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  1. bdu98196

    Who would you like to see at ICT next season?

    Articles on BBC about foreign training and scouting camps and then.another about the 100s of British players without clubs but we don't do much of these camps. It looks like there is a pool of players out there desperate but how many are willing to lower their wages and ambitions to keep that dream alive. Let's hope we have a scouting network that market and find a bit of quality in the budget - If there is any left!!!
  2. bdu98196

    He's One Of Our Own

    That's exactly the point if this really is the case then as fans we need to highlight this to the upper levels at the club and expect action. We can't be sent behavioural guidelines for match days then have those who are paid to perform these duties ignore them. If the abuse was as blatant as described and heard throughout the stadium then the directors assuming they were at the game must have heard it to therefore they need to address the steward issues directly or are no better than the other hypocrites running clubs and Scottish football when it comes to abuse and acceptability.
  3. bdu98196

    He's One Of Our Own

    Great they heard it but if they took no action those at the game need to make the club aware. I've no idea what we spend in stewards costs but not so long ago there was a letter from the board to the fans stating acceptable conduct if those on match day who are paid to monitor and enforce these rules then what's the point in them being there or the club paying for that service.
  4. bdu98196

    Game 04 - Celtic (H) 23 Aug

    HT: 1-0 FT: 2-1 1st ICT: Warren 1st Opp: MacGregor Time of 1st Goal: 22 mins
  5. bdu98196

    Game 03 - Motherwell (A) - 16 Aug

    HT: 0-1 FT: 1-1 1st ICT:Christie 1st Opp: Ojamaa Time of 1st Goal: 25mins
  6. bdu98196

    Game 02 - Dundee (H) 13 Aug

    ht 0-0 ft 3-1 us McKay them Harkins time 20 mins
  7. bdu98196

    What position would be acceptable this season

    Start of season expectation should be the treble Realistic - 1 good cup run (semi or better) Top 6 based on the lack of real quality in the SPFL with teams missing, if we start looking at being relegation candicates with the squad we have (not budget) then we are doomed when the 3 'big' teams return.
  8. bdu98196

    Summer transfer targets

    Not trying to be argumentitive, but who said that was Yogis job for the summer? People on here, some fans perhaps but have the club, management or board ever come out and said this or any other objectives - if they havent then how can we speculate what Yogi was asked to do this summer? I'm no Yogi fanboy, but I'm willing to give the guy a chance now heading into a new season with the time spent on how he wants us to play and the plaers he wants to use. As I posted before transfer window isnt closing yet so why panic.
  9. bdu98196

    Summer transfer targets

    A lot of work was done in the latter half of last season securing the services of our established players where for the first time in a long time we went into the summer with a secure 11 in place. Some of these players were fresh intakes last year and have proven well and others been influencial in getting us consecutive Top 6 and soild cup runs. The fact we only consider the requirement for an additional striker the bit of business needed then we shouldnt panic too much yet. There is still time in the window and there will still be available players who may have been holding out for a 'bigger' deal that ICT can offer who may yet come in as their time and options reduce. If we can bring in back up or even solid competition for Billy then its been a successful 6 months in terms of securing a squad. The released players never did enough to show they were going to contribute so are perhaps not a big loss plus we have some good youth coming along. I'd rather be where we are this season than doing a County/Motherwell/Dundee who have brought in a large number of players hoping they gel.
  10. bdu98196

    Game 01 - Hamilton Accies (A) - 09 Aug

    HT. 0-1 FT. 1-1 1ST ICT Scorer McKay 1st Opp scorer Imrie Time of first goal. 35 minutes
  11. bdu98196

    Fixtures 2014-15

    I'd like County on the first game of the season as there may be less chance of them getting it postponed or abandoned keeping us waiting til January when Uncle Roy brings out the panic signing chequebook..................
  12. bdu98196

    World Cup Players at TCS

    Marius Nicluae
  13. bdu98196

    Summer transfer targets

    Agree with most posts, its strikers we need. I have faith in Hughes, afterall he found Stokes when he was at Falkirk. I'd look at players that have something to prove as ICT always have. Tony Watt seems out favour at Celtic and is a bit of a problem character but could be worth a punt on loan, Andy Shinnie is one we know and has failed to make it down south, I posted in Jan we should have tried to take him on load and stand by that. What about Rory MacAllister, scores in the lower league for fun, he wasnt hugely successful earlier in his career but now he is a more mature and confident player so might be worth another shot in the higher leagues?
  14. bdu98196

    The North and South Stands

    Ah the great idea of 10k+ seater stadia, where teams spent millions they never had to fulfil a criteria and end up with 60% of their seats empty every week, in the hope that they may have 4 sell outs per year when the OF came to visit and it would all look aesthetically pleasing on TV. Perhaps its worth considering the status of many of these clubs now who are still in huge debts and fighting at the lower leagues as they cannot sustain player wages due to still servicing the debt that 10k seater stadia created. At least now its based on what a club needs and can sustain - yes stadiums may not all look pretty like the Dnglish ones on TV, but at least ths clubs are striving to survive within their means and invest in the playing squad, would rather see the best quality squad on the park possible than sit somewhere nice watching dross. Just my view though.
  15. bdu98196

    Game 46 - St Johnstone (H) 11/05

    HT: 1-1 FT: 2-2 1st ICT: McKay 1st Opp: May Time of 1st Goal: 12