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  1. Bronson

    Top scorer

    Can't seem to find it on the site, (probably coz im thick). If you were to discount Whites hat - trick against Clach midweek, how many would he and Todorov have scored so far this season. Im guessing it must be pretty close. A great problem to have.
  2. Would love to see mcgregor and todorov start on Saturday
  3. Bronson

    New Kit

    I believe the home kit is changing. Haven't heard it officially, but I'm sure I saw that season's home kit is has been marked down to 'sale' price. Usually means a new one is due.
  4. Bronson

    Sean Welsh

    Appears to be the worst kept secret in some time, apparently chalmers has signed a 2 year deal with County.
  5. Bronson

    Sean Welsh

    Signed a new 2 year deal.
  6. Black bull it was! 🍻🍻
  7. Where is everyone meeting and when?
  8. Bronson

    Top scorer

    One for the stattos - Believe Jordan White has scored 14 goals this season, I just wondered if anyone knew who our top scorers have been in recent seasons and how long it's been since someone scored more than 14?
  9. Thinking that the goals tonight have got to be up there in terms of the best goals we've scored. Anyone got any others they remember, not talking about important goals, talking about best goals
  10. 0650 train booked.
  11. Bronson


    Anyone able to confirm whether coll is suspended for the semi or not?
  12. Loved the end of season ball the first year we won promotion to spl, players and fans steaming together. Will never forget Ross Tokely breakdancing to mc hammer. Can't remember why it was but it was an amazing night