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  1. Looking through this evening if Charlie and Robbo get us the low end of Robbos win rate at this level that would be 14 wins this season. That would keep us safe. That is our priority not some vitriolic attack on every employee of the club. The players are good enough. Let the players now prove it with support from Robbo and Charlie.
  2. JR took time out due to the stress of managing during covid while multiple people were suffering at the club due to long term effects while at the same time dealing with multiple personal impacts. Listen to the podcast about it. The fact he held it together for so long . Helped get support in to keep the club going in his absence and asked for the time off shows his strength not his weakness.
  3. I had no belief we could win another game with dodds. Even in second half at Raith I expected to lose so how would the players have felt. The squad is good enough. Kellacher and Esson are good coaches. I am glad John Robertson was not at matchdays for the start of this season as there needed to be a clear separation between Dodds and himself. We have the ability to restart and kick on and we have the experience within the club not to rush the next appointment. Good Times come to those who wait and we have been waiting.
  4. We are still only 12 points from promotion. We have halted the relegation slide. Have we ever had as bad a sustained run since we were merged?
  5. Great result today. Only 9 points of the top of the championship and plenty of games to catch Queen's Park...
  6. Disgusting performance 2 nil down against airdrie already. Unacceptable from a team with talent but little coherence. Dodds has a half to save his job but his ability to influence and change things during a game has always been low.
  7. I live being able to stream again. I hate the fact our club doesn't. Oh no is it a pixalot camera and a bald linesman...
  8. When was the last preseason where we actually had 2 full eleven aside teams....this feels like a lot better depth than previous years.
  9. Would love to get tokely on the wyness podcast to see what he thought.
  10. Looking good. Anyone else see the eclipse in the first half when lewis Nicholson blocked out the sun....
  11. We did score some cracking direct goals....must be all those dodds hoofball tactics I keep reading about here.
  12. With our eleven best players we need 9 great wins. Caley thistle do not deserve the wins. We shouldn't expect them. But the players we have should fight, steal, sneak, and chase these 9 wins because they should believe today even when we can't. These guys have the talent do they now have the belief.
  13. Is this real? Some sort of exception.
  14. Terrified happy clapper who believes in our kids but this could be a hell of a ride during this game.
  15. Welsh is the team leader we need. Cmon the happy clappy caley thistle.
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