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  1. McManus is terrible just be another striker who can't score in the squad would rather Kelly tbh he's a decent player least he used to be!
  2. Ricky Fosters still a good player I'd have him so is Sean Kelly wouldn't bother me if they were realeased by County still way better than what wev got ATM!
  3. Nxt season gonna be nuts think a lot of the other clubs are in an even worse state than us hopefully Robbo will play some homegrown talent for once as well if wev any left seems like a lot are out of contract dunno how good any of them are either they never tore up the highland league! Be interesting to see how many of any of our out of contract players will get offered a deal is defo try keep Doran for another season! Loads of boys out of contract elsewhere can only be good for us need to rebuild the defence and if possible get a decent centre mid in!
  4. Ridgers by a country mile gotta be McGregor for young player never see any of the other 1s
  5. What's the expectations for nxt season what are we expecting now wev a few dollars in the bank from the 2nd place money and rid of a bit of deadwood from the squad fans wanting Robbo to stay or a bit of fresh blood? Are we expecting to challenge for the title this year be tough if hearts get a decent manager in ie a Tommy wright they've a good crop of youngsters never got a chance with leveins deadwood !
  6. Haha that's the spirit can't beat a bit of football violence eh Iv a stone island jumper might fit you can wear it for the rematch with the half dozen drunk Morton fans who terrorised the main stand!
  7. Macregors a great wee player always looking to go forward hope he gets a consistent run in the team nxt year be happy to start with Harper as well can't beat seeing homegrown young guns come thro
  8. I no eh what happened to Benteke what a player he was at villa and Liverpool just never happened at Palace think he'd thrive with Zaha up front as well! Aye the prems a whole different game ain't it money down there's unreal great standard of football tho and tbf a lot of the English clubs now are taking thro top youngsters including Palace always a good team to watch Palace good attacking side I reckon old Roys seen his last campaign tho hear they're looking for a new manager
  9. That's some amounts of "strikers" who can't score in a brothel scary times if wer going in to a league campaign with just that lot up top
  10. Wise words kingy league reconstruction was never a goer specially now with the sky deal ! On a brighter note the jambos got what they deserved terrible mismanagement since neilson and utter shambles on the field all season
  11. I'd try and get Calvin Miller and Ricky Foster in bolster up the defence no excuses now we got the wedge for finishing 2nd these guys no gonna cost a fortune ! Loads of players on the old universal credit now a buyers market ! Coop the dugs sniffing out new recruits as we speak! Pretty sure he could bring in a better striker than Robbo Cops yet "unearthed"!
  12. Men with style i.e. My good self cut about lesser men merely walk about lol
  13. Look on the bright side ready made excuses aplenty for the clappers now if Robbo cop signs a few duds players won't come coz of the bad press loose a few on the trot other clubs lift there game coz everybody hates us it's all dropping in to place excuses for a nxt season!
  14. Morton are old foes from last season when half a dozen of there fans terrified the main stand imagine the carnage they'll bring nxt season now they've an axe to grind thank fcuk I sit in the north stands all I'm saying!
  15. Just read the daily ranger report wow if that's true what a clown Coop the dugs owners made of himself but as I did say at an earlier date when all the happy clappers on here the usual suspects were bigging him up as some kinda ghandi / Fergie figure he was most likely a wrong un