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  1. Northstandrising Instagram story this morning stating that BD looking to add one more signing (his source is: The Inverness Courier). I'd agree with that, we probably need another defender then I'd say we're ready for the coming season :). I do this quite often lol (especially for Tennis) but, I've got a good feeling about the coming season :ictscarf:
  2. When are we likely to hear if we are signing Javan Anderson or Callum Morris after their trials, especially seeing as we have no more pre season friendlies left (I'm only going by the pre season thread). I'd be inclined to sign both but, there could be other competent defenders available so I'm torn lol.
  3. Did anyone that attended the game guage how we are likely to play this coming season, I presume it was a 4-5-1 formation or was it 4-4-2? Seems like the trialist centre half had a good game. I also see from Pie and Bovril that we have ex Utd defender Callum Morris on trial but he didn't play last night so I presume he'll play on Saturday or Tuesday.
  4. That is now 5 in so with 8 gone, thst that leaves only 3 left to be signed so, what positions would you say need strengthening? I'd say a couple of centre halves and wing back (not sure if its left back or right back we're light on).
  5. Record also announcing that we are getting Reece McAlear on loan from Norwich so if that's true and we, as most expect, announce Gardyne tomorrow that will be us only needing to concentrate on getting in another centre half and right back because we will then have 2 GK (which should be plenty imho), 8 Midfielders and 4 strikers. Seems like Billy and the board have ambitions of getting promoted this season, especially with all the quality we're signing
  6. Hopefully we don't go out and over spend to replace the departed players because there are youngsters capable of stepping up imho :ictscarf: I imagine we will probably see an experienced striker signed, possibly a Left Back too. I trust that Billy Dodds will be working on targets and trying to get them in quickly enough that they settle in long before our first game of the League Cup.
  7. According to the P and J, John Robertson was in Kircaldy at the weekend on some kind of scouting mission which is a positive :ictscarf: As I have said a few times, I hope we are looking at younger players rather than the usual suspects or failed Loss County rejects that are being rumoured on Twitter etc. Tom Walsh is another but I would actually be ok with him returning :P, tthough I don't see it happening.
  8. Its the league cup draw tomorrow (Friday) at around lunchtime so I thought I'd start a thread for discussing who you would like us to draw and also for discussing how we feel about the actual draw once its been drawn. I assume it will still be drawn in 2 sections, North and South groups and I would imagine we will be in pot 2. Aberdeen, St J, Hibs and the Old Firm won't be in the draw due to being in Europe so that limits who we could get.
  9. There will be 4 reasons as to why an appointment isn't imminent 1) They are still conducting interviews, we don't know how many names would be on the short list. 2) The board can't agree on who they want as new head coach 3) They are still in negotiations with the persons current club regarding compensation (If it is going to be Robson for example) 4) As was mentioned above, its a player currently at a club so we would need to wait until the expiry of their contract. I also believe that if it was going to be Billy Dodds (not that I'd be against him) then it would h
  10. I have seen a lot of Tweets from our fans saying basically the same thing but worded a bit stronger. can i I ask why its a resounding no from you, is it because he's a coach at Loss County or are there other reasons? It sounds like he is a "well respected coach" plus he's an ex player so tbh, he's a better shout than most linked bar 2 (Dodds and Robson). My preference is still Barry Robson but I would be happy with Billy or Don too.
  11. I'm hoping a journalist leaks info on who's on the shortlist lol. I reckon Barry Robson will be interviewed and possibly Paul Telfer again. I reckon we will know by early to late Tuesday who's going to be manager, STV broke the news about Butcher and Robertson the night before both got appointed if I recall. I personally, hope its a young guy looking to take his first step into management instead of a first team coach or assistant such as Dodds or Fox etc.
  12. I must say that it was a very good interview so well done to the club and Scot Gardiner :-). Very promising that foreign coaches have applied for the job
  13. https://mcbookie.com/event/512477/next-permanent-inverness-ct-manager. Strangely enough, no employees of the club are on this list of odds and Mr Beale is 10/1 so he seems unlikely. Jim McIntyre odds seem pretty high for someone that I imagine will be firmly in the running. Imho, any of the top 5 (though Petrie and Young are unlikely due to compensation due) would be fine with me, I'd probably plump for Barry Robson though as he is young and probably wouldn't be much compensation wise. On Billy Dodds though, would he give up his punditry and media work? He's a regul
  14. Completely forgot about these guys when I was mentioning the names likely to be mentioned, especially seeing as both are ex and current Hearts staff members: Jon Daly (he's not there anymore) and John Rankin (think he's reserve coach). Not saying either are ones I'd consider though.
  15. I'm with Satan and hope its not a rushed appointment, let's take our time and carry out the necessary process. Imho, I'd like someone younger being mentored by Robbo whilst also retaining Baz Wilson, Scott Kellacher and Ryan Esson. I'm more than certain the usual suspects will be bandied about: Terry Butcher (however unlikely it is he'd return), Mo Malpas, Gary Locke, Stuart McCall, Stuart Kettlewell, not exactly an inspiring list. Paul Sheerin, Paul Hartley will likely be mentioned too but these aren't as uninspiring as the above names.
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