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  1. id play thursday afternoon tbh as it gives better prep for dundee.
  2. Friday night would probably be best or noon Saturday.
  3. Who wants highlights when you 4 goals like that, just watch them on repeat!!
  4. Robbo’s first season back in charge after relegation. We started poorly had an amazing 2nd half of the season with a lot of midweek games and just missed the playoffs finishing 5th?? From memory we had a point in the season where we had a lot of victories and longest stretch of clean sheets????
  5. if it stays like this your looking at a 3 horse race for 4th place.
  6. very intersting duffy and keatings not included. shows the strength in depth we suddenly have when you think doran and none of the kids are on the bench either.
  7. Don’t think our game will be picked, get ready to pay for st mirrren tv I reckon.
  8. All players out of contract except: Ridgers, Duffy, Deas, Allardice, D MacKay, Macgregor I believe.
  9. Think Toshney would be a good defender but unfortunately his injury record is pretty bad. I wonder if Nicholson & Fyffe’s performance on Tuesday had any bearing?
  10. Hanging on here. Can’t mind keatings being involved since he scored. Commentary and stream is better than ours.
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