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  1. lizi

    U18's Season

    Botheration etc, I’m working until 7.30pm. Enjoyed last under 18s cup game. I hope they do extremely well even without me and my rattle, making my usual fool of myself.
  2. lizi

    Game tonight anyone???

    Already in Ayrshire for a long weekend, so I’ll be there.
  3. lizi

    Scotty ~ A Personal Statement

    Wishing you the best of luck. Prayers with you and all the medical staff for good success against this horrible diagnosis. Love Liz S x
  4. lizi

    ICT Supporters Travel Club

    Plenty time to get through traffic problems on A9, plus Glasgow Friday eve rush hour traffic, plus at least one stop for food. What time do you suggest otherwise? Would you like to arrive late or in plenty of time for kick off.
  5. Well seen you weren't at the game, Vigurs was obviously sent on the pitch to try to take our best player out of the game and his tackles on Polly were pure thuggery.
  6. lizi

    Derby Day Travel

    Nearer the date, I could have a spare seat in my car if you don't mind a lady driver! I could also take you straight out to the airport if that's suitable.
  7. lizi

    Inverness CT -V- Rangers

    Agreed - where's Mikey Diamonds flag nowadays? Incidentally, still on cloud 9 after last nights 89th minute goal!
  8. lizi

    The 2015 William Hill Scottish Cup Final

    Great to see ICT "its our time" logo on Stagecoach buses going around town.
  9. lizi

    If anyone's interested

    Well at the Semi Final, I thought Scott Brown warranted at least 3 yellow cards, instead of the one he got. He is a cynical tackler and always will be.
  10. Went past the shop today and already its looking good. Merchandise on show inside. Great initiative. Well done everyone involved.
  11. lizi

    Cup Final ticket sales

    I estimated I would have to queue for a couple of hours and arrived at 2pm. By ten to four, eighteen tickets bought and a happy fan. It was a nice day and there was lots of banter between fans who knew each other and those who didn't. After all, queues are normal everywhere in the UK and if you don't want to queue for such an important game, then don't. Just wait until later in the week, or buy on line - the option is there. A nice touch for the Club to hand out details of the stadium so fans could see the various sections and options - well done.
  12. lizi

    Yogi manager of the Year

    Great news indeed and puts Inverness Caley Thistle again in the Spotlight, for all the right reasons. Well done Yogi. Many many congratulations.
  13. lizi

    Watkins to Hearts?

    How very unkind.
  14. lizi

    St. Johnstone on Saturday

    Meet up in the Muirton Suite at St Johnstone - stovies are excellent and its a great way to meet up with other fans.
  15. lizi

    Ryan Christie

    Wasn't impressed with Denayer in the Semi. Our Ryan much much better.