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  1. It's Cove Rangers wer playing boys I'm going expecting a decent sun tan and at least 3 unanswered goals! Hopefully young McGregor get a start and maybe the wee Brazilian!
  2. Lack of creators in that "dream team" my man time for wee McGregor to shine he's gotta be a better shout than Trafford to replace Polly! Be a hard game but should beat Raith
  3. Many years of playing at a gash level and coaching kids my man and obvs an encyclopaedic knowledge of football
  4. What's the script with "fans" saying it's a Diddy cup it most defo ain't that I was gutted when we lost to Aberdeen in the final winning builds momentum no point dressing it up as a glorified friendly we had plenty time to play them we lost to a gash part time team in a national cup hopefully still time to turn it round and qualify from the group!
  5. Stick to the tennis son leave the footy to guys like myself who no what they're talking about! Goals win games my man and Shanklands the Messi of this division I'm afraid! Don't read to much in 2 pre season look at Accrington beating Marseille
  6. Iv heard of him pal he's failed at every 1 of these clubs! Oh no u got me I'm racist as they come no see me at the games I'm the guy with the Hitler youth outfit on can't miss me pop over I'll lend u Mein Kampf!
  7. If the bs u read on here is true why didn't we no bother with the less than prolific keatings and the Bulgarian flog White and Trafford if unbelivable as it may sound some1 wanted them for actual cash! And go all out for Shankland even if we had to put a relatively low release clause in the deal! Gotta a feeling gonna be the samo samo this year toothless in front of goal
  8. Some of the posts on here are class we sign some completely unknown goat herder from Bulgaria it's and I quote "quite remarkable how Robbo does it" Utd sign the best player in the division but yet him and Neilson are suddenly terrible ! Dark horses for a play off spot get a £10 on it Morton gonna pay for my week in Shagaluf nxt year!
  9. Shanklands the best player in the championship by a long way we never had a hope of getting him! Dunno about lack of ambition think it was a wise move by him look at the players who've went to england and failed he's tried the Spl and failed chance for him to become a legend his goals should get UTD over the line this yr with no play off i for 1 would've loved to have him at ICT
  10. Why not what's people's expectations how long does Robbo get or is it a job for life no matter the results? Your right wasn't good enough for me I was expecting a run at the league but tbf to Robbo the 1st season was pretty much a write of with the mad scramble for players! A question maybe should've asked after a few games but interesting to get people's thoughts is Robbo bulletproof ? What do the fans expect?
  11. Gonna be a tough league this season huge statement by United getting Shankland Morton and Thistle have signed decent guys! Be a poor season if we don't get play offs and maybe a cup run or 2 going! If not what happens to Robbo sack?
  12. The young team can give there input about the historical things to see in Brechin
  13. Just to clear things up I actually think the big fellas our most improved player when he first came I'd never seen a striker that bad but he's stuck with it banged in a few goals his link up play improved big time just Robbo likes 1 up top the big man would benefit from a poacher Billy mackay up with him lone striker don't suit him! Trafford there's a player there look at him against dufc in cup that's basically his only proper good game a fresh start would benefit him and the club if I was Robbo I'd sell and free up 2 wages see who I could bring in !
  14. Don't mind the rumours of departures and incomings nothing worse than half a story tho ffs man name the defender he's no gonna put a hit out on u costa nostra style
  15. No fishing with this 1 brother crazy to hang on to players like that if there's cash on the table tho I smell major BS ! Whites got better but him and Traff are still pretty limited players be willing to take my chances without them nxt season!