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  1. bdu98196

    Red and Green Dots

    The anonymity of this system is somewhat frustrating - seems that there is a common theme of negative responding on here to any posts which criticise player performance/contribution, the management team or the board. I'd be keen to see transparency behind who is disagreeing with statements and why they feel criticism as part of healthy discussion is not welcomed - right now they don't seem to structure coherent replies and hide behind red dotting!!!! Whether these are individuals who know more (especially about finances & the board) hence the disagreement or just petulant and consistent negative feedback campaigns on certain members who dare to question the status quo and those who run the club we put our hard earned money into.
  2. bdu98196

    Toni Macaroni or Plastic Whistle?

    Might not be quite so congratulatory if Storey gets some games and finds his shooting boots at this level giving PT the 20 goal a season striker every team wants
  3. bdu98196

    Liam Polworth - One Of Our Own - Take 2

    The guy is no longer a youngster though or 'hot prospect' - he's 23 years old and played an integral part in a team relegated and has yet to show he can dominate & cigar the lower leagues. While he's a talented player and serves us well he is by no means the superstar that many on here are portraying. If he was he wouldn't still be with us and there'd be a queue of bigger clubs banging down the door to grab a bargain player given our league & financial standing.
  4. bdu98196

    Championship 2018/19

    With a lower budget and more even and competitive teams than even last season there's no doubt its going to be tough. Wonder what the club strategy will ne next season if we fail to get promotion, if there is one as I'd expect more cut backs. The resounding mess last summer and not have our house in order may well come back to haunt us.
  5. bdu98196

    Liam Polworth - One Of Our Own - Take 2

    I doubt many or any on here would disagree with your statement, however all too often on this forum it is assumed that anyone who is critical of players/management/board are somehow the culprits of this - which is unjustified and unfounded. Neither Polly, Vigurs or anyone else should receive any vile abuse or threats at their work or out on the street, however as fans we do have a right to comment on what we see in terms of behaviour and contribution. Voicing these concerns in the manner some on this forum do does not correspond to those individuals being the ones involved or orchestrating the abuse - time for users on here to grasp that fact!!!
  6. bdu98196

    Liam Polworth - One Of Our Own - Take 2

    Time for Polly to step up and take responsibility now Vigurs is gone. As I've said before and been berated for - as a young player he's had more game time than anyone else other than Christie over the years. Plenty fans get on the backs of other players in much less time and are less patient.
  7. bdu98196


    God knows why you've been given a red dot for that.
  8. bdu98196


    Mulraney has over the last 2 years unfortunately failed to improve, when the Premiership may have been to high a level he hasn't lit up the Championship either. Blistering pace but lack of final product lets him down. Might be a coup for Hearts if they can introduce technical skills and worth the gamble at their level - pace isn't something you can teach but technique is, its whether he has the temperament to learn it. From what we've seen the money may be better used elsewhere. Vigurs has patchy form but over the tail end of the season did show that he is an asset, but if the decision comes down to money then we cant compete with RC and as an individual he has to do his best for his family. He's not a player that cant be replaced and I think given time Trafford may be the man who steps into those shoes. The biggest loss this summer (so far) but we should still be able to progress over last season. Those citing Polly to leave then its not a huge loss. He's had a significant number of games over the years and at times looks lost on the park. While capable of lighting up games it doesn't happen often enough, perhaps we need to find him a position that suits him. I'm not sure he's a central mid as he doesn't track back so its whether he would be better further forwards as a number 10 but then does that suit our formation. We have given him much more game time than any other youngsters over the last 5 years and I'm not sure he is delivering on the early promise - he needs to step up more and show his real ability otherwise he will end up spending much of his career jobbing along like many Scottish players in the Championship.
  9. bdu98196

    Highland Derbies Next Season

    They can invest however they want, if that's what Roy wants to do, I'm sure if we had done the same last year nobody would have been complaining. They will undoubtedly have a clear out of some players and try bring new faces in - the nucleus of their squad no matter what some may think should be strong enough to get play-offs at least - just as our should have been this season
  10. bdu98196

    Who would you like to see at ICT next season?

    You've been on here long enough to know its the ICT fan way - never see the issues at present, never want to look forwards and only to reminisce with rose tinted specs craving for former players/managers/board members to return us to the glory days................ We've signed a few young players from other clubs who have experience at Championship level or higher along with tying some of the existing squad on longer deals - with the added youth then there really isn't a lot of more additions likely or needed. With the departure of Vigurs a strong midfield enforcing player would be great, but we have Trafford who deserves a chance. Probably need another experienced CD as I'm not sure we will get a full season out of Warren. Other than that its adding the right strength and depth rather than just throwing names around now - up front a 20 goal striker would be great but doubt we can afford one, we already have Austin & Oakley so perhaps theres already one in the squad!!!
  11. bdu98196

    Who would you like to see at ICT next season?

    Much like a large proportion of our support who like to live in denial and chastise anyone who is critical or the clubs financial structuring and the board that steer it.
  12. bdu98196

    Who would you like to see at ICT next season?

    Doesn't help when he left with injuries like several other ICT players, makes you wonder how patched they were playing for us at times and maybe some of our demise was not having a squad of fully fit guys. With our record of collecting injuries and players such as Foran, Doran, Fisher, Tansey, Meekings, Mckay all needing treatment either at the club long term of ops and rehabilitation on leaving, there must be a link back to our medical/backroom team or training methods. For Tansey, he needs a run of games in a team when he is fit to get back to his best.
  13. bdu98196

    Who would you like to see at ICT next season?

    I'd like to see us use the loan system efficiently to strengthen positions we are weak and complement the mix we need of experienced/higher quality players and youth as a back up. Guys on the fringes of their parent clubs who 'may' be willing to take a step back and play Anthony Ralston - RB - a position we need to cover - he went to DUtd this season, but perhaps he is too close to full fitness now Scott Wright - seems to struggle to get anywhere near a start at the Dons El Bahktoui - lit up the lower leagues but struggles at Dundee Realistically there will be a raft of players released over the coming weeks & months which given we already know the level we are playing at will give time to try get our work done early doors.
  14. bdu98196

    Highland Derbies Next Season

    Why are you so excited to see RC get relegated or fail? There's no logic to it at all - its detrimental to the local economy for both Dingwall & Inverness as both home & travelling fans spend money in either location including over night stays. The media coverage keeps the Highlands promoted, even if it is limited- but most of all cements and justifies why Highland teams and Highland League teams are still capable of competing in the professional leagues - even at the highest level. While I am not a County fan and would never get excited about them doing well, or even justify the business model Roy has put in place along with his personal cash, I do recognise the input into youth development facilities and the standards or players & manager he has tried (with limited success) to bring into the area. With at least one Highland team in the Premiership it allows higher profile players which like it or not the other club can at times feed off - 'rejects' as some may classify but often successes that cross the 'divide'. While the derby would be great to have back, I think all agree it would be much more beneficial for all concerned and the wider economy & community if it was in the Premiership.
  15. bdu98196

    Robbo must stay!

    Also the not too insignificant investment that the club made last season to back Jack Ross and did so again in the summer. This success from St Mirren hasn't just happened with the squad that was there 24 months ago - 7 new players were brought in last Jan to steer them from relegation (most were Premiership experienced players) with some getting deals in the summer and other additions. We on the other hand are cutting costs and likely to replace some of our experienced & more capable squad with cheaper/lesser ability options due to the mis-management from previous regimes.