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Player of the Year Update

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03-05-2016 2-27-22 PM.pngIts that time of year again .... time to go through all the polls and calculate who is winning the race to be the 16th recipient of the CaleyThistleOnline Player of the Year award. The CTO - POY award was started in season 2000-2001, and other than the Supporters Club / Trust Player of the Year award, it is the only external award recognised officially by the club and included in their year on year stats, a fact we are very proud of. 

An interesting fact about our award is that in the 15 years of its existence it has never been won by the same person twice, although, to be fair, it has often been won by a player who has made such an impact with ICT that he has moved onward and upward at the end of that season or the next. Ryan Esson, who won the trophy in 2010-11 is the only player still on the books who has won it before. 

Last year Marley Watkins was like a runaway train in this poll. He amassed the highest quantity of votes and points for 4 out of the first five months of the season as well as the last two months of the season and won it with 79 points. His closest rivals were Graeme Shinnie - looking to be the first ever player to win it for a second time - and Greg Tansey who both amassed what would normally be a respectable total of 44 points each. Ryan Christie and Josh Meekings rounded out the top five with 36 and 29 points respectively. 

So onto season 2015-16 and with several of the top points scorers from last season gone, it was a question of who would step up and take the challenge this year .... The season started early with our Europa League debut and Gary Warren was the front runner that month winning the Player of the Month and grabbing maximum POY points in both games against Astra Giurgiu.  In August, with a heavy six game schedule, Danny Williams grabbed the monthly honours on number of votes received, closely followed by Ryan Christie and Owain Fon Williams. Christie however jumped into the points lead in the standings courtesy of more of his votes being first place votes. September and October belonged to Miles Storey and it was beginning to look like he "might do a Marley" but up stepped CTO sponsored player Liam Polworth to grab the honours for November and December. Miles was back at it again in January winning the Player of the Month again, but Ross Draper, Owain Fon Williams and Carl Tremarco have all taken it in the last three months. With one month, and three games to go, so a maximum of 15 points up for grabs, there are still 5 players who can win it. Miles Storey currently leads with 51 but he is only 5 points ahead of Ross Draper. Gary Warren, Owain Fon Williams and Liam Polworth are a little further behind, but not out of it by any means. Click on the graphics below to view the current standings. 

03-05-2016 2-56-49 PM.png     03-05-2016 2-56-10 PM.png    



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    • Mention of this on other threads but worth a thread of it's own I think.  I'm really surprised at this as he's done a pretty reasonable job.  It might be argued that his performance over the last couple of seasons is no better than his budget would suggest but he does face the problem of enticing players up North which, as we know to our cost, means players are more likely to sign down South unless we make it worth their while.  Also, bear in mind that County won the Development league last year which demonstrates a very solid foundation has been built there. It is not as though he has had a disastrous start to the season. They have only lost to sides currently in the top 6 so I wonder just what McGregor is expecting from the management team (Dodds has gone as well).  It would appear that simply retaining Premiership status is not good enough for McGregor.  I wonder therefore if this signals some major new investment from Uncle Roy with a push for a serious challenge in the top 6?  After all, he will be paying a fair bit to pay off McIntyre and Dodds and then to recruit a new management team.  It seems to be pointless to do that if the ambition is simply to retain premiership status - after all, McIntyre has shown he is more than capable of doing that. There may, of course be behind the scenes issues which have brought this on, but whatever the reason for the sacking, the identity of the new manager will likely be a good indication of the ambition of the County Chairman.  I'm putting my money on Richie Foran 
    • I thought Polworth did a lot of running, especially in the roving role. Trafford is a bit pedestrian like Draper but I still feels that he is doing a lot of covering for Vigurs. But neither should be whacked by the end of the game although I feel that they have more of an excuse than others.The general fitness levels are a major concern. Although the selection of Chambers and Oakley was surprising, playing Tremarco in midfield and a reluctance to take on substitutes. The pace of Baird and Mulraney should have been utilised earlier. Or perhaps they were too kanckered to be bothered.
    • Robertson's failed to restore confidence to the side, and during the 2nd half on Saturday they showed a lack of desire and a loss of discipline. Some of his signings are so out of their depth (Ridgers, Elsdon, Chalmers, Oakley) that there is no trust between the players. He's changing the shape almost every week and never influences a game through substitutions or tactical changes.   I'd take Houston or McIntyre in a minute. 
    • Jim McIntyre might be interested in showing what he can do for our players' fitness 
    • I wasn't at the game so not for singling out, but its not the first time this or previous seasons Polly looks knackered during a game. Whether this is because he has to do work for others and gives more or because he's playing in roles unfamiliar so wasting energy its unclear although I do think its more the latter. This has been the case for a few seasons now on occasion, so perhaps the perceived lack of fitness isn't new or the levels haven't changed but our playing style has.  Under Yogi we were much more organised defensively, at time pedestrian in going forwards and spent a lot of time on ball retention and moving it about. Recently our tactics are to run about chasing the ball and the game therefore perhaps exposing our lack of fitness and suitable coaching - under Butcher we player more attacking football which perhaps focused on a different fitness strategy which may have been a continuation of the changes Brewster brought in. Like him or not Brewster played in Europe and learned from that about lifestyle and taking care of himself, hence why he could play on at the highest level into is late 30's - and while some may argue Scottish football isn't that high a level, its probably more fast paced and physical than most leagues in Europe.