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    Although this is not (yet) posted on the official site I am posting it here as the source is pretty legit (Nicola McAlley). Assuming this is indeed legit then a huge pat on the back to the club for doing this. This is a tremendous idea and one they should be praised highly for. GOOD JOB !!!
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    An honour to play with Herchie and proud to call him a pal, played with his heart on his sleeve, a real winner and leader, I'll never forget you! RIP Big Herch.
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    Quite frankly never seen anything like this in football. Liam Polworth has come through the ranks at Caley, 25 assists last season, clearly the only one with the ability to unlock a defence and yet the abuse he gets from some sections beggars belief. It hardly matters what kind of game he's having either. So many "supporters" seem worryingly ready to rail on him at the slightest thing. This isn't in my head, hear it all around me every home game. Yesterday as an example, Mackay came on and took a touch that would've resulted in an outcry had it been Poli. But because it was Mackay? Total silence. Get behind your players and learn something about the game you're supposedly watching, you know who you are, absolute disgrace. You only need to listen for a while to the people talking ***** about Poli to realise they don't have much of a clue how the majority of the game works, really seems like they're there to vent. I for one really hope he stays unlike that wee lemon Daniel ict or whatever his name is on Twitter who's going about delighted at the prospect of losing our only playmaker to a premier league club. That wee crew are such a stereotype, are more or less only at games for the homoerotic camaraderie, know **** all about football and I hope they see this: nothing wrong with your reasons for being at the football, that's your business, but when you're dishing out that kind of abuse expect it to come back and bite you. Aside from that lengthy rant, we've got a very good side here if they could up the tempo at key moments and were able to add a player who can finish consistently. Still hoping Austin can be that player myself. Roll on Tuesday.
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    The team has just equalled the club record for the number of league games undefeated (22) and moved back into the play off places. It's a great achievement. Yet some of the "support" choose to boo the team at the end and to hurl abuse at our leading scorer who happened to score the 2nd equaliser tonight. It can't exactly encourage players to want to play for us if that is the kind of "support" fans give. Of course the recent draws are frustrating and we've lacked penetration going forward, but you don't go 22 games unbeaten if you are a poor side. The players themselves were clearly gutted not to have got a win from the game tonight. Perhaps if some of the folk who were constantly on the players' backs all night had shown a bit of support instead, then the players may have felt less pressured and played better as a result.
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    I hope after reading and hearing what the man went through with his illness people get off his back. He genuinely wants to help our team do well and he's if nothing else not short on effort as well as being our current top scorer this season. Let's for once try and get behind all our players at the business end of the season, we still have a great chance of the playoffs and his goals are going to be crucial.
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    Personally, I'm so sick of this constant and unending talk of 'the board' on here. I support my team, have since I was young and always will. As long as nothing is going wrong financially, I care not one jot who the board are or how/what they communicate with me. I just want them to pick the correct manager, support him as well as they can within budget, and that’s pretty much it. The only real disconnect I have with the club at the moment is with this site, and the few helmets who take every opportunity to bleat on about perceived issues with the board and seem to think they’re speaking for us all. I go to games, and it’s good crack watching the team (well sometimes…) and seeing folk I know, few beers etc. Come on here however, and it’s always the same few folk constantly whining, and for a fans forum it doesn’t reflect any actual match going fans I know or have met. Personally, I have no interest in events like this or anything to do with our supporters’ group solely because of individual posters on here who seem to be running or involved with these things (see ridiculous SLO debacle for reference). It’s very clear they have personal issues with those running the club, and seem hell bent on proving points and highlighting any negativity to further their own egos over and above actually supporting the club. You can say that events like this are not attended because of a disconnect with those running the club, but maybe the reason fans don’t turn up is because a lot of us are just happy to go to games and have no idea what it is you guys actually want? That’s the case for me anyway, it’s not apathy, I just find this all incredibly boring. I’m even bored with my own post here, this is what CTO has driven me to and I feel ashamed.
