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  1. Ah OK, I did get the card the previous year but didn't renew last year so they maybe assumed I still would have had them... Which I'm not sure if I did keep them, thanks
  2. Were the actual season ticket cards handed out at time of purchase? I ask because when I went in last week, the card machine wasn't working and they were gonna put through the details afterwards and send the cards out but I haven't received anything yet so I wasn't sure if they were actually yet available
  3. I don't work for the club it's common knowledge if you know where to look... You'll have it confirmed in a day or so
  4. Only cup games affected, but the appeal if made will be successful as its absolutely clear that no dive was intended
  5. To be fair Alan I could have scored from where Storey was and I'm ***** at football. It dosent make him a good striker, he's a decent winger and his pace is unbeatable but his final touch is generally poor and was on quite a few occasions today
  6. They will be, after about 65 mins or so
  7. We can be guaranteed that livi will come back on Sat looking for an immediate response and will be in our faces from KO, in contrast we will no doubt start with our usual pedestrian tempo and making slack passes and gifting the ball away, if this is the outcome as feared were in for an extremely difficult afternoon
  8. Your right on that last point, we're not a bad team.... And given the right coaching and tactics I think we could be putting 3 or 4 past most opponents week in week out. The problem I feel lies in the style of play especially in attack around the box, where we simply have no idea how to penetrate the opposition defence. I appreciate Alloa sat in a fair bit on Saturday but we never attack ANY team with the same level of pace that any other team seem to inflict on us, that was most evident a few times when the ball was knocked into Vincent in the middle of the box just outside the 25 yard area and rather than play it in or run towards goal or even take a shot he played it back towards Trafford who then passed it sideways and this went on for a good few minutes before it fizzled out due to Alloa having all 10 men in the box. The lack of urgency that we counter attack at is alarming, and a big factor as to why we simply cannot score from a attack through the centre of the park, any goals we do score are either a set piece or crossed in from the flanks and a touch of luck
  9. That's possibly the most depressingly accurate summary of the club I've read
  10. Robbo thinking stopping players moving in January will make them perform better until end of season