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  1. This team As has been stated, we were abysmal for a vast majority of the game and have to thank Ridgers (again) for keeping us in it, that save at 0-0 was excellent but the one from Middleton was even better (he 100% got a touch to it by the way) and the one where he saved his own blunder on to the bar was as crucial :). We've criticised Billy quite a bit this season (especially during our dreadful run) so he rightly deserves praise this play off campaign for making the right changes at the right time and also applaud him for admitting he got the starting formation wrong toni
  2. Looking at St J result today then I'd say we should go in with a lot of confidence against a team very low on confidence I had a look at their team, they had McCart, Rooney, Gilmour, Middleton and Ciftci starting and Gordon, Brown, Hallberg, Craig and Hendry on the bench. And that was a Hibs team that just lost to now relegated DUNDEE last midweek. I'm sure Saints supporters will be overly concerned going into Friday despite our depleted squad. Believe guys, believe 😉
  3. I think Billy's emotional interview tells its own story in how we all feel And to it against the odds AGAIN (Remember Hearts in 2014 anyone?) makes it all the more special 😀.
  4. What changes would you guys make for Friday, personnel wise and perhaps formation wise?
  5. That save tonight was actually a good save especially when he didn't really have much to do before it, he is definitely one of our key players but pundits always seem to highlight outfield key players when in fact GKs are as important as outfield players. He's one autograph I want lol, one of many lol.
  6. I would say that we weren't at our best today, especially in terms of keeping the ball, but a win is a win The plus was that we kept a clean sheet and by the looks of things, no new injuries which is a positive. We'll need to play a bit better on Tuesday though so hopefully the players get refreshed then raring to go come kick off on Tuesday. I must agree that the singing section were immense tonight so keep it up guys :D.
  7. I will probably think the same if we get through Friday unscathed and then get past Arbroath
  8. Just saw a Tweet from journalist Andrew Henderson saying Tom Walsh left the stadium in crutches :( so that probably means Doran will replace him if fit otherwise we'll start with the midfield we finished the match with tonight. Hopefully Billy goes attack minded into Friday then sits back if we go a goal up but tbh, he's got it spot on for a while now so let's trust the man eh :P.
  9. Sometimes someone just needs to admit when their wrong and that day is today for my good self 😁 The run up until the Arbroath win was pretty worrying at the time but by god these lads have stepped up ever since and I for one am glad as I did doubt them after that tough loss at Firhill. Note for next season: Never doubt the players attitude or desire to play for this club and don't question managers positions too early 😜 See, I can have a laugh and joke at my own expense lol.
  10. I've been saying that for a while now 😛
  11. You could add Deas too as he was part of the defence that kept Morton out today ;). oh and I post on FB after every game on the result post so feel free to have a look :). Good luck finding it mind you 🤣
  12. Well I suppose that the players deserve credit for getting back to winning ways so maybe Tuesday was just a bad day at the office but tbh my post was aimed at the inconsistency against the bottom half teams 😁
  13. Didn't we say the same (bar the bit about them being well rested) last time yet we went out and pumped them 3-0 😁?
  14. I'll take that 😁😁😀😀😀. Anyway it doesn't matter what I think because I can't see many guys leaving anyway :). I do think that the summer transfer window is going to be crucial but I'd like us to have a good league cup campaign and then make another early statement in the league and this time keep up the momentum because I really can't see anyone that we should fear bar St J, even Dundee doesn't faze me. I still stand by this statement though lol: It's about time we got out this league once and for all! Oh and in addition to who you'd like us to look at
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