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  1. Think how much hearts would enjoy Dundee missing playoffs...... They could send a fax to commiserate with them.
  2. Dissappointed we didn't sneak the win today but the more I look at the fixtures, at my horoscope and to karma I really believe our most likely route to the playoffs is actually Dundee losing all their games. Dunfermline or queens knock each other out of a place but in doing so they both beat Dundee who have to play Raith, Queens, Dunfermline and Caley Thistle. I know hearts and inverness fans would love that.
  3. After receiving a wonderful phone call from greenock telling me I had won the morton 50 50 halftime draw I am starting to like online football. Let's hope tomorrow is just as rewarding for caley thistle.
  4. £14. Cheeky beggars. But they are not Dundee...
  5. I am so excited about this game. Does anyone else feel this building sense of anticipation. Morton tv take my money and show me our goals. 😟
  6. I actually think St Mirren is a really hard draw for us a team very much on the up. But I have a little faith and a lot of hope.
  7. Think its great just change the first line to make it as family friendly as a bridge and a castle and get some cracking arm signals for the crowd... I C T C I C T C😁😁😁
  8. Dont fear the playoffs just get there....
  9. Also think defensively Danny Mackay was good on the right but much weaker when switched to left putting deas under more pressure.
  10. 3 years ago. England scotland. Brilliant game he played.
  11. Is storey defensively playing a good game for the team.
  12. Told you mackay was dangerous....
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