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  1. Haha soz pal anybody past Perth is really a weegie just with a slightly different twang!
  2. Storey outscore the pair of them with ease our best forward player by a country mile
  3. I just couldn't see how fans been able to hold there own against rampant drunken weegies but who nos cometh the hour cometh the man might be the making of some of our fans a good swedge against the hated weedgie! Why not put the hard men who burnt the hedge at Brechin in there as a kinda shock force to back up the ageing stewards good idea?
  4. The stewards are on minimum wage usually old men or young girls u seriously expect them to wade in 2 a group of drunken weegies ! It'll defo kick of at a game yet!
  5. At last dangerous up top been crying out for that for a couple of seasons said when we got Storey back we'll push UTD all the way stand by that wer going up this season either way champs or play offs always had the solid defence decent midfield now we can score happy days
  6. Never made the game working away typical of my Donald Duck watched it on TV wow we really took our chances arrival of big Miles has shook up our forwards eh nothing like a threat to your place! Can't complain bout anything here 5-0 against a Morton team Iv bet on for a play of place happy days COYC
  7. A coup for them that eh think I'd hang up my boots if I ended up at that level old Ricky's multi talented decent rapper and as we all know can throw his hands ! I used to see him in the aquadome gym decent guy to speak 2 tbh
  8. There's strikers and goal scorers only Storey will rack up a decent return from that 1s! Would take Feruz over that lot just for a change if nothing else
  9. Feruz would be an interesting signing don't think he'd come tho supposedly got a terrible attitude!
  10. Get Ricky Calder back doing our bit to reform criminals then and he'll play for even less than he was on before he'll be that grateful good player as well
  11. Heard the union are on the case unfair dismissal Polly can take a coaches head of with a ferocious left hook nothing said some poor bugger moans Trafford gets picked before him brings down the wrath of Robbo
  12. What's he want the guy to do cartwheels when he can't get In the team I'd be raging if I couldn't get in our starting 11 even with my sciatica and feet on the wrong way round!
  13. True story put a couple of the young guns in dunno how many are left? It does rank low but winning games builds confidence and flip side no easier cup to win than this also chance of a good away day hopefully we'll go the distance COYC!
  14. That's where your wrong my man early doors I said the big fella would be mint in a front 2 just not his style been a lone striker! Was 1 of his biggest fans after xmas the man improved big time credit where credits due! I would question letting him go if we played a lot with 2 men up top for sure ! He's SPL bound and gonna say he'll be a handful if the team play 2 his strengths
  15. Wait for it when we go crashing out early doors the happy clappers it's a nonsense cup who wants to win this! I'll be buzzing if we win it