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  1. Felt we started the second half far too slow and let stj take the game to us, it looked like we hoped to save energy for the end but it got killed off with the first goal that really shouldn't have fell to May and the second that was about as lucky as they come Brilliant first half just a pity we couldn't start the second the way we ended the first Never mind its over now
  2. Interesting, ticket order system now showing nothing available in any of our sections. A sell out?
  3. Any idea how many fans are going? I was looking at the allocation and it looks like A and B is sold out as is C and D is 25% that would suggest north of 2000
  4. https://www.skysports.com/watch/video/sports/football/12617935/inverness-ct-2-2-st-johnstone-playoff-final-first-leg-cinch-premiership-highlights
  5. As long as we don't persist on lumping big balls into Joe, as effective as tits evolving on fish
  6. Was there any mention of attendance last night? Looked a really good crowd although surprised at particks meagre offerings
  7. Totally, this is what makes it all the worse supporting ICT. One minute your on a high the next your flat on your face. It's ridiculous. The first 5 mins were an absolute disgrace and apart from the goal, we've rarely troubled qots. Play offs are only possible if you are consistent and play every game like all depends on it. May as well give up now going by this junk
  8. ***** not even trying here, we've barely had the ball for 20 seconds. Junk if we keep this up
  9. Even if we had a full crowd and the players treated it like a cup final.... We still probably wouldn't win, and the reason being as far as I'm concerned.... Its a much bigger problem than the bad luck that dodds talks about, or the players not quite giving full effort, or injuries or subs or any of that.... Its the coaching tactics and drive that's missing. We have 3 clueless buffoons on the training pitch, that are spouting the same guff week in week out and expecting the players just to accept it, but they can't because they know its not working. We've got a decent squad and the best thing t
  10. Disagreeing is one thing calling it out of hand is entirely different, as it implies that only your opinion is valid. Anyway away and twitch your curtains
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