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  1. Virgil van Dijk's long term injury has me thinking, who would be the one player ICT couldn't do without for a large part of the season :ictscarf: I'd say possibly Mark Ridgers but Tbh, Cameron Mackay could be an able deputy. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this :-).
  2. I'm up for that if RiG is :-), I get that I overreact sometimes, that's what I usually get told on pm anyway :-P. I am not here to cause trouble, anyone that knows me knows how laid back and caring I am, I work with kids for God sake so that proves how likeable I am. I get passionate about sports, especially ICT, Scotland and British Tennis, maybe so much that I do get confrontational and overly aggressive in my choice of words. I always took being a donkey as less aggressive hence my use of it, Tbh I would rather be called a donkey than a ICT b***** or Highland Hun etc both of which I have been called on Facebook by Celtic fans. But its not only RiG though, I've had criticism aimed at me constantly by Highland capital, Alternative Maryhill (here and Pie and Bovril). Let's call a truce here :-P, I will promise not to post on here directly after a match, win or lose but the mentioned people have to apologise to me in return for their constant criticism :). Let's all be adults here, I am an administrator on an Andy Murray fan group on FB and Tbh, I get how hard it is to run groups and keep everyone happy. I'll leave at that until next Saturday when I'll browse the match day thread for Ayr but after the match, I'll watch Glasgow v Ospreys instead of posting here :).
  3. OK then, you do better!!! I really don't like saying this but tough, it's, how I feel! This forum is becoming a joke and quite frankly, I'm beginning to wonder why I bother posting because it's so f***ing cliquey, and some posters like myself and a couple of others get nothing but criticism every post we put up, nobody else gets this, it's friendly debate but with me and the others it's "what are you talking about, you have no clue" or anything bullying. Now I know I've had warnings on pm via Scotty but it's gone to far now, I'd quite happily deactivate my account but I feel that would be unfair, as are the comments I get but, no the mods keep saying I'm overreacting which is bullshit, why should I come on here when I'm not allowed an opinion before people jump on my back!!
  4. I'm bored now lol, have been busy watching Heineken Cup final then had a few hours playing Fifa 21 so now waiting until New Zealand v Australia test starts in a few hours so I thought I'd start the thread for the Ayr game :-P. To be honest, not one player could complain if they got dropped and Tbh, I do hope there are wholesale changes! Ridgers Duffy, Deas, Devine (can't be any worse than dud McKay), McHattie McGregor, Welsh, Vincent, Allardice Mackay and Keatings.
  5. Hopefully soon because the donkey just doesn't learn! It was and is obvious how ***** duds like McKay are but the stupid donkey sticks by them when they need released. Surely a young CB is better than that dud!
  6. Now that we have concluded our transfer business (I would imagine), I thought I'd be the first to start this thread, despite not being very good at this :-P. For me: Ridgers (Mackay should be our cup number 1 but we need to take this seriously) Duffy, Deas, McHattie (if fit, if not then we persevere with Devine, God help us) and Harper Doran/Sutherland, Allardice, Carson, Welsh, McGregor Todorov Subs: Mackay, Fyffe, Nicholson, Storey and Keatings.
  7. What would you say is our strongest line up for the season ahead? Imho its tough to call as we may still do business before Monday night's deadline. I'd go something along the lines of: Ridgers McKay or new RB, Deas, Devine, Harper Doran, Allardice, Carson, MacGregor Keatings and Storey. I am not good at this sort of thing so feel free to criticise or help me out 😛🤣
  8. Surely we will now do some business on Monday no w that Tosh is injured:-(. Hopefully a RB and a Striker because today proves that we lack goals even though chances are being created.
  9. What has happened to the Wallace Duffy signing which was "close to being finalised at the start of the week (according to BBC gossip and Daily Record) 🤔 I would imagine that one and possibly another striker on loan will be our deadline day signings.
  10. Isn't the Elgin friendly tonight, I can't see anything on Twitter or anywhere 🤔 Also, Scott Kellacher mentioned in his after match interview from Nairn game that we play Clach tomorrow night where its likely that it'll be a younger team with possible game time for our injury returnees.
  11. Good to see that the youngsters got a run out today :). Sounds like Cameron Harper and Roddy McGregor were the stand outs going by the after match interview from the gaffer. He did hint at needing more firepower if he can so that suggests we could expect a couple more signings before the deadline Monday week, more than likely a striker and Defo RB.
  12. Sounds promising regarding more signings 😮
  13. Great news, hopefully one is a RB as that would be better business than signing an older RB Anyone got any info on them :P.
  14. With us returning back to training soon (anyone have any idea of when?) and 2 friendlies against Elgin coming up, I wonder if we will have any trialists coming in :). As I have said a few times, I think we badly need a RB then, imho we will be ready for the first game of the season without needing any more additions, unless players leave or go out on loan.
  15. Not wanting to sound confrontational but, why are we discussing Anthony Stokes, he's a Livi player, not ICT. Anyway, still hoping we can get either a RB or Striker in sometime soon