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  1. Delighted to have him back !! Good Luck Tom .😄
  2. Very happy .Interested to hear who his assistant will be .All the best to him .
  3. Whoever will be at the helm next season we owe Neil McCaan and Billy Dodds a huge Thank You for getting us to where we are now .They did a great job in the short time they were here . Wishing them All the Best for the future ....Hoping the managers position can be announced soon .
  4. Ignore above ,got sorted.
  5. I have voted for Player of the year & Young Player of the year but unable to vote for Goal of Season . Says vote not allowed . Does anyone have any idea the reason for this please .
  6. To Admin,You may class me a happy clapper although I’m quite possibly the furthest from one that you are ever likely to meet .Actually sarcasm is the lowest form of wit ! I am well aware what the forum is for and that was the reason for my comment .... My feelings are the man has kindly given up a comfortable life in the middle of a pandemic to help us .His feet aren’t in the door and the comments on here are quite disrespectful . I apologise if anyone is offended by my comment but under the circumstances people really need to think how hurtful these comments can be all round . I’ve made my po
  7. What kind of fans do we have ? It’s embarrassing reading some of the comments on here . A man is willing to give up a steady position to help us in our hour of need and this is how we thank him . I know the majority of fans will appreciate what he is doing and get behind him .I just hope he’s not reading these nasty negative comments and wants to put his coat on and head back down the road ......WHY IS ADMIN ALLOWING IT ?
  8. Fantastic gesture from Hearts .Hopefully as many ICT fans as possible can support this . Huge appreciation to all Hearts supporters ..... Unbelievabe !! ..Thank You . Hope they will be as kind to us on the night !!
  9. 😂😂 Funniest comment I’ve heard in a long time .😂😂 Sorry Brad !!
  10. I must say I was well impressed by the organisation from start to finish .Well done ICT . It was great to be back !!
  11. This is so bad maybe we should all ask for a refund ,then they may get their act together. ....Why can every other club manage to get it right . I’m so fed up and I’m not alone . Get a grip ICT and get this sorted if you want to keep your fans .
  12. Ok sent original email as you suggest so 🤞🤞🤞
  13. You are all being so very helpful and I appreciate it.I tried to send an email to lucarossi etc yesterday and all I kept getting email failed to send .Hence I dealt with SPFL email. I understand what you are saying but it confuses me when since my first dealings with ICT years ago this is my email address and any correspondence sent to me from ICT is sent to .So how can it possibly be a problem at my end when I’m trying everything I’m told and getting the same result ? I will certainly try to get original email with code and do as you say but WOW !! am I sick of this .!!!!!
  14. Thank you but I’m so fed up with it because I’ve tried every possibility .I think I’m going to have to wait and hope that I will be one of the lucky ones to get in to a game .
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