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  1. Really interesting podcast from moneyball author Micheal Lewis about referees and the way the more important clubs and players feel they can be above the rules. Also shows how abuse of referees has increased with some thoughts why. Rage at referees is all the rage in professional sports. Michael Lewis visits a replay center that’s trying to do the impossible: adjudicate fairness. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit * Episode Download link (52 MB):
  2. Get a test for something that impacts on brain functions and is contagious. I agree with alan as well so it must be some sort of dodgy local infection. Maybe a dodgy pack of dream rings?
  3. Great podcast guys. Chairman came across well. Disappointed you didn't highlight more of the kids who could benefit next year from exposure to the team. They won youth competitions how many can step up if given the chance and win a league. Or still too soon?
  4. love to hear drapes on one of these.....
  5. If its anywhere near as good as part 1 it will be amazing. 👍
  6. Less clubs than miles story and that doesnt stop your adoration?
  7. Could you get the daily record supporter battering Scott Gardiner in as a special one time only guest? I am sure tulloch have some bags of cement available beside the moray firth...
  8. Thanks. that was a great wee lift. Top lads.
  9. Scott Gardiner was extremely impressive on Sportsound stating a factual time log of events and reasons for clubs vote. We looked like adults in the room today. Well done.
  10. Thanks great listen. Can't believe it wouldn't be Doran top of list too be kept at end of season.
  11. Love that idea. Everyone in bottom 8 could be relegated after split. 🤔
  12. I make about 6 games a season but support my team by paying every year. I pay three times as much per game. This calum from moray feels more of a fan for that reason.
  13. Dundee and dundee united become huge games now.
  14. Think of it the other way around. A link to a club like chelsea might allow some of our players to learn grow or maybe even experience some of that setup.
  15. Is this not where Fyffe , cameron harper etc come in?