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  1. lizi

    Sack the board!

    Maybe speak to whoever was responsible for the shambles at the North Stand tonight. The Club must have known how many tickets were sold but, only two turnstiles open, causing queues back past the car park and dozens of fans missed the first ten+ minutes of the first half. Very unprofessional and should never have happened and should never happen again.
  2. lizi

    Angus Beith

    Seems strange that new player Darren McCauley has the No 8 shirt whilst records showed that number to be Angus Beith’s shirt.
  3. lizi

    Caley Away Superiority Complex

    I have had a season ticket for umpteen years, buy the Club merchandise, sponsor a player AND go to away games. I don’t have a blue rinse and never do home baking. However I think you have a very biased idea of ICT fans, home and away. Since you haven’t been on a supporters bus since the 90s - by your own admission - how come you can spout your views on the current away supporters buses?
  4. lizi

    January signings

    Liam is a superb guy. Inverness born and should deserve lots more accolades than he gets.
  5. lizi


    Oh dear - Gorgeous George gone and, now the nerds find the %s to justify. Why? The ladies are bereft that gorgeous George is with Hamilton. Will the ladies follow Hamilton? Time will tell.
  6. lizi

    January signings

    I meant Brian Rice - not George. He will always be gorgeous.
  7. lizi

    January signings

    How many more will Brian Rice poach from ICT? Such a turncoat - whoever heard of him before he came to ICT.
  8. lizi


    How many more will Brian Rice poach from us in his search for fame?!
  9. lizi

    Ayr Utd -V- Inverness CT

    C’mon ICT - you can do this
  10. lizi

    January signings

    He made a good impression on many of us on Saturday - ready and up-for-it. Same for the loanee from Hearts - looked a good prospect. Onwards and upwards for the Caley Thistle. I was a “Caley” for many many years but now a true “Caley Thistle”.
  11. lizi

    Ayr Away

    On our way home from Falkirk tonight there was lots snow from Slochd onwards but none then in town. Just hope snow/wind/gales/ice/whatever doesn’t stop our game in Ayr but, if so, please let the game be called off before the CaleyThistle Travel Club fans aren’t in Ayr this time. Think of us fans this time please - we are leaving around 2pm.
  12. lizi

    Fifth Round Draw.

    Having been to many momentous ICT games, including the semi final v Celtic in 2015, I was unable to attend the Cup Final due to serious illness. I even missed the celebrations in Inverness the following day but I have the DVD of the game and have viewed it umpteen times. Only illness would make me miss a game such as this. Come on ICT.
  13. lizi

    Fifth Round Draw.

    Whether it’s cold and wet, Caleythistle away fans will be there as always. I’ll be there, with my trusty rattle ready for action! Bring it on.
  14. lizi

    Good wishes to Scotty

    Scotty - please let us know, or maybe thru your good lady, your daily progress and therefore on-going progress, positive thinkers all. We are all, ICT fans, wishing you well and, being very nosey, mostly Invernessians want to know all the details you wish to reveal. Stay strong. X
  15. lizi

    Good wishes to Scotty

    Scotty has major surgery tomorrow. Please join me in wishing him all the very best - may his consultant/surgeon be totally successful and Scotty have a good outcome and thus enjoy a Happy Christmas followed by a healthy peaceful relaxing 2019. My love to you Scotty and to your nearest and dearest too. Liz S x