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    I really don’t see the problem here. The bottom line is that if his contract needs to be honoured, it will be. But as part of a process of urgently necessary cost cutting, an alternative option is being sought. The financial reality is that each and every means of cutting costs has to be pursued. There is, unfortunately, no room for sentiment when the future of the club is at stake. I don’t know the intimate details of Gary’s current contract but would guess that it was, a la Foran, a fairly long one given under the previous boardroom and managerial regimes in the Premiership. We need to thank Gary for his huge contribution (for which he has been remunerated) and regret the earlier failure which has made it necessary to try to terminate his engagement.
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    The negative; that we no longer have a chance of promotion but we knew that, in our heart of hearts, at five to five last Saturday. The positives; despite our poor financial position and despite what the scaremongers and agitators are trying to imply, we are not entering administration any time soon. We have a manager who was clearly rusty after more than a decade away from the game but who now seems to have rediscovered his mojo. We have a squad of players who, after disastrous start to the season and a mediocre middle, have now gelled and have built up considerable confidence and momentum to carry into next season We have, at last, not just one but two forwards capable of scoring with a third young striker full of potential waiting in the wings. We also have the advantage of, as early as April, knowing exactly where we will be next season and with what budget so have months to prepare accordingly and, by the looks of things, already are. All in all much to look forward to and feel positive about next season, including the increasing likelihood of derby matches. I, for one, can hardly wait.
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    The team should be holding their heads high after that result today. Not off to the best start granted, but then Stm were straight off the starting blocks and were pressing us heavily all over the park. We needed to settle and build the confidence and it never happened before the penalty was awarded. That could have easily killed off the game, but it never and the players still tried to match stm at every opportunity and did well to go in at HT 1-0 down. To have shown so much fight and then lose the 2nd would have broken many a team but we kept going, even against the absolutely ludicrous level of refereeing. I have never been one to slate referees too harshly, but in this case every insult thrown at him from the stands was completely justified. The guy was 100% biased and should be sacked for that performance. To not only fight back against a stubbornly good stm side and the referee from hell and secure a draw, we very nearly topped it off with a fine glancing header from young mckay that just a foot or do higher would have sent the TCS into chaos. Fantastic atmosphere and brilliant resilient performance from the players. Get the win on Tuesday and we jump back into 7th. Least we deserve. Ridgers was absolutely phenomenal.
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    What an extraordinary statement from CJT. CJT held an AGM on 5th December 2017. As is evident on a very lengthy thread elsewhere, very short notice was given for this meeting and many members received no notification. Due to the short notice, I was unable to attend but it seems as though the meeting was a shambles. I am not aware that CJT have issued any report or minute of that meeting but Caley D summed up his impression of the meeting by posting "Long and short of it.....the society is currently in abeyance due to having insufficient board members. An EGM will be held at some point in the future (no timescale was given) to rectify this and bring it back into proper operating order." In CJT's statement above there is reference to a Board meeting being held; that the Board is now up to 6 members and that this Board is now seeking 4 more members. But there is no mention of holding an EGM. Why not? The statement says "We need to know what’s important to you". I would have thought what is important to us is clear from the 6 page thread elsewhere on the forum. We want a supporters' body which is representative of the supporters, which actively works in the interests of the supporters and which keeps the supporters fully informed. Instead, we appear to have a self-appointed group who, over many years, appear to have done very little in representing supporters' interests, have consistently failed to communicate with the members and who appear to be acting unconstitutionally by simply ignoring what I understand was an unopposed call at the AGM for an EGM. The statement goes on to say "We are actively working to update membership records so we would like to encourage you to respond promptly." Just what exactly are people supposed to respond to? Is this supposed to mean that yet again members are expected contact CJT to tell them we are members? And if we don't, will we be deemed not to be members? The statement refers to a proposed meeting with Graeme Rae. Surely it is quite inappropriate for such a meeting to take place before the EGM takes place? It is vital that communication with the club on behalf of the supporters is carried out by people who have a remit from the supporters. It seems strange that after weeks of silence, this anonymous statement should appear so soon after Davie's recent post in which he stated that he would attempt to call an EGM with the aim of calling for the resignation of the existing Board membersand electing a new Board to take CJT forward. I will be interested to hear what progress Davie is making in due course. But one thing is clear. This mess has to be cleared up ASAP both to protect the voting rights and to give the supporters a genuine voice within the club. We have to have an EGM as soon as possible to establish a new Board to take things forward. That will provide a platform for the existing Board members to state their case and argue as to why they think they should continue in post. It will then be for the members to decide.
