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  1. Updated with what I would do if I was managing ICT ;). So on that, I would sign 2 Strikers, one to replace Austin and possibly one from OFW wages. We need to replace Polworth too but I would like to see some of the youngsters get a chance, McGregor, Harper etc have been on the bench this past few games yet don't get on which is a shame. On signings, I'd be looking at players from the leagues below or possibly even loans from Premier League teams youngsters that aren't playing much, for example, the boy Kane at St J.
  2. Can I ask what he has done to rile so many of our fans on Twitter, apart from be a useless footballer, who, in my humble opinion needs released or sold during the summer?? Another that should be ashamed of himself, and deserves as much pelters is Brad McKay but that is for another thread.
  3. I would be more than happy to give youngsters a chance or try and recruit youngsters released by other clubs, especially if we hold on to the majority of the experience we have currently :). One thing I have never doubted Robbo on is his recruitment of players.
  4. Who else could replace White!? Is Austin not our only other striker plus what can he do when he is not on the pitch long enough to make an impact!!?
  5. A point on Tuesday confirms the play off place 😀.
  6. Looking ahead to next season, regardless of the league we are in, today and most of this season has shown that we need to improve in areas of the park so the priorities in the next transfer market has to be defenders, especially centre half and right back. I think we probably also need a striker as well, preferably one that scores regularly. To be honest, this also depends on who stays or goes because players like Donaldson, Polworth and Doran will be linked away.
  7. Well, now our attention can turn to our next big game against Hearts on Saturday. This is one that we should be confident of, despite the last meeting, due to the current form of both teams. I'd go with a 4-5-1 for this one. Ridgers Rooney McHattie McKay/McCart Tremarco Doran Chalmers Trafford Polworth Walsh White.
  8. We have another big game on Saturday, win and we go up to 3rd and still clear of Dunfermline. Draw or lose them it gets nervy, provided Partick win against Dunfermline. We have Trafford suspended but hopefully McCart is ok after looking like he was close to being subbed after 10 min tonight. Ridgers Rooney, Donaldson, McCart, Tremarco Doran, Polworth, Chalmers, Walsh, MacDonald White. We need to keep Shankland in check if we are to have any chance in this one but I hope we get the desired reaction from tonight because the fans deserve a reaction imho. Oh and let's hope for a better ref because tonight's was beyond atrocious!!
  9. Fancy driving me from Thurso down to Hampden lol?
  10. I feel obliged to start this thread in praise of John Robertson and how he set us up today, imho, he got it spot on. As most of you know, I am not always Robbo's biggest supporter so by starting this, I'm kind of admitting my errors regarding that. I spoke with the site manager last week and basically apologised for some of my posts and reactions in the past and we came to a mutual agreement that, after a bad result, I will leave it a day or two before posting, in order to calm down. I thanked him and all the mods for being reasonable with me so, I promise them all that I will not be a pain anymore. Anyway, back to today, I say everyone involved with the club deserve credit for this cup run :ictscarf:.
  11. I would like to see us go for by going with an attack minded 4-4-2. Ridgers Rooney, Donaldson, McCart, Tremarco Doran, Walsh, Chalmers, Polworth White and Austin. I think John is likely to favour the 4-5-1 though so something along the lines of : Ridgers Rooney, Donaldson, McCart, Tremarco Doran, Walsh, Chalmers, Welsh, Polworth White.
  12. I see that Robbo is saying that he has to use his budget wisely ahead of next season, especially now that we have made a loss so, how should JR use the budget next season? I think it really depends on who stays and who goes but I am fairly certain that Polworth and OFW will be sold in order to free up some wages. I am thinking that we may see a few more of our youngsters get some match time too which is a positive. I can also see us try and get a striker in if possible and maybe another centre half. Let me know what you think, I'm I completely on the wrong tracks or am I about right 😛