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  1. Heard the union are on the case unfair dismissal Polly can take a coaches head of with a ferocious left hook nothing said some poor bugger moans Trafford gets picked before him brings down the wrath of Robbo
  2. What's he want the guy to do cartwheels when he can't get In the team I'd be raging if I couldn't get in our starting 11 even with my sciatica and feet on the wrong way round!
  3. True story put a couple of the young guns in dunno how many are left? It does rank low but winning games builds confidence and flip side no easier cup to win than this also chance of a good away day hopefully we'll go the distance COYC!
  4. That's where your wrong my man early doors I said the big fella would be mint in a front 2 just not his style been a lone striker! Was 1 of his biggest fans after xmas the man improved big time credit where credits due! I would question letting him go if we played a lot with 2 men up top for sure ! He's SPL bound and gonna say he'll be a handful if the team play 2 his strengths
  5. Wait for it when we go crashing out early doors the happy clappers it's a nonsense cup who wants to win this! I'll be buzzing if we win it
  6. Whites for the offski u heard it here 1st ! Think he's a decent player Robbo didn't use him properly he's good with the ball at his feet yet we ping high balls for him when he's poor in the air in a team that play 2 up top all the time I think the big man would be decent would defo set up a lot of goals
  7. Hopefully start Storey and Todorov nxt week be a better gauge of where we are 2 against play off rivals I'd drop Carson as well try McGregor a bit more direct of a player! Think well get better as the season goes on specially at the back wev a strong defence they're for some reason bombscares so far! Hopefully Robbo be brace with the tactics wev been woeful 2 watch so far this season
  8. A damming enditment of the nick of our fans eh cutting about in 4xl footy tops is never a good look
  9. Another point big shout out to Miles Storey getting the 1st of what will be many goals this season and to think it was a NO from most fans on here eh football authorities that they are!
  10. 3 points at the end of the day no matter how we got them! See the style of plays getting slated remember the same s£it when yogi had us playing good passing football been spouted a lot of fans wanted route 1 stuff then no point crying now wev got it!
  11. Good player hungry for it as well! Never no some club might be insane enough to come in for some of our players make space could probs do with a central midfielder instead Carson and so far Vincent don't seem up 2 it
  12. See Keillor Dunn might be on the way out at County be a good signing for us right age put pressure on Doran and Walsh should defo be looking at at least getting him on loan !
  13. Dunno think he's got hernia a player worth waiting on tho if he can stay fit would be huge for us! Easily the best midfielder in the division
  14. Was hoping this would be the year we gave our young guns a start after all Robbos hyping them up ! Might be a good move for wee Mackay get a few goals at Elgin surely
  15. Wow don't mean to be big headed but I look fckin amazing in the new strip brings out my receding hairline and double chin a treat
  16. U on meth brother wtf are u on about what's offended u petal?
  17. Drop Trafford Carson and White all 3 have been utter gash so far give 3 young guns a run out if they're as good as people are making them out time to show it
  18. How do u no he's not better never seen these young guns get the chance really rate McGregor but ffs to be kept out of the team by somebody like Trafford what's that all about
  19. Tanseys still injured but would like to see the club offer this legend a deal so much better than anybody else we have in midfield long as Robbo nos how to utilise him rather than by pass the midfield with hoods up to the Cone
  20. Utd with Shankland up top will do that 2 a few teams this season! Embarrassing start but things will improve up top now wev Storry possible signing of Tansey would sort the midfield defence will get better they're all solid defenders ! Sort the home form with a win over Arbroath hopefully
  21. The legend returns hopefully joined by Tansey! The more players we can get from the yogi era with their team spirit and no how on the park the better ! Back to the Future the way ahead for us hopefully see the return of Danny Williams nxt
  22. First ever Caley game Rangers scarf got binned after that
  23. See us linked with Storey now that's a striker the others can learn from a man not unlike myself is Miles a man of class an icon in an ICT shirt
  24. Take it that's a term of endearment much like goat herder and the traffic cone
  25. Oh yaaaas if the big man comes back trust me we'll run UTD all the way Storeys a great player way better than what we've got if this is true it's proper made my week! Storeys the man so different from our static frontmen least he'll run at defenders! So what if he's had a bad time at Thistle get him snapped up Robbo