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  1. At the point when dodds was getting abuse was our rotten mid season form which was well deserved criticism and perhaps then we would have settled for where we are. However given how poor the quality of teams in the league has been its clear some better results in that period and we'd have been already in the Premiership next year!!!
  2. You do realise that any yellow cards or reds (from regular league season)count towards suspensions carried into the play-offs, and while there may be 11 days, the idea of getting your best players un-necessarily injured (where they may be out for more than 11 days) is mental talk.
  3. They won't be included. Pretty sure the match pricing of these games is done by the spfl although sold through the clubs. Expect an announcement on sales will be once the final game is over since technically 4th place finisher is not decided yet.
  4. Suppose if knowing big kirk is in the toilet watching over is something you'd like then I suppose the club has to cater for all kinds,but I was thinking a bit more along the photos, autographs and general bit of banter with the families and some kids who might enjoy the chance to be around their idols. But each to their own.
  5. You sending that same comment to Dick Campbell too so he's not resting his key men in his dead rubber game too!!!
  6. All senior players should be rested and do PR duties with kids & fans. Club should be giving tickets away for free to schools/community groups etc since its a total dead rubber and place will be dead otherwise.
  7. You want rid of Bradford and Doran as they are aging, yet keep Mckay & Sutherland? TBH, there probably is a case that the squad needs a bit of an overhaul and certainly hasn't got the strength and depth for Premiership football with certain players probably not able to compete at that level, but much will depend on what league we are in.
  8. Getting back on topic Ayr look to be safe, so hopefully its a bit of a 'end of season' game for them - stuck in the no-mans land mid table. Take a scrappy win and head into the Killie game for an Ayrshire double. QoS may be the toughest fixture of all, fighting for their place in the Championship (although depending on the next 2 games they may be cut adrift completely and game over), away on a Tuesday night - even a point would be a decent result Then the final 2 games are dead rubbers for those mid table clubs, hopefully the blood youngsters and its holiday mode. Good cha
  9. Least this in the media all will deflect from the usual increase in A&E attendances, fighting in the streets, looting and smashing up areas of the city and beating of wives and partners which should anger more than just the small % of society that is football fans.
  10. Maybe so, but if a fan was to attend Ibrox or Parkhead to sit in the home section with a rival shirt they would be ejected. Yet you are right I have seen Rangers and Celtic fans in the past sitting in the home section at our stadium with no action taken. Again this is what is wrong with the greed of Scottish football. As for how you control the purchase of tickets - if the OF for visits (especially of each other) only allow in addition to ST, purchases through supporters clubs/groups and no general sales, then why cant the rest of Scottish football do the same? Simple answer - money. While the
  11. Which IMO, is the hyporcitical crap in Scottish football which gives the greenlight for their clubs and fans to conduct themselves in any manner they see fit without repercussions. While I understand no club wants to 'cut off their nose etc' but realistically when a club offers approx 700 way tickets out of a stadia of (50/60000) - marginally over 1%, the idea that in return the other clubs are happy to offer as much as 3 stands in some cases (60-70%) of the capacity to OF fans (with the known hate and bile they bring at the detriment of their own fans) then its all that is wrong and just says
  12. Same old ****, nothing changes and never will - just add it to the list along other actions which shame the Scottish game. There will be some initiatives launched, outrage tweeted or in media interviews by (including but not limited to) - politicians (who see it as point scoring opportunities), the police, clubs involved (usual media spin) and then the SPFL board. We all know what needs to happen - guilty clubs hit hard with big fines (maybe proportional to the gate money income or higher), serious warnings then closed door games or docking points. None of it will happen though - we wi
  13. Unfortunately not the 2 any sane fan would hope in order to avoid any contact with them in a league setting. The scenes yesterday show exactly what we aren't missing and being in a league where you don't have to consider whether to avoid certain games (home or away) or if its an environment to take kids along is somewhat a nice feeling that I sometimes thing lower league fans overlook.
  14. At least we only need to wait 12 months a new strip will be released.............
  15. With the grand plan of who exactly to take over? Whether we all agree the board are the correct people or otherwise, past history has shown there isnt a queue of affluent or even interested candidates awaiting. I have alluded in other posts to where I consider the board are failing on promises made when coming in, however most focus on 'investment'. Without delving into club finances are we in a better or worse position since he came in - think the answer is better. Too many seem to think when 'investment' is mentioned we should be expecting vast drops of cash a-la Saudi billionaires howe
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