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  1. I think the Club has been using Stewards from the South for some time as I’ve chatted with some last year, just passing the time of day, and they’ve said they are from the South of Scotland. I presume there’s a contract involved.
  2. Typical! By the time I am lucky in the ballot, nearly everyone will be allowed in.
  3. It shows 16.18 on my email but by that time I was watching the game on my iPad and not checking my emails.
  4. Is that you only home now? Dirty stop-out! Surely it didn’t take you that long to get out the stadium?
  5. Needed that laugh after the trauma of trying to get my iPad to stream the game! SPFL should come with a warning to those whose nerves get shredded easily. Even seeing the second half didn’t calm me down. Hoping I get chosen to attend next game, I don’t want to go through this nonsense of - error - try again, and again and repeat. Less stress being there, if I remember right, I hope.
  6. Well I emailed the help desk and still await a reply. At the first streaming game when I had problems at first, the reply email came the next day! SPFL are not very professional.
  7. Is it a ploy by SPFL to make everyone pay whether season ticket holders or not. I wouldn’t put it past them.
  8. lizi


    What’s a PATG holder please?
  9. Never before - a hysterical commentator when ICT’s goalie saves a penalty- great listening
  10. I don’t agree that folk are finding something else to do on Saturdays. Over the past two days I have unexpectedly met several friends/fans all of whom are just waiting to get back to seeing ICT, saying their Saturdays are not the same at all. Me neither. In the meantime I am glad to see the games streamed on my iPad - despite all the complaints I am just so pleased to be able to see ICT. Happy clapper I suppose but I miss the North Stand and all the awaydays with the Travel Club - as usual not appreciated until it’s gone.
  11. I've got nothing so far. Last week it only started as whistle went.
  12. What a shower of moaners mostly. I was delighted to see ICT playing at all. Strange view as my seat is in North Stand but, for the first attempt at streaming, I had my first decent Saturday afternoon in months. Even shouted at the screen a few times.
  13. It was me Lizi and I followed your instructions and after a few stop/starts, I eventually got on to the game just as the whistle went for the kickoff. At my advanced years I was really chuffed I managed to get into the system and watch the game. Thanx to you.
  14. I thought I had signed in ok but now the email has vanished into cyberspace and I have no idea how to see the game on Saturday. Will I have to ask the Club to send me my email again? I still have a note of the code.
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