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  1. A fair report. Brora are another team who like to feign injury to get game stopped and regroup - disappointing. Some of their “fans” in the Stand were totally obnoxious, trying to cause arguments by nasty unnecessary comments. If that’s their usual behaviour, then they need a good look at themselves. It’ll be good to be back in the North Stand for some decent footie craic.
  2. I do hope this has been reported to Ayr FC and all other agencies. No use showing Red Cards against racism when such despicable behaviour still exists. Ayr “fans” should be thoroughly ashamed of some of their number. They know who they are so, name and shame.
  3. Where’s Tom Walsh? No mention of him lately - is he injured and if so, what’s the news?
  4. lizi

    Hugh Crout

    Sad news indeed. Sincere condolences to his family and friends.
  5. At my age it’s no date - and no need to call me sister - more likely grandma! just wanted to chat about ICT but if you unavailable then I will just have my usual meet-up with IHE (hope he’s coming over the border).
  6. Will you be with us at Ayr Alan? Look forward to meeting you there.
  7. Sorry - having another senior moment - what’s time of departure next Sat to Ayr? Forgot to put into diary. Liz S
  8. lizi

    Best ict goals

    As a real golden oldie (as announced by tannoy last Sat)(thanks ICT for 3 points on my birthday) I have loads of memories but my best memory ever has to be “The David Raven” v Celtic in Scottish Cup Semi Final. Nothing tops that for me, ICT such underdogs, Celtic going for another treble, teams level, AND then that goal. What euphoria! Made this old bird soooo happy!
  9. lizi

    Hugh Crout

    My sincere good wishes to Hugh. I’ve known him for yonks from the days of Caley and CH Webster’s. Always a true gentleman, a true football fan and just a lovely man to speak footie with. X
  10. I remember him playing for Caley, but don’t remember him with Jags or Clach. Condolences to his family.
  11. I only speak, or post on this forum, as I find. I have been a fan of ICT since day one and Caley before then. Graham Rae is the first ever Chairman who replied to an email from me, invited me to the Board Room on a Match Day, and thereafter always said Hello and chatted whenever our paths crossed. A gentleman to his core. I regret his resignation and wish him well for the future.
  12. A lovely three points for my birthday today. Thank you ICT.
  13. lizi

    New ICT Podcast

    Expected to see players and chat etc.
  14. lizi

    New ICT Podcast

    Got into the Wyness Shuffle but only sound! Is that right. Not happy.