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  1. How can I sponsor Caley?

    Very nice I emailed them on Sunday I will give them until Wednesday if no reply I will phone them up on Thursday morning.
  2. How can I sponsor Caley?

    Nice stuff I went a bit too into food eating too when I was at the match when Caley knocked Celtic out of the Semi final I spent like £10 on food at the football grounds and then like £5 on food Perth Tesco
  3. How can I sponsor Caley?

    No Charles I more see him as like perfect older brother since he's just 2 years older than me but he's way smarter and more successful than me and he has helped me go from poor idiot into fairly successful man now. I was wondering as well. I heard before that part of the reasons for why Caley matches get called of is down to plumbing problem if that's the case how can this be fixed? I am also wondering if possible could Harry Gow bakery be sold at Caley to me if I was going to Caley football match I would easily pay £5.00 worth of cakes every match if they were sold there I would have no problem or objection to me say paying 30% extra each match for the price of the cakes or food at matches so Caley makes decent profit the food they sell at matches . One part of I liked at lot when I went to football matches at Celitc was the good quality food they sell to me if Caley had world class bakery like Harry Gow Caley could become known if you like as the football club in Scotland with the best food then could possibly even become best in the UK or even go into other countries as place with incredible food
  4. How can I sponsor Caley?

    Kingsmills IT's not the case of bragging it's just to show what I can do. snorbens_caleyman yes you are right in what SEO means . My businesses names are not important this not post to promote myself or anything like that. No I am not Russian or from the USSR but I have great respect towards the people a lot for the worker approach and I love how they design websites.
  5. How can I sponsor Caley?

    As you wish Charles I will say no more into that area.
  6. How can I sponsor Caley?

    DoofersDad I don't know everything for why I ask here . I always found emailing people from Caley club very odd it always sounds like I reply get back from them says this to me"I hate my life please don't email me again" I come to accept this group has some really smart people when it comes to many different things. I used to play wee bit of of football I was good at football manager games but that's about as far as my football knowledge can go really. It really depends on how much new field would cost. My sales this year have grown like crazy I am up so far 500% and I keep needing to employ new staff even for example of today and I am preparing to employ another staff at the moment just waiting to see if she can complete simple question to prove she has the brains to be a good SEO. I signed on 2 fairly decent clients today. I am wanting to get at least 2 $50,000 clients this year if you wondering why I put Dollars instead of £ most people who sell or buy SEO Stuff do it in Dollars because SEO was invented in America more less. If I did get pitch named after me much rather call it Urquhart Pitch so when get kids with my current wife be something nice them for my wife to be. I admire quite famous SEO from Ukraine he's one of the richest in the world people often compare me to him no idea why but me and the guy act so similar his business partner asked me to go on boat trip with him I am not sure if he wants me and him to partner up if he does I can make more less any money a year.
  7. How can I sponsor Caley?

    That's funny to be honest you are the first ever person to make joke in relationship to my name over the blair witch project. Not trying to be smart I run online businesses and I also bought quite a big house I got it for really cheap price of £95,000 the house was if you like real extreme horrible state such as the past person used to dump bath tubs, glass,carparts basically any rubbish in the world in the garden so for me cleaning it up took serious hard work until I get further with the garden not heading to Inverness until that done but once the snow gone I am going to plant hardcore then start my container renting business which should be happening very soon. I do live close enough to Inverness in Keith so if they do want to meet me face to face can easily enough be arranged. I actually accountant myself I find it personally a lot of fun doing accounts I done it in school and university as well it was for me one of the only subjects except for business management I was proper good at. To be honest I have no interest in getting shares of Caley it's not really what I am after for it all it is just to get Caley but into the SPL Thank you . I am not trying to sound like incredible or anything but I am quite well known in the SEO world for my business skills I am no way the best SEO by any means but I do make a lot more money than other SEO and I do have pretty high end clients as well
  8. How can I sponsor Caley?

    Agreed and to me other way Caley needs real money support since last time I read there financial level they were in debt by like £400,000 and in fairness that's quite a lot of money to pay yourself unless you have sponsors helping to pay that. My overall goal with Caley is to help pay their debts so improvements can start happening then get a decent player who can score goals often since to even just one proper decent striker to me Caley with their current squad would probably win the Scot Champ.
  9. How can I sponsor Caley?

    Thanks please note I am not as rich as Roy from Ross Country but I do have growing wealth now because of my online businesses growing well now.
  10. How can I sponsor Caley?

    To be honest, I did before and to my memory of it he refused to speak to me I tried talking to him through Linkedin my profile without me being to over confident does give me business clients through it so it must look at least semi-decent when they ask for me instead of me for them.
  11. How can I sponsor Caley?

    Hello my business is growing pretty fast and I have had a lot of good experiences at Caley thistle past and present I love being a Highlander and people from Inverness overall. I don't want Caley to stay in the Scot Champ I want them back in the SPL winning like they used to instead of Club who seems to have problems after problems but I am wanting if this does happen so I can be able to make improvements, where I see, fit like buy good players. I don't want this as something I do this to make myself famous I want Caley in good state while I sponsor them very soon if possible. I don't care if no one knows my name as Sponsor of the club.
  12. Dundee Utd -V- Inverness CT

    Looks like could be a win for Caley if they can keep playing decently for a nice chance.
  13. Relegation

    Hi Caman I would not worry about Caley getting relegated this season they will probably not end in high space this season but them going down is to me highly unlikely now. We have at the moment 2 games on hand lets just say we win one of the two games on hand now we level we outrank Falkirk . I am growing my own business quite fast now I am wondering how much money would I need to give Caley a year or month to help support them?
  14. Play offs

    Caley squad okay but without a real scorer to me playoff this season is impossible to say, for example, we had someone who could score often like Billy Mckay we would probably be in top place now or second and I am not saying Billy would come back since I doubt Caley could afford him . Whenever I used to do a goal prediction for Caley when Billy played I will be honest I was wrong a lot of the times I would think he would score 1 then he did 2 . Even in the last match Caley played if they had real scorer they would had won. Ridgers the Goalkeeper I will be fair to me he's doing a incredible job overall.
  15. Agreed. Caman. To be fair on the team are doing pretty well but without real striker every game to me like hit or miss system.