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    Player of the Year Update

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      Teaser Paragraph:
    B WILSONBarry Wilson looks almost certain to be crowned the CaleyThistleOnline Player of the Year for season 2006/07.

    The veteran winger has been in inspired form this season and has been at or near the top of the rankings for most of the season. Mark Brown was the other player who was fighting it out with Barry in the early months, but his move to Celtic in the transfer window left the way clear for Barry to lay claim to this year's prize.

    Mark is still in second spot after impressive points tallies in September, October and December but only Graham Bayne or John Rankin can mathematically catch Barry in the remaining games.

    Total Votes
    POY Points
    Barry Wilson
    Mark Brown
    Graham Bayne


    John Rankin
    Ian Black
    With six games left (voting wise), there is a maximum of 30 points still available to every player. A full 30 point haul of points would be enough for Graham Bayne or John Rankin to overtake Barry, but each of them would have to put in a man-of-the-match performance in every one of the remaining games whilst hoping that Barry didnt earn any points to add to his total. 

    With Barry being injured in last weekend's game, and not certain to start the last five, it may be unlikely to happen, but it is still possible.

    Whatever happens, as none of the aforementioned players have won it before, this years award will see the seventh annual CaleyThistleOnline (official) Internet Player of the Year award go to the seventh different player in its history.

    (full rankings and past history available HERE)

    The monthly awards are also indicative of the overall result. Ian Black was Player of the Month in August before Mark Brown and Barry Wilson took over at the top for September, October and November. John Rankin was the fans' choice in December primarily because of a stellar performance against Rangers just after Christmas and Graham Bayne received the accolades in January with good performances against both St Mirren and Celtic.

    ICT Player of the Month 2006/07
    August 2006 Ian Black
    September 2006 Mark Brown
    October 2006 Mark Brown
    November 2006 Barry Wilson
    December 2006 John Rankin
    January 2007 Graham Bayne
    February 2007 Barry Wilson
    March 2007 Markus Paatelainen

    February's Player of the Month was a hard one to call. Russell Duncan got the plaudits for his performance against Dundee United in the cup, Ross Tokely was the top performer against Hearts and both Barry Wilson and Graham Bayne got top marks against Motherwell. Ian Black, Graham Bayne and Barry Wilson picked up the vast majority of the votes for the Celtic game in the cup but overall, over the course of the month, it was Barry who acquired the most individual votes to pip Tokely, Duncan, Black and Bayne in the closest monthly vote ever.

    Barry was clear winner of the vote in the first game in March (Dundee United) but it was new signing Markus Paatelainen who rose to the top in the games against Kilmarnock and Dunfermline. Russell Duncan was the top man in the recent game at Ibrox but no-one managed to get anywhere near Markus' total votes for the month.

    With two more monthly winners to come, the question is, will Graham or John be able to catch Barry ...... we will see

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