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  1. Explains how we found Alex Samuel then
  2. Bollan hopefully too. Not keen on him taking over
  3. Great news but, if that is true perhaps Dunc was instructed NOT to play him and maybe others too with similar clauses? Maybe what we see on the surface is only part of story? Jan clear out of players - Done Lack of game time for established players (maybe more of them have clauses like above) - Done Bring in loans who always have to play (in return for parent clubs probably ask little to no contributions perhaps) - Done
  4. Can you expand on this? I perhaps dont follow the youth teams that much so maybe the achievements and accolades have passed me by. Any manager decision would depend on what if any budget there would be. I doubt if we pay off Dunc & Bollan there would be much desire/ability to invest heavily in a manager given where we are with playing squad rebuild. Therefore you may be right about Esson being already incumbent and cheap option along with Kellagher.
  5. Others may disagree here, but unless he cuts his wages then I'd expect him to be a higher earner which could be better used to fund more than one player. Additionally given his age, dwindling mobility and pace coupled with the increased physicality of League 1 - I'm not convinced he will bang in the bags of goals he or other think. Time to freshen up and find the next 'Billy'.
  6. Probably because he hadn't realised until the final whistle that we were so bad even god couldn't help
  7. needs to have a poll listing your options for us to assess also noting we still currently have a contracted manager in Dunc.
  8. Fingers crossed we can keep devine, both cammys, Hyde, bray and cairns maybe even Duffy to add with what we have. Wouldn't cry if Billy left especially if we could use the cash to fund some of these guys. Devine is our only real leader within the squad so we need a character like that to stay......
  9. Pretty sure that's a prerequisite trait for almost all managers though especially in football. Ever seen one to admit they were wrong or change tactics? Unfortunately I think there is a reliance that Dunc had the contact to bring in players from elsewhere with Bollan knowing the scottish game especially lower leagues -Unfortunately dunc underestimated the level and type of players and qualities needed and bollan is proven useless at management and coaching below this level.
  10. Not a comment specific to Carragher as such but while some or all players don't want to drop to league 1, I'm not convinced many have shown they are above or even equal to that level. Perhaps a few need to have long look at their expectations vs ability over the summer.
  11. Gotta find content for their social media accounts
  12. Can't be welcomed at both. He'd have to pick a flavour first which would determine his alignment
  13. @IBM thank you. Maybe this thread can be pinned to the top now as its got the latest info and allows discussion on the squad next year. Top work pulling that together.
  14. Struggling to find the thread posted before with the list of who's we still have contracted. I know Billy is signed but on recent evidence his legs are gone and he's in a steady decline. If his salary aligns with league 1 restrictions I'd try retain otherwise let him leave if he finds a better option. I can't recall the others, if anyone can help. There was a great detail speeadsheet list someone did?
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