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  1. Like many have previously said I think this very good summing up of how I think many of us feel at the moment. As such I think something along these lines should be brought to the clubs attention as being the collective view of some fans. To see a photo in the paper this morning of Draper who captained our side on Saturday at Victoria park in county attire at last nights game tells you all you need to know and is a new low. This clearly didn't come out of nowhere and on the back of the Kevin Fraser fiasco seems like another case of a complete lack of planning. I feel there is not only a total disconnect with the board, some of whom waddled past me at Dens at the end of last season and couldn't even raise an acknowledgement to an ICT fan amongst a heap of home fans, but with the team. Raven and Tremarco are amongst the very few who seem to appreciate our support and have a passion for the club. We may not be the most dynamic or vocal fans but we are the only ones their likely to get at this rate and are paying their wages. I for one felt happy with the football and effort on saturday although clearly disappointed with the result however only Raven and Ridges bothered acknowledged the north stand. Butcher may have had his faults but he was very good on this front unlike Hughes and things have deteriorated again since. The club shop as many have said is a joke and rather than being helpful and welcoming you are often made to feel that your presence is an inconvenience. I called the club to ask is you could pay cash at the turnstile at Pittodrie near the end of last season and was told we haven't heard from them. If thats the best you can do when we're fighting for our lives and someone wants to travel thats simply unacceptable. We appear to have consistently good youth teams but are unwilling or unable to progress homegrown talent. I for one would be far happier to try and build on this relatively economic resource than bring up mediocre players from elsewhere. Clearly its a gamble and we have to accept the risks but given our present situation I dont think we have a choice. On a positive note I think we all need to support John Robertson and Danny Macdonald in their new roles and give then help including offering to organise some kind of platform to allow fans to make their views heard and become more involved. As many on here pointed out at the time It was obvious by mid season that things were badly wrong with some players simply not trying and a Manager who was clearly out of his depth however nothing was done. This is now water under the bridge but cannot be allowed to happen again.
  2. Saturday was the most frustrated I have been at a game in years possibly ever . Apart from tremarco who has shown total commitment all season the rest of the team need to take a long hard look at themselves. Our tactics were poor again however that in no way excuses the complete lack of effort of tansey, Polworth, draper etc. They didn't commit to tackles track back or look remotely interested. Mistakes are forgivable lack of commitment is not and I don't buy the virus stuff and if it was true why on earth play then. Makes no sense. Tansey has a very short memory . It sounds like more of the same tonight and doing nothing is not an option. Feel really sorry for Richie but we won't get out of this with hit and hope football and someone needs to support/advice on tactics. Why on earth play four four two with the same hopeless midfield as Saturday when he had to change it after 25 mins on Saturday? That said if he has lost the dressing room the players and ringleaders need properly dealt with as trying to get your manager sacked by not performing is unforgivable!
  3. I'm currently using my Dad's account, as Ally Davidson. As one of the four boys to go, I believe the situation has been put to bed. We went in there expecting debate but instead, it was a very friendly atmosphere and everyone got a say and it was taken into account by both parties. Being on the board of CJT is a thankless job and do it for no other reason but for our enjoyment which should NEVER go unnoticed. The behaviour on the bus was unsatisfactory and we know this, and CJT had to do something. We were all frustrated and the situation has gone way too far. Although banning us wasn't a good move, currently two of the boys banned travel to Motherwell today on that bus. So me, and everyone, from now on should start appreciating the hours of work and dedication put in by John, Leslie and the team. It's not easy for them with the lack of support for something that they do not need to do. So, we should all move on. Just get behind the team and CJT board and use our frustration towards something worthwhile.... Like County.
  4. My son was meant to be on bus 3 but slept in. We would be very interested in joining gellions buses and were hoping to go to Motherwell but I'm not sure what to make of this. It's a thankless task organising things but I know a lot of the young fans fairly well and consider them committed and a real asset to the club. £20 for a bus add ticket and food etc and it's a pretty expensive and long day so fair play to them for supporting their local team. This will hopefully all come to an amicable and successful conclusion.
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