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  1. Ref was poor.. What was robbos' yellow for ?
  2. Aye game management guys. 5 minutes left you don't need a third. Keep possession and see it out... another learning opportunity hopefully registered. Anyone know when Walsh likely to be back ?
  3. A game we ought to have won. Poor goals to lose defensively. Alloa played fairly well but really didn't create much which made losing those goals more disappointing. Tremarco's goal was superb. Keating's free-kick crashed off the bar and that would have sealed it late on. Caley looked to win it and will surely do so more as the season goes on with that approach.
  4. First half caley couldn't find a way through the Alloa defence sitting deep. They had plenty possession and pressed Alloa when they had possession. Gifted the first goal but Curry took it well. Needed a second and a good hit by Trafford deflected into the net. After that caley stopped pressing and Alloa should really have got at least one goal; hitting the woodwork twice and calling Mackay into action. Machado third from close range from an excellent Storey cross. Same again next week would do.
  5. A disjointed performance today combined with a bit more effort from Partick resulted in nil points. It was obvious that the bit more effort from Partick would happen due to McCall taking over. I went to this game concerned that what happened would and unfortunately it did. But really thought that between the management and team they would not let that script be realised. I would suggest that they all believe the hype around McCall and Partick and was evident in the approach and performance.
  6. First half was even and caley arguably slightly better chances. Incident at the start of the second half summed it up. Mccart dawdled on the ball, duly robbed and only ridgers to beat for Miller to score. #grim. Caley could not find a reply and done by a simple cutback for a third. Very disappointing viewing. Watching McCall and thistle fans celebrate was not great. 😠
  7. McCall was a good fit at Ayr and no guarantees that he will be at Partick. Caley would do well to focus on doing what they have to other teams in recent games. Ignore the hype. Hope big ridgers is on form for his 100th game. Another 3 points would be excellent return so far.
  8. An investment opportunity...
  9. Aye if Harry Kane scored a goal like Welsh's today the commentators would have been raving about it. His performances are setting the standard. This was also a very strong team performance. They work and fight for each other. Bit more composure and they can score many more goals. 👌
  10. Two fantastic strikes by Welsh and then Walsh. Could have been a few more as Queens goalkeeper kept the score down. Queens huffed and puffed but didn't create many chances. Job done. 😁