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  1. Seeing some comments on here I doubt many will be laughing - most will be bitching about the lack of competitiveness at the top end. It may well be everyone else weakens as well so the status quo remains but looking from the ICT perspective, to trim the wage bill and balance the books going forwards to be sustainable will need tough decisions I feel and that includes fans accepting the club may just be middle championship for a period flirting with play-offs (potentially at both ends). There needs a longer term strategy and efforts that any youngsters are on decent length deals so we don't loo
  2. Yes, let's give the guy the benefit that hes a professional and will do his best for our club out of having integrity. Afterall we had no problem playing other players in the past even when signing PCA such as Shinnie.
  3. Keatings was a signing that I was quite impressed by when he first arrived, a guy who in the past had issues but was talented and I really hoped he would have something to prove and become a bit of a coup. Unfortunately while being consistent, he's not really set the world on fire and a departure that frees up funds. I suspect there will be more away either on PCA or not renewed - its interesting that some fans still think there are pots of cash to lure players, it'll be a real awakening over the summer when us (and other clubs) trim right back and I expect the 21/22 starting team will ha
  4. What happened to the messages of McCann we trust from last wk and everything is rosy and we will soar high now............oh how a few days changes the ICT bandwagon.
  5. Oh well, interesting history of Dundee, hearts and rangers.......anyone at the club with a common (staunch) background
  6. We have the tightest defence, lost the joint lowest number of games in the league, we have the 4th best goal difference, unbeaten in the last 3 games and statistically on the 3rd best run of results in the division. So yes we are 2nd bottom or 9th, but we also have played the fewest games by 2 which if we won would put us in joint 4th still with games over others. What does all this show - only data and stats can be manipulated to be as positive or negative as you want. Its known our issues with lack of game time and matches being on this season and falling to a (false) low position
  7. At the current rate of games, it wont matter if he does, it will be finished long before we ever kick a ball again!!!!
  8. We are; based on our income and footfall a Championship club (at best). We had a few years of unprecedented success which fans should reminisce about that is not what should be expected, its been discussed to death why our club has not grown off the field how it did on it and where it failed to capitalise. Even comparing to the current Championship there is probably only QotS, Alloa & Arbroath who are 'smaller' than us with at least 3 bigger teams still in League One!!!
  9. This. As demonstrated throughout all leagues where hardly any money is spent and it's mainly loans, throw in the need for quarantine its removed the foreign market. Rightly or wrongly we never lost players whether that would have either freed up wages or brought in funds. We were always going to have a small squad supplemented with youth so not sure why so many are surprised or angered by this - its been coming over the last few years and exacerbated by covid. What will be interesting is what kind of summer we have and capability of squad after that. We may need to fall further befor
  10. We have played the lowest number of games in the league and with the recent challenges with getting matches on will have affected morale and cohesion, throw into that the ongoing Covid situation for players who have to disrupted family lives there will be factors at play. Criticism is the managers prerogative and given his comments in the media recently its fair to assume he considers how public criticisms will be received by the team. Overall its a very tight league and if we can pick up some wins and momentum to get game parity with those around us, there is every chance we will be arou
  11. Surprised 'nobody' is suggesting Dele Alli or Diego Costa...................
  12. After the TV pick the 2 OF games, the BBC may opt for a Highland derby as of of their games.......although they may opt for the Aberdeen game if its Huntley or stay safe with the usual central belt bias. Not sure whether there is extra cash this year for TV games though?
  13. If Motherwell have the funds for compensation then why not consider it if Robbo was interested? A six figure cash injection probably wouldn't be a bad thing and with all due respect its unlikely we will be getting out of the Championship any time soon and probably plateau out at a natural level based on our fans/income for the foreseeable.
  14. Interesting the standard of players fans seem to think they are entitled to see at ICT, yet fail to be cognizant of our financial status. Perhaps the club should just sign a handful of stellar earners of proven quality and fill the rest with youth to see where that takes us, otherwise fans need to accept and get behind what we have as been the best compromise of ability against costs that allows for a competitive squad. As for Brad, he's been a decent servant and far from the worst player technically or overpaid that I have seen at the club over the years!!!
  15. Are you deluded - any one of them probably earns more a week than our whole club budget. Right now football (outwith the TV money in the biggest leagues) is on its arse, there is no money to sign players or take expensive loans.
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