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  1. In reply to the above link from the BBC, that's not what Scot Gardiner says in his article in the Score pull out in Yesterday's Sunday Post, he basically hints at some signings being possible for January.
  2. It seems like the Arbroath debacle was the kick up the a*** that the lads needed, we've not lost a match since that day. Its good to get clear of Dundee and Arbroath, and potentially Ayr (unless they win midweek) but it's Dunfermline that we need to be wary of imho. Imho, Utd will be hard to dislodge so we will probably be in the play offs again, so the less matches we have in them,the better.
  3. My original post was basically asking the question, so thanks for all the bites 🤣. My question was based on JR going to Hearts lol, I know I said that I do want him gone, which is true but I was basing it on the hope that he gets the Hearts job. I am not going to respond to the negative comments because that's what you want lol, hence why I have g down the banter route in my first paragraph here.
  4. I noticed from Facebook, Twitter and on here that most want Robertson to either leave for Hearts or get the sack so my question to these fans (which include myself incidentally) is, who would you like to see replace him? For me its Dick Campbell (highly unlikely) or Paul Sheerin with Charlie Christie as assistant and Garry Warren as First Team Coach.
  5. I think this section of the forum is the place for this so, if not then sorry to the mods etc ;). With Craig Levein more or less nearing the exit door at Tynecastle, talk of replacements will start and, I fear one name that will be strongly linked is John Robertson :(. I was not a fan mid way through last season but did grow to become a fan again due to the incredible season we had. We have started this season very strongly, apart from the Utd hammering, so to lose him would be a massive, massive blow to us, but it would mean compensation which could lead to finding a useful replacement, but I want him to stay to lead us to promotion (remember that claim lol). Is anyone as worried as me or am I being silly lol, I mean, there are others Hearts could go for?
  6. Its our first League Cup match this Tuesday against Peterhead (not sure where) so I thought I'd be the first to start a thread for it Ridgers McKay, McCart, Donaldson, Tremarco Doran, Carson, Vincent, Walsh Keatings and White. Subs: Mackay, Nicholson, Machado, Todorov and McGregor.
  7. Sounds like we are done for this window unless Robbo decides to find cover for Shaun Rooney. On that he says he will wait to see if he heals quicker than anticipated, source : Inverness Courier.
  8. No need to worry about me my friend :P.
  9. Alan, do you actually support ICT because your post makes me think you don't!? So what if Shankland signed for Utd, one man does not win a title as Ayr found out last season plus, how many times have Utd bottled it in big games, what makes you think that will change this season!? I am quite happy with our squad and am optimistic about the upcoming season due to the 2 draws this past few days plus, Utd lost 3-2 to Dumbarton and drew 1-1 with East Fife with fairly strong starting teams.
  10. Is it possible for someone to post our current squad here so that I know who we have and in what positions. Its good to know what our current squad is because, with all the signings, I'm lost as to who we have in each position lol.
  11. I wish people would stop posting crap about players leaving (supposedly) because, until they do leave, it just causes unrest between fans!! I don't mind rumours about signings as most know what ones are true and what ones are false but, that doesn't always happen regarding departures. I for one get p**d off when I see these rumours yet, nothing is in the papers regarding the same news as fans "supposedly" know. Rant over 😛
  12. Another wide player then I would expect that is us for this transfer window . Is Anthony MacDonald a wide player or will we be looking at someone else from Hearts possibly, Sam Nicholson perhaps 😛 The promising part of the above article is that the gaffer plans on using some of the youngsters next season :-).
  13. The return of Anthony MacDonald would be fantastic, if it were to come to fruition. If that did indeed happen then I'd be very happy with the squad that we have and would not make more signings afterwards, unless other play leave. I said that I trusted John Robertson in the transfer market and he has delivered
  14. I read a Tweet not long after the signing was announced that, tomorrow we can expect another signing but I can't find it now lol. So, I wonder who it will be, Anthony MacDonald perhaps or maybe another defender :ictscarf: feel free to speculate lol (oh and it won't be Nicky Cadden as he's signed for Morton).
  15. Looks like we can add Nesbitt to the list of "links" to the club.