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  1. ictchris

    Potential Winter signings...

    Why stop at Bolt, we should sign Colin Kaepernick, he doesn't have a team and is a high profile athlete who'd sell a load of shirts. Maybe we could bid for Kyrie Irving, he's a flat earther and could hang out at that mad shop in Greig Street. Really enthused about how the squad is taking shape now guys!!
  2. ictchris


    I don't care if Graham Rae issues a Salman Rushdie style fatwa on anyone involved with CTO so long as we get a winning team on the park.
  3. ictchris


    If we win the league I couldn't care less if we appoint Josef Fritzl as our Supporters Liaison officer.
  4. ictchris


    Why is it that when Bugs Bunny dressed as a girl he always wore a dress but when he wasn't he didn't wear trousers? Has Bugs Bunny been flashing us all this time?
  5. ictchris

    The Silence is Deafening!!

    Given how awful most the communications from the board are people should be glad we don't hear anything from them.
  6. ictchris

    Dunfermline -V- Inverness CT

    22 games unbeaten in 1996/97, we lost 2-0 to Forfar on October 26th then didn't lose again until April 26th to Cowdenbeath, when the league title was sewn up and all the players were pished.
  7. ictchris

    Dunfermline -V- Inverness CT

    We went 21 games unbeaten in 2009/10 when we won the old First Division - we lost 2-1 to Partick on November 28th and then didn't lose a league game until the opener of next season against Celtic. The Patrick game should've been abandoned as well because of fog.
  8. ictchris

    Come Monday Morning

    jk lol, they are from the BBC site.
  9. ictchris

    Come Monday Morning

    I just made them all up.
  10. ictchris

    Come Monday Morning

    We've played three games in the league so far - beating Falkirk 1-0 and drawing 0-0 with Ayr Utd and 2-2 with Alloa. Beating Falkirk maybe isn't the good result it seemed at the time as they look to be a bit of a shambles. Similarly, maybe drawing with Ayr Utd is a better result that it seems, with their recent wins over Dunfermline and Dundee. In the three league games so far we've had 40 shots on goal, with 12 of those shots being on target, 30% of the total. Historically a Shots on Target percentage of 30% is associated with being relegated but it's early days. One of the observations that Charles Reep made when he was initially analysing football statistics was that the more shots you have, the more goals you score. You can boil that down to the more shots on target you have the more goals you score - not all shots are equal of course, and a shot that's on target is a better guideline to how dangerous your strikers are than a ballooned 40 yarder that nearly hits the corner flag. Generally,though if you have more shots on target, you score more goals, you win more games. So far in this seasons Scottish Championship, here's the shots on target per game for each team, in the current table order. Ayr Utd 3.33 shots on target per game 6= Morton 3.67 5 Dundee Utd 4.67 3 Ross County 5.3 2 ICT 4 4 Queen of the South 6 1 Partick thistle 3.33 6= Dunfermline 3.33 6= Alloa 2 9 Falkirk 1.67 10 It's worth pointing out that it's very early days and that there are statisitical outliers - most obviously the game on Saturday when Queen of the South had 27 shots on goal against Falkirk, more in one game than most sides in the division have had all season. You also have to consider how good your strikers are - how many shots on target does it take for you to score a goal? So here is the shots on target per GOAL for each team, again in order of the current league table. Ayr Utd 1.67 shots on target per goal 1 Morton 1.83 2 Dundee Utd 2 3= Ross County 2.67 5 ICT 4 9 Queen of the South 3 6= Partick thistle 3.33 8 Dunfermline 2 3= Alloa 3 6= Falkirk 5 10 This table shows that when it comes to efficiency, we are very poor. Only the abject Falkirk take more shots on target to score a goal. If we were as effecient in terms of converting chances as Ayr Utd have been this season we'd have scored seven goals, and would most likely have won all three of our games. Do we have the strikers to make a promotion challange? Do we have the players capable of creating chances for them, are they making the best of a bad situation?
  11. ictchris

    He's One Of Our Own

    From what I’ve been told some young fans started singing “Liam Polworth, your sisters a slag”. To sing stuff like that is ******* idiotic, it doesn’t need saying. I do wonder about how we decide which players are fans favourites or not though. Some players seem to attract criticism - people hated Vigurs and were desperate to jump on him. Going back further there were fans who constantly criticised Paul Ritchie, despite him being a deadly goal scorer. At the same time, Liam Keogh became a cult hero!depite only really playing well for a few months. Fans sang that Keogh song years after he left but we don’t seem to commemorate a guy like Ritchie, who did far more than Keogh during the same rough time period. its been discussed to death on here by me and others but Polworth is one of the best players in the division and in our squad. In terms of assists and goals he’s unparalleled among our midfielders. If you are going to try and create things then you are going to make mistakes, it’s the nature of the game. Most of the objections to Polworth seem to come down to his “body language”, which is meaningless. Its well established that scouts in many sports go for players who look like the perceived ideal player. I think a lot of fans do similar.
  12. ictchris

    Ryan Esson Testimonial

    Aberdeen would the obvious choice. Who has all had testimonials with the club? Ross Tokely, Roy McBain and Grant Munro are the ones I can recall. Did Russell Duncan get one?
  13. ictchris

    shame on you Inverness newspapers

    There’s a double page spread about the march in today’s Courier.
  14. ictchris

    Bairns Away

    I think Sean Welsh is available, considering how dreadful our central midfielders were at Tynecastle maybe he could be an option?
  15. ictchris

    Reigniting the spark.

    Ipswich Town have a debt of £89m, bouncy castles must be expensive in Suffolk.