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    Club representatives have recently indicated (to others) that they have no confidence in dealing with any group, organisation or body that has any association with or involvement from Don (@CaleyD ) ... whether that is CTO (where he has not held any role for many years other than being a member like most users), whether that is the Trust (where he is the democratically elected Chairperson), or it would seem with InTorNet Design, our jointly owned hosting and website design service, where the club will not reply to our emails (but will make factually incorrect statements about us to un-associated third parties). I will leave the Trust and Donald to address the issues involving them as they are not my concern, but I will defend both this site and perhaps more importantly my business by any means necessary from both scurrilous rumour and downright defamation. However, I will not go into further detail on that subject for now. Based on the above I would say not to hold your breath for any answer on here. To get an answer would require dialogue and as much as I personally reached out to both the chairman and the CEO in an attempt to maintain the cordial and mutually beneficial dialogue we have had with every single board of ICTFC since the club and this website were formed in 1994 - regardless of sometimes fraught interpersonal relationships with those involved - it seems impossible to continue to attempt to do so in such a one-sided fashion and be completely ignored by those who have been put in place by our shareholders to bring good stewardship and responsible governance to our club. The crux of the issue, in my opinion, seems to be power and control. It would seem that the current incumbents think that ceding any responsibility or involvement to others outside their tight circle erodes their power (the reluctance to put a named person in the SLO position is a prime example) or that groups like the Trust or CTO seek power and/or influence over them. This is not new, other people in those roles viewed the Members' Club, Supporters Club, CJT, CTO and others suspiciously in the past. However, it has been shown time after time that these relationships are intended to be symbiotic and collaborative in nature and can (and have) actually help(ed) them in many ways. I cannot and will not talk for the Trust as I am not involved, but I can say that CTO has no interest in having any power or influence at the club. What I do, and have done for the last 25 years is simply to provide a platform for supporters of the club to talk about issues, good or bad, surrounding the club. I did this initially as a hobby because there was no other platform available, and although other platforms now exist and all are equally valid, I continue to do it from 3500+ miles away as it keeps me in touch with Inverness, ICT, friends and others. We still get between 500-600 unique users per day, nearly 2000 unique users per week and upwards of 25,000 page views on an average week so although this is less traffic than our heyday as some prefer the other platforms or social media, and there has been a drop now we are in the championship too, its still not insignificant viewing numbers. Sometimes what is posted on the site are good things that draw praise, other times those are negative things that draw criticism, but through it all I think CTO has been shaped over the last 25 years by the users and we have, by and large, set our own standards where users more or less self-police the system and dont let things go too much in either direction. Look at some other football fora or indeed the various social media platforms to see discussions that spiral dangerously into territory our users do not allow. If the club choose to read the views of individual supporters and reach out to them or to change things at the stadium based on suggestions posted here - or indeed sent to them by any other means - then more power to their elbow, if they choose to ignore requests sent via any format then that is their right, but also their risk. As a supporter I will call them out when I think they get it wrong, but I will have no hesitation in praising them when I think they get it right .... and despite what is posted above, I do think there are many things they have got right and are getting right and which I hope to see them continue to improve and get right as they move forward. (the e-Programmes and the recent stadium commentary initiative to name but two) As the club appear to have made a conscious decision not to acknowledge or respond to my emails, I will once again make this clear in a public forum ..... I remain open to working with the club, and having CTO be one of those avenues they (continue to) use to help communicate with the fans as they have stated on the website, in the matchday program, as part of their recent email blast, and on social media .... but I will do it in the same manner as I have done for the last 25 years. I don't do bullshit, I don't do politics, and I don't accept bullying behaviour be it overt in nature or passive aggressive. I am also not going to sugar coat my responses to anyone in email or on here. I have the ability to separate the personal, professional, and leisure aspects of my life and will happily work with others who share that ability and don't let personal grievances bleed over into other areas. I am more than happy to enter into public/private dialogue with the club, be it the chairman, CEO, a named SLO, or anyone else ... can they say the same ?
