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  1. Likely talent spotting from Highland League for ICT next signing
  2. Stevie could never be called a happy clapper
  3. Blast and botheration etc - I’m out of the country when the game is ICT v Rothes. I hope ICT progress as I’ll certainly support our boys, whether under whatever age, at the next game, in October. Having seen the under 19s v Hamilton away earlier this year, I have plenty confidence in our young players.
  4. It was pay at the gate when I went there to see Clach v Buckie (good game) and ICT playing on the following day.
  5. I’ll be there, with a Clach scarf and also an ICT scarf, so I’m bound to go home happy, either team wins ! It’ll be a good game, whatever.
  6. lizi


    When I’ve had to be in Main Stand, not through choice, the worst part of the game is being able to hear Dodds very strange way of encouraging his team - ie swearing, castigating, demeaning remarks, all within earshot of fans, team mates etc. Not professional and not acceptable in public, no wonder the team don’t seem to be performing to their potential so far, since the Cup Final. Desperate days indeed. Dodds leadership my ..... Does that mean Samuels is now on “naughty step” for a few games, like previous players (no names mentioned but more than one, since Dodds in charge).
  7. I renewed my season ticket but am very disappointed with ICT. After supporting ICT since inception and Caley before that, I’ve spent loads money on the Club but.... likely no more until they get their act in gear. The current regime certainly don’t care about retaining fans - ie I’ve sponsored various players for years, enjoyed the Sponsors Nights, still have all the photos and mementos. Last season they accepted my cash for sponsorship but, no Sponsors Night, no photo, nought and, now not even a letter asking me to renew! Too embarrassed, are they? I presume now they only want Companies to sponsor but, Companies aren’t fans and, a Club without fans ? No wonder I enjoyed my welcome and the game at Clach recently! And the footie was good there too.
  8. Thought I’d try with my mobile phone instead of iPad and - success. Very interesting reading indeed, thank you.
  9. I still haven’t been able to access - either says page not available or my browser not supported........ tried everything but I think I am not meant to see the survey, even though I am one of the 15% who completed it.
  10. Looking forward to being at Clach on Saturday for some positivity and maybe a boost before travel to Dungdee on Sunday
  11. I’m always in the North Stand and will be glad to get back to my usual seat to enjoy the game without being within earshot of Mr Dodds. So much swearing at his team, is that his way to encourage? In my successful working life I was a team leader and NEVER would have shouted at one of my team - you’re a f..king amateur, which was shouted on Tuesday evening at an established team member. I cannot recall ever being advised that insulting someone, especially in public, encouraged better performance. Plenty times the f word was used towards his players. If I was in his team I would be raging - so much for being a leader - huh - Mr Dodds’ tactics are so obvious other teams know how to play against us and his lack of vocabulary only shows up his many failings.
  12. I got my new card when I renewed at the Stadium a couple of weeks ago
  13. Chairman Rae was an exceptional Chairman - always friendly, spoke to fans and held a few open meetings with fans if I remember correctly. He replied to my emails, invited me to Boardroom, and to this day acknowledges and chats to fans whenever he’s around. Our CEO would do well to do the same.
  14. ICT are good at automatic emails - another received regarding renewal of season ticket. I’ve already renewed. I wish they were as quick to respond to fans emails and queries.
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