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  • Inverness CT -V- Dundee United - Report

    What a surprise, another draw ZZzzzzzzzz..


    Inverness produced another text book performance to draw with Dundee United. A first half goal from Tom Walsh was nullified by former Caley Jags player Billy King.

    It's all become a bit predictable at the Caledonian Stadium and the result was met with plenty of derision by the home support after a gutless second half when the inevitable happened. We all waited for the United winner but it never came.

    We look like a team short on confidence as we struggled to create anything while United stroked the ball about and were probably unfortunate not to take all three points but for a couple of great saves by Mark Ridgers.

    Immortal Howden Ender has curtailed his report due to a lack of action on the park, yet he still managed to pick out some moments.....

    My first home game of the season and so enjoyable - pre and post match !!  Good to see so many friends in the Caley Club, the North Stand and the Innes Bar. At least people who know that Johndo is the person and IHE is an alter ego - and neither will go away :whistle:

    I have read through the initial posts on the match thread and I could like them all. Apart from the smart, sharp, slick passing move for the Walsh goal and a "worldie" save by Ridgers on the first half whistle there is little else to enthuse about. We went ultra defensive and paid the price. It looked like the tactic was to grab one more on the break but we simply gave the incentive to a team, no better than us, but a team that could pass and sadly looked more passionate and driven to get a result. We practically played 4-3-3 at times and pressed BUT changed it when we scored. And it was soul destroying to see the Arabs out passing us and showing a will to win. If they had netted a second I  could not have complained 

    Ridgers :twothumbsup: Two good stops in the first half and one worldview.

    Rooney :cry: Is it just me but if I was a coach I would have totally bollicked him for his overall attitude. He looks good going forward but his head goes down to easily and he strolls back. Simply not a defender.

    McKay :whistle: Let's just say that he looked OK but how much was that due to Coll.

    Donaldson:twothumbsup: My MOM - nuff said.

    McCart :smile: Impressive first half followed by an OK second.

    Polly :clapoverhead: I feel so sorry for him. I feel that he is our only real true footballer. He is one or two moves ahead of his team mates but my frustration is that instead of getting angry he falls out of games.

    Chalmers :cry:I still think that he has a sweet left foot but a creative midfielder he is not. Another who goes missing.

    Welsh :sad: Disappointed with him today. I would play him just in front of the back four centrally in the Draper role.

    Doran :cry: Has lost that off the mark pace and I feel that he detracts from Polly 

    Walsh :blink: He has been in and out of every game I have watched him in. Perhaps we should be  just playing him wide on either flank and treating him like a luxury 

    Oakley :cry:Another hit or miss although why are we playing a lone striker at home ?

    Would it not be rash but exciting to see MacGregor and Danny McKay played on a regular basis?


    I see he has refrained from commenting on White, or maybe he just forgot he came on, like the rest of us???

    Here's the action from the Caledonian Stadium with Mark Ridgers keeping ICT in the game.

    And Robbo on the ICTFC Twitter account


    Date: 15/12/2018  Venue: Caledonian Stadium Attendance: 2464 Referee: Willie Collum
    Inverness CT: 1

    • Lineup:  Ridgers; Rooney, B Mckay, Donaldson, McCart, Walsh, Polworth,
    • Chalmers, Welsh (Trafford 82), Doran (MacGregor 83), Oakley
    • Subs (not used): Hoban; Harper, Nicolson, Austin.
    • Scorers: Walsh (18)
    • Booked: B Mckay (80)
    • Sent Off: none

    Dundee United: 1

    • Lineup:  Siegrist; Murdoch, Bouhenna, Frans, Booth, Fyvie (Rabitsch 89), Stanton,
    • Smith (Curran 70), King, Aird (McMullan 63), Safranko
    • Subs (not used): Robson, Watson, Rakovan, Edjenguele
    • Scorers: King (76)
    • Booked: Bouhenna (29)
    • Sent Off: none



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    Wiillie was the ref,. How did older Mr.Collum do the day?

    Is it worth  putting his name in a column here  like, since he was so differently excellent?

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