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  1. Elgin1

    Alex Fisher

    Yeah, totally echo your sentiments. All the best to the big man and lovely parting comment when he said that he would not rule out coming back one day to ict. Maximum Respect
  2. Very interesting business model. It still boils back to getting corporate businesses/fans/ict employees to become stakeholders and multiple looking term working groups being set up to achieve these goals. From what I have heard from the majority of other fans, food very mediocre for price. People will pay more lavishly for the experience. I am sure things will become more optimistic and positive soon, relative to county, revamp the fans sport lounge and make bigger and upgrade the shop to incorporate the wow factor in both cases. A hotel for away fans/business functions on the reclaimed land
  3. Lol, yes my wife would definately agree with you on the sense bit! I see a working philosophy everyday in my job which is humbling and satisfying. Make pupils feel important, hard wire into the parental community and make people feel included and important and results/change follow. This is a whole new generation coming through, but the fan voice at some level needs to echo to the ears of those higher up at ict. Does anybody know what percentage of total funds for the club is generated through the fan base? Sorry for my ignorance. Also, with a multitude of posh car garages just next door in t
  4. Yeah I'm not sure how much schools do, I do know we grt lots of free tickets for international rugby matches but never heard for football. Guess even if free, the money for merchandise will follow. I could easily get 50 kids from my classes to go to a game. Why doesn't caley have an electronic score board? Additional revenue through pulse advertising I've seen, read can be quite lucrative. Nobody from Fochabers way? Free tickets throughout year would be better, like late rooms, why have empties making no money. I'm not a season ticket holder, but after pay for ten games, free entry for a mate?
  5. Yep, all very interesting slants on the thread. Ownership, stakeholders is a huge issue across the board in working life. With fans having shares, surely it can only stimulate interest and pride for both parties. Being a teacher, going back to grass roots could be beneficial. I teach in a secondary school of nearly 1000 in Elgin, Inverness must have about three or four secondaries, add all the feeder primaries, wow that's a whopper of a lot of future, loyal cash injecting fans! I think you got to hook those 14/15 year old bracket and concentrate the passion. Is the creator of this amazing foru
  6. Yep bdu08196, sustainability and the long term plan is priority. An iniative to get the empty seats filled with eventually charging concessions with increased amounts each year could work. My gut feeling is that it just takes a new, creative way of promoting as am I right in thinking the Motherwell fan base Is not too different from ours. Can I ask you please, would it be a miracle for us to return to top floor get after a year and how can me mr foran say we could retain 10 out of 11 players on last day if go inance Is such an issue? Ps Do any caley fans here live Fochabers way fo
  7. Hey Gringo bud, thanks for educating me and I take your point totally. I just thought from a purely naive point of view that it might be a helpful catalyst to get things going.
  8. Aghh thanks kingsmills for that response, much appreciated. Very good points and thank you for acknowledging my suggestion on this forum, really nice to see.
  9. Hi caley girl, thank you for your positive response, much appreciated. I am very solution orientated, hence why I'm a teacher! Very useful, didn't know that existed. I would be prepared to inject a grand, but there would need to be a substantial number of others. Ps what does a red dot mean in a forum?
  10. So, I would like to bring up a helping solution/topic of discussion for ict, maybe you think it's crazy, maybe not, maybe it's not even a possibility. I know nothing about generation of fan financial assistance, but can a fan base for a club offer support on a lump sum assisstance basis. Speaking out loud, how many fans would generate say a grand each into the kitty.
  11. Seriously min, less of the moaners and groaners! Pretty obvious from yesterday's tactics that a continued use of failed formations or lack of them are giving us no points. You're living on cloud 9 if you think some tightening of the defence will make much difference. Hello championship, I'm out of here.
  12. We are relying on some second place players from last season that never had the quality for the first team. Absolutely dire! Raven was well below par against Forres Mechanics. We're a joke just now. Hughes would attract players up here due to his pedigree, who will want to come and take a chance on a rookie manager. That team would struggle in the tier below them. I expect some mouthy comments, but I'm not really fussed. Foran needs to go, a more experienced manager needs brought in sooner than later and budgets need to be realigned and some quality found. Damage limitation. That teams never g
  13. Elgin 1 isn't on a wind up, just trying to make some humour towards a potentially disappointing season. Financially, there are always new models that can be tried and I don't buy this notion that there is no money, yes less, but not zero. One option is for example is the reclaimed land that lies towards the Moray Firth edge. When I went to Millburn a while ago now, sewage issues were hampering building rights. ICT own a large share in this I believe as any future housing estates have to be of a limited distance from the stadium and they are afforded royalties by highland council. Despite not g
  14. Aye, take your point cove, but where's my extra 20 pound/ ticket or extra say 350 pounds a year going to go? Are you going to draft in a 6th pupil from Millburn Academy school footy team - might give us more width afterall as would be a smaller player :)
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