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  1. Sorry kingy shouldn't have tried the wind up on this 1 can see it means something to you
  2. They're no great in the transfer market County but defo done a lot better than we have in player sales anyway nxt 1 be the striker Ross Stewart heard it here £10 on him going to Aberdeen
  3. A fair bit of white guilt going on here poor kingy and the other fella be away demonstrating against the hated whitey!
  4. Haha sure I read somewhere was 7 Mill I'm bad he was gash 2! County sold that Liam lyndsay for a similar fee least dick Turpin wore a mask
  5. Plenty places u can move 2 if your wanting to be more diverse brother Bradford nice this time of year! I'm not debating it bud doesn't put me up or down if Scottish clubs take a knee just seems a bit of bandwagon jumping that's all and really is more of an American attention seeking move!
  6. How they gonna manage that by burning shops? There's no time machines my man can't go back and change it! A bit of a joke group tbh tearing down statues etc graffiti on Churchill what's that all about not gonna get sympathy with that behaviour
  7. The stuff people suggest on here is classic I think a statue of Nat Wedderburn taking a knee is long overdue at our club
  8. Is it wonder what minority ethnics cover is an Eastern European covered by that? Who makes up that phrases bet they're coining it in for coming up with pure nonsense
  9. What's offensive about it pal your just looking to be offended eh hide it all you want rephrase what I didn't no what BAME meant oooft shoot me pal how very offensive! Grow up my man or get a thicker skin your obvs easily offended
  10. Jackson Irvine left Burton for a huge fee ened up at Hull don't need to look at your ropey link u madman lol
  11. Ffs what next no club in Scotland should be associated with blm they're a pretty dodgy group besides hardly overrun with BAME up here wtf does that even mean BTW
  12. Our record on transfers is woeful even under Butcher and the great man Yogi contracts were allowed to run down losing players like Watkins and Tansey usually replacing them with likes of Wedderburn and Trafford who you'd have struggled to giveaway in a lucky bag! Look at county with Jackson Irvine half a mill guy then sold for 7 million I thought he was gash as well
  13. I think County have done quite well on recent transfers they've sold a fair few players for 6 figure fees and replaced them for relative peanuts! Us on the other hand have not developed any players who took in a sizable fee our recent scouting leaves a lot to be desired to many bench warmers and players made of balsa wood
  14. Ye reserve teams help but at huge cost sometimes a managers just gotta be brave and see what the young guns can do look at man utd they've a lot of youngsters in there top team