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  1. Thanks mr caleyjag. Really enjoyed all the extras in there. Just no mention of your ayr 3 caley thistle 1 prediction. πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
  2. Pinned to twitter now. Give us two more goals caley. And a goal for partick and Dundee and i am happy. Ayrs score looks good.
  3. I'd put doran in keatings role. Hes lethal in the centre of the pitch. That then leaves a gap for Storey or Roddy. Do you think roddy is better there than Doran? Or put welsh there?
  4. If i thought there was an appetite I'd suggest sponsoring a ict youngster at fort but they are the same price🀣 as a full time player to sponsor. And hard enough to get one player sponsored. 3
  5. The fans views from both sides was great. Give it a nice banter and balance. Well done.
  6. Yes we will give them exposure and support. 9 players in one team or danny or hoban at elgin do deserve updates on this site. You dont have to read it. My neck is fully stuck out now. πŸ¦’πŸ¦’
  7. Sorry I believe at least 2 to 3 players from our youth will kick a ball for our team. Jack Brown, Fyffe, Machiado, Daniel etc. This is developing local players for our team or for their benefit. We are a sports team if developing our local youth and supporting our community isn't what we do then support man city? I'm sure others could call out more.
  8. Sounds dreadful. Like we will escape with a draw. Is keatings our creative force?
  9. What a nice bit of play by jack. He is going to return as some player. More impressed by him every time i see him. Can i sponsor his right sock? How much would that cost? #monthefort #YoungTeam
  10. Brilliant happy thread to start my day with. Thanks for uploading the videos. Do we have any crackers against dunfermline to prepare for tomorrow.
  11. I have been pestering fort as well moray.... If our club shop don't want the cash... Half and half xxxxl strips You going to fort games at lossie and forres? #JackBrown good enough to control midfield against aberdeen...
  12. Great third podcast. Nice variety of topics. Wheres your youth of the week spot to keep us in touch with the lads at fort. Surprised you used a pen and paper and didnt just use the prediction league to record your predictions? Would have been more noticeable and doubled the competition entries and tracked the football savant across the year. πŸ€”
  13. Maybe i am paranoid but the only week i think I've won the prediction league Scotty or the geek squad stop it updating. Its great fun but is it fundamentally a rigged competition? πŸ˜ƒ And where's my next Wyness podcast. Is their investigative journalism into the cambridge analytica prediction league resulted in disappearances? Worried in hopeman.
  14. In my humble opinion massive difference in the match on friday was in transition to attack. After about 30 mins we went from 4231 in defence to 244 in attack very quickly and accurately. This meant the mortons defence were pushed into man marking caleys front four and could no longer double up on white or walsh or keatings or doran. By the wingers being slightly narrow it also gave space to the full backs. Carson and vincent were there to break up morton and try to stop any quick breaks. Mcart and Coll were left slightly exposed but coped magnificently at times in 2 on 2 or 3 on 2 situations with brilliant covering support by carson vincent and doran. (4times). And ridgers was magnificent. 6 shots on target and no goals. Average in this league is about 1.7 goals for that. We played to our strengths by trusting to col jamie and mark to get that clean sheet and allow the front 8 to attack. Brilliant result against a competent team .