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  1. Cannot argue with a draw on the second half performance. Let's hope for a 90 minutes next week. It's not over until the fat lady sings...👅
  2. It would be an enjoyable afternoon to observe ICT be victorious over Dunfermline FC. Please facilitate this people...😃😃
  3. We got a break of the ball for our goals and both were put away well. It would be good to review offside decisions and clarify. It felt like a game we ought to have won as have a few other games. Surprised at Macgregor coming off; maybe protecting him ? Duku had an opportunity near the end but could not get a shot away in the box; not convinced he will score in the league at all. There was a shout for Jamieson to come on as he looks like he could score ? The Queens goalie brought in on loan had a good game. Today's game signalled that at best we may stay in the play offs.
  4. Out for the season unfortunately...
  5. What's the situation with Allardice ?
  6. It's fair to say that with one thing and another we have been bumping along. However there is effort if not enough application. So sitting second with arguably more to come. Enjoyed the late equaliser and a wonderful hit. A draw probably fair but couldn't complain if Raith had won it. A good point.
  7. Agree it was a tough watch however it was a good effort to come away with a point. Arbroath are well schooled at waiting for opposing keepers kicking into the wind and pushing back onto you when it drops; it was inviting pressure every Ridgers kick. Nouble is a handful and it will be interesting to see if him going back to Livi makes a difference to Arbroath.
  8. Something fishy about some of the posts on here
  9. Robbie Muirhead and the return of Col Donaldson ??
  10. Dunfermline made the decision to have no fans at these games. The first being Arbroath and a defeat so we ought to help keep that going and give them another defeat. 😁 No fans and No points for Dunfermline- keep it simple...
  11. A couple of good signings could make all the difference as we go into the second half of the season. We are most certainly in the hunt.
  12. Partick thistle will fancy it next game following their late late winner today. It's the old six pointer. Hope the lads get plenty of Turkey or nut roast into themselves to build strength for that one. 🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅
  13. I would describe that as a collapse. We had control of the game at 1-0. Sutherland nearly made it 2 but for the keepers heel. Did they think the game was over? Hamilton using rough house tactics at corners and bish bosh 2 goals in quick time. Had to pinch myself. Also we had time to make changes but not till desperate at end ??
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