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  1. Surprisingly I am driving from Berwick to montrose on Saturday. .... Lynne doesn't know yet that there's a match in Kirkcaldy...
  2. Great work guys. Any chance of a young boys Highland league round up next one just to catch up on how our loanees are doing.
  3. Why? HappyClappySupporters
  4. 😪😪😪 Sad description but sure its a great podcast. They all have been.
  5. Wow £3m . Thats brilliant for caley. 20% 💰💰💰💰💰
  6. I take it celtics stupidity allowing ryan to leave on a 6 month exit will mean caley thistle lose out on lots of money. Any idea how badly this will hit us.
  7. Who can you take to the game? I think its now a great time to reintroduceçpeople to the club.
  8. But we arent regretting it. With Duku we traded up. With Gardyne and Mackay we wised up. Good luck to Toddy but I dont miss him.
  9. Yup. I just think sometimes we don't appreciate how good the players are these individuals are competing against. Would love to see the km ran by duku and Shane. I suspect we are using our subs much better in terms of aerobic impact than over previous seasons. I never felt comfortable in the last 15mins last season. I think we will really see this benefit later in the season. Is our fitness coach our best signing? We will know in january.
  10. I found the game fascinating. Was intrigued by some of the harsher opinions on Deas . He was playing against one of the leagues top players in Burke. He was beaten a couple of times early on but his determination and support from gardyne kept us safe. I was very impressed. Similarly with allardices busy day containing one of the leagues stars in Polworth. Neither of these players were on top all game. But they were on top at the end containing two of the leagues largest threats.
  11. I keep looking at this... Its so good.
  12. Moogthurso


    Can we get the woman's game on a download for ictfc TV?
  13. I loved the podcasts with opposition fans and would love to hear the Buckie guy commentate with us. He was class.
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