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  1. I don't think wer well known in Norway my man so obviously not if your pleased with a 5-2 tanking against a rank rotten hibs then wow your expectations are low !
  2. Time for Robbo to exit quietly mans had his chance how long to wee give him he's a dead rubber never gonna get us out of this league give someone else a pop Robbo leave and take half your dodgy signings with u to whatever club would be desperado enough to employ u
  3. Yet another humiliation under Robbo absolute joke scoreline every game with a bit of pressure we get shown up ! Persists with the same forward who couldn't score in a brothel thank fcuk I'm working away and didn't have to suffer that I'd have put the TV right out the window
  4. Are u on crack man it's hibs there rank rotten hardly a top European side
  5. The wall with a pen save what a legend sounds like hibs well on top tho not good
  6. I'd be raging if I was Edson what a lame effort could've at least went for a rematch with the Rangers colts
  7. Massive game the night gonna be tough specially after seeing White and Traff both starting that's never a good thing like driving your car with the handbreak on but still wer a cup team can defo beat hibs
  8. Machedo was never getting a game he's best try get developed somewhere else shame he looked half decent in the glimpses we got! Personally I'd rather see our own youth players get a chance ahead of some bum who's floated around the lower leagues all his days if we don't get promoted and I don't think we will might see a few more nxt season with the budget been trimmed it could be the way forward!
  9. The difference between the teams is they have a goalscorer we have traffic cones up top and our best striker on the wing! Shankland knocked us back for Ayr when Foran was there could've been so different with him up top ! Robbo dose t no a striker from a red pudding supper by the looks of it
  10. Looking good so far hopefully wee can get the 3 points COYC
  11. 1 day the P and J nxt day the trumper justice for James campaign is gathering momentum
  12. that's why we love the game some go for you some go against u some of the comments on this 1 are insane hearing Trumps getting involved
  13. Wee cup final like this gonna do nothing for the coffers Robbo needs to do what he should've done the 1st season and get us promoted if not he should pack it in and let somebody else have a pop decent thing to do since we plucked him from decade long retirement ! Well chuffed we won but every week now somebody moaning bout poor refs it's swings and roundabouts some u get others u don't our main downfall has been the same for years now can't kill teams of no goalscorers
  14. Robbo needs to get real refs don't cost you games not been able to put the ball in the net is usually the culprit for us anyway
  15. He doesn't need to with pace like he's got give us a new dimension upfront he's wasted out wide like having a Ferrari and never putting it in 3rd gear either that or I could be totally overrating him and he's gash like Our other "forwards" lol