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  1. Well done linesman. Now tell the ref to stop dishing out cards 😆
  2. Shankland the difference again- it's not a coincidence 😂 a good effort by caley and unlucky not to get a draw at least. One thing I would have done differently was instead of toddy the conditions were perfect for Macgregor..
  3. Apparently the SFA have said that the video footage submitted was a deepfake video created by robbo in the UHI computer department. Although very realistic the panel were able to ascertain it wasn't real 😂😂😂😂😂
  4. Given everything that happened and the weather in that game the fact the team showed resilience to come through it was very encouraging. 😁
  5. Did have doubts myself about going today. However glad I chose to go and support the team. Great result in tricky conditions. Welsh providing a bit of class to score. Good all round effort. Let's hope for a good draw. ?
  6. Passed the caley team training on the rugby pitch this morning. Didn't spot mchattie but Rooney was looking fit. Welsh, Walsh and keating's all training. Looked like a high tempo session. They will fancy a pop at Livi...?
  7. They did only lose 1-0 to Ayr. Should we not be more concerned about not scoring at the other end.
  8. Ayr now three 1-0 wins on the bounce against three decent teams. Have they played the same system in these games.
  9. Be a tough game. Ayr coming off the back of two good results recently. If Caley defend well they have the ability to hurt them. The proverbial six pointer. If they could win today it would set the tone for the coming challenges.
  10. Who would have thought the grass was greener in Perth now. Tom Jones is coming to us to sing about the green green grass of ?