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  1. This is so bad maybe we should all ask for a refund ,then they may get their act together. ....Why can every other club manage to get it right . I’m so fed up and I’m not alone . Get a grip ICT and get this sorted if you want to keep your fans .
  2. Ok sent original email as you suggest so 🤞🤞🤞
  3. You are all being so very helpful and I appreciate it.I tried to send an email to lucarossi etc yesterday and all I kept getting email failed to send .Hence I dealt with SPFL email. I understand what you are saying but it confuses me when since my first dealings with ICT years ago this is my email address and any correspondence sent to me from ICT is sent to .So how can it possibly be a problem at my end when I’m trying everything I’m told and getting the same result ? I will certainly try to get original email with code and do as you say but WOW !! am I sick of this .!!!!!
  4. Thank you but I’m so fed up with it because I’ve tried every possibility .I think I’m going to have to wait and hope that I will be one of the lucky ones to get in to a game .
  5. If I was disgusted last week there are no words for how I feel this week .I received a link from the helpline to get game ,surprise surprise same problems as last week . Telling me I don’t have subscription . After a few emails back and fore to SPFL helpline I got told there is no A/c for my email so I won’t get any live games . I’ve only used this same email address for years .Its the one the club sent my code to and I have paid for my two season tickets .So how can they say I don’t have a/c or maybe explain what they mean .Two games missed so far .This is absolutely shocking .Club can’t help
  6. Will do . Thank you . ❤️💙⚽️
  7. I’ve followed your instructions .When I go into SPFL Portal I don’t get any acknowledgement to say it’s me and the only option I get is “join now “ I got the option for my A/c eventually but when I go into active subscription it says I don’t have any active subscription .Ive tried putting all my details in from scratch ,when i put my code in it says this code has already been redeemed .That would be right ! I can see upcoming fixtures so I maybe just need to wait till Sat and see if it works .Sorry for being a pain and you are certainly not being pedantic I really appreciate your help .Cheers
  8. Thank you so much I will try this tomorrow to see how I get on .I honestly can’t remember what I did today but can’t face any more tonight .Cheers
  9. If I get future fixtures I’ll be quite happy . Thank you for your concern .
  10. Done that no reply ,but hopefully teething problems .I know I’m not alone with this problem . Thanks for advice but tried everything possible .
  11. Ok exactly what I did and it was accepted but when log in not accepting saying I need to subscribe .Advise .
  12. Maybe you’re going to tell me !
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