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  1. Can't blame the board for everything tough job they've got can't see a load of people wanting to dip in to there savings to help us! The previous board shafted us with there poor management choice relegation really fcked us must've lost us a fortune zero tv money zero big travelling supports !
  2. Footballers are soft these days Iv seen clach playing on an ice rink even the penguins were offski didn't bother the lilywhites tho!
  3. Mint news bout Daniel a top prospect along with McGregor!
  4. Was looking forward to this game think we'd have won keep the momentum going our wee squads gonna be stretched with all these games in hand coming up time for the fringe players to step up
  5. Glad it's hearts payback time for that humiliation earlier think wel beat them tbh! Hope it's played at hampden a good day out
  6. Gotta worth a pop eh must get my cv typed up for sure
  7. Tremarcos a caley legend for sure hel be a big player when we take care of septic this season in the final
  8. Dunno sure the poor dude called a pervert will have a grudge eh lol
  9. Grudge match from now on they can't be calling our fans beasts and think they'll get away with such slander
  10. The club needs a guy like Ross Houston that's a man going places do a tie up with his gym be good for the big J formerly known as traffic cone
  11. Where do I stick my name in Iv plenty ideas and just got paid of at xmas suit me that job soon get businesses on side trust me Iv the gift of the gab!
  12. To many layers of upper management at footballs these days anyway fcuk nos what they do don't replace her I'm sure the club will struggle on without her input!
  13. Hold your horses classic catchphrase defo stealing that! Gotta be hampden all the way
  14. You'll be shocked the amount of support Patrick will take to hampden right on there doorstep 16-18000 easy look at us for big games where's that lot come from
  15. Can only be hampden we deserve it after the last couple of seasons ffs it a cup semi final shouldn't be played anywhere else why in case it looks bad on tv sparse stands fcuk it !! Be likely hearts anyway they've a big travelling support be a belting day out