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  1. Another positive to take from this game; Hearts played all their big beasts. Threw the kitchen sink at us 🤣 but the team stood strong... 😁
  2. Take a point. Hearts could have nicked it at the end. However at the same time it also looked possible we could have nicked it. Good effort. Hopefully the team will have the legs for the next game.
  3. The club has to be commended in taking prompt and decisive action in extremely difficult circumstances. Firstly and most importantly protecting the health of all staff. Then to support the team by bringing in an experienced interim manager. As supporters we would do well now to get behind both the management team and the players to achieve as high a league finish as possible. Keep safe and keep positive...
  4. You have to score a penalty if you are grabbing the ball from two other players to take it... minimum expected is a good attempt. That cost us the three points.
  5. Another gift of a goal for Alloa... Not helpful. Be keen to see what Macgregors goal was chopped for-nobody seems to know at present. Hopefully be a bit more zip second half.
  6. Brilliant result today. Consolidating performance level now and hopefully pick up some more much needed points. Every point a prisoner. 😃
  7. Good luck today. Probably be another close game. A bit more composure in front of goal and and it's three points and back on track. Hopefully both Joe and Tom will have an off day...😂
  8. A really disappointing game to watch. Very soft goal to lose. They probably only had one chance. Queens never deserved the win however Caley unable to produce a finish. Poor start to a tough run of games. Not looking great.
  9. Queens have had their decent run and now it's time to bring them back to reality with a good old fashioned gubbing in the windswept highlands 😁
  10. Yes and these are their loaned players. Rangers striker is the boy who had a good game against us in challenge cup. Also Fitzpatrick on loan from Norwich scored against Morton in their last game. And don't forget they also have George Galloway to appear and distract the players 🤣
  11. Now need a win Saturday. Opportunity missed tonight for a variety of reasons.
  12. Hopefully the Caley players can now get their mojo working. 😁 shake off the rust and play for a win. Most games in the championship are close this season so keep the concentration level high. Three points would be handy...
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