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    John Hughes has left the building

    A statement from the Board of Inverness Caledonian Thistle has confirmed that John Hughes is no longer the manager at Inverness. Or to be more correct, it would appear that he will be leaving and we hope he is successful, just not at Inverness. Yogi, on the other hand enjoyed everything about the club and the people over the last two and a half years, but he wishes the club well, without him. 

    All a bit of a hanging statement by both parties, but it's all over now, or is he on gardening leave?



    Statement on behalf of the Board of Directors at Inverness Caledonian Thistle FC

    "All of us at ICTFC would like to take this opportunity to thank John for his contribution since joining us in December 2013 and specifically his coaching skills and commitment, which helped deliver our successes, and in particular lifting the Scottish Cup for the first time in the Club’s history as well as our first foray into European Club Football. John will be remembered here at ICTFC as a member of a great winning team and we wish him every success going forward."


    Statement on behalf of John Hughes

    "I will look back on my time at ICTFC and in the Highlands with a genuine fondness and warm affection for the Club, the area and the Community."

    "The welcome I received from the fans and the response I got from the players throughout my two and a half years there will live long in the memory as will everything else we shared in some of the ground-breaking successes we all enjoyed together during that period."

    "I can honestly say I enjoyed every minute of my time at the Club and I would like to sincerely thank the Inverness Directors for affording me the privilege of managing what is, a fine Football Club. My gratitude goes out to every member of staff who also offered me so much personal support in my time there!"

    "I can readily assure my successor that they will inherit an excellent group of players and to each and every one of them could I also say a huge thanks for making my time with them so successful and so memorable - I wish them and the Club every success in the future."


    So, there you have it. We are left to read between the lines somewhat, but it would appear that we are now looking for a new manager. It's not been the best kept secret, but it's out in the open now.

    It looks as though things have come to a head and there has been a parting of the ways. The club and Yogi have not been best of friends since he was denied time to talk to Dundee United. I wonder if that was the accelerant that started his downfall, as a war of words broke out over budgets since then and the David Raven affair soured his affinity with the fans, There was a definite atmosphere at the final game of the season and Yogi's silence was deafening as Raven won the fans vote for player of the year. Yogi had signed his own resignation in his handling of that as the fans showed they valued Raven above the manager. Time to go after that humiliation. 

    I'm sure there will be reasons on both sides as to why he will no longer manage Inverness, but for now, their lips are sealed.

    We all have tremendous memories of our Cup win over Falkirk, nobody can take that away from John Hughes, but it's now time to move on.

    Thanks Yogi for that chapter in our history. 


    As Mick Jagger used to say, It's all over now.................




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