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  1. This pitch was rock hard, unwatered with 35mm grass if not longer, resulting in very poor football from both teams and greater than necessary injury risk. Arbroath were playing to their home advantage , but I am not in love with their idea of football or entertainment. They did not deserve to go through. Our sport scientists physios and coaches have a huge task ahead for us to be competitive on Friday. Trust the kids believe in Broadfoot and Ridgers, and hope we dont get Douglass Ross as part of the referees as he's the only pratt I like less than Willie colum
  2. This pitch is awful. Passes have to be lifted not stroked. Change to a little bit more direct caley that ball is sticking.
  3. I think as the game wore on the physicality of partick thistle really did change it from football to rugby. We lost control of the midfield in the second half with very few outballs available. We need to be comfortable using all our subs and changing to 4231 or 433 to regain that midfield control as our players are very flexible now. I think we will smoke the lichties, but the tractor boys will be a tougher test so our tactical agility and execution will need to be much better.
  4. Moogthurso


    Whats the league table look like?
  5. The best atmosphere at a game in 5 years. The killie fans helped build a great atmosphere and caley thistle played brilliant football. Who was the man of the match? Hard to say Shane bullying their back line, Defence playing well. Or just the most game changing 20 minutes from Doran and Carson? We will not lose again thus season. We are going up.
  6. Roddy back in time for those last 9 wins to help us through the playoffs to the Premier league. Finishing in second and not losing a game until the end of the season.
  7. When dunfermline beat killie on Saturday everything will feel mad.
  8. Does that guy bale need a club. Looked a handy partnership for next season...
  9. Whats changed is the fear of failure has gone and been replaced with a joy in playing. All the players were playing lower percentage higher value passes in the final third which were just much more dangerous. Think of all the times in that eleven game run where possession ended in a dismal short pass rather than an edgy fast pass into a channel. Doran was good today but I would pick out Logan Chalmers as a huge improvement in the team. But it isn't for his personal contribution but for his constant closing down of space for dunfermline, the excellent communi
  10. Just remember 5 wins to finish the season secures the playoff position.
  11. Watching dunfermline tonight play like Brazil has me nervous about Saturday. But we will win the last 5 games to finish second and macgregor will be back to win in the playoffs.
  12. I am still feeling positive about everything. I think I am ill. I said before the Ayr game if we got 26 points from last 11 games we would win the league. I don't think we will win it now as our max points is now 25 from last 11 games. But I still think with the fixture clashes between Raith arbroath Partick and killie we will finish second as we win every game in our run in. Happy Clappy Chappy
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