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  1. Club I am sure are aware. We have been awful. Rather go three at the back and push fyffe on as wb for todorov and put mackay in centre as striker. It worked last week.
  2. You should be top of the list for entry to the crowd limited games.
  3. Official membership of the happy clappers fan club IBM.👍
  4. You cannae win anything with kids..but just watch these boys go. Danial Mackay was again very dangerous creating chances, moving well and making himself available . Our most dangerous player by a long way. Harper starting to look more comfortable and dangerous going forward. Made a bad decision to shoot when mackay was free Macgregor was a little ineffective for me today but the 343 ? formation probably made it a little hard for him. Ryan Fyffe again came on and done very well. Loved his cross for the winner, but loved even more his attitude after the goal which seemed much more focussed on winning the game rather than celebrating a draw. We looked dangerous without Storey and Sutherland and with an injured Todorov leading the line and Keatings everywhere coaxing it. This will be a brilliant team as these guys grow. Happy clapping supporters club.
  5. How can I find yesterdays match to rewatch the game. My mistress is indisposed so this seems the best way of punishing myself....
  6. But we will soon have some age 9s......
  7. I really enjoyed that. It felt like I was at my seat. My low concentration and poor eyesight were mimicked perfectly by the AI. The staring and swearing at the linesmans bald head made me really feel like I was there after another terrible offside. The zoom in on the chances in the box worked fairly well until baldy distracted the camera. Corner kicks were a particular problem that will get resolved. I seen more on here than I would have at my seat. Happy clapper all the way.
  8. Imptessed by the number of good chances for ict. Dissappointed by the number of self inflicted ones for ayr
  9. Oooh footballers grass werthers.....its like the normal world has returned
  10. Jack im in no ptoblem. Refresh browser and reconnect no trandmisdion yet but saying 13min to gonlive
  11. Would it be worth setting up a zoom chat for everybody to swear at polworths replacement abd rustle sweetie papers together?