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  1. Our best defensive performances last season came with Deas at left back providing a natural three at back if Carson ranged forward. Duffy looked hopeless on Tuesday, but to be fair so did the rest of the team. Maybe the answer is 2 from Duffy,Devine Broadfoot, Fyffe as centre backs and Deas as left back. I like Harper but radical changes required in defence before Saturday.
  2. This is some of the least happy clapped football I have ever seen. I can find a grain of rice in a beach of sand but I cannot find anything positive to say so far.
  3. I was in a high covid risk area last weekend , durham, so won't come out to play for ten days so streaming is my only option. Can't wait for Saturdays game to see fyffe in defence and a fully fit doran.
  4. Sorry for off topic post. But on topic how great would a fully fit doran and welsh be for a season. Is our fitness coach our best signing?
  5. Totally agree. Fear of covid is completely irrational. In Australia. Where they had their first covid death this year last week. In the uk the government just planned for a further 100 to 200 new deaths per day in autumn rather than complete vaccination and trace infections effectively. In the uk a caution of a mortal threat communicated and planned by the current government is entirely rational. #Covidiots are real
  6. Paid 4 scottish might come through as lynne Johnson though.
  7. As a season ticket holder you will be given access to live footage from the games. The camera will be andycam not pixilot.
  8. No we learnt fyffe and mackay had a clean sheet. Great. 30 more clean sheets and30 more penalties and we get promotion. Happy clapping is the only thing that makes sense in training games...
  9. Every time Ryan gets a setback he comes back stronger. I am sure when he goes to his new club that is what will happen.
  10. Looking forward to Ryan Christine's Euro games. A couple of goals or assists and three great performances will help increase that summer transfer value. This will help our caley thistle.
  11. This is the most important role in our club. We have been dismal at season starts, season restarts, and injury prevention for key players. But we also need to book an all weather training facility now for all next season to allow an alternative location if bad weather, covid or other issues impact training sessions.
  12. We need a new head coch who is really going to bring on kids, sort out some tactical plan and who has great connections to get brilliant loan signings and has a connection to inverness players. After watching chelsea last night is frank lampard free. He worked with shinnie at derby and his kids are great...
  13. Totally agree a two club man deserves some support from blackburn...
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