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    Tell you what. If you had chanted in public that my sister was of dubious morality, I’d have been a damned sight ruder back to you than Liam Polworth was on Saturday on twitter. I’d have slaughtered you publically. For a guy who, according to weekly shouts from the stands and in these forums, doesn’t care and is downright lazy, it’s a common shout that has its origins in a pack mentality and precious little to do with reality. I’m lucky. I’ve been granted access to our players over the years in a capacity that has allowed me to see the reactions to success and failure close up and personal and Liam Polworth is a player who gives everything for this club. Not one of you saw the absolute roasting he was giving himself at half time for missing that penalty. He does that a lot and I’ve seen on here before that this is him “moaning” at others. Wrong, it’s at himself. I’ve heard it said frequently that he is lazy and drifts in and out of games, doesn’t track back and can’t place a pass. What is happening is that he has to hang back, look for the big picture and try the unexpected. That’s his role. It may or may not come off but look at his statistics – he’s created more in this team than any other midfielder in years. Those with short memories might like to look at the similar treatment Vigurs got when he was here. What both missed was a foil – a Tansey or Draper who would share the burden. Polworth doesn’t have that luxury. I’ve watched him go from possibly the quietest and least assertive lad in the dressing room to one who will now step up and represent his team when asked to. He is surprisingly vocal at times. A lot of this has coincided with his becoming a parent. He’s grown up. However he’s grown up in an environment that is judgemental, unsupportive and is now becoming abusive despite him being one of the players at the club of genuine premier league quality. Why do you think St. Mirren are alleged to be interested? Brian Rice knows this boy, how he trains and performs , what his strengths are and the best way to enable him. No wonder they are interested. Rice knows that Polworth is a player, a performer whose confidence can be fragile. Nothing can destroy that confidence quicker than your own fans constant (and it is constant) criticism and now abuse from our own fans. What worries me most is the air of resigned disgust from some for this – it has gone beyond creating a siege mentality for the team and has become corrosive. I'm heartened to see the support from his boss and fellow players and fans that he is getting now. It's just a shame it had to come to this. Liam Polworth can do nothing to alter this situation and if it was me, I’d make him captain for the game on Tuesday night, identify the people leading Saturday’s chants (it’s not difficult) and change it. The only people who can alter things in the stands, however, are the supporters; challenge the abusive ones, temper the criticism and maximise the encouragement. It’s called being a fan.
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    Even more reason for our fans to get behind the team next season. Grab a season ticket, get along to some more games, buy the new strip do whatever you can to get behind the team and help them get back to the Premiership scudding County along the way
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    Who would I like to see at ICT next season? About 2,000 more fans would be good.
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    A brave attempt. Strengthen in the summer and get off to a flyer next season and see where it takes us. Remember what an absolute mess ICTFC were in only 36 games ago. Special credit goes to Robbo. He came into a toxic club, with barely a team to talk of. He took a shedload of flak from many fans, then turns things around dramatically, with a Cup Win and narrowly missing out on PLay Offs.
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    We are back on the 'body language' / 'attitude' stuff for Polworth again I see. Liam Polworth has had an absolute beast of a season. He has had 16 assists in the Championship, six more than the next best player, more than gjuys like Lewis Morgan, Stephen Dobbie. That's playing in a team that's been in the bottom half the table for practically the entire season without a striker who has a decent number of goals. On the run that we've had at the end of the season he's scored or assisted eight of the twenty goals we've scored.
