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  1. That's fair enough scotty. Explains a lot and today one of my mates seen him with Carsons ex.... Poor show
  2. Donald1973


    Could be just rumour, but story is Gardyne has been released by club due to breaching club discipline rules.... In regards to again the rumour but widely accepted rumour that he had it off with Carsons wife prior to the Raith away game . Would certainly explain a lot recently
  3. I always thought the boys at the front of E singing and drumming were brilliant and I was rear of G at the time. They created a brilliant atmosphere and a bit of fun and actually got the quieter fans going too. The club shot itself in the foot by the harsh way it treated the boys after whatever it was that happened and effectively just discouraged them from coming back. It's a small step but forcing them into A away from everyone and bad viewpoint for them is not a great solution. The "atmosphere" at the last game I attended was frankly embarrassing, I could actually hear someone shouting up o
  4. Between the injury and now sadly losing his dad in last couple of days it looks like we will not be seeing much of Carson for a while 😕
  5. Little bit of fun here but guessing Welshy had a hair transplant in last year
  6. Supposedly Carson was seen hobbling out of the TCS on crutches on Tuesday
  7. Felt we really deserved that today not enough credit given to the hard work stopping Killie playing their game. Our midfield and defence were solid and worked well to make any advance by Killie snuffed out. Great scrappy win and full credit to the boys... Brilliant
  8. I've heard from a friend who knows someone in the shop well that it's somewhat "under 1000“
  9. Problem is its history repeating itself, some of us can see every year from one or 2 games whether any lessons have been learned. Sadly so far this year it appears not. We have now lost 6 goals in our first 3 games and had it not been for a motm performance by Ridgers we could be into double figures. That coupled with the fact that, granted I didn't watch the whole game yesterday as I missed the first 17 mins due to Premier sports being awkward, but I can't actually remember Craig Gordon being tested once. Obviously Hearts are a much harder opposition and we couldn't gauge much from that, but
  10. Sorry but life goes on and we need to learn to live with this, you've obviously been hit hard with the fear factor
  11. Get a grip ffs, all footballers are "venomous" towards their direct Derby opponents. I for one would welcome gardyne with open arms
  12. Facebook post from Gardiner hinting at a possible week for signings, kit tickets etc hopefully 🤞
  13. What news was this on, stv?
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