goat herder” description of Todorov. He is 22 years old for goodness sake! Is that old to you - if so you must be still in primary school. He has scored goals when he has come on as a sub in last ten minutes, is keen and fans like him already. Some fan you are betting against ICT - you may be right but it seems so wrong to bet against the team you supposedly support.
  6. lizi

    John Beaton

    Funeral is on Tuesday 6th August at 12.15 pm in the Methodist Church, Huntly Street, Inverness, thereafter to Kilvean.
  7. It says a lot when those who were there, and those who watched on tv, gave so many points to Todorov who only played for 15 minutes. He should have been on much earlier in the game - we were shouting Robbo to get him on. Why can’t he see what we all see and want. Todorov is desperate to do his best for ICT.
  8. lizi

    John Beaton

    Any news of funeral details yet - I’ve been asked by folk in Aberdeen and South who want to make travel and work plans ASAP. Thank you.
  9. Great interview. I remember seeing Ian Black for the first time in the reserves and thought then he would be good and so he became. His “other half” and daughter came on the supporters bus to the away games and were lovely folk - they had got together as teenagers in England. Lots of stories and laughs. ’
  10. The boo boys will surely find out that Polly was a real credit to ICT. Too late now. I do wish he was still here.
  11. Remember him playing at pre-season at Brora and the midgies were awful. I think it was the next days that Aldred went back to wherever he came from.
  12. There’s so many pundits trying to outdo each other, it’s tiresome with “fishing”. Stop it boys, or grow up please.
  13. lizi

    Ken Thomson

    Lovely service today to remember Ken. Lots laughter and some tears too. A fitting tribute to a true gentleman.
  14. lizi

    Ken Thomson

    Well said Scotty - Ken was a lovely person and a true gentleman. Our paths crossed outside ICT quite a few times over the years but we had a mutual love of ICT. Ken was so friendly and chatted about our Club, he was a superb ambassador for ICT and I have missed his presence at the Stadium. Rest well Ken - my sincere sympathy to your lovely Tan and all your nearest and dearest.
  15. Still waiting for date of pre season fixture at Brora - looking forward to fish n chips in The Trawler at Golspie before ko. An annual treat - both the footie and the food.