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    Well i enjoyed yet another memorable ICT away day. Those who i expected to see i met and saw. Nowt wrong with the atmosphere. As fer the game it was poor but both teams set up defrnsively. Loads of positives to me. Ridgers has cemented his place and really is a solid keeper. Donaldson was immense, Tremarco is the Duracell Bunny, Polworth ran his socks off as did Oakley and we appear to have unearthed a wee cracker in MacKay - simply has to be signed up - with sell on clauses - and given some real game time. We never looked troubled, defensively we kept it tight and shaped, thought we played some pretty stuff a times BUT as all season lacked the killer touch in the last third and lack of a proficient striker. We deserved to win. Our heads could have gone down after that deplorable penalty kicked but we kept to the age old adage of keeping going to the final whistle. Respect to the team and the loyal away support. Just need to get out of the play off spot and start planning gor nect season. Cant believe that so many are whingeing. To me it was a last gasp winner, just as stimulating and enjoyable as the Vincent clincher at Hampden - and giving most fans a well deserved, albeit wholly unexpected cup winning experience in the worst season in years. We are still alive and kicking and the only way is up dudes. Have a nice day ☺
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    Seeing as this seems to be the pre match thread for the game it's worth posting this so fans who attend are aware. Hopefully as many supporters as possible join in with the applause as it would mean a lot to Dawn's family
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    I have a few thoughts after reading this thread. Firstly, it should be acknowledged that none of this is the fault of Gary Warren, a club stalwart for six years and club captain for the last three. In January 2016 (when Yogi was manager, in fact) he was offered a three and a half year contract on (presumably) very good terms, which apparently also contains an appearance fee. He is of course completely within his rights to stand his ground and demand the club honour it. None of us would do anything different in our own walks of life. Even if Warren was willing to leave - because he wants to play regularly, for example - his options are limited somewhat. There is only one other full-time club within 100 miles, so if they aren't interested he either has to move elsewhere (either separating himself from his family or uprooting them) or go part-time (not that his options there are good either unless Elgin fancied him, especially since Brora aren't paying crazy money anymore). And whilst he is a qualified teacher, i imagine he cannot just step back into that role overnight. He may be one of our highest paid players, but a lot of folk don't seem to realize that the wages of SPFL Premiership players (outside the top 5 clubs are so) are not exactly extortionate, especially given that anyone on much more than £1k/week then ends up on a higher tax band. His football career will not have set him up for life, and the contract he is currently on will be his last one of any significance as a professional footballer. I also wonder whether, given he has passed his UEFA A licence, whether his intention was to follow Foran into the coaching setup and that was a reason behind being given such a contract. If that was the case, clearly that door is not open under Robbo. That being said, he is on an onerous contract. Out of those left over from relegation, only he and Polworth (and Fon Williams of course) are still on a contract signed before the drop (Tremarco and McKay have signed new contracts since). And unfortunately his play has declined sharply in the last two seasons; he struggled badly in our relegation season and in the first half of 2017/18, though his form certainly improved in the run-in. McKay and Donaldson are ahead of him in the pecking order though, which means that if he is one of the highest paid players at the club he is not good value for money at all. Worse, his 'appearance fee' means that he costs us less if he sits on the bench or in the stand. If it is true that we could get in three players for his wage - and it may well be - then it is a no-brainer for Robbo to try and punt him, because in such a tight league having those players could make a very significant difference to our promotion prospects. If even one of those three proves more of an asset than Warren is then it will have been worth it. I do sympathise with the manager here - neither he nor the current board were involved with what looks with hindsight to be a terrible contract to give to a player who was already 31; you don't see teams like St. Johnstone offering more than two years at a time to their senior players, and for good reason. His comments to the press appear to be a crass attempt into shaming Warren into leaving by giving people the impression that he is a burden, and I am very uncomfortable with them; they are reminiscent of the way we treated David Raven a year ago. But clearly Robbo had already had the conversation privately with Warren at the end of the season and feels that Warren is not making sufficient effort to find a new club, so he has decided to force the issue. What happens next? I have no idea. The nuclear option would be to freeze him out in preseason, but it would be a shame if it came to that. As stated above, Warren doesn't really have much in the way of alternatives other than standing his ground. It's difficult to see how this plays out in a way that suits everyone. But it does appear that we will be weaker if Warren stays than if he goes.
