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  1. I was reading a debate on twitter last night between Jordan White 's father and a supporter. The supporter was saying that Jordan had only scored 4 goals in 20 odd matches and it wasn't good enough for a striker. His dad argued by saying Jordan is one of only a handful of players to have scored x number of goals over the last few seasons. So who is right? How many goal's has Jordan scored this season? I thought it was more like 15, unless the supporter was meaning league games? Thoughts?
  2. Very surprised at that given his performances this season. Oh well, looks like quite a challenge for robbo in january
  3. Heard today from a Celtic supporting work colleague that Ryan Christie has apparently refused a new deal at Celtic. Leceister City are apparently preparing a £14 million bid for him. He also said that he'd been told that ict are due a 20% sell on fee for future transfers.
  4. Whatever happened to Roberts? Wonder where he's playing now
  5. I'm not suggesting that we need to change Carl with anyone. I'm saying that across the team we are short of someone to gee up the players, motivate then and grab the game by the scruff of the neck. It doesnt have to be the captain.
  6. One thing I noticed during the game yesterday was how the Partick captain rallied his teammates and drive them on following our equaliser. Not everyone believes that a captain needs to be screaming at everyone all the time, but I feel that we are lacking a natural leader on the pitch.
  7. Can't seem to find it on the site, (probably coz im thick). If you were to discount Whites hat - trick against Clach midweek, how many would he and Todorov have scored so far this season. Im guessing it must be pretty close. A great problem to have.
  8. Would love to see mcgregor and todorov start on Saturday
  9. I believe the home kit is changing. Haven't heard it officially, but I'm sure I saw that season's home kit is has been marked down to 'sale' price. Usually means a new one is due.
  10. Bronson

    Sean Welsh

    Appears to be the worst kept secret in some time, apparently chalmers has signed a 2 year deal with County.
  11. Bronson

    Sean Welsh

    Signed a new 2 year deal.
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