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  1. Wonder what Dodds put in the half time refreshments 😂 😂 great and unexpected 2nd half performance following 1st half. Allardice best for me today. Top of the league. Hope they can stay there.
  2. 4-0 maybe flattered us today. Some good performances however. Doran probably best. Jamieson took his goal well and looked lively throughout. Anthony MacDonald also showed some good interplay and looked good. Cameron Harper also had a good game. Topped with two goals from Billy McKay. A good day out 😁
  3. Could go either way ! Get Macgregor and Doran on if we don't score early second half...
  4. Turn down volume of announcer please someone 🙉
  5. Good luck today. Let's hope for a good performance and result. Mon the caley 👏🏻👏🏻😁
  6. So what we looking for today ? Suggestion of a good effort and application resulting in a good performance. Goals would be nice. Clean sheet or at least minimal joy for Hearts due to a good defensive display. Good football. Formation right for coming start of the season. Well turned out for the telly 😁 that's just for starters...
  7. Announcer at the game was way too loud - needs turned down. The penalties: blasting out the name of taker and result after each penalty not required. Also playing the goal music after a penalty went in was no right...
  8. Performance not great today. Bit of a worry how easily Stirling created chances against us. I am sure the manager will have identified areas of concern. Disappointing after the performance and result Tuesday. Hopefully Welsh okay after going off second half. Some poor free kicks and the penalty misses not great. A reality check today highlighting work to be done.
  9. The green shoots are popping up around the caley stadium. A good team performance last night topped with two well placed finishes. 😁😁 it's a funny old game and early days yet but the trajectory looks promising 😃😃
  10. Duku and gardyne linked up well at times in the first half. Also Carson was a stand out. Second half players coming on were too much for a tiring clach team. Doran and Walsh both scoring good goals from outside the box. A lively performance with some good individual performances. Early days but signs are positive. Hope this continues as the games progress and see no reason why it shouldn't.
  11. Excellent choice and feel very optimistic about the future of the club. A big challenge to get out of the championship. Looking forward to getting back to games and pushing the team on. 😁
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