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  1. Lots of positive messages on Jambos Kickback too I went on there on Wednesday (the day he revealed he has been struggling) to see their reaction to the news one of their heroes was struggling. In fact, one fan hopes Ann Budge and Hearts can help in some way. It's well worth going over to the forum to have a look :).
  2. First things first, we'll done on opening up on this, most people would bottle this up and carry on suffering. I understand that you miss family, kids, grandkids etc, I don't have kids (some may say that is a good thing lol) but I do work with kids and, right now, I miss the kids at the setting so I totally get you. Finally, I've not been to kind in here sometimes and now I feel even more guilty :'(, I certainly don't want you to resign due to mental health issues. Keep fighting lad, as is the message from government(s), we will get through this together!
  3. FFS, I only asked a question, there is no need for that ridiculous words, jesus, this forum is getting worse by the day! Ask a simple question yet get head bitten off and accused of being "thick" and, as per usual, no admin to either steer the thread back on topic or to ask for politeness!! What has everyone got against me, some new year this is, I still get the most unwelcome posts on here. :ictscarf:
  4. Jordan Jones and George Edmundson available for loan, would they be worth loaning?
  5. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=3730355340356461&id=261167210608642 Linked with Motherwell in this article from The Sun 🤔
  6. This season should show the manager that its a striker and/or the defence that needs to be the priority in the transfer market We have strikers yes, but not one of them is consistent enough to score every game. Surely Rangers, Celtic or Aberdeen have young striker ls they can loan to us.
  7. Who though :O? I wonder if there are any Centre Halfs on the loan list that we could inquire about.
  8. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/kai-kennedy-rangers-transfer-latest-23231388 May as well stick this here :ictscarf:
  9. Draw is tomorrow at 1915hrs, live on YouTube and Facebook Scottish Cup page. We are ball number 27 according to our official Twitter page. This round is the round before Premiership teams come in, I think apart from Dundee Utd as they are newly promoted, but don't take my word on that because I'm not sure if the newly promoted team still come in at same stage as Championship clubs. Any preferences? For me, it's Buckie but I am fairly certain it'll be Elgin as we always get them this round.
  10. Virtually nil because Loss County are so bad that they will end bottom and adrift :P. I would prefer if we played Accies in the final IF we get there, St M,Livi, Utd (they will end midtable though) or St J would all be tough, likely to beat us too.
  11. When is this likely to be replayed, we are in action Tuesday, Saturday so I'd say possibly a week Tuesday? Win this and we jump to 4th :ictscarf: As much as I, and the gaffer (he seems to think we should have more points) , seem to think, we are not as bad as we are only 7 off Dunfermline in 2nd so all to play for in next few months, BUT WE NEED to play a lot better than Alloa game!
  12. Hey peeps, it's your most favourite CTO poster 😛 As it's only a week and a half until the transfer window opens, I thought I'd start a thread where we can "discuss" any transfer related news, be it rumours (where is IHE lol) or articles in the newspapers with quotes from JR on transfer news. Imho, we probably don't need much and, Tbh, I don't see much business and that goes for all clubs, not just us. I think it's imperative that we extend Kai Kennedy loan, otherwise we may be on the look out for another winger.
  13. Hopefully they take our clown off our hands, I'd f****** drive him there myself!! And before anyone has a go (lol), yes I'm pissed off at losing to part timers, it's utterly, utterly unacceptable!! I praise the players and management when we win so its only right that I criticise when necessary and today is that day! We NEED goalscorers in January, but the clown would know that, as he should know that the defence is a joke.
  14. I know this is aimed at me 😛 so I'm going to give credit where credit is due. It seems that the injuries hampered us more than I thought but now the guys are back (with more to return) we look a completely different team :). Kai Kennedy was sensational tonight, hopefully his loan gets extended until the end of the season. Imho, not one failure out on that pitch tonight, or in the dugout -P. Queens were dire though, they look like contenders for relegation let alone play offs, which is where Jonathan Sutherland thinks they will be looking towards. Fantastic
  15. To be fair, he does deserve some credit for finding gems like Allardice, Deas etc and by showing faith in youngsters like Harper, Mackay and MacGregor, but he is susceptible to the absolutely ridiculous signings to, such as Danny Devine! As I said, surely there were better CB available than him, or even one of our youngsters, at least that way we can say, "he's young so mistakes should be tolerated, but hopefully he learns from it", or words to that effect :-). What I will say is that I don't think John is a bad manager, I'm just thinking we need new direction. i do agree with
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