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  1. The line on reconstruction sounds pretty non-committal and throwaway to me. I doubt anything will be done with regards to that - it also might impact the new TV deal if the league expanded to 14 clubs, it would presumably mess with the split. I'm sure that could be worked out though. Anyone got any idea what our board think of this idea? I'd imagine that getting the prize money for second might placate us, we basically live hand to mouth as a club. I think it'd be a big blow not getting the play off opportunity and also having Hearts come down is a pisser, another club with a massive budget advantage over us (and everyone else in the division).
  2. Absolutely brilliant videos, keep 'em coming. You can even spot me, jumping on the wall to celebrate Brian Thomson's goal against Stenny
  3. ictchris

    John Scott

    I think he went to play in the US after leaving us, maybe with a college team?
  4. Reports are that Chelsea are interested in buying a Scottish club to help them circumvent player loan rules. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-8087409/Chelsea-looking-buy-Scottish-club-youth-player-rules.html The story is probably rubbish but it'd be interesting to see what would happen if it did come to pass. Would this be allowed? Would Roman Abramovich pass the fit and proper person test for Scottish football? How would fans react to becoming effectively a 'farm team'? What would happen if the Chelsea team won a trophy? What would people think about us being bought over by a club like Chelsea? It would eliminate the worry about going bust or part-time but at hte same time would take something away from the clubs identity. You'd also expect the parent club to exercise a bit of control over the club, meaning that it wouldn't be about primarily winning games and trophies.
  5. Saw a tweet earlier that we have qualified for 12 Scottish cup quarter finals in the our 26 season’s in the league. A very good haul, thought I’d revisit them. 1995/96 - It was actually an epic cup run that saw us beat Livi in an epic tie (goals were all over Twitter last week), then two away wins over East Fife and Stenhousemuir (both in higher leagues than us) saw us draw Rangers at home. The game was played at Tannadice and the star studded Rangers team beat us pretty easily. It was quite something to see Grassa Bennet and Alan Hercher go up against Laudrup and Gascoigne but we acquited ourselves well in a 3-0 loss. 2001/02 - We smashed Hearts 3-1 at Tynecastle to get a tie with the eventual First Division Champions Partick Thistle. The first game was excellent, really good atmosphere. I remember standing outside Firhill waiting for someone and we had what seemed a huge support. We took the lead twice but were pegged back by Partick hero Scott Paterson, who always looked like he’d rather be playing bass in ocean Colour Scene than playing football. He scored the winner in the replay as well, I think they were the only goals he ever scored. 2002/03 - our first quarter final victory, we beat Celtic 1-0 in a live Sunday night game. This is overall probably the best win over Celtic we’ve had in th cup, this was a team who reached the UEFA Cup final as opposed to the John Barnes shambles a few years before. Henrik Larson also played but was outshone when Dennis Wyness knocked home the only goal and we withstood a battering to hold on. My mate Dave, a sometime poster on this site, ran down and goaded a group of Celtic fans at the end, a fond memory as the rage faced trampy Celtic minks were silenced. 2003/04 - I couldn’t get to this one as my cousin got married. Barry Wilson hit the only goal from approximately 250 yards out though and I had the double whammy of getting a text to let me know we’d won and finding out there was a free bar at the wedding in the space of five minutes. What a day. 2006/07 - We beat Stirling and Dundee Utd on the way to a tie against Celtic and it was one of the most gut wrenching games I’ve ever been at. A superb performance had us a goal up and heading for the semis but Kenny Miller and Steven Pressley scored in the last minute to take it away from us. Graham Baynes performance in this game was one of the best lone frontman showings I’ve seen from anyone, probably his best game for the club. Brutal. 2008/09 - We lost to Falkirk in this game and I genuinely have no memory of it. I think I was there but I can’t remember it. Can’t have happened. A mirage. 2010/11 - The original game was postponed and I remember finding some pub in Edinburgh that was showing the rearranged game. We took the lead through a Rooney penalty but were immediately pegged back and lost in a disappointing but less heartbreaking manner than a few years before, 2013/14 - By some distance the biggest thumping on this list, Dundee Utd absolutely destroyed us 5-0 at home. We also had Tansey and Watkins sent off, I’m sure Watkins just thought f*ck it and halfed someone with 20 minutes to go to get out of it. I couldn’t get out of work so watched it at my desk on a shaky BBC feed. Every time the picture depixelated we had conceded another goal. Interestingly, three of the Utd scorers that day have trained at some level withus - Gavin Gunning, Gary. MacKay-Steven and Stuart Armstrong. Traitors. 2014/15 - considering the emotional wringer that was the semi final and final this years quarter was a walk in the park, a routine 1-0 over Raith with Danny ‘F*cking’ Devine the scoring. 2015/16;- our defence of the trophy ended in the quarters this year when eventual winners and this years opponents Hibs beat us ina replay. Highlight of the first game was a glorious finish from Andréa Mbuyi-Mutombo, who has his shorts pulled down by John Hughes post game, classic banter lads lads lads. Yogi also punched Liam Polworth while celebrating the goal. I think he was trying to tell us something. The replay was a squib as we fell behind early. 2018/19 - Last years game was another I had to miss (word of warning to the youth: don’t get old, get a responsible job or a family) but watched on television delighted as we outplayed United and stole victory with a last minute Doran header. Probably one of our best performance of the season. What are everyone’s favourite quarter final memories?
