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  1. If we want to get into the promotion play offs then we need to really push on in these last six games. All the teams currently above us have played fewer games so we need to overhaul them. I'd suggest we need to win all of our home games, especially the game against Dundee. Of the three away games we have left we probably need to 'break even' so to speak, four points are a minimum from those. Queens and Morton are normally the games we'd target while viewing Hearts away as a 'bonus' but Hearts will very likely have wrapped up the title by the time we play them and we shoudl definitely look
  2. Oakley has returned from Bulgaria and signed for Killie. I assume we don't plan to make any signings today?
  3. Good point made on P&B, we pressed Hearts well from the front and might not have had that if we'd had Doran and Keatings playing. Certainly MacGregor's energy and pressure is one of his main assets and I thought he had a good game. Another point made on teh P&B thread is that we've played three best teams in the league in our first four games, hopefully we can pick up some more points in games to come.
  4. I thought we did OK but never looked like we were going to win the game or seriously threaten Hearts. It's frustrsting to concede a goal so quickly after the break, we did the same in the cup semi-final a season or so ago against Hearts. Defensively we were fairly solid but were still stretched, we didn't clear our lines as well as you'd want and that put a bit of pressure back onto us. Goign forward I thought the '3' looked good considering they are all teenagers, esepcially Kennedy who looks like he could be a really useful player in this division. I felt Todorov didn't manage to keep th
  5. Therte's a P&J article about it tocay. It would likely be people with an IV postcode and only the North and South stands would be allowed to open.
  6. The stream was so bad that it makes passing judgement a bit difficult but. I thought we looked a bit disjointed, which is to be expected given the circumstances. There were positives to take from the game, we did create some chances and played some alright stuff at points. I thougth Allardice played well in the middle, he seems quite a composed player who can use the ball well and is positionally good in the middle of the pitch, which is important for us. Daniel Mackay was dangerous and seems like he could fit in at this level. Roddy MacGregor wasn't quite as good as he was against He
  7. I thought Ridgers, Deas, Allardice, Welsh, McGregor, Sutherland and Storey played well. Daniel MacKay was OK, as noted by RiG he had a tough assignment on the left where Hearts were strongest. Harper had a really tough game against Ginelly, it'll be a learning experience for him and I thought Duffy was OK, considering he's newly signed. Brad Mackay was poor though and Todorov should have hit the target with the chance he had. I thought we looked more threatening when Keatings came on as well.
  8. Stokes must be the least disciplined footballer currently going. Since he left Celtic four years ago he has - Been released early from his contract by Blackburn - Dropped and released by Hibs for breaching team rules. - Released for missing training and going missing by Greek side Appollon Symri. - Was released by Azeri club Tractor FC (really) for having 103 days of unauthorised absence. - Had his contract terminated early by Turkish team Adana Demirspor - Was released by Persepolis (Iranian superleague) for more unauthorised absence. - Left LIvingston beca
  9. Any word on unattached players training with us?
  10. Stokes last played for Hibs over three years ago. Since then he's bounced around the Greek, Turkish and Iranian leagues with several clubs binning him for disciplinary issues.
  11. After we on the title in 2003/04 we were initially denied promotion because we didn't have a 10,000 all seater stadium. We proposed to ground share with Aberdeen but this was rejected. However, following that we lobbied within the SPL (as it then was) and managed to persuade the clubs to rethink and we were eventually promoted and the rules on stadiums were relaxed, allowing us to properly redevelop our stadium for the top flight. Between 2002 and 2013 we had four managers leave our club to take over at other larger clubs (|Paterson to Aberdeen, Robbo to Hearts, Brewster to Dundee Utd,
  12. Every single Championshp club other than us voted against an inquiry. I've got to be honest, I think this whole thing has been really poorly handled by our board. They are completely out of their depth but there's no-one who is going to step in and take over so we are stuck with them. Releasing embarrassing statements and publicising private conversations with other chairman isn't the way to enhance your clubs reputation. When it comes down to it, what has the point of all this been? Why have we pushed so hard on this, when it was obvious early in the whole process that we were very u
  13. The whole "Central Belt media" line is something that's come out of the club a bit in the last few years, it's pathetic.
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