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  1. I'm pretty sure it's got to be, either 14-14-16 or 14-14-14 but I still want 4 leagues so 14-10-10-10.
  2. This has a long way to run yet! Ayr want a TWENTY TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP (:ohmy:) and Roy Mcgregor seems to be willing to change his mind and BACK Ann Budge's proposal. This mess should have been avoided if the CEO of the league stopped pandering to the Old Firm and stupid TV companies! I've said this many times, most fans of the game up here want bigger leagues so that we stop playing each other 4 bloody times a season. For me it's 14-14-16 so Kelty and Brora rightly get rewarded with promotion. It's time that pundits such as Michael Stewart or Darren Fletcher have a say in our game, now I'm not saying we get rid of Neil Doncaster etc but they are not football men!
  3. That's a very worrying am of players so I really hope that they get clubs as soon as they can because I don't like to see anyone jobless, especially at this moment in time during a crisis. I really hope we don't release that many :-(.
  4. I do agree with the bit I've bolded but it does just need to be a couple. Anyway, I'm thinking, what would our squad look like if we promoted a few of the youngsters that are deserving of a step up. GK: Ridgers, Cameron Mackay and Daniel Hoban DF: Kevin McHattie, Lewis Toshney, Bradley Mackay, Cameron Harper, Jack Brown MF: Aaron Doran, Tom Walsh, Sean Welsh, Roddy Mcgregor, James Vincent, David Carson ST: Nikolay Todorov, Daniel Mackay, James Keatings, Miles Storey and Shane Sutherland. That's as far as I've got as I don't know any other youngster capable of the step up.
  5. So basically now, we have to worry about Hearts and Dundee, both of who are likely to be looking to finish ahead of us in the table :(. And in top of that, the fear of losing John Robertson is heightening as its expected that Daniel Stendel will use his relegation release clause and resign. Plus we will end up losing more players :(, next season could be a real struggle!
  6. I really hope that we now give our youngsters a chance. I understand that the gaffer may well be looking at what's available, if it's at all possible to sign players during this unprecedented times (it's possible as White is departing, likely to Motherwell). I really rate players such as Cammy Mackay, Cameron Harper, Roddy Mcgregor and young Daniel Mackay. If there is any other young guys that I've missed out that could make the step up then feel free to mention them here (I don't check news on the youth team but, from next season I might start to), the above names are ones that have been in the first team match squad at times last season. Anyway, I'd love Tremarco to join the coaching staff or return as manager in the future
  7. According to this he's in the running to replace Tommy Wright :(.
  8. Ignore the part about reconstruction. I'd be very worried about the other main part of the headline :(, never mind players being signed or sold etc. Discuss your thoughts on that :(.
  9. Ah come on, Robbo has won me over and basically because he gets the best out of what he has! To say he's a failure is pathetic, his first year he ended 5th, only a point behind the last play off place, last season, only County and Utd were ahead of us and this season, only Utd and they were miles ahead. Add the cup quarters, semis and challenge cup final he has got us too, one thing he certainly isn't, is a failure! As for rebuilding, I also disagree with that as only a 2-3 players have left.
  10. Now that the season has finally been ended, we now await a result on league reconstruction. Other than our views on league reconstruction (which are in the relevant thread), we now have nothing to discuss so I thought I'd start a thread regarding building for next season. First things first, I'm worried that Hearts will come in for John Robertson, especially if Hearts the restruction vote and indeed get relegated to the Championship, which would then result in Daniel Stendel resigning. Hopefully the majority of our squad stay so that we can present a strong fight with Hearts and Dundee, in the push for ending as league winners. Imho, we need to sign quality rather than quantity and also utilise some of our promising youngsters in the first team squad. At the moment, we have signed Shane Sutherland and are losing Shaun Rooney to Saint Johnstone and possibly White to Motherwell (taken from Scott Burns Twitter account). My take on what we need in order to compete with Hearts and Dundee, which I'm happy for you to disagree with, add to or even debate 😛 Imho, our defence and a 20-25 goals a season striker would be what I'd be prioritising. I do understand that we need money to get these, hence why I said that we need to utilise the youngsters into the first team. Players like Cammy Mackay, Cameron Harper, Roddy Mcgregor and Daniel Mackay (there are probably more that I've forgotten to mention) are, in my opinion, capable of becoming first team regulars and making a difference :ictscarf: If only we had a rich business man/woman that could back Robbo, like Utd (Ogren) and Dundee (Nelms) have 😟
  11. Damn, and there was me trying to please you 🤣
  12. OK, I have had good responses to my proposal and will happily concede defeat on the idea as its clear that this site is the preferred option Thanks for the responses and the post by you Scotty ;). I suppose, that's that then so mods, if you feel the need, close this thread ;).
  13. I have been on Facebook and looked for a private ICT fans group but didn't find one so I'm putting out a proposition, that I start one and will be the main mod (I'm currently one on an Andy Murray group and am very fair/lenient) but will add more mods once they become a member and have requested to become one :ictscarf: I am not wanting to create a group and then discover that there is no interest in the group so that's why I have stared the proposition here, at least that way I can guage if its something you guys would like to see :). I know I'm seen as a troublemaker that causes distress in relationships between myself and certain mods/members (not so much lately due to learning a hard lesson), mostly brought on myself due to lack of patience or not backing down when having certain opinions that have been posted.
  14. We don't know that they are definitely voting no 🤔 That just came from The Daily Record!
  15. How did young Roddy Mcgregor do :), its good to see the youngster get a first team start ?