  6. I doubt we'll sign anyone in the next few days. This is basically it, we can't afford to turn down cash offers for players who are going leave anyway. We'll have to proceed with two of McHattie, McKay and Toshney as our centre backs. Maybe it'll turn out well, maybe it won't. But I think anyone talking about replacing McCart and Donaldson with signings of an equal standard is going to be disappointed.
  7. Thanks for these uploads. 2002/03 is my favourite season as a supporter. The period from the first derby game to when Pele left was the best football I've ever seen us play, you'd turn up every week and know we were probably going to score at least three goals.
  8. Rory McAllister is off to Cove, apparently.
  9. According to this story we have signed Shane Sutherland on a PCA - https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/some-elgin-city-players-are-stretched-across-the-aisle-trying-to-catch-sleep-en-route-to-annan-athletic-kwlrxdq20
  10. We tried to sign Shane Sutherland on deadline day in January last year, after we sold George Oakley. However, we didn't get the bid in in time and he'd already signed for Peterhead. He wanted peterhead to cancel his contract so he could play full time but they refused and had half a season there befor emoving back to Elgin on a free in the summer. Jim McInally said that the whole thing unsettled Sutherland and meant this second spell at Peterhead was a write-off.
  11. In a couple of months the 2010s will be over. What would the ICT Team of the Decade be? I think it's obvious that the 14-15 team would be the basis of the XI. I'll play a 4-2-3-1 as that's probably been the most heavily used formation during the decade. Goalkeeper for me is pretty obviously Ryan Esson. He was a solid keeper for the start of the decade and although he lost his place to Dean Brill around the time the team really took off, I think Esson is the best option ahead of Brill. The other regular keepers have been Mark Ridgers (regular since 2017), Tony Reguero (regular for a season in 2012) and Owain Fon Williams (2015-2017) - I'd rank them in that order. Defenders, I think you have to go with the cup winning season's back four. Left back, Shinnie is clearly the best player we've had at that position, Tremarco is a good player in the second tier and has been a great servant but he's clearly behind Shinnie. Right back, Raven is again clearly the best player for the longest period during the decade, regular from 2012 until 2017 and being a top player during that period. Central defenders, for me Warren and Meekings were our best partnership. Both were excellent bread and butter defenders but Warren was an underrated ball player and his ability to take the ball out and pass was important for the development of that Butcher/Hughes side. I remember when we beat Celtic at Parkhead, he was so composed and controlled on the ball it really helped us withstand the pressure we did face. Meekings was really athletic and quick, from what I've seen of him since leaving injuries have piled up with is sad as he was a really top quality defender. The other options are club legends like Grant Munro and Ross Tokely, both of whom played early in the decade. I just think Warren and Meekings are higher quality and did it for a sustained period of time. Coll Donaldson is perhaps the only player from the current squad who could get anywhere near this XI but I don't think there's a case for him to be in there just yet. The '2' sitting midfielders, I can't see past the cup winners Ross Draper and Greg Tansey. Obviously, Draper has left and signed for our local rivals but that's really our own fault for bollocksing up in 2016/17. From the moment he came in he was a destroyer with massive phsycial presence and was able to dominate teams in the top flight. He was man of the match in our first ever cup final and scored the opener in the first ever top flight Highland derby. Tansey showed glimplses in his first season with us what he could do but in his second spell he really showed it, blossoming with a better team and being able to really impose himself on the league. A threat from set pieces and from range is so valuable as well. The '3' attacking midfielders begins to get a bit more interesting. The middle player was a problem for us for a long time, with guys like Eric Odhiambo and Dani Sanchez playing there but never making it their own. However, for me it's a straight up fight between Andy Shinnie and Ryan Christie. Shinnie basically played a season and a half for us, played 55 games, scored 19 goals, received a Scotland call-up and a nomination for Player of the Season. Christie was also pretty fleeting, breaking into the side in 2014, then becoming integral in 2014/15 before leaving in 2015, loan cut short through injury. For the central position I'd give it to Shinnie, I don't think Christie was as good in 14/15 as Shinnie was in 12/13. If it were a real team you'd obviously play them both but for the sake of argument and having to choose I'd put Christie on the bench. For the wide attackers, you've got a lot of excellent players over the decade. Early on Richie Foran was a dominate player playgin on the left of a '3' and