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  1. Please phone the number ASAP to book your seat on the bus. If you delay, the three buses are filling up quickly.
  2. Contact details given in the post - either phone or go on Facebook and ask.
  3. Well done and congratulations to all. Well deserved accolades.
  4. That pink strip really is lucky!! Great way to spend a Friday evening - atmosphere at the end was great.
  5. Brave home supporters pointed out, discreetly, such “away fans” in the home section and had them sorted out! ie ejected! It can be done, and was done. Incidentally I have said that if we were back in the Premier League I would never ever go back to Ibrox - the atmosphere is so toxic. I would go back to Celtic Park, despite the away fans lousy view of the game, the fans have in the most been friendly. I may rue my words in future!
  6. I’ve bought a couple of tickets - such a great gesture for a great cause. If I win I will enjoy the prize for a very wee while and then return to Paul for his memorabilia.
  7. I am so delighted for Shane. His contributions to ICT are often overlooked, likely due to being a “local”, when in fact he is a mainstay of our current team. New players are noticed, watched and get votes. Well done Shane, your hard work and endeavour has at last been recognised.
  8. And Dunfermline with three ex ICT players on the field and an ex ICT manager, it’s certainly time for correct tactics or the goodwill from the last two results will evaporate.
  9. I believe betting is rife nowadays, unfortunately. Currently there are really big adverts on tv showing well known ex football players betting, so, what’s the problem as long as they are not placing bets on their own teams? I think fuller details are necessary before we castigate those who are lured into placing bets, likely due to peer pressure in some cases.
  10. I’m afraid that, watching ICT recently, I am back to my “more in hope than expectation” going to games.
  11. What about the 6 - 1 at Morton, that was surely convincing ?
  12. Confirm me for both buses please.
  13. I got on to site and then it comes up server not responding. I’m just going to listen on radio Scotland and claim my £13 back as I got that far before it went kaput.
  14. I would have taken you up on the kind offer but I’ve received my copy from Santa and my Godson Robert.
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