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  1. Yet another positive mood enhancing statement from the club. Regardless of competition, we're basically saying don't turn up and watch our youngsters play as its not worth it (perhaps they aren't worth it) - regardless of whether this is meant to help fans given rising costs etc, its poorly worded and I'd imagine does little for morale. PR is not the clubs strong point and neither is dressing room psychology it seems.
  2. But we were meant to get financial stability and growth through a side hustle of concerts and promotions. Now there's the battery storage facility........ All a bit 'This time next year Rodney we'll be millionaires........'
  3. For anyone who thinks it's only Dodds coaching that is the issue then Google his part in ebt's at Rangers, was at Dundee when they went into administration and that's not even a patch on Gardiner. Destroying the product on the pitch and milking the club off it with suspect recruitment and failed ventures with little transparency where the money went. Once its ****** and there's nothing left to take they will all walk away with bellies full.
  4. Never been convinced BD was the right choice and he's done nothing over the last 18 months to change that. It was clear from the outset nepotism was at play and all we have seen just reinforces the fact that capability is secondary to relationships. Moving JR into a DoF role looks a cost burden we cannot afford and its not clear what return is provided. There is a network of 'jobs for the boys' at the club so it's not just BD but a full clear out that's needed. This is the SG effect that was seen at hearts and Dundee now coming through......perhaps covid slowed this down and hid the effects but throw in the farce of concert companies and money losses its only going to get worse. As for injuries, it's an overdone excuse. While limitations in players does affect the strength of team, the tepid play and lack of coherent shape, style or entertainment has been going on for many months. Last year play-offs papered over the cracks but we probably have one of the best squads (not just starting 11 when fit) in the league yet are in danger of being mid to lower table. Last year StJ showed how big the gap to Premiership is now, therefore promotion has to come from winning the league - which again like last year is full of bang average to crap teams and lowest level standard its been in our existence as a club. Right now there is zero chance of winning the league this year so we are already looking at yet another season of Championship football next year with reduced budgets and falling fan interest.
  5. The decision not to open the other stands on Sat was vindicated by the poor crowd, but its impossible to know if this was because of: lack of glamour in the opposition, cost of living starting to bite and folks not having additional funds beyond ST's, the run up to xmas and the chance to go shopping or the fact the WC is on an football is free on TV for now. Overall the attendance figures across all SC games was poor and I do think the SFA & clubs missed a chance here to tap into fans by advertising better, creating interest and lower prices - there will be some Premiership fans who could have been pulled through the door of a local game. Half closed stadiums and no TV coverage (maybe I missed it but what happened to highlights programs) for Scotland's top cup competition does suggest a lack of enthusiasm which the public feed off.
  6. Yip,play them in the league the wk before too
  7. Too many are happy just to judge success on the failure of others. They yet again will see 'play-offs' as success and cite injuries etc as the reason for not achieving more, if we fail they will accept other excuses all while strengthening the position of the current incumbents. Don't dare to suggest that this seasons Championship and the quality of teams and play is a bigger pile of dug ***** than even last, with it being embarrassing how bad the teams all are (us included) As for how the board all just walked away from the concert fiasco without any tarnised reputations, they really are teflon for the **** not to stick.
  8. That he's a Poundland version of Robbo
  9. Don't forget Ridgers being dropped / excluded
  10. Given our style of play, most of that % will be the ball aimlessly floating about in the air as we punt around it like its on fire
  11. If Ayr are serious title contenders then they should smash us like a set of plates in a Greek wedding. Losing by less than 4 will be a positive result. Nepotism sees Dodds stay regardless of results.
  12. Too much nepotism at play Said last year reaching the play offs after the mid season collapse just papered over the cracks and would give him another shot this season. Injury excuses will keep coming and if its the same outcome this season nothing will change. This is like last year a poor championship, low quality teams throughout which makes competitive and entertaining but we are not capitalising. Last year killie lost a quarter of the games yet still won the league and now look to be getting found out in the Premiership.....I expect the same again.
  13. Dodds is a man out of ideas and just churning out the same old excuses. We may have injuries but he continues to persist with the same shape and players when it's just not working.
  14. Ridgers, could have lifted him up by the lugs then run about holding him like a victory lap after winning the Scottish cup. Opportunity missed there.
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