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    Gringo's Gossip - Volume 2

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    More catch-up from Junior Gringo

    Here we go for the second edition of Gringo's Gossip. A new feature we're trying out this season to give an 'amigos' view of all things ICT as well as other football related....erm....gossip!

    The first edition of Gringo's Gossip saw Caley Thistle languishing at the bottom of the league with no wins in their first 5 outings. Well, we're still sitting rock bottom of an SPL that's starting to look quite tight in the bottom section, but fortunately for us they've now got two good wins under their belts, and players that once seemed out of sorts are finally starting show a little ability.

    Andrew Shinnie is certainly someone who falls into that category in my opinion. Having watched his display at Tannadice, I wasn't overly convinced he was able to bring anything to the team that we already had; yet he fully justified the man of the match accolade in the recent home win against St Mirren, with a good display of composure, desire and skill.

    Another player who I think deserves a bit of credit lately is big Ross Tokely. I remember speaking to fans at both of the aforementioned matches who were of the impression that Rossco seems a little lost alongside the new faces in our back line. I am sure that his red card against Rangers and the failed appeal will be remembered by many fans, but if you watch the big man closely, you'll see he is definitely one of our more consistent performers and a somewhat unsung hero so far this season.

    Our problems at the moment lie in the treatment room, and up front.  A lack of composure and confidence in front of goal the cause of more than our fair share of missed opportunities. Tade alone has missed an embarrassing number of decent chances, and Richie Foran is also guilty for one or two going awry. Tansey and Davis are creating from the midfield, with Nick Ross doing a sterling job down the right. With these players at their best, chances will keep coming, and things can only get better once players start returning from injury. We do, however, need to find goals from somewhere. Maybe now is the time to give Shane Sutherland a proper chance? Only he and Mr Butcher will know the answer to that.

    Despite the woes of injuries and a lack of confidence in front of goal, our most disappointing situation came in the form of a cup upset against Ayr United. So full of confidence were the ICT faithful, given the last meeting between the two teams (a 7-0 victory for Inverness CT in their championship winning season), that a cup shock at the hands of The Honest Men seemed far from a realistic possibility. Not only were our very own fans and players left stunned, but Ayr then went on to knock out a very good Hearts side in the next round just a couple of weeks later. Perhaps that shows just how unpredicatable the game of football really is. (I should know, considering the way my current '10p Bowling' results are going)

    '10p Bowling' 10p.jpgis a game created by caleythislteonline.com user Yompa (Formally known as InterTheNet), whereby fans have to gamble on sports results over the course of a weekend, spending no more than £1, with each bet costing no more than 10p. There is no winners prize and no wooden spoon, but the banter that is created between the 'bowlers' makes the weekend football card a whole lot more interesting. It's certainly keeping us Highland Marchers entertained! (Anyone wishing to know the rules and join in the banter is more than welcome to do so. Details on the Betting Forum will appear in midweek)

    Some fans have a routine before a football match, or a superstitious chore or item of clothing they must carry out or wear before a game. Others take it as it comes and some ask the question of how to make their own matchday experience a much better one. Playing things like '10p Bowling' is one way to get people talking, generates some banter and makes a whole weekend of football that little bit more interesting. But another way to be entertained, particularly on an away day, is rowing! Yes, you heard right... Rowing!

    My first away day of the season saw me take in the game at Tannadice against Dundee United. It's an away day I always look forward to as I share it with a couple of good friends, one of whom happens to be a Tangerine Orange. Getting the Official Travel Club Bus (TClub Bus) was a new experience for me, as usually I get the train down, or walk it! The entire trip down was full of song and laughter, and the journey back too was entertaining. Nothing more so than the 'Rowing Competition' between the Travel Club Bus, and the Supporters Club Bus (SClub Bus).

    Leaving Dundee ahead of the SClub Bus, the TClub bus soon passed our TClub bus upon hitting the dual carriageway towards Perth. Unhappy by this manoeuvre, the fans on the TClub bus tried to entice the driver to buses.jpgcatch up and overtake. As the TClub bus gradually caught up and pulled out, the majority of TClub Bus users knelt on their chairs facing the back of the bus, and began to act out rowing motions as if they were oaring their way past the SClub bus. It certainly brightened up the TClub Bus spirits after the 3-0 defeat, and more antics later came to the fold. An auction of various food items a highlight, none more so than a sandwich being sold off by individual ingredient, and a sausage roll costing one lucky punter £1.10.

    Back to more serious topics now and a major change at Boardroom level, as George Fraser stepped down from his post as Chairman at the clubs latest AGM in September. In steps a surprising, yet very welcome replacement, in the form of one Kenny Cameron. Kenny is a true gent and his interactions with the fans can only be a good thing for the club. He has the clubs best interests at heart and I personally feel the board has made the right decision in appointing Kenny to the hot seat, even if it is for a short period of time. Kenny's Appointment Announced. Who knows who will take over the permanent role of Club Chairman, but for now I'd like to wish Kenny all the very best in his new role.

    Finally I would like pass on my thanks to the club and also to my old man. Many of you will know that I had the opportunity to play for Caley Thistle alongside some of my boyhood heroes, in a Legends match at Caley Stadium organised via a competition through FlyBe and The Inverness Courier which set up the Curry Hoose as the opponents. Having the opportunity to play was a huge surprise and one I grasped with both hands (or should that be feet).Junior-shooting.jpg

    Scoring a Hat-Trick made the night all the more memorable. But the whole set up and idea to have these events shows just how much of a community club Caley Thistle are. I just want to thank the club for inviting me along, and my dad for his cracking article with regards to my participation. I'm still waiting for Terry to get the footage and sign me up, but perhaps that is a dream too far... you never know!

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