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  1. We lined up like this -----------------Ridgers--------------- --McKay-Donaldson--McCart--Tremarco-- -------------Carson------Trafford------------- --Walsh----------Keatings--------Machado--- ---------------------Todorov------------------------ I was delayed getting into the ground as there was a huge queue with only one turnstile open. We were fairly innocuous going forward, with only Walsh really causing any threat. Hearts took the lead when McDonald volleyed home from a set piece after losing Machado, maybe the young guy showing a bit of naivety defensively. Hearts then carved out a number of great chances but were denied by a string of superb saves by Ridgers - three or four of his saves during the match were from the top drawer. Hearts were pretty dominant with not much happening for us, we did improve when White came on, his link up play was better than Todorov's, who looks pretty raw. Mitch Curry and Roddy MacGregor were both lively when they came on and I see that Curry has been credited with our goal, although it was announced as Todorov. Carson looked industrious and put in a few solid tackles and used the ball simply, which I liked. We really need a lot more from the '3' if we are going to do anything this season. I thought Keatings was pretty disappointing, didn't really show much. Seemed a good turnout, a lot of fans were delayed getting in, maybe more than was expected. Hopefully Angus Beith makes a few quid out of it.
  2. It'd be hilarious if Shankland did an Andy Barrowman and never does anything in his career again. Doubt it though, think he's sealed the title for United, sadly.
  3. Our current best XI? -----------------------Ridgers-------------------- --Mckay---Donaldson--McCart--Tremarco-- ----------------Trafford-----Welsh------------------------- ---Doran--------Vincent----------Walsh-------------- --------------------White------------------------------------ Maybe Keatings could play in the Vincent role and JV could slot in alongside Welsh rather than Trafford?
  4. Our current squad Goalkeepers Mark Ridgers Cammy McKay Daniel hoban Defenders Brad Mckay Shaun Rooney Carl Tremarco Kevin McHattie Coll Donaldson Jamie McCart Midfielders Sean Welsh Charlie Trafford Aaron Doran Tom Walsh Dave Carson James Vincent Strikers Jordan White Nikolay Todorov James Keatings
  5. We've signed two players from clubs who finished below us last season, neither of whom were particular stand outs for those teams last season. Todorov has scored three or four goals at this level in his entire career. Vincent underwhelmed at Dundee and didn't stand out at Dunfermline either. We have to hope that both will do better in our environment than previously. The big loss for us is Liam Polworth. Last season he either scored or assisted 30% of our goals and the season before he scored or assisted 40% of our goals. We need to replace that contribution.
  6. Triple signing of Charlie Telfer, Kallum Higginbotham and Paul Paton incoming.
  7. Paul Paton is absolutely useless, a washed up massive jawed diddy. I take it you mean Charlie Telfer? His career is progressing on the time honoured path - "hot young prospect" with one of the old firm, middling prospect who doesn't make it at a Premiershop level club, drops down to First Division but still can't do it and eventually ends up bouncing around the seaside leagues until the final career death knell sounds and you sign for Clyde.
  8. It's an interesting story - we apparently tried to buy him on deadline day but he'd already signed for Peterhead. When Sutherland found out about our bid he wanted to join us but Peterhead wouldn't do it. https://www.eveningexpress.co.uk/fp/sport/football/scottish-football/sutherland-up-for-sale-as-blue-toon-boss-says-head-was-turned/ A couple of thoughts. This suggests that we didn't plan to sell Oakley in the window but got a late bid that we thought was too good to turn down and that we were looking for a replacement at very late notice. If we had planned to try and sign Sutherland then we messed it up big time. In terms of him as a player, I haven't seen him play since he left us but he was useful if not quite of the required standard when he played with us before. He had a superb game against Celtic when we beat them 3-2 in 2011 but never really built on it. He's generally a centre forward but can be played wide in a 'wide target man' style. He's played six seasons since leaving us and has been a regular goalscorer at Elgin and Peterhead, a particular achievement at Elgin who haven't had the best side for him. He played a season in League one and scored 13 goals in the league at that higher level. If we are after him again, he could be a decent option, he might not be. With Jordan White we have a target man and if he were to sign he'd definitely be behind White and Keatings in the pecking order.
  9. Don't say that @TopSix will be off to put £100 on him.
  10. The Sun and Daily Record are reporting that Dundee asked for our permission to speak to Robertson regarding their managerial vacancy but we turned them down. If they were to come back with a big offer I wonder if we'd think of it. I wonder if he'd welcome a different challenge. If he were to go, who could possibly replace him?
  11. Out of contract at the end of the season Owain Fon Williams Kevin McHattie Liam Polworth Joe Chalmers Nathan Austin Out of contact in 2020 Mark Ridgers Cammy McKay Brad McKay Coll Donaldson Carl Tremarco Jamie McCart Charlie Trafford Aaron Doran Tom Walsh Jordan White Out of contact in 2021 Darren Macaulay Out of contract in 2022 Daniel Mckay Can't find details on how long Sean Welsh or Shaun Rooney have on their deals.
  12. I'd be amazed if he stayed with us. Hopefully he can leave on a high, a fantastic servant for the club and a great player.
  13. I've not been to many games this season but this is how I'd see us lining up. Does anyone know if McCart is injured or was rested on Saturday? If McCart is fit I'd expect something like this ------------------ Ridgers----------------- --Rooney--Mckay--McCart--Tremarco-- ------------Chalmers---Trafford----------- --Doran-------Polworth--------Walsh--- -----------------White---------------------- If McCart isn't fit then I'd expect Tremarco to move to centre back and, er, Kevin McHattie to play left back, although he played centre half there for at least part of the game on Saturday apparently. We could also have Polworth sit back and have more of a 4-3-3 or 4-3-2-1 and play on the break. I'd expect us to be a bit more reactive, we are better against higher up teams in our division and away from home. We do lack a bit of pace in our team, Walsh is the only player you'd say is quick and White is a target man rather than someone who is going to stretch Hearts with runs.
  14. As much as I'd love to beat Hearts, I don't think we will. We have a pretty decent first XI but take a couple of players out of it and we are pretty thin. Hearts are an uninspiring team but they are solid, they will be properly organised and I think they'll probably be able to hurt us with Izpeazu especially. Also, going forward I'm not sure we have enough to hurt Hearts. Basically, if Hearts play as they usually do I'd expect them to win. For us to win we'll need season-best performance from quite a few of our players, we'll need guys coming into the back four to have outstanding games, we'll need our attackers to play better than they have against anyone this season. It's a tall order.