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  1. No chance Tidser signed for Falkirk Stellios ex Dumbarton surely not lazier than moi! Fcuk nos bout Craigan would rather Higginbotham ! No way bud squad defo needs freshened up specially up front fell short again hopefully be a few outgoings and incomings keeps it interesting
  2. Care for a wager my man St Mirren will beat them they were on a decent run of form and Utd have a tendency to bottle big games
  3. St Mirren will stay up far better team than dufc tbh I'd rather see the Arabs sad to see them down here for years I can still mind there glory days i.e. Gothenberg
  4. They are good at staying up and tbf take thro a fair few young players tiny budget they do ok ! They're defo nobody's 2nd favourite team tho!
  5. See Brian Rice linked with a few decent names must have a bit of money to play with what a job he's done so far Accies gotta be the most over achieving club in scotland
  6. Good man Robbo now show Dundee what they missed out on by winning the league
  7. No that good a gig now even the great man Yogi Hughes would struggle to get a tube out of our current squad! However there's another way of looking at it surely Robbos remit was promotion he's now failed in his 2nd attempt so a change of managements no the end of the world
  8. I was to kwl for school sister! It's probably an age thing girl don't beat yourself up over not understanding how us young bucks roll!
  9. Danny Williams be a great signing if we could get him back
  10. Hardly gave them a feast there Joe Chalmers ffs! We should actually try for links with a big English club like Sheffield Wednesday get some young boys up
  11. I'll take the gig on no bother! I like Robbo but wouldn't be 2 heartbroken if he moved on tbh specially if compos involved
  12. Speaking to a County fan the day at work he's raging they signed Chalmers poor bugger near had a heart attack when I told him there sniffing about Trafford as well even amention of not renewing the season ticket lol
  13. Haha sound advice there my man tho I might be gathering a cult following 153 likes like big White I'm an improving player who splits opinions!
  14. I'm no oil painting but a troll ffs I'm insulted! Woods no a bad player cheap 2 Roy get him a firewatcher job subsidise his meagre ICT wage
  15. Oh no Iv been rumbled it's me Roy McGregor! Martin wood no a bad player beggars can't be choosers ffs sister who u hoping for Ronaldo