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  1. Teams I wouldn't mind us getting drawn to play: Montrose, Clyde, Stranraer, Aberdeen, St Mirren or Forfar Teams to avoid: Celtic, Rangers, Dundee Utd and Hibs. I want a winnable match so we can continue our remarkable record in the cup (how many years since we didn't go far in the competition?) but I also want a tie that is likely to be picked by BBC or Premier Sports hence why I put Aberdeen and St M in the teams I would not mind list. St J are another option but they are on a good run of form at the minute and I have one friend that is so Anti ICT that he would rip me big style i
  2. Never been as proud to support ICT as I am tonight, especially after getting told by County fan friends on Facebook and an idiot St Johnstone fan friend that we'd "get pumped". The idiot St J fan even said it was "undeserved" 🤔 I am always optimistic lol but I still believe we can get promoted this season especially if we play as excellent as tonight. It was a team effort so I'm not going to single out anyone as man of the match. :ictscarf: :ictscarf: :ictscarf:
  3. What is it with us and playing well against top teams yet struggle against "bottom half/smaller teams" 🤔 We have now drawn Hearts, Raith once and Dunfermline plus beaten Raith twice. Regarding struggling teams : One loss and 2 draws v Alloa, 1 draw against Arbroath and a loss to Morton. It's weird how that is the case :ictscarf:
  4. Definitely a much better performance from the lads tonight, it's good to see them proving their commitment to the cause, on the park instead of just talking a good game to the newspaper journalists :ictscarf: If it weren't for Jamie Mcdonald we would probably have won. I echo what most said here, Carson was our best player and was definitely the correct choice of man of the match from a certain Mr Dodds. I know draws are welcome sometimes as the points may be crucial in the long run, but we do need to start scoring and winning sooner rather than later, even if its to only get
  5. This quote from the Duffy article is very worrying and must be angering the coaches. "He made it clear at half time that we were just doing our own thing" Thats the second time this season that this has been mentioned, there was something similar said by John Robertson, I think it was after QOS 1-0 defeat. What's the point of managers/coaches giving instructions to the team if they just don't listen, does that suggest that they, as have been accuse of a few times in recent weeks, really don't care about the club or Robertson/Kellacher because if so, then we really will see a
  6. https://www.inverness-courier.co.uk/sport/allardice-caley-thistle-have-been-embarrassing-and-should-f-230963/ Here is an honest assessment of our "embarrassing" run of form this season, from Scott Allardice, it is worth reading. i didn't know if I should post it in the Morton matchday thread so I thought I'd start a separate thread for discussion but feel free to move it to wherever
  7. It's a no from me because I want either Sheerin or Stewart Petrie as our next permanent manager whenever that time comes :). Anyway, it's Mr Gardiner that needs to go, what is his title anyway and what does he do because its not chairman, that's Ross Morrison's job. Whatever his role, he has failed DRAMATICALLY because we are a mess, something that wasn't the case until he came in!
  8. Isn't Mcdonald on loan from Hearts so how is he "more than likely going nowhere"? That's the reason I didn't mention him but tbh, I wouldn't mind him staying if he is indeed under contract :). I really don't know if you are being serious with your incoming mentions but I will give you the benefit of the doubt on this occasion. Nick Ross: I wouldn't say no to him as he did okay in his previous spell and would give his all to the cause/team. Glenn Middleton: Big yes but I think he may be off to St Johnstone permanently in the summer. But if not, and he was willing to come
  9. I have seen a few supporters on Twitter suggest that a mass clear out is needed in the summer and tbh, I couldn't agree more because there are players in the team that just are not pulling their weight or just don't give a s**t about the club or what poor, John Robertson and Scott Kellacher are going through just now. At the moment we have 9 players under contract so it's clear they'll be staying: Ridgers, Deas, Devine, Duffy, Harper, Allardice, MacGregor, Welsh and Dan Mackay. Here are the out of contract experienced players/youngsters I'd like to see be offered new deals and pote
  10. I would actually be happy with that bit that I have put in bold from your comment A bit of experience alongside these youngsters and we are laughing :). I'd rather a team with a mixture of experience (preferably ones that we have that stay loyal to us for next season) and youngsters than one full of injury prone players that are not worth keeping on the wage bill, unless they fully recover from the long term injuries. Imho, we must get promoted in the next couple of seasons so we have to target the right type of players in the summer.
  11. As a said on Dundee matchday thread, major rebuild needed, we are in serious need of quality centre backs, creative midfielders/wingers (not a priority though) and a prolific goalscorer. Surely we can find some gems in the Scottish or English lower leagues/non league!
  12. I suspect thats aimed at me, who else gets criticised this much on a forum! i say this hundreds of times, I AM A FAN SO ENTITLED TO AN OPINION FFS, if you don't agree then fine but don't pick on me everytime you don't agree with me. is it any wonder I don't post on here often, its like I get ganged up on for having an opinion and the mods just allow it, sometimes I wonder why I bothered registering in the first place, I'm slowly being driven away from the forum, something a few on here (Highland Capital to name one) would love to see happen.
  13. It certainly has to because we cannot afford to fall any lower! I expect a reaction on Saturday and tbh, its a must win if we are to have any chance of reaching play offs (which is still achieveable amazingly), I still believe that we will be good enough to avoid the bottom 2 but our abysmal record of 1 in 10 means that we can't afford any more slip ups against Alloa or Morton in our next 2 matches. I get that injuries are problematic for us but we can't use that as an excuse, every team gets injuries during a season. The lack of matches is a very good point though so hopefull
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