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  1. So with our first team having a well deserved rest....... Who will you be listening out for today. Will we get an Elgin match report from moray jaggie as daniel scores his hat trick or will someone witness forts first league home win for 2 years ? #MontheFort
  2. Really enjoyed the honesty and variety of views. Theres even some radical alan simpson style controversial views. The Mutilator Some terrible ideas below. Any chance of talking to some of the young uns in fort william as a road trip interview. Find out domestic issues like meeting team etc and travel . And what they think about this opportunity to play every week. Fw boy of the match? What about reviewing man of the match votes and telling everyone how pish their votes were and why. Agree with result , disagree, or blind guys choosing. Worst techies of the week spot _ todorovs backward header in defence, etc. Best opposition player in next match. What to expect. Bobby linn well spotted!!!! Grasswatch _ weekly update on new pitch condition from groundstaff.... Aquifer watch- weekly pessimism from caleyd. Steward watch. Weekly update from those pesky kids in the stand whose wham bar gets stolen as a lethal weapon. Prediction league highlights......geeky. Well done.
  3. I was very tempted to go to grantown today to watch it. But ill wait until fort are away to lossie forres nairn rothes and kieth. Why doesn't stadium announcer give out the score for the fort game at half time.
  4. Alan got one right. Storeys pace and directness were a great change. Next game team will be interesting.
  5. Thanks did it probably got 0 points..... Was it worth it. But thanks for the help.
  6. Heres the message i get for subscription.
  7. I have been trying to join prediction league and renew my player subscription and cant seem to do either. Can so.eone give instructions of how to join?
  8. Can we get fort william match reports here this season? Show our youngsters support. Could we get half and half scarves.....
  9. Lost a lot of good people. Delivering much more than their job role in a small scottish club. Is the true cost the extra effort and the extra mile all of those individuals have gone to in the past vs the distance they were being pulled back by yvonne. Its the extra steps people take that allows the team to perform in a positive atmosphere on the pitch and releases funds back to the club instead of employing more contactors or consultants. The richie foran of ceos? I wish her and ritchie all the best. But feel this should be a positive change. Inverness is not in disarray we have a good team of players all of whom are improving . We are on a positive trajectory even in a financially tight position. Well done robbo and the team. Lets get it done today.
  10. More positive yet with calder or more scary...
  11. Does that mean Douglas Ross my mp is the linesman. . .
  12. I went to forres for kick off. Where was e eryone else.....
  13. Is there a reason I got no points last week.....