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  1. I thought i recognised the silver fox.
  2. Lucky to have got a ticket. Really looking forward to it. Just seems dissappointing if we dont get the full 300 out if people dont respond to emails. Hopefully the new system for next game will work better.
  3. I really like him. I hope playing at clach brings him on enough.
  4. Happy to be wrong but i am watching it delayed by ten mins....
  5. Think storey is the weakest link up fron tonight. Think todorov and Dan mackay would both be more dangerous. In fact Deas has been a more impressive forward than Storey tonight.
  6. Think storey is the weakest link up fron tonight. Think todorov and Dan mackay would both be more dangerous.
  7. I want our comnentator to practice. Id listen to the commentary at the same time in an act of audible self harm if it helped....
  8. I was asked to watch first half against arbroath to provide feedback which i did precisely because of the pixielot ayr issues. Never got to see 2nd half on the west cams. Caley thistle tv highlights were so much better than feed from same cameras. They do a great job. But there is some streaming issue compared to pixie feed.
  9. Done a back to back comparison of these cameras recently on a live stream. The west cameras streamed quality was much lower definition for the duration but the camera was zoomed in 200% more and tracked effectively. The autotracking and lack of zoom on pixielot was the major problem but clarity and definition much better. So there did seem to be streaming issue with that feed. The ICTFC highlights later were glorious and sharp so definately a live stream issue at that time.
  10. Aargh still no joy. Its showing generic error on both.
  11. Error generic on android. Reset on laptop and cleared cookies and worked. Is everyone strugglingbon android, apple or pc?
  12. If you cannot give out your address will not be allowed to attend. Attendance is provisional on accurate contact details being available for all the track and trace processes.
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