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  1. There is a much bigger thing about this year's squad that will hopefully help us through that sticky winter period. Our squad depth and backroom staff allows us to play our fittest players not our best players and still get amazing results. Look to Harper , Hyde, Boyd to get 20 great games. My only concern is why with such a large backroom staff do we still have so many injuries , or are these players just not measured as 100% fit.
  2. Two wins to top the table. Happy clapping is back. 👍
  3. What a match . Just watched the highlights we looked so direct in our passing and movement. Need to do more work on set pieces as we looked very vulnerable but apart from that we looked great.
  4. Absolutely not Satan. Get a smile...
  5. Happy clappy service has been resumed....
  6. Who needs Erling? Section 94 and stadium music team.....please learn... Haarper Haarper He's a blue just like His Dad now He's a CALEY LAD HA,HA,HA, Haarper Hey!! Haarper Haarper came to us from Under 18s He's here to win the Championship HA,HA,HA,Haarper Hey!! Haarper Haarper came to us form inverness Hes here to win the champoionship....
  7. I have not lost my optimism I am just sampling reality for three games only. I still believe we have the best squad of the last three years. I love Daniel Mackay, Roddy, Samuel's Deas, Devine , Hyde, Billy, Allardice, Harper, Welsh, Carson, Ridgers. I just think it's only fair for these next three games I feel the reality of the games like the players who must be having a horrific time adjusting expectation to reality. It's much easier to restart your season in football manager then the championship.
  8. As chairman of the happy clappy Caley club I have an official announcement to make. The happy chappy caley club will postpone all future happy clapping until future wins are secured. Happy clappy members are advised to follow miserable pessimistic reality for the next three games. End of announcement.
  9. Wester Hailes.....there's a dismal concrete memory from my past.
  10. That's me paid scotty.
  11. Thanks for this IBM. It's nice to have a post talking about our team. Especially when it shows our strongest squad IMHO since 2016 and our best youngsters since this.
  12. I hate this season. Our best squad for years. Youth hopes and senior quality. Covid gone. But I feel totally disconnected from the team . I can't believe how much more I felt involved with the live streams and away matches. I get to 5 to 10 home games a season but other commitments keep me away. The streams made the season ticket worthwhile. No coverage tonight no radio. Is this the first season I give it up? I can't even watch on a recording.
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