was a huge factor in our promotion. He dropped back to play deeper in midfield as his career progressed but he was a great weapon from 2010 until about 2014 , after which the injuries just piled up. You also have Jonny Hayes, who was dynamite for us in the promotion winning season and then in the top flight. He's developed into a more defensive player as he's got older but he was a huge threat and carried most of our attacking threat in season 11/12, without him then we'd have faced being dragged into relegation discussions. Aaron Doran has to be in the chat as well, for a few years he was one of the leading assist providers in the top flight, a really dangerous player. Marley Watkins also deserves it for his heroic 14/15 showing where he played all across the three and up front as well for a confusing period when we basically had no strikers (remember that? We sold Mckay and then waited two months to sign Ofere and in the meantime just played with a winger up front and still won the cup and finished 3rd). He was probably a better athlete than Hayes or Doran and was a threat with his pace, aerial ability and superb technique. I loved him but both Hayes and Doran did it longer. I'd probably redo this every time I try but now I'd probably go with a '3' of Foran on the left, Shinnie in the middle and Watkins on the right. In a real team you'd play Christie somewhere but in terms of the best players and biggest contributors I'd put those three. Up front, it's really a two horse race between Adam Rooney and Billy Mckay. Rooney played a season and a half in the time frame and scored 37 goals in 61 games. Mckay played for a lot longer period and scored 66 goals in 145 games. Mckay had a deadly run though with 23, 18 and 10 goals in his last two and a half seasons. I'd say Mckay was probably a better all round player and was a better team player than Rooney but Rooney was deadly. It's a tough one but I'd shade with Mckay as he did for a longer time period. The only other strikers we've had who've scored significantly are Miles Storye with 11 goals in 15/16, Gregory Tade with 9 in 11/12, Ofere scoring 5 in 7 in 2015 and Jordan White and George Oakely both scoring 7 and 8 since we got relegated. I don't think anyone would seriously put those guys in a decade team. Special mention goes to Alex Fisher though, who scored 6 goals in the last 7 games in the relegation season after not getting a chance for months despite being fully fit. Thanks Obama Foran. So there you have it, my ICT team of the decade. ---------------------------Esson------------------------- --Raven---Meekings----Warren----Shinnie--- -----------------Draper------Tansey------------------ ----Watkins--------Shinnie-------Foran----------- --------------------------Mckay--------------------------- Subs Brill Donaldson Doran Hayes Fisher (just to stare at Foran shaking his head whenever he meets his gaze). What would your 2010s XI be?
  12. The period between our first win, against County in the fourth game of the season, and Paterson leaving we played 17 games, won 14, lost 2 and drew 1. One of the losses was away to Celtic, the draw was at Ayr when we came from 3-0 down. We socred 48 goals - Wyness scored 18 goals, Ritchie 11 goals and Robson 7 goals. That is my favourite ever Caley XI. Not saying the best but my favourite - Brown, Tokely, Golabek, Mann, Munro, Duncan, McBain, Hart, Wyness, Ritchie, Robson.
  13. You are a top man for uploading these clips. The 2002/03 season is my favourite ever, we played some amazing stuff, particularly in the run of games up until Paterson left.
  14. A couple of points. An operating loss does not equal debt so making two £800,000 losses does not mean that the club are £1.6m in debt. The stands are assets but what are we going to do with them? Sell them? The club won't have to pay the money they were to Tullochs and can sell naming rights though, not sure what the going rate is for the name of a Scottish lower league stadium. When people talk about investment in the club they mean they want someone to write off money to the club, essentially. An investment is something that you expect to increase or at least maintain value. If I was going to invest in something to increase my wealth, a full-time lower league Scottish club would not be my first choice. Regarding the statement by Scot Gardiner, we have always needed more fans, I can remember before the major Tullcohs investment in 2002 David Sutherland making statements about the club being in a completely different position if we had an average crowd of 3000. During that time, the only way we managed to increase our average crowd was to get promoted. That's the dichotmy we face - the only way we can get the crowds we need to fund the club to get promoted is by getting promoted. I do think that there is a relentless negativity about all these stories, it's almost as if the club and existing fans are blaming people for not showing up which isn't going to encourage people to get to the ground. It's a very very hard thing to get people to attend sporting events in person if they don't do it already tbh.
  15. He definitely scored a free kick in that game, I believe we were 6-0 up at half time.