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  1. Given the squad we have, looking at guys like Sow or Quitongo seems odd - we have the PCA for Sutherland and look to be well covered for forward players & wingers - with youngsters like McGregor & Machedo capable of providing cover. Unless there are other moves behind the scenes for like of White then its odd. With the departure of Coll and still chances that McCart (& Rooney) may follow this month, will this lead Robbo back on the phone to his old pal Levein to enquire about Berra?
  2. Looks like other clubs have looked at our recent EGM and public declaration of finances and see ICT as either not being able to compete with wages for PCA's or that there's bargains to be had and willing to test our resolve (assuming the club still has to cut costs). Right now we may be lucky keeping everyone til end of the season or loosing up to 5 regulars!!!
  3. Shane isnt coming til the summer (so far) - when White will depart (unless he is away sooner) Whatever happened the thread with contract expiry dates on it? Looking at Transfermarkt we seem to have a lot more players listed there as being available to leave - I'm sure some are tied to longer deals and its incorrect (otherwise we should be very worried)
  4. Without being pedantic, we play a back 4 and that's only 3. Also if you attend games you will know we also play a LB
  5. Interesting and could be a good addition but from a logic point would DUtd loan a player to their nearest league challengers, even if it is deemed to be (almost) sewn up? Smith was signed last Jan along with Pawlett and Sow with the rumours these boys were on strong (Premiership) money - so unless its a loan and even then we probably cant afford the full 100%. Be interesting whats happening with our front players if this has legs, White, Toddy, Storey, Keatings where would Smith play or is one (or more) of the afore-mentioned expected to move on?
  6. This, plus they will just hang onto Shankland or ensure any deal (Celtic or English) means he stays on loan til summer if Clark is out long term. They also have Sow returning from loan and Pawlett who is out of the team and from the radio on Sat the young lad Glass who played looks a good prospect. Any idea on expected replay date? With SC this wknd, I'm assuming next midweek will be aside incase of replay in that competition?
  7. ^ think both are in smiliar scenarios. Perhaps is we treat the youngsters (some senior players too) better rather than how we 'stifle' opportunities then 'dump' them, perhaps we wouldn't burn our bridges and they may be more keen to return.
  8. BBC today, which if PT want McCart then it's unlikely they would pay a Jan fee given the recent passing of the main financial benefactor of the club. St Johnstone have joined the race to secure Inverness Caledonian Thistle right-back Shaun Rooney on a pre-contract agreement. (Courier) Partick Thistle have made an approach for Inverness CT defender Jamie McCart, who is out of contract at the end of the season. (Daily Record, print edition) Also another story and if we free up wages for a player I think would add real steel to our midfield - horrible to play against but would give us that missing edge. Hamilton Accies are prepared to let Darian MacKinnon move on and the experienced midfielder is wanted by Morton. (Daily Record, print edition)
  9. 16 games minimum or 22 maximum to return to premiership
  10. bdu98196

    QoS match

    Curry has gone and now with strong rumors that Coll and Rooney have signed PCA's and the club are looking to get settlements for early departures, do we play them or plan for the future and drop them? Ridgers B.Mckay McCart Tremarco McHattie Doran Trafford Keatings McGregor Storey Todorov
  11. Ross County have agreed a pre-contract for Coll Donaldson and are trying to thrash out a deal to sign the Inverness CT defender this month. (Daily Express, print edition) BBC sport today (Rooney & Dundee also mentioned). Look like a 5 figure compensation(s) incoming and first players out the door, wouldn't be surprised with a similar arrangement from both clubs as RC & Dundee are clubs with cash (well more than us). While keeping both to push for a playoff place, I would suspect the board given our position will prefer the compensation now rather than risk loosing them both for noting in the summer and still be in the Championship - freed up wages may allow for loan(s)?
  12. Totally different scenario. Tierney was not only established at Celtic for many campaigns domestic and Europe but also Scotland, in addition everyone sees him as on a par at LB to Robertson (when playing for Scotland). Given how Robertson has developed and is so pivotal to Liverpool with his runs & assists it was inevitable other big clubs would look at his equal and wonder if he can give the same - Celtic played it well and pushed to the £25M mark - he's probably not worth that figure but its a decent gamble for Arsenal when they see how Robertson is now a £40-50M player or more.
  13. The best scenario would really be to put Alloa away first time of asking then draw one of the OF away (home as a 2nd option) and get knocked out. Maximise the cash income from the cup while being out early enough to avoid fixture congestion and fatigue/injuries later in the season. Especially considering we still have potentially 2 games in the chocolate biscuits trophy.
  14. No player in Scotland will leave for £40m that's OF fantasy. Given the fees for Tierney and dembele, even Armstrong Celtic are the best at getting good fees and their sell on clauses but realistically somewhere around the £10-14m figure would be great business. A Leicester swoop for several Scottish based players wouldnt be a surprised as Brenda knows the players, qualities and in the crazy world of English transfer fees this market offers potential bargains - McGregor, Christie, morelos (if anyone will gamble on his temper) and even McKenna.