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  1. Thinking that the goals tonight have got to be up there in terms of the best goals we've scored. Anyone got any others they remember, not talking about important goals, talking about best goals
  2. 0650 train booked.
  3. Bronson


    Anyone able to confirm whether coll is suspended for the semi or not?
  4. Loved the end of season ball the first year we won promotion to spl, players and fans steaming together. Will never forget Ross Tokely breakdancing to mc hammer. Can't remember why it was but it was an amazing night
  5. Our current team scoring eleven!!!!
  6. That team would put ten past our current rabble.
  7. After the original game was cancelled, 4 of us went to the celtic social club. They made us very welcome and insisted we go back after the re scheduled game. We took them up on their offer and fair play to them, despite crying into their beer they gave us a round of applause and paid for our beer.
  8. Was surprise by Robertson reacting yet again to the fans behind him in the main stand. After one of many attempted crosses which went wide, a fan uttered his displeasure. Robertson turned, offered the fan to come and do better, shouted that the player managed it in training all week then told the fan to '**** Off'. I don't like fans abusing players, managers etc, but I think the pressure is really getting to Robertson and no wonder. One of the worst teams I can remember seeing, absolutely bollocks at home all season and there are more empty seats around me each week. I really feel for my team as I think the future. Looks really bleak 😕
  9. Need to take Polworth on. Oh wait.....
  10. Bronson


    A deal was also on the cards earlier for Austin to go to Partick and storey coming to us. Looks like it's fallen through though. Why robbo wanting rid of two of our strikers? Nicky Clark on loan from Dundee utd is sisterhood also a possibility if they get the man their after
  11. Bronson


    Has just signed for Hamilton
  12. Apparently he has two choices, Dingwall or Perth
  13. Bronson


    Just read online that we are fighting it out with County to bring Mulraney back on loan from Hearts