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  1. jed5697

    New ICT Podcast

    Another good episode. Like the focus on positive ideas- not ignoring obvious issues. Enjoyed the discussions around analysis of recent caley and opposition teams performances. The formations and how individual players are doing.
  2. Storey shot quickly for his goal and that along with it appearing to dip mid flight caught out their keeper. Clever play. More of the same please...
  3. A better team would have scored early against us as we started poorly. Linn was given way too much time to get his shot off for his goal. It was pleasing that we came from behind and won the game. There was two decent penalty shouts not given for caley- a handball and a foul on Keating. Hopefully back the win up with another at Dundee next time out. 👌
  4. Tansey posting on his Instagram wearing caley strip and looking forward to season ahead ? ?
  5. Dundee Utd will obviously need to start getting money in having spent so much. Not entirely unexpected that they beat us. The nature of the defeat is highlighting our lack of workable system ie- midfield pairings/defensive frailty/clinical finishing. These have been evident in recent games and cruelly exposed today. Not insurmountable issues with the right attitude and motivation. Going to be a very interesting season and it will be important that we learn quickly and do not lose ground.
  6. Optimistic that Robbo will enable Storey to flourish. Would be quite happy if tansey returned- a very good footballer who has had a difficult time of it with a bone infection that side lined him.
  7. Dundee 16 year old gets man of the match in this game should really emphasise that caley ought to be giving the youngsters more game time. Hopefully we get in about Utd at the weekend. What is the latest on Welsh returning ?
  8. A good test of a changing team. There is no lack of talented individuals in this current caley team. Play as a team that is the test. We await the result. Get intae will not define the season but will highlight direction of travel...
  9. Megginson showed he is a strong player and got his goals although from a caley view they were defensively poor. He should have had a hat trick but made a second poor decision when one on one tried to chip ridgers. His first was to kick the ball away and get a soft booking which resulted in his sending off via a bad tackle. Carson urged the team on when behind and grew into the game. White could have had a hat trick first half. Todorov getting us out of jail. Cove keeper had a good game. Caley gave themselves a test and won through. Go to Dundee now and have every chance.
  10. The heat might get to a few players. Need to watch the challenges. The refs have not been great. This is definitely a game for some of the young team to have a go. Hoping for a good entertaining match with only one winner of course...😉
  11. Vincent was mom after Walsh no doubt. Hopefully the team will gel over the coming weeks. We have a squad of very good footballers with no shortage of endeavour . Looking forward to them achieving ICT legendary status...
  12. Could and should have been 7or8 today but for raith hanging in and some poor finishing. Caley were able to up the tempo when required. Some good performances- Walsh again the main man- one mazy run of his going past three raith players and only a fine save stopping a really good goal.
  13. Good strong team performance the order of the day 👌
  14. We have enough at the back. Get them forward and score goals. Let's not focus on defence my opinion is that we are fine. Question for forward dudes is are you up for it ? We are supremely placed for a right good go. Step up and rule supreme..the ball requires to be in the net... call me old fashioned..Mon the caley...
  15. We could do with Polly back just watching him run the game for Motherwell against Morton.