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  1. His stocks at an all time low he'll play for a bag of monkey nuts it's no Ronaldo
  2. Get the beer goggles of my man don't think County or any SPL team be sniffing round any of our squad! Need to hire a hit man if wer wanting rid of them!
  3. Offload likes of Traff and White if we can take back wee Mackay! Like to see us try and get a talisman player in maybe Antony Stokes on a short term deal
  4. Be a brutal game but leAst we should win it leave the prem sides till later rounds nothing more demoralising than seeing your team absolutely pumped by an average side i.e. Hearts last season!
  5. I'm getting a few hundred half and half scarves made up they'll sell like hot cakes with our "supporters"! Be good for the happy clappers seeing the future of there big team see the next Durranty!
  6. More of a concern our strikers been utter gash ! Side note see Tremarcos been taking woman's fitness classes maybe he's holding a bit in reserve for that!
  7. Surely now after masterminding such a result Robbos answered his critics and has proven himself 1 of the most tactically aware managers around a manager who can spot a player! Nxt stop Tunnocks Cup if Robbo can win that he's most certainly up there with Stein and Fergie!
  8. I seeour finest ever managers going back to Falkirk expect them to win the league and be challenging us nxt season for the play offs if not winning the league stick a £10 on that successive league titles for Falkirk of Yogi goes back obvs
  9. Wonder if we could offload some of our "stars" in the January sales buy White get Trafford and Carson for free! Maybe santas needing 3 reindeers for the sleigh waiting a while for White 2 aim your present down the chimney right enough!
  10. Any of these new directors no the way to goal or at least able to control aimless punts up the park??
  11. Haha just back been working in dundee for 3 months mrs won the day!
  12. What a glorious day that sounded like 90 mins of edge of the seat drama absolutely scunnered I chose a trip to smyths toy shop and maccyds ahead of freezing my baws of watching long balls punted forward! What are a lot of our happy clappers gonna do if it's us against there big teams colts side??
  13. Thank fook I decided to go xmas shopping that looks desperate more atmosphere in a morgue! Thought we'd have dropped White tried a change up top! Solihull Moors gonna take this prestigious trophy mon the mighty Moors!!
  14. Even with Robbos ropey some not all wev 1 of the best squads in the division by a distance! IMO he's wasted a lot of what we had on benchwarmers Traff Mchattie Carson roles our own youth players could've took same as Toddy why sign him hardly play him and loan out McKay who looked decent it's no rocket science your broke look see what you've got in the youth team always hearing how good they are they're never getting a chance to step up and show it!
  15. Terms don't need to be met on both sides Robbos not upholding his end of the deal which must surely have been success on the pitch only so much goodwill I can show I don't perform at work I'll soon be bagged!
  16. No not a snap decision bud just haven't seen much in Robbo either in the main his signings or tactics! I'd just take the bull by the horns let him go now there's plenty managers out there would jump at the chance to come here! Aye well make the play offs with or without Robbo end of the day wev still got the best squad outwith dufc in the league just underachieving at the moment!
  17. Haha Robbo and White need to leave the building pronto! Might as well try Storey up top not like it's changing a winning formula eh
  18. All 37 of them that angry I heard they throw a sweetie wrapper shocking scenes make football factory look tame!
  19. I'm afraid my man you can't coach class you've either got it or you don't looks like our strikers obvs don't!
  20. I don't think so play him in his proper position you'll see him come alive ! Gotta try something different White misses far to many chances
  21. He's not a winger though I'd give him a go up top in place of White can't do any worse! Least he's got pace stretch a defence
  22. Said at the start of the season Robbo was on borrowed time madness keeping him be the same as last season scrape in 2 the play offs loose repeat following season wev a squad that should be competing for the title! Bag him see who's about!
  23. Missing Polly in midfield Carsons a very poor replacement! Robbos tactics are poor long ball and no plan B he needs to try Storey as our central striker rather than waste him out wide as well 2 wasteful in front of goal on the odd occasions we are threatening !
  24. Haha could be in a prison situation! I like to get a bite now and then some of the happy clapper posts on here do my nut in tho are these people blind what matches are they actually watching! Same bud hate seeing Caley get dragged down like this!
  25. My point my man key areas like personnel and organisation ain't the best under Robbo ! Not an old firm attitude at all we should be up there challenging wev a bigger budget than most in this league and had the parachute payments for 2 seasons!