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  1. Some exciting last minute transfers a winger at last should be good dunno if I believe Bayern were after him and he ends up with us tho
  2. It's just copied from England same as everything wee nik does she just leaves it a week or so wee Charlatan! This season we should as a club bin the lbgt and blm issues and start flying the union jack maybe get a few images of the Queen about the ground get the troops motivated! Think ill email these ideas to Gardner and Coop the dug another idea would be playing motivational tunes before the kick of like dambusters and my favourite god save the queen!
  3. Ffs Elgin again what is the point get more of a test playing the jail team from mean machine! This could be the reason wer sluggish starters playing utter gash pre season teams! Who thinks of these games whoever it is should show an inkling of imagination that's sides our young guns should be beating
  4. You've agreed way more than once my man it just not kwl 2 agree with me on here lot of happy clapping lol! Can't be treating any cup as a pre season that's a carry on no wonder we get spanked in it just play a few competitive games what u learning by beating a bunch of posties by a cricket score surely could've fixed up games against likes of Falkirk! A bad game against hearts will deflate the whole club last time we played them in the cup semi was a shameful surrender
  5. These friendly against gash teams are OK for confidence but really learn nothing from them surely we'll get a test against some even semi good side before the real stuff starts! Also gives and I'm using my wee man as an example a misplaced confidence he's got us down as running the jambos all the way to the wire now!
  6. A good run around for the boys nairn always liked a day in nairn even watching Clach
  7. Do they aye good for them then eh that'll end as soon as the celebrity's say its not kwl anymore I'd imagine!
  8. Did any of the Scottish clubs do the knee thing then no seen a game from the start?
  9. Hopefully he's wasted out wide dunno why Robbo persists in playing him there not as if our strikers have been even remotely prolific in recent seasons Robbo himself would still bag more goals than them
  10. Good to see our main man getting a double Miles obvs hopefully the pennies dropped and Robbo will actually play him in his proper position!
  11. I have sources way above your minutes research my man way above believe me Kim Jong is taking home an eye watering pay packet for her "hard graft"
  12. Never fear footie fans Kim Jong Sturgeon will guide us thro these dark times! See she's not at risk of loosing her livliehood or sanity like a lot of poor souls that's my 2nd job iv lost due to this virus lockdown could be doing more harm than good with the economy and other illnesses not been treated politicians don't always do what's best for the public remember that people there lining there own pockets Kim Jong nics taking home a whore of a pay packet bigger than boris's!
  13. Seen Robbo at the wkend in Brora did have a discussion about signings hoping he took my expert opinion on board not often u get 2 legends in Brora
  14. Ooft I dunno was shocked Motherwell signed him in the 1st place mad eh him and Trafford in the prem! Great signing for Dundee Charlie Adam still a top player that's huge for them
  15. Hopefully they'll get White as well can write them of as contenders then! Good move for Joe wasn't getting a game at County
  16. What u trying to say a no from u is it?
  17. Na it's the AstroTurf sure he'd be raring to go by the time the footy in the championship kicks of no get him anyway wev set our sights lower way way lower
  18. See Chalmers has signed for Ayr rumoured to be wanting White on loan as well that's there title hopes over then
  19. If we were still in the spl he's the type we'd go for now tho the fans are creaming it over players who ain't even household names in there own house! Would love to get Stokes sure Robbo would as well but unlikely eh
  20. Haha na I held of my man got a bit carried away! Wonder if he's still got it was class at hibs
  21. Get a £10 on Stokes 1st goalscorer the day man's got the eye of the tiger
  22. What a thought I defo won't be attending this 1 iv worked jobs for a few weeks got a better reward than that legends games are dire be a training match! Think I'll start up a Ryan Essons tribunal matters group poor guy
  23. He's defo a loose cannon for sure but the man's got goals in him and tbf he's still had a career most players in Scotland can only dream about he's been at Arsenal Celtic Hibs Sunderland if we could've afforded him should've took a punt if nothing else would've created a bit of a buzz about the club for a change! I think hel do well at Livi
  24. Aye pal I'd far rather Toddy and Sutherland up front get real pal Stokes is far better than any player wev got different level why would the majority not want a proven goalscorer ike Stokes?? That's the craic nowadays eh buzzing with somebody like Shane Sutherland but would hate to have an international striker who we could've easily got his stock was low ffs no wonder wer in the depths of the championship
  25. I thought we'd have went in for Foster from County I think he'd of been an upgrade on Tremarco tbh but na never happened! I hope Robbo changes the whole system up top just doesn't work none of our strikers are good enough to hold up play and bring midfielders in to the game last season Imo we were brutal at times up front I dunno if Sutherland will have the minerals to score at this level hope so need a bit width in the team as well to play the way Robbocop wants but wev also nobody gd enough wide I think the defence will be solid nxt season Devine will shock people I think hel be good iv the
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