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  1. Start of this years Hampden journey and good chance to divert attention from the 'tiresome' battery farm chat through giving these butchers, bakers and candlestick makers the level of skudding expected by an elite team with rich pedigree in this competition. Full strength home team to score plenty goals and build confidence please
  2. Reads like a statement that would have benefited being written by solicitors and technical experts in the field. Positive though that our board are at least willing to try new ideas.
  3. Exactly. Great chance for some players to bang in goals (which this season have been lacking) and build confidence.
  4. I have faith in SG to envoke project 'sportswashing' to get the community onside and push this through..........
  5. Maintaining the gap to DUtd which at this stage is all we can do to match them and try to better week on week. Dunc has clearly changed to whole mentality and atmosphere at the club. Let's maintain form til January and see what he can do with a backed transfer window.
  6. #ballers In it for the long game overtaking these Saudi backed oil money clubs I hope bringing the world's best to the Highlands
  7. Overcome with the levels of excitement for this one!!! Tight affair, expect us to struggle to score as usual, so low scoring either 1-0, or 1-1. Hoping for all 3 points though to keep up the momentum.
  8. Just turn up and be nice and pleasant and respectful towards him. Pretty sure that would shock him tbh
  9. Not at all, but I do admit it's slightly tongue cheek. However there is definitely improvement both in terms of general mood and results. It's clear we are weak in certain areas but the early recruitment shows Dunc is being backed and its more proactive than we have been used to recently. We probably are better in terms of squad than where we sit and should be somewhere around the top half or play off position 4th to 6th. But if we can start to find goals then the stats show defensively we are capable therefore why not consider there can be a push this season. Given its only the first round played for us and we have the new manager finding a statement result tomorrow followed by results over the next round of games might have some teams looking over their shoulders. Alternatively it's a false dawn and we are delaying the slide to join Falkirk in seaside league obscurity.
  10. 'Free hit'? Should be aiming a bit higher than that. Clearly its an early season title decider - cant afford DUtd 22points ahead, a win though and its only 16 points with 2 games in hand!!!
  11. It's not complacency, it's showing realistic expectations from our full time team on a home game against part timers in non-leauge football. Too many fans perhaps have now become resigned to the idea that we aren't good fuelled by the downward trend including the Doddsball years. Throughout our club history at almost any other period a cup draw of this nature fans would 'expect' while still being aware there's a job to be done on the day and look at this as a direct route to the next round.
  12. So much negativity and caution. This should be an straight forward game, playing part time non-league players. If we cant win at home even with our limited quality full time squad then they should take their coats and walk out the door with shame. This is as good an entry round draw as we could hope for and as such expectations should be high that it'll start a decent cup run and gain some much needed cash for squad investment.
  13. Only 5 point off the play offs with a game in hand. Wave bye to some dross in Jan hopefully and dunc to continue with his changes and it'll show how much Dodds held us back
  14. Other than Billy he's going to be better than any other striking option we have.
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