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  1. Alan Simpson

    Riccardo Calder Assault

    Gutted bout Calder what a clown defo 1 of our better players but can't have a woman beater on the pitch eh least it was only squaddies Foran hammered !
  2. Alan Simpson

    Inverness CT -V- Ross County

    Cracking game thought we were by far the better team tho tbf Ridgers wow the mans a wall 2 top saves the day! What a shift by the lads Calder a stand out as was Walsh! Keep playing like this the wins will come some teams gonna take a proper doing from us soon!
  3. Alan Simpson

    Daniel Mackay

    How do you figure that out pal our strikers are the weak link rest of the teams fine gotta try freshen it up Whites let's say not the best! Imagine us with a Shankland or Dobbie romp the league
  4. Alan Simpson

    The League Table

    The never ending draws are gonna cost us big time need to win this league not often the play of winners go up fixed for the prem side to stay up!
  5. Alan Simpson

    Return of OFW

    OFW a class keeper I'd say he edges Ridgers tbh! A warrior as well played thro back injurys when we were in the prem
  6. Alan Simpson

    Daniel Mackay

    Throw him in gotta be brace at some point look at Rashford 17 and scoring in the prem! Whites had a few goals but he's a proper traffic cone up front how bad are our strikers when he's starting ahead of them
  7. Alan Simpson

    Robbo linked with Utd Job

    Still got the draw specialist then happy days!
  8. Alan Simpson

    Inverness CT - Morton

    These draws killed us last season gonna be the same this year should be beating teams like Ton at home! Tbh another uninspiring performance!
  9. Alan Simpson

    Who should be our SLO?

    Wtf is a slo?
  10. Alan Simpson

    Beith - Elbouzedi Mk 2?

    Wild haggis have been seen more often than beith surely be seeing him wear our famous strip soon eh
  11. Alan Simpson

    Queen of the South - 29th September

    Looking forward to this 1 queens are a club old pros go to graze like buckled race horses Harkins ffs he must be pension age ! Expecting 3 points tho tbf queens will make a game of it good going forward poor defence tho
  12. Alan Simpson

    Inverness CT -V- QOS

    Haha gotta wonder on the sanity of these pundits sharpest hitman in Europe Iv seen sharper snowballs! The moments gone for the mouldy toenails tho if we loose to Queens I'm considering a streak show our female fans what it's all about!
  13. Alan Simpson

    Inverness CT -V- QOS

    Sharpest hit man in Europe classic he's about 80 and as mobile as a traffic cone famous last words he's bound to score now!
  14. Alan Simpson

    Queen of the South - 29th September

    Be a tough game queens can score but there defence is ropey think wel scrape a 2-1 win with Ridgers again earning his wages!
  15. Alan Simpson

    Assaults pre and post derby

    What was it then a draw on the park caley win of it?