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  1. The only reason we still have a club today is because some of those clowns you are catcalling are personally footing the bills. As far as whether we have a club tomorrow it depends on what bills we can pay then. I'd rather keep the people paying and get rid of the people playing and managing at this point. But the board also have to protect their investment and minimise their losses by improving performance, player development and customer satisfaction as these are all revenue streams. The failures in these 3 areas are a concern for everyone at the club.
  2. I will be renewing my season ticket . As usual after the early bird price reduction has finished. I am happy to give club my full support wherever we are.
  3. Ourselves and arbroath will play over half our matches on turf. That should be an advantage in terms of impact on players. But we do need to be training on astro pitches as part of our training regime. And we do need to improve facilities at Fort george to reduce injuries.
  4. Well done the board staying full time. I am happy even if half of our full time team is youngsters. We should be booking our training times on AstroTurf now for next season.
  5. Good players we have. Savage Nicholson Thomson Bray. Brooks The rest will be youngsters and maybe one addition in goal.
  6. Really good interview from Cammy. Now the anxiety of the game beckons.
  7. If it was the boards priority instead of wasting money on co tract renewals for players managers didn't or need but were fan favourites.
  8. Where did it all go wrong? When a Premier league team in 2012 had the training facilities of a league 1 part time team . Our injuries and strains are a testament to a club that puts moving the ticket office at the stadium ahead of building a shower at Fort George. Why should any player choose caley thistle over any league 1 or championship side today when our record of destroying players careers and legs is there for anyone to see . Our league 1 facilities have an inevitable gravity that restricts our youngsters development and our first teams performance. How many league 1 and championship teams have worse facilities than caley . This is why Robertson was so focused on this.
  9. Everyone but macgregor as a sub. Dunc needs to give his head a wobble.
  10. Good luck to him. He's been a good player for us . Did we get any money for him?
  11. How long is Lewis Nicholson out for?
  12. 2 -1 to inverness with roddy supplying the second after coming on as a sub. #InDuncWeTrust #AnythingCanHappenInNext45min
  13. Maybe because boyes is being recalled.
  14. Would 3 defenders up front score less goals?
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