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  1. Keybaird Warrior

    ICT Armed Forces

  2. If I were in the Armed Forces and I considered popping along to the event, then I'd think again after reading this thread. If the amount of negativity and red dots from ICT fans on this thread is a snapshot of ICT fans views towards our countries Armed Forces, then that is a sad state of affairs for a town that has has had a long history with Scottish regiments.
  3. I mean the patriotism of the American public towards their forces.
  4. Well done ICT. It's a great idea to show support for our troops. I often look at the patriotism of the Americans and how they show support. I wish we had that level of enthusiasm for our soldiers in this country. The sacrifices they make are not acknowledged enough imho. Top marks to the club for this. 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
  5. Keybaird Warrior

    Christopher Butcher

    Very sad news today hearing about the death of Terry's son. Thoughts are with the Butcher family.
  6. Keybaird Warrior

    Dundee Utd v ICTFC : Match Info

    "extend their unbeaten run" 😂😂😂
  7. Keybaird Warrior

    Writing on the wall for Kellacher?

  8. Keybaird Warrior

    Worst Ict team ever?

    I know eh? It wasn't even his squad etc etc. Worst manager ever etc etc.
  9. Keybaird Warrior

    Worst Ict team ever?

    The seeds were sewn when the club got rid of a Scottish Cup winnng manager. The rest, as they say is history.
  10. They sacked him at the end of the season, yes. He took over half way through the season when they were well adrift, had a mini revival but couldn't keep them up. Results improved under him but Pool fans say it was too late. Perhaps if he had been appointed a month earlier. Their forums at the time wanted him to stay to try and gain promotion and were surprised. It is similar to us with Butcher. We improved under him but still got relegated, but the club didn't sack him (rightly so)
  11. Very harsh and clear agenda against Yogi. His time at Falkirk? You fail to mention he actually managed them for 6 years winning the first division twice (Brockville not up to SPL standard). You also failed to mention that he established them as a solid SPL team. You seem to also have forgotten in your Hughes summary that he got them into Europe and the Scottish Cup Final. In his one full season at Hibs, they finished 4th. Most Hibs fans would be happy with that kind of finish these days. He was unfairly sacked at the beginning of the next season, after a poor start. Livingston? Steadied the ship. Hartlepool? Already bottom of league and if you speak to any Hartlepool fan they'd say that they improved under him and nearly pulled off the great escape. Of course, you know about his time at Inverness. But it was Butchers squad so Yogi shouldn't get any credit I suppose eh? Rovers? Already doomed when he took over. Overall, his managerial record is quite impressive but then again, all the people that were against his appointment in the first place need someone to blame now for the state of the club.