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  1. Was never given a chance. No one is going to tell me he couldnt contribute more tham Walsh, he doesnt create, score, track...he is a passenger in 95% of games. Seems Dodds didnt fancy him for whatever reason. Shame as I think given a run he would have been a real asset to us.
  2. Same old same old.....no energy, creativity..players unwilling to try something different....Dodds is your fundamental old school manager...no tactical nouse, keep dojng the same things with same players and expecting something different....gone backwards massively and our start to season has masked his failings....
  3. Doran been woeful as has McAlear. Put MacGregor into cm and put Mcdonald right....
  4. Harsh...really. go ask a Rovers fan if they agree with what I have said. I assume you watch him, tell me what you think he offers that I dont see. I am more than happy to be corrected but I am sorry, he offers nothing.
  5. Easy answer. Same players being played every week irrespective of form and contrubution. McKay\Gardyne are only 2 of the front players who deserve to keep their places. Pur Mcdonald, MacGregor into the team and keep them in for a few weeks. Technically both are better players but the fact they arent getting played is destroying their confidence. Walsh has offered nothing for weeks, Doran the same, in fact if it wasnt for Gardyne there would be 6 defeats in the last run of fixtures. Dukuca waste of a jersey. Lazy, offers nothing, falls over all the time and yet he still gets thrown
  6. I think the strong start was more to do with others being slow starters than us being good. A lot if tgecgames the result hid the poor performance BUR I would take result over performance every week...now it is neither and we have a manager with no experience of trying to turn it around when things are going against you. What he does is the same thing every week...and that isnt going to happen.
  7. Say the sane thing every week. Same players producing same dross every week and the management stick with them. Zero attacking threat in 2nd half, again because Gardyne nulified. Doran and Walsh contributed nothing and then its the panic changes and expecting players to come on and change whole focus of the game in 15-20 mins. No creativity, no pace in play, simple decisions wrong, playing players who offer very little on a consistent basis.
  8. In context, I remember 1 save in 2nd half from Walsh sidefoit volley...Ayr keeper certainly dudnt have a blinder. Ayr certainly had better chances, one great save from Ridgets, 2 put wide and one whick looked harder to miss. My argument is its the same every week. Players flatter to deceive and square pegs in round holes. Got young , good players on the bench, maybe its time they were given their head, certainly cant be any worse than what us getting minutes every week. This isnt a 1 off, even when winning games the performances werent very good but you take axwin over performance every week..
  9. Not sure what part is harsh. 1st half was decent but dont remember Ayr keeper having to pull of a number of saves, 1 from header was exceptional. Once they nullified Gardyne we offered nothing. Walsh\Dorran offered nothing in the 2nd half, Duku is a waste of time....it seems that its the same players every week , same subs and for last 4-5 games the same results. Last week we were decent but thats a one off. Maybe harsh but thats what I see, stop 1 player you stop us scoring!!!
  10. You think we should have won. I thought Ayr dominated 2nd half and had 3 clear chances, think we offered very very little. Basics poor, tactics poor, no movement. 2nd half Gardyne nullified and that gave us no attacking threat...
  11. Same players providing same dross every week. 1 player with any quality os Gardyne, rest are poor. Has McDonald made a pass at Dodd's mrs...Duku waste of a jersey, Walsh gives you 10mins and then nothing, Dorrans anonymous..must be a sivkner being on the bench in that team...they seriously are clueless...no creativity, no quality, tactically poor..lucky to get away with a draw....
  12. Been apparent for weeks that the usual syspects have been poor. MCGregor very poir against Raith, Doran came on at Raith and offered nothing, same again last night. Walsh flatters to deceive final ball very poor, creates very little Think its time to shake it up a bit, play Gardyne and Mcdonald with Mackay, 3 players with great movement. Make the midfield solid, Welsh, Allardice, McAlear...get the fb' s forward. Playing same players every week and hoping for a result just now and it isnt working. Last night because Diku was playing it was lobg ball despite Arbroath winning every header\chall
  13. An experienced player who like Gardyne shoukd be leading by example. I accept he needs games, all players do but results have hidden failings. I would like to see McKay\Sutherland up top with Gardyne\Mcdonald wide. Natural goalscorers and creative wide players. Walsh been a passenger for weeks, needs a timeout to refocus his mind and get his desire back, now mcdonald fit it puts pressure on him and thats good
  14. Taking Walsh off was the right move, he has been very poor for weeks and results and lack of a fit option kept him in team. Would have brought McDonald on earlier and given him a decent chace to get at Hamilton. McKay been awful as well since resigned but Gardyne and Mcdonald wide will create a lot of chances. Today Hamilton sat very deep and we played in front of them. 2 or 3 touches instead of 1-2. Playing 10men we should have moved them quicker and tired them but waiting to 65 to go to 3 at tge back was weird. Should have done that at ht and really gone at them, just looked lije hopeful bal
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