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  1. ictchris

    January signings

    Belfast Telegraph has us interested in Darren McAuley, striker for Coleraine.
  2. ictchris

    January signings

    We tried to sign Kevin Fraser from Buckie but couldn't afford to pay a transfer fee and they didn't want to give us their captain and best player for free. Around the same time we were linked with Blair Yule, who signed for Arbroath but went back to the Highland League after a season. I think that players like this are taking the Rory McAllister option nowadays - if you have a good job then it's likely you'll earn more playing for a Highland League team and working rather than playing solely for a team in the Championship who aren't throwing money about.
  3. ictchris

    January signings

    Have we signed this Warrington geezer then?
  4. ictchris

    January signings

    Depends on the circumstances really. If a player was playing for a team who got relegated and scored ten goals then that might be a great return, if he scored ten goals for a team who won the title then that might not be so good. You also have to look at how effective players are, what you are expecting of them. For example, Graham Bayne played four seasons for us and scored 6 goals in 32 (6), 2 goals in 8(9), 6 in 29(9) and 1 in 9(17). Not a great record in terms of percentages but he was a target man, who took in long passes, acted as an outball and worked extremely hard - he was a great player for us. But 15 goals in 100 odd appearances sounds terrible. Then you have a guy like Paul Ritchie, who banged in goals all the time but wasn't really someone who worked as hard as Bayne. If he had a goalscoring record like bayne we'd probably have dropped him because he wouldn't have been doing anything. Thankfully he never stopped scoring. The chances of getting a player who can make really positive contributions to your team scoring goals in January are very slim. We signed Nathan Austin last Jan but he was available because he'd been so injury prone at Falkirk. That's what you have to do - take chances on players who other teams might not want, for whatever reason.
  5. ictchris

    January signings

    It's extremely difficult to sign players with a proven scoring record in your division at any time - you have to either pay a transfer fee or get them on a free and therefore offer them significantly better wages than anyone else. It's especially difficult in January as nobody wants to sell goalscorers and few players are out of contract. So we have to try and pull a signing out of the hat, from the lower leagues or a player released from higher divisions or something totally left field. We used to be good at this but in the last few years we've been very poor. The last player we signed in January who was actually good was probably Alex Fisher, who we then never played when he was fit and got relegated. He'd been playing abroad before signing for us and was thus available.
  6. ictchris

    sectarian chants

    Imagine they'd had instagram and camera phones when Pele was our manager.
  7. ictchris

    ICT record onnplastic pitches

    I think we played on Dunfermline's old plastic pitch in 2004/05, drawing both games 0-0. From what I can find they got rid of it that close season. that gives us an overall record of P22 W8 D8 L6 F22 A20
  8. ictchris

    ICT record onnplastic pitches

    Our record on the current artificial pitches, not including friendlies Hamilton Accies – New Douglas Park P 6 W4 D1 L1 F10 A6 Kilmarnock – Rugby Park P5 W1 D1 L3 F 5 A8 Alloa Athletic – Recreation Park P2 W0 D1 L1 F0 A1 Falkirk – Falkirk Stadium P3 W1 D1 L1 F2 A3 Queen of the South – Palmerston P2 W1 D1 L0 F2 A0 Forfar Athletic – Station Park P1 W1 D0 L0 F2 A1 Stenhousemuir – Ochilview P1 W0 D1 L0 F1 A1
  9. ictchris

    Back 4 Partick tomorrow

    P&J say that Chalmers is playing left back.
  10. ictchris

    Riccardo Calder Assault

    It's a serious issue but genuinely guffawing at how stupid this post is.
  11. ictchris


    I think I shouted abuse at Dougie Imrie when he got sent off in the challenge cup final, he ran on the pitch, kicked someone and then ran off - an absolute tantrum of a performance. When it comes to White, again i can't comment on him specifically as I've not been at games this season but generally two types of player attract a lot of abuse from the stands - targetmen strikers and holding midfielders. Holding midfielders do a job that's unflashy and often isn't even about them possessing the ball, it's about their positioning etc, so their contributions can be missed (Russell Duncan the prime example of this for us). Big targetmen strikers give teams a great option in terms of going direct and pose a problem from set plays. One reason that they get abused is often they look ungainly, they play scrappy and aren't prolific goalscorers. If White can be an effective targetman then he'll be a big asset for us and if he can chip in a goal every other game then he'll be vital.
  12. ictchris

    Team vs C*unty

    I've not been at any games this season, due to having a new baby, but I see we are back to the "lets drop Polworth stuff". No. Liam Polworth leads our team in assists with four - it's not much but it's more than anyone else. Saying that we should swap him for Austin is literal insanity. To my knowledge, Austin has never played a deeper role in his entire career and you are suggesting that he play there in a local derby against the best team in teh league, one that is particularly strong in midfield? Crazy talk. Also, you say that Austin is "a better playmaker at the moment" - we played last night and Polworth was involved in both our goals, setting up Calder and making an important tackle to secure possession for the second. We clearly don't have great strikers and have difficulty scoring - Polworth has good delivery from set pieces and I get the feeling that might be our only chance on Saturday. We'll see though.
  13. ictchris

    Potential Winter signings...

    Why stop at Bolt, we should sign Colin Kaepernick, he doesn't have a team and is a high profile athlete who'd sell a load of shirts. Maybe we could bid for Kyrie Irving, he's a flat earther and could hang out at that mad shop in Greig Street. Really enthused about how the squad is taking shape now guys!!
  14. ictchris


    I don't care if Graham Rae issues a Salman Rushdie style fatwa on anyone involved with CTO so long as we get a winning team on the park.