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  1. Don't get too carried away.... way it's been going recently Queens bus will break down or there will be a family of large moles appear overnight at the ground
  2. I get that robbo is annoyed but I think he misses the point! The players have, and not just this season stopped playing for him. They can clearly see his coaching style and kellacher and Wilsons coaching style is ****, and they aren't accepting it any more. Right or wrong I'd say this is why we are where we are, and any bigger club would see that and sack the manager but we won't because we can't afford to so we'll keep rumbling on with the same **** and get worse and worse year on year until we finally end up in league 1 and then dissolve. It needs change now but change costs money I get that
  3. Same old same old... Start off with 50% of the first team missing, no striker can't score and drop away until Christmas
  4. No chance of getting back into this, no one that can actually score a goal left and we've barely troubled the defence never mind fonners
  5. Is this game tomorrow being aired in any way?
  6. https://news.stv.tv/sport/anthony-stokes-leaves-livingston-three-weeks-into-contract?top One for Alan Simpson to get excited about 😂
  7. Ah OK, I did get the card the previous year but didn't renew last year so they maybe assumed I still would have had them... Which I'm not sure if I did keep them, thanks
  8. Were the actual season ticket cards handed out at time of purchase? I ask because when I went in last week, the card machine wasn't working and they were gonna put through the details afterwards and send the cards out but I haven't received anything yet so I wasn't sure if they were actually yet available
  9. I don't work for the club it's common knowledge if you know where to look... You'll have it confirmed in a day or so
  10. Only cup games affected, but the appeal if made will be successful as its absolutely clear that no dive was intended
  11. To be fair Alan I could have scored from where Storey was and I'm ***** at football. It dosent make him a good striker, he's a decent winger and his pace is unbeatable but his final touch is generally poor and was on quite a few occasions today
  12. They will be, after about 65 mins or so
  13. We can be guaranteed that livi will come back on Sat looking for an immediate response and will be in our faces from KO, in contrast we will no doubt start with our usual pedestrian tempo and making slack passes and gifting the ball away, if this is the outcome as feared were in for an extremely difficult afternoon
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