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    As always, Mannies comments speak for themselves. And take quite a lot of research to produce and we are the lucky beneficiaries of his hard work. Spiced up a wee bit by the references to the lady fair beyond compare. Switched allegiances, eh? Wow! Smile.
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    Preparations underway for departure. A win today? Yes please ?
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    All sounds pretty dire to me. Not much positive feedback from anywhere regarding the teams performance. I'd have thought that after our enforced extended break we'd have been up for this and raring to go but that didn't seem to be the case. Something is very wrong and needs fixing. But how? We're skint - end of. It's been an awful season and in all likelihood it's about to get worse. We face the prospect of two games a week and we struggle to perform in one a week. Come on ICT sort yourselves out, you're not on holiday yet so get your sleeves rolled up and get stuck in.
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    Very impressive and informative Report . 5 stars.!
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    That's a pre-order in hope it takes off well. Looking forward to it and of course the upcoming season, be different in more ways than one !
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    Gritty and determined play evident on this video. Excellent and uplifting win.
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    Or maybe you could say Welsh--with a Rarebit of skill....?
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    Good spot Mantis. That was James' deliberate mistake just to see if anybody is reading his memories.?
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    Have read all--very satisfying ,especially the full reports from our excellent reporters. 3rd place is fantastic. Manny has mann-aged to get the match video so that was just super for me since I am now sitting here at my computer at 9 o'clock in the morning, relishing that and all the prose. Hearty thanks to you, Manfer, for all your dedication and hard work to produce such skilful and interesting reports throughout the season. Looking forward to Tuesday evening. If that game starts at 7.p.m then that will be 11 a.m here in Vancouver in Western Canada. Great Mun. Alan S …..dinna worry about the negative naysayers --I sneakingly think they are jealous of your unique perspective on all things Caley. I find you a breath of fresh air, anyways. Hope you are not wearing a man's perfume though.
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    Oh My! Someone should contact the SFA and ask about the capability and choice of the ref then. Especially in a crucial match like this for both teams. The video should back up the negative reports? Well, at least the attendance was not too bad. Not having been able to view the match maybe for me discretion would be the better part of valour and now just accept what has been said. Pretty disastrous, scary situation though when most of the comments about the refereeing have been so devastatingly critical. If they are accurate then the club should lodge a formal complaint ( with video backup) and ask for the game to be replayed even at Dingwall..? Seems fair …..or not? Another great report from Mannie though. Keeps Pimples from falling asleep at the wheel and much better than a verbal belter in the Russian language round the heid by one named IHE. Such a clever man....
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    Interesting comments Manfer. Hope the video that you will have ready after the match is a good one too.. You never disappoint do you? On the ball so to speak. I know, I know! But hope springs eternal in the human and Canadian breasts so I hope there will be goals aplenty.
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    Well done Stan, but first time I’ve heard demolition described as “refurbishment “ ?
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    Great report, thanks for posting. Couldn’t have put it better myself..
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    A very interesting report filled with essential and informative detail. Now we know why the video is not available we can easily wait for the next one at the start of next season and wish the videographer a speedy recovery. Thanks Mannie for all your research and hard work during this season.
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    I remember that game well - particularly that shot from Wyness & the amazing save from Speroni. I wasn't suprised when he got a big move down to Crystal Palace!
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    Peter Grant is on form with the Bairns. Remember how well he played in the Cup Final against us. Judging by the video this team has some hard working and skilled players in it. But I think Willo Flood is just past it. No wonder Dundee U's poor Manager was really upset. Almost lost for words so he was. If the game is on tomorrow we can't take any chances with this team and IMHO must shut them down in early course.
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    Great Report, Mannie. One of your best. Ferranti Thistle?-that's a name from the past and I never knew that Livingston was related.
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    I have no confidence that we can overcome a strong Arabs team. An Arabs team that have done well in the Bet Fred cup. Our performances in friendlies and the Bet Fred have done nothing to excite us. Is it a smoke screen and real ICT will turn up when it matters? I can't see that happening just yet. It is going to take time and patience. Hopefully we don't run out of games before that happens. Away Win
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    Given how hard it is to come by any meaningful info at the moment that's a cracking summing up - good job sir!
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    Interesting write-up indeed, Old Caley girl. I remember the name Alan Cousin very well in former years....I think as much as anything since he did play for Hibs which was the team I visited regularly for the 6 years I lived in Edinburgh in my past , which now seems so distant. He was born in the same year as I was. That is a great cover by Sienna and it's very pleasing to me that the youngsters are allowed to express themselves in this way by club management.
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    As thorough and insightful an assessment as could be expected in our circumstances. The inclusion of the videos, which I had already accessed elsewhere, was a neat and thoughtful inclusion. Looks as if you have put a good deal of work into this commentary so thanks for that Manfer Cheers ,Scarlet
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    You forgot to call Ferranti a 'Works Team" though. See you at the game. Abbotsford for me.
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      We are delighted to help publicise a new book by @ICTFC club historian Ian Broadfoot. "Milestones and Memories" provides a wonderful nostalgic trip down memory lane and is sure to bring back many happy memories. Anyone who knows Ian will know how meticulous his fact and record keeping is which makes this a must-have for any ICT fan. In fact, buy 2. One to read, one to keep for posterity!!

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      “We have looked at the first 25 years of ICTFC kit and we believed that it was time to try and recapture an identity for our home kit in particular. The many people we discussed previous years designs with all seemed to be thinking along the same lines and I hope the fans are in agreement.”
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      People often refer to an extraordinary, yet fleeting occurrence as a JFK moment. When Inverness CT went in a bowl in Switzerland for the Europa League draw in June 2015, it was hardly a life changing event, but I will never forget where I was when the news filtered through
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      #TogetherNess - The Caley Jags say Thank You to the NHS and Key Workers

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