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  1. bdu98196

    Friday Night Football

    No. Might be favorable for some home fans, but kills any away travel. The idea that by moving to a Fri night will reduce the competition of other activities I think is unlikely as every option whether it be shopping, movies, theater or even kids activities/sports can be equally scheduled on a Fri night as a Sat. What we need is regular Sat 3pm games, with the removal of TV options at any times on a Sat around those games as this provides too much of an alternative option/distraction for football fans affecting footfall. Televised football should be seen as a nice novelty not the norm.
  2. bdu98196

    Potential Winter signings...

    Since this thread is a farcical discussion of Usain Bolt, its maybe time the who topic bolted from here to General Nonsense (utter shyte)
  3. bdu98196

    Potential Winter signings...

    Think that confirms my point, seeing NR sign for Brora. Players who have for various reasons ended up without a club and are having to take any offers available to keep fit and in the game. I'm sure NR could do a job at a higher level - even with us
  4. bdu98196

    Potential Winter signings...

    This is where we should be looking and focusing, contact the agents/players stating we have £XX pw. Want to play, get fit and in the shop window for a move in Jan or next season then this is your chance. Some may grab at it and end up with a hungry player that we may not have managed to afford otherwise they can sit and drift into obscurity and get ready for a life of unskilled low paid work.
  5. bdu98196

    Potential Winter signings...

    Other than running fast, he's 32 and has scored 2 goals in a friendly playing for a professional team against some part timers. I'm not sure other than the positive media coverage whether he would bring a lot to a team at a higher level - marketers dream, but professional player to elevate clubs to the next level on field, not so sure. Football is littered with players who have great pace, some have made an impression on the game and others less so. Look at Jake who was 10 years younger, maybe not quite as fast (but its all relative really as he looked like a whippet against opponents) and probably has more technical ability - he never really made it at ICT and is nowhere near the Hearts starting squad.
  6. bdu98196

    Project Brave

    Its been a long time discussed about the requirement for overhaul of youth development and it not improved over the years as we still have players of limited technical ability, however we also have guys who lack the fight and desire we used to see. Money from club football is a bigger motivator than the pride of playing for your nation. Club football makes all the money, influences player decisions and in Scotland seems to drive the SFA/SPFL - what we need to see is a greater distribution of the club funds back into the SFA for investment in grass roots as clubs cannot be trusted to do this themselves. Without the funding being sustainable and substantial each year there will be no improvement in facilities, coaches and ultimately players. Look at the Dutch where the top clubs are handing over European prize monies to erradicate plastic pitches and improve facilities - can anyone see the top Scottish clubs doing this or even every club offering a set % of income to be used in a centrally controlled fund?
  7. bdu98196


    Wont get a winning team on the park if the club has no funds to pay for it and as long as it keeps treating fans with contempt then the inevitable risk is revenues (through ticket sales, mech and sponsors) and footfall will continue to drop. There is a link between success and having a well run club. Other than being a user on CTO, I have no other connection and not clued up on the ICT/CaleyD issues, but given the club has no official fan site which it directly runs or manages, I'm not sure that to try distance itself and not work to resolve the issues/relationship is really building the necessary bridge between the 2 groups. The club should be looking at this forum as a valued platform to promote the club rather than suggest it wont play with us as they don't like one of the kids. All very childish IMO and not how a professional organisation should operate.
  8. bdu98196

    Return of OFW

    Wonder how the club will spin this - no doubt it will be his fault for not leaving due to greed of wanting to see out his legally binding contract that the club offered. Afterall that's how we dealt with Warren & Raven and tried to spin it about OFW before. I'm sure as usual though there will be some on here who see his return in the same way.
  9. bdu98196

    Robbo extends contract

    There's probably not much significant investment around any Scottish football, however any increases in ST, fan footfall or even sponsors (of any level) may look at what JR has done over the later part of last season and early this with a view that its a good time to become or get re-associated with the club. Signs that things may be moving in the right forwards direction and the potential benefits that any promotion (or serious challenge) may bring to all parties. Time will tell overall but this bit news has more positives than we've seen out of the club recently.
  10. bdu98196

    Robbo extends contract

    Hopefully the stability of appointment will encourage investment into the club, clearly Robbo has improved the team over his tenure and right now the 18 game unbeaten league run is half way to being 'invincibles' but there is still work to do if the club are to get out of this division. Clearly creativity & goals are the weak area and if this helps to get a better quality of player or funds to improve then this is positive. Its a move which will hopefully prove fruitful for both parties as progress at the club will further boost the profile of Robbo and ultimately depending on his longer term goals could allow him to built a successful long-term tenure or advertise his capabilities for larger projects in the future.
  11. bdu98196


    There's a 5 page thread here where users were asked to provide questions, most sensible (some not) and this statement doesn't address these or make reference to when they will be answered only that they need to be submitted by other means. Through a position or post that the club hasn't bothered with a press release on, only to have it hidden away in reams of text, hopefully this is just advising the role being filled and it gets the level of announcement that it deserves so fans on all platforms (not just this forum/thread) get visibility of primary contacts.
  12. bdu98196

    Robbo linked with Utd Job

    I'm not sure that DUtd are in a position financially to pay compensation, if you read posts from DUtd fans many think the club is close to the edge financially and this may be their last year of being able to afford a promotion worth team (based on the players being established and on paper one of the better squads). Its more likely they will go for a free option and look at guys like McIntyre. If however they do approach Robbo and he is interested and have the cash given our financial position could we really turn down a high 5 or 6 figure fee? Our challenge would be who or where next but it would probably be from within the club.
  13. bdu98196

    Who should be our SLO?

    It will be an associate of the board members. Won't be impartial and doubt it'll be someone with the fans best interest just an intermediary to tick a box.
  14. bdu98196

    League cup semi finals

    Just as well we have organisations who know no shame, otherwise this could have been seen as embarrassing Doncaster must be made of Teflon as he rides through these issues time after time with his position unchallanged
  15. bdu98196

    Csaba Laszlo bites the dust

    I'd expect Steve Clarke's next job will be at Parkhead, no way DUtd could ever afford him or the compensation.