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  1. Jaggie . Its pretty simple. Did Charlie Christie get the transfer money or the club? Do we want to take football away from the poorest and give it to those who can afford it. Read a little about andy maclarens football charity and think about it.
  2. Is there any response from this supporters group to help support and sponsor the youth teams. Parents are being asked to support the youth teams by £10 a week. Could we not commit to a sum per week to specifically support some kids. I would support a weekly stipend for this.
  3. Jack I thought Scott Gardiner had made a great point about furlough in his podcast. I thought he said he put all exiting players on furlough until october but available to other clubs. Same for our youth players? As such it would be silly to sign any player from any club currently furlough. I took the conversation to mean that players would be signed at end of furlough. And I thought that might include J Brown and Ryan Fyffe or some of the other youngsters. But caley were not going to restrict these players options if someone else came in for them. Have I got this wrong?
  4. Dave are we going to sponsor shanes winged socks this year. Ill take his left one?
  5. I feel sorry for coop.
  6. How do you renew it again?......
  7. You stupid old git..... 😘
  8. Thats because your seat is locked for you. You need to extend last seasons ticket.
  9. Or two people buying...
  10. How far can we safely throw werthers originals?
  11. Love that idea. I would support or help that. But would it work?
  12. Still not there gringo... Ill go and watch grass grow.
  13. Gringo the podcast groupie...
  14. He also mentioned in his statement that if you wanted to pay full price for a season ticket feel free to donate . Surely if you do this Scott could give away a pack of erea socks to get rid of all the boxes of old kit the club has.
  15. Would really like an answer to what financial decisions have to be confirmed by the league to allow Ictfc to confirm a squad and save the likes of Ryan Fyffe and Jack Brown for the team. Those kids are good. If we are part time from covid they are the answer. If we are full time in SPFL they are the depth.