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  1. Mentally soft, limited on-field leadership and lack of adaptability. The style of play is too one dimensional and predictable - but perhaps that's down to the limitations of the players rather than the manager. Right now we are shipping too many goals so need to find a solution in central midfield that offers some protection to the CB's as right now we don't seem to have a midfielder who can win a ball in a tackle!!!
  2. Even as inconsistent as we are the play-offs is still a realistic expectation and that hasn't changed since the season kicked off. Promotion is the real aim, and whether that is the boards objective for Robbo based on the player recruitment (and I would argue support shown given our finances) only they know internally. Scenarios 1) Win the play-offs and go up in the summer - JR stays 2) Loose the play-offs, we drastically cut costs, senior players out and more youth in. JR stays and tries to develop us with a longer-term plan over the few years to get into promotion challenging levels again 3) Miss the play-offs, no budget, no money (no hope) - JR may just walk and say he's had enough None of these would look to include being sacked!!!
  3. TBF, he was the stand out on Sat and tried to get stuck in and give his all. While White seems to be getting plenty negative feedback he was poor and for a big guy has the shortest jump out of any player I think we have seen at ICT - he easily looses a foot in height when he jumps. But in addition to him, Keatings was honking too - he gave the ball away every time he was involved and much of his body language was highly negative really showing a lack of interest. Overall there is a lack of creativity within the team and often a lack of ideas, we miss McGregor as there seems nobody willing to carry the ball and be attacking - its too much high ball to White who as alluded to by everyone cant win the ball in the air - too predictable and one dimensional throughout. Its expected that DUtd would win this league, but for all the money they spend I don't see them as a great team, this is the benchmark ICT should be aiming at if serious about challenging for the title, however we are far short of this. Reality is that we one of a few teams fighting for the play-off spots. The games against DUtd will not define our season but performances like this one against other teams and we will drop more points than win. Next home game is Dundee, who are a step behind and a game we really need to improve as main rivals for play-off spots.
  4. Its a catch 22 regarding catering - if they run out of any item then its loosing revenue for the club, but equally make too much and its not sold its either waste or donated elsewhere (I hope) but still ultimately lost revenue. Obviously the catering contract is somewhat 'murky' anyway. Bag searches aren't new, post Manchester every live event searches bags - whether it be concerts, football, rugby etc, plus if you consider the issues in Scottish football with pyro & missiles it can only be seen as a good thing? If anyone objects of feels violated to a bag search leave it at home and stuff the Werthers (and now pies) into your pockets 😉
  5. bdu98196


    This thread just demonstrates how some fans will spin any situation to be whatever they want. Most say I am a critic of the club but in no way can that ill worded FB post be deemed as a slight or suggestion that we have fans more worthy than others based on want or ability to spend money or proritise social events/networking over the matches themselves. Time to get over it and stop looking for hidden messages IMO. There is a valid point about why is the club not using its own facilities to showcase such events, afterall there is an external catering contract and hospitality areas - it really would have been a marketing opportunity to at least say 'we can do fancy corporate type days' and show some of those in the area with funds that the stadium is a viable option for their businesses events too.
  6. Given our lack of atmosphere it would be welcomed blaring across the tannoy. Given other clubs take songs and either sing or play (or both) maybe its a consideration that should be made - in lieu of anything better and also a fitting tribute to the man.
  7. bdu98196


    If only it had been held in Weatherspoons? Unfortunately then there would still be criticism this time that its seen as a cheap event etc etc
  8. And if there's not a years supply of caramel wafers in there too its a sad advert for the competition
  9. TBH, given that there are some who have never really broken into the team or cemented a place they shouldn't be offered contracts at this stage (things may yet change as he season progresses for all parties) unless the club are going to use them to replace a know departing party otherwise give youth a chance.
  10. Or cut the first team, save wages and play the youth (wonder how much a month could be saved per annum with some of those 9 replacing experienced bench warmers) - with the plan of long term financial stability and hoping we retain Championship status and continue to build. Unfortunately as the club finances are descending we have yet to hit rock bottom - as for footfall, if the message is we are on our arse then those who are already apathetic won't be bothering to flock!!!
  11. Shame for the guy. Injury has affected his career since us but for me had a huge role in our success and pivotal in us winning the Scottish cup. That semi final penalty was the defining cup run moment.
  12. Based on the remaining board members still in place and expected financial postion, I would expect that this option may rear its head again. Unfortunately it cant just be a begging bowl mechanism but has to carry demonstration of structural changes to improve stability and make any existence sustainable.
  13. PT were the epitome of a team that downed tools for the last manager. They are a play-off team and the league position was false, they showed this on Sat. We made some individual errors but PT were much more clinical up front. There were a few below par performances on our side particularly down the left where both Tremarco & Doran had shockers and Vincent was out of position too often and provided little in the middle of the park. A wake up call for our team I hope. I fully expect PT to be up there with us & Dundee fighting for the playoff spots.
  14. Not really sure I'd class Doran as a leader. Tremarco had a shocker on Sat, but he probably is the stand out candidate due to his experience and ability to read the game.
  15. If it was invested at that level in youth we have seen minimal returns so far in those 4 years. So either we haven't been investing at that level and these kinds of figures are as suggested above are a fudge on the club's cost breakdowns or our system is flawed as we are seeing little value for money.