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  1. Dundee derbies will add another dimension. If we can get ahead early in the season would be good. Utd did not deserve to win today. But then they didn't deserve to beat caley. Hopefully they don't bring in many players and keep the current ones.
  2. Ho ho ho . Stmirren and Hamilton are no so good. That's a fact. Caley be back next year and hopefully have good officials....😍😍😍😍😍😍
  3. Wasn't our night for a variety of reasons. I think the team can hold their heads high for their efforts. Utd had a bit more in depth but it was made easier for them due to poor officials. There keeper man of the match. Hard for robbo to take decisions like the penalty tonight and not react. He would need to be a robot not to.
  4. Tricky this one. Does robbo start with young MacDonald in the hope we can get at them early or keep ourselves in it and have a go later? Either way I am sure the boys will give their best. They have showed all season they are capable and resilient. Hopefully someone can produce a bit of magic tonight and you just never know.
  5. Any thoughts on starting team, formation, who for subs... whatever the line up I think they should go out and enjoy the game and have a right go. The team are capable and have enough skill, resilience and determination to produce a result. Calls for cool heads and strong hearts. 😉✊💖
  6. Any word of an appeal going in about polworth red card ?
  7. Big game Friday. Let's get down to Dundee and give the boys the support they deserve following three hard games on the bounce. As jurgen would say "I think it is impossible but because it is you boys you have a chance". It is time to take that chance....
  8. Even first half, we could have went in ahead if whites header got in instead of post. Sending off should have been a booking only. That changed the game but a strong team performance kept Utd out until late slightly fortuitous goal. Thought Macauley should have come on instead of Harper? Still in it be continued....
  9. Good luck to the boys tonight. Great night for scoring goals against Dundee utd. 😃
  10. Is tremarco out ?
  11. Question is : can caley beat Utd Answer is : yes Evidence to support : they have already dunnit. Further evidence ; for those who need it. None needed. Do it again. Simple.
  12. We did not create enough today and we won't get by on Tuesday without creating more. Crawford had a great chance to make it two nil Ayr but opted to blast it wide. If we were in game management mode we were cutting it a bit fine. MacDonald made a difference when he came on and should start Tuesday given Walsh hamstring issue. Mcmullan getting sent off on Tuesday would do for starters 😂 pressure is surely on Utd so hopefully the boys will get in about them.
  13. Great result. Follow this up with a professional approach Saturday for the second game. Ayr now have to go for it so getting tactics right would help. Let's get down to Saturday's game in numbers and give the boys the backing they deserve.
  14. A win going into the play offs was needed and produced. The team did enough to do that without drama. A few decent performances thrown in. They will hopefully go up the gears against Ayr.
  15. Good win but we could do with the strikers scoring too....