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  1. Boyz II Men - End of the Road Cast - Walk Away
  2. That could be read as criticism of SG and those in charge of the club. Watch out as the 'fanboys' will not be happy.
  3. Considering the amount of empty car park space and number of aimlessly wandering stewards, never understood why we can put up a few outdoor benches, some barrier chain and a few speakers to do this. Since covid, it's never been easier for hospitality to have outdoor space for patrons. Our matchday experience has so much room for improvement.
  4. Oooft. That's some good input right there. Post some more, makes a great read.
  5. Tbf he's not done anything to improve that either
  6. I had no idea the Concert company had been around since 2006 before having a changed name and resolution (business purpose). Anyone more savvy than me want to divulge why a new company wasn't just set up? https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/SC307831/filing-history
  7. Just like Hearts & Dundee
  8. Wow, and with that low bar acceptance and belief the club can basically do what they want.
  9. Who'd have thought sticking with a manager for 2 seasons who has presided over horrific winless runs in a league where our player quality and budget is at a level where everyone acknowledges we should be top 2 or 3 clubs with strong favoritism for promotion. Before anyone jumps in with this injuries crap, the fact that any business is willing to stand by for 18 months watching its leadership fail not once but twice by repeating the same patterns is alarming. The standards shown historically across the club have slipped dramatically and now mediocrity is seen as acceptable.
  10. Oh dear.............that's awkward.
  11. Sounds a great opportunity for a former united player to get in there...........
  12. Promote Mavis the tea lady with Wilson as assistant now he's been 2 years learning from a recognised MOTM winner?
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