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  1. Rumours of a loan move for Cammy Kerr from Dundee! Could work for us.
  2. Given the injuries I am happy to take the draw. It could have been a whole lot worse. That said, everyone has been screaming to get another defender and Dodds ignored the useful advice, and now we are suffering as a result. That shows a lack of experience on Dodds part. I don't feel he is the one to take us up in all honesty. If we did go up, his lack of experience would see us getting pumped every week. A good time to get rid is before the transfer window opens.
  3. ICT ICT ICT ICT ICT ICT ICT ICT ... because there is only one team worth mentioning!
  4. That's not what the Alloa fans are saying but then it's a Rice quote so we can take that with a pinch of salt. He has hardly lit his Managerial roles up since leaving us. Proof of the pudding is in the eating as they say ... a Rice pudding! Sorry couldn't help myself.
  5. It shows a lack of consistency and a lack of money. Each player is different so yes it can be both. Every team signs the odd jobber now and again but we like to recruit jobbers for key roles such as those in front of goal. Boyd will need to seriously up his game because the Alloa fans were less than complimentary about him. Shaw is a good young player looking to break into fulltime pro football. Some might argue that Shaw is a risk but he has something about him. We lack ambition because we take a punt on jobbers like Boyd who will be a benchwarmer at best - we should be recruiting more younger players like Shaw not jobbers like Boyd - that is where the lack of ambition comes into play. I am happy to hold my hand up if I am wrong at the end of the season but I reckon it will be a case of Boyd who?
  6. Shaw is a very exciting young talent. A really aggressive player who has played in one of the toughest leagues, for one of the toughest sides, and finshed third in their table. Boyd ... well lets just say Alloa fans are glad to see the back of him. They said he doesn't like to pass, doesn't score many goals, gets in a huff easily and lets his head drop, and has the odd good game once in a while ... it doesn't bode well.
  7. Shaw is an exciting talent and will do well with us. Boyd shows off our lack of ambition. Why have we signed a striker that doesn't like to pass, doesn't have hold up play, and can't score goals? ... baffling. He will be a bench warmer at best.
  8. So the answer is just carry on do nothing and fall ever and ever deeper towards League 1 and beyond? Something has to change!
  9. And the longer he stays the less support the club will receive. If this the case then the board lack ambition and we need to question weather Ross and company are fit for purpose.
  10. That's historical now. It's about going forward that is important. Little evidence of forward motion at present so perhaps it is time to lose JR, BD, & SG. Failing that, Dodds needs to go, Robertson needs to take temporary charge, and Gardiner needs to go out and find investment (after all that is what he is employed for and there is very little evidence of that happening).
  11. And the more the Dodds situation goes on the less attendances will be. Line has to be drawn and soon.
  12. Anyone else feeling a little underwhelmed by our efforts in the transfer window? 3 loan players in - 2 really struggling for fitness and lacking game time. Shows a complete lack of ambition to get us out of the championship in all honesty.
  13. Talented young player but it is a big step up. Always good to get bodies in but if he ends up like Anthony MacDonald was and Billy keeps picking his same old team then I can't see this signing being that valuable to us. We need some experienced heads at the moment because we are lacking direction on the field half the time.
  14. Hear hear! Leave VW's alone ... the band on the other hand are over rated ... much like our current team and manager! lol
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