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  1. There was a decent amount of effort and some good performances however we do not look like scoring very often. I presume because Oakley was on that was why a lot of high balls were put into the box; Dundee cleared them every time; this was obvious early on. My expectations have lowered as at 1-0 start of second half I'm thinking can we get a draw and that even that might be a stretch. And so it seemed. No points again. The subs seemed to be at the wrong time- although not many to choose from. ? Mcmullan took his goal well but even I would have known he will cut in to his right to get his shot off !
  2. Stirling Albion certainly took the game to us at times and may feel they deserved at least a draw. However we scored goals at important points in the game to secure victory. A great save from Cammy towards the end. Does anyone know why we pack the goal line at corners ? We did get a goal yesterday but the tactic rarely produces so why persist with it ?
  3. Two mistakes led to both Ayr goals so we were slightly unfortunate not to take 3 points. A better performance and two well taken goals from Shaw. Ayr full strength couldn't get a win. Agree Chalmers caused problems for us. Early signs we may be turning a corner...need to get round it and up the road a bit..
  4. Ayr weren't great in their last game but they can score goals without playing well; a good skill for a team. So with that in mind if we defend well and take any chances we get then it could be closer than everyone is anticipating. Go forth and multiply...
  5. Agree that we ought to have won that today. Is that not what makes football endlessly interesting that we didn't. Now then now then ha ha. Be unique just like everyone else... Good effort in the circumstances and I will go on record as saying well done men. Bring it on...
  6. Gaston got Arbroath a point today along with Carson's rush of blood to the head Not convinced about dropping Ridgers. It will all come out in the wash hopefully. Good to see Welsh back. Still all to play for. Dust them down and see who is standing for next week and go again. Bish bash bosh. ....
  7. I watched the highlights of the Arbroath v Ayr and Arbroath had plenty of good chances themselves. A penalty and a late second- scoreline a bit harsh on them so I expect another tough game. But as the old saying goes...when the going gets tough...we play hoofball...no no I mean the tough get going
  8. Don't look like scoring despite the possession. Defence unsettled at moment. Not a good combination. Work to be done.
  9. The comedy of errors continues....
  10. A comedy of errors so far. Let's hope for some improvement.
  11. I agree that trying to win the game despite the adversity is the way to go. Who dares wins and all that. Morton were a physical team in the last game so first and foremost win the individual jousts. Enjoy the game and hopefully end Morton's run. Get intae them...
  12. Injury crisis and go top of the league- it's a funny old game. We never looked like scoring the whole game apart from when we did Raith will feel unlucky not to have won today. Two fantastic saves from ridgers and good defending. Good effort from a depleted and disjointed standpoint.
  13. As a witty chap remarked at the game 'Liz Truss could have done a better job'. Hugely disappointing result against Hamilton who aren't any great shakes. Every team in the league would have gubbed us tonight. Rode the luck a bit in recent games but it ran out tonight. Be a tough few games coming up if we dish up the same fare.
  14. An excellent performance and great result. Could have won it by more but for good defending by Partick. Very composed finish by Billy McKay secured it
  15. The way to look at the home games is to play them as if they are an away game... now ... obviously... the result is the main thing... simple ...
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