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  1. How did young Roddy Mcgregor do :), its good to see the youngster get a first team start ?
  2. Quite frankly this has been a dreadful month so the board AND management owe us an explanation as to why we only signed one player yet sold two. We were promised replacements if anyone left so why didn't we, and don't give us some crap about not having money because we did, these defenders did not go for nothing plus we had their wages. On the plus side thiugh, we should see Cammy Harper get some game time and hopefully others to. I think it's safe to say that we are definitely going to have a busy summer rebuilding :( :( :(.
  3. I wonder if the gaffer will use his Hearts connections to try and get another centre back in, and, no I don't mean Berra, he can go to Dundee lol. This has been a disastrous month whatever happens so the chairman AND management have questions to answer, especially with a vast majority of support turning on them both.
  4. Has anyone considered that we may get a player in exchange ;), God knows who though.
  5. Sounds like McCart to St J is imminent so I'd imagine we will see a centre half coming in by mid week as we can surely not replace him. I do understand that we probably also need a goalscorer but centre half has to be the priority.
  6. If you read my post again, you'd realise that my last one was not rumours so to speak ??. But to answer your question, it's from Pie and Bovril or ICT pages on Instagram.
  7. I was just going to say that (the bit I've put in bold) but was going to say it'll have to be an imminent offer because, if it's not done by end of this week, then we will reject because I recall the gaffer saying that offers will have to be made before the last week to 10 days of the month so we can get replacements in. I'm wondering if we could possibly get someone in exchange but I can't think of any, unless Tommy offers us young Chris Kane or possibly Michael O'Halloran. What do you peeps reckon?
  8. I see St J are eyeing up Mikey Devlin in exchange for Matty Kennedy going the other direction whereas Aberdeen are offering Curtis Main. Would either be worth getting in on loan or would we have to pay some of the wages?
  9. I've heard that the Jai Quitongo deal is off (if it was even on in the first place) and instead we are looking at taking Jake Mulraney and Jack Hendry in on loan ???. Jack would be a replacement option for Jamie McCart if he signed for a club in January and Jake Mulraney just wants to play more first team matches and feels he could offer us something different to what we have already. That's a dream I had last night lol.
  10. According to a couple of members on Pie and Bovril, we have Jai Quitongo and Osman Sow traonongy/on trial with us :O.
  11. Hopefully that is some cash available to Robbo to find replacements for Coll and others who leave :). And before anyone says that Toshney is the replacement, no he isn't because that was one planned before the snake left, according to the gaffer in an interview before the signing.
  12. Once you are a Wicker, your always a Wicker :P.
  13. I see on Dundee Utd forum that Sam Stanton and Osman Sow have been told that they can leave. Worth a punt?
  14. On Pie and Bovril, a well known member on here, "The Scarf" says he saw on Twitter that Cammy Smith is being with us. Imho, he'd be a better singing than Shane Sutherland but, as I've said before, I trust JR in what he does, I think he knows what he is doing and looking for.