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  1. ictchris

    League Cup 2014/15 - 3rd Round draw (last 16)

    Anyone got a date for this?
  2. ictchris

    Summer transfer targets

    . Best team name ever.
  3. ictchris

    Facebook score updates

    Zuckerberg 1 Winklevoss Twins 0
  4. ictchris

    Summer transfer targets

    I think we'll probably sign a striker on loan just before the window closes.
  5. ictchris

    Rory McAllister

    He was garbage for us. He played fifty odd games and had one, maybe two, acceptable performances.
  6. ictchris

    Hughes comments

    He actually makes a bit of sense, the Scottish Premiership is an unpredictable league - a few changes can hoof sides up the league or drag them down. Aberdeen finished bottom six clearly and then bounced back to nearly take second last season. County had a fantastic season in 12-13 and then came pretty close to going down last time out. I doubt he's telling the players to settle and be negative. I'm more worried about what he's telling players to do on the pitch - emphasis ball retention, slowing the game down etc.
  7. ictchris

    Summer transfer targets

    Paddy McCourt is awful. Signing guys who can play in a load of different positions like Horner does make sense, it's good to have players like that when our squad is small. Proctor used to be good for that role.
  8. ictchris

    Scottish League Cup draw

    When will the date be decided for this one?
  9. ictchris

    Mckay to Fleetwood/Frankfurt/Fraserburgh?

    We can't sell him, we don't have any other strikers!
  10. Football is back. What are everyone's thoughts on this? I haven't seen any pre-season games but from what I've read we are playing the same way we did in the latter part of last season. This doesn't fill me with confidence, I have to say. The emphasis on maintaining possession over playing in the right areas of the park doesn't help us pick up points. We're less likely to score goals as Billy McKay gets isolated on his own up front as the midfield is pressed back and we are more likely to conceded goals by giving the ball away in our own half or in deep positions, putting our defence under pressure. Not all our performances in the second half the season were poor though and I think the XI we put out are certainly capable of getting a result against Hamilton. Having looked at the lineups in our pre-season games I'd expectus to go with something like this --------------------------------Brill------------------------------- ---Raven------Meekings---------Warren-------Tremarco--- --------------Tansey--------------Shinnie----------------------- -------Ross------------Vincent------------Doran--------------- -----------------------McKay-------------------------------------- You could swap Christie for Vincent and Watkins for Ross. Richie Foran is obviously a huge loss for us, we had a poor record last season when he wasn't in the side and with Ross Draper out as well our solid '2' in the middle are missing. Shinnie and Tansey, however, paired up well in the 2-1 derby victory last season. Shinnie is dynamic, hard-working and can attack from deep whereas Tansey can use the ball and pick passes. They complement each other well and Tansey was a good performer for us following his return. Doran is a key man. Outside of McKay he's our main goal threat and has a great record in assists as well. I know a lot of people will be looking for Christie but Doran is here and now and if he plays well we have a markedly better chance at winning. Vincent might not get people excited the way Christie does but he is more solid and probably better positionally and defensively. In away games I think he'll be preferred and he must be looking to improve on his relatively disappointing season last time out. Watkins could come in for Nick Ross as well, giving us a bit more power in that role. Watkins is also strong at set pieces, which could be important. Who is all going? I can't wait, enough of this world cup nonsense, give me the Spice of Life Stand any day.
  11. ictchris

    Summer transfer targets

    Pre-season training started today, I think. Anyone seen any of the trialists?
  12. ictchris

    Graeme Shinnie

    We'd benefit more from keeping Shinnie for a season than selling him for what Aberdeen could pay. If his brother could get a move to England so could ShinnieG.
  13. ictchris

    10 years ago

    I got refused entry to the Moray that night, beat that Tom Hughes, what a complete dickhead he was.
  14. ictchris

    Motherwell -V- Inverness C.T.

    From an Inverness perspective the game really summed up what's been frustrating for me this season. The first half I didn't think we played well at all, we sat far too deep and while we maintained possession we were unable to make any inroads into Motherwell. The penalty was the right decision, having seen it now on TV. Draper shouldn't have tried to see the ball out and ended up making a stupid tackle. The second goal was unfortunate for Warren but came from a corner after Motherwell attacked us in wide areas. There were a couple of occasions in the first half when we managed to get into decent positions but we never really got players in the box to support Mckay and a header from Keith Lasley was the closest we came. The second half was markedly different - it seemed as though Motherwell decided to sit back a bit, which happens naturally when you are defending a comfortable lead and that allowed us to take the initiative in the game. The primary reason for this was Graeme Shinnie, who was playing in midfield. He really drove our team forward, was always looking for the ball and, most importantly, was always positive, whether making attacking runs or using the ball. Shinnie really is a hell of a player and I'm beginning to think that we should play him in midfield all the time - Tremarco is good cover at full back and having Shinnie in the midfield makes our play so much more positive. Shinnie's goal was a little fortunate, he drove forward and his shot was deflected in. Following that though we put pressure on Well and managed to create a few chances - Mckay hit a shot wide, Tansey had several set pieces that tested the goalkeeper and Warren nearly put away a couple of headers. The main reason for our improvement was the fact that we pushed forward and played positively - if you are in the opposition half then every set piece is a chance and we can get goals from those, even when we aren't playing well. Right at the end Mckay's chance hit the inside of the post and rolled along the line, agonising stuff and I think we deserved a point for our second half efforts. Our best players were Shinnie and then I'd say Tansey and Tremarco had good games. We had a sparse support down but it was good to be at a game again, finally. The Motherwell pitch invasion was **** though Their section of fans in the 'Keep Cigarettes Away From The Match Stand' were in good voice, no Erasure songs though.
  15. ictchris

    Inverness CT -V- Dundee Utd

    Be interested to see what formation we're playing.