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  1. Alan Simpson

    Fifth Round Draw.

    I no bud be a few years till wer on that again I think!
  2. Alan Simpson

    Fifth Round Draw.

    Gutted bout Walsh came on to a good bit of form! Shocked no1s coming in even on loan defo need a striker ! I no could shock them hopefully live on sky sports eh
  3. Alan Simpson

    Fifth Round Draw.

    Be a tough game County seem to have got our measure these days sad times! Still in with a good shout if we can turn squandered chances in to goals!
  4. Alan Simpson

    Fifth Round Draw.

    Hopefully have a new face up top for this 1 if not probs be much the same as last game plenty possession no cutting edge! Would've rathered Auchinleck tbh still could've been a lot worse least wev a chance eh!
  5. Alan Simpson

    So WHAT do you know about Kilby ?

    What do people need to no other than well completely pump them even with White as lone striker!
  6. Alan Simpson

    January signings

    True story should try wee mcgregor up front tommoz he's a prospect ! We not going for Quitongo now he's a bit different to what wev got?
  7. Alan Simpson

    January signings

    See Alloa have signed 3 strikers any sign of Robbo getting any 1 in?
  8. Alan Simpson

    Favourite cup memory?

    The final or Airdrie when they were spl and we were highland league!
  9. Alan Simpson

    So WHAT do you know about Kilby ?

    Even white should bag a few against this poor rag tag mob if we don't beat them by 4 goals I'll eat Whites toe nail on a granary roll!
  10. Alan Simpson

    January signings

    Depends if wer paying in Albanian Levs brother!
  11. Alan Simpson

    January signings

    Maybe I'm been harsh on the big fella lol but with a slightly more prolific scorer we'd be romping the league!
  12. Alan Simpson

    January signings

    Put a bit extra and get someone who nos the league makes sense speculate to accumulate obvs give him a chance but really at 25 if you haven't made it u ain't going to I fear it's gonna be yet another empty jersey! White is gash big deal he scores the odd goal wer the hardest team to beat in the league and yet wer 5 th hardly rocket science to work out where the problems are!
  13. Alan Simpson

    January signings

    Ffs can we not go for a tried and tested striker at this level ex Warrington be another White! Mind the last guy from that type of set up he won the next top player on sky he was dire!
  14. Alan Simpson

    January signings

    I doubt Robbos wasted what little we have on a middle aged goalie cmon now
  15. Alan Simpson

    The Liam Polworth Enigma

    He's way better than any of the other midfielders on our books tho tbf he can be lazy at times! But like I said when he's replaced with some clogger you'll miss him! Didn't miss yogi we missed him that much we got relagated ffs!