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    I cant help but think that a large number of the posters on here now are post merger and have become accustomed to on-going success and a guaranteed place in the top leagues. To me the last 24 years have been a total feckin mini-miracle. I followed Caley (OK Celtic as well) since I could walk. I have followed them all over the Highlands and wherever the cups took us. I always dreamed of being in the higher leagues and winning Cups!! In those Highland League days it was a case of away days with your mates, winning was a bonus and fortunately in the Highlands it usually was. You practically knew everybody around you at games or they introduced themselves to you. It was an extended family. What we have achieved is mind blowing. I will cherish every feckin minute - well at least the minutes I can remember or hadn't been chucked out I have met so many newbies and established so many great friendships. I HATED some of the SPL away days. They became boring. I actually looked forward to this season. I am worried but I still look forward to many away trips. We have made great unions with the likes of QOS and Dumfermline. I will be there even if we go down. I will be there next season and I will be there until my head is chopped off by another Immortal. The Away Day crew differs in numbers but it is still great craic. There is always a friendly face to have a dram or two with. Peeple are all trying to pinpoint blame. To me the club has been mismanaged over the last two seasons. So the damage has been done. This year to me is all about survival first and a sign of revival next. We are again a little fish in a big pond. We always were and always will be. I suppose that you will all now note that I am cheesed off with a lot of the negativity on here. Hopefully this may strike a note with some.
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    Getting rid of Robbo would be folly. 1. We'd have to pay significant gardening leave yet again. 2. Who would we bring in that could realistically do a better job? 3. We've no money to pay 2 managers yet again. 4. He's doing the best he can petty much. (imo).
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    Scotty has major surgery tomorrow. Please join me in wishing him all the very best - may his consultant/surgeon be totally successful and Scotty have a good outcome and thus enjoy a Happy Christmas followed by a healthy peaceful relaxing 2019. My love to you Scotty and to your nearest and dearest too. Liz S x
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    I can't believe we have stooped so low to boo a player who has been with us loyally for all of his football career. The abuse of his family was well out of order, some people need to take a good look at themselves Would this have happened and would this discussion be taking place if Polly had scored that penalty? I tell you he's probably feeling a lot worse about it that any of you are.
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    A game that we should've won comfortably, even considering the dire performance. Worrying that there's a serious lack of pace in this team. For the first home game of the season, it felt like an end of season game such was the sluggish performance. Most of those players look like they'd be quicker walking! No creativity, predictive passing, and slow tempo in the final third cost us 2 points. No width. Strange substitutions too didn't help. Austin subbed yet Oakley offered zero all game. Trafford and Chalmers and Walsh were invisible. As usual Polworth is the one singled out for abuse (yawn) but he's the only player taking the ball to at least try and make things happen. He'll be the first to admit he didn't have the best game today but to receive that kind of abuse !!??....have a word wi yourselves !!🤬🤯🖕
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    These chants were totally out of order
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    Dennis Wyness plays his last ever game of professional football on Saturday assuming he is selected by Huntly at the grand old age of forty one. One of the most talented and entertaining players ever to wear our shirt. His cheeky step overs will live in the memory forever and there was seldom talk of a striking crisis when he was on our books in partnership with Iain Stewart, big Brian Thomson and others. Thanks for those great memories Denzil and enjoy your retirement from the game.
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    Bar me all you like. This has to be the absolute tamest most nanny state moderated football forum I have seen. If I am to be barred I will make it worth my while and publically state that Charles Bannerman is a complete moron Adios
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    Polworth is the second best player we have ever produced through our own youth system and although, like much of the team, his form has dipped on occasion this season, he is always fully committed and the team tends to do much better with him than without him. Everybody is entitled to their opinion but I really don't understand the abuse that Liam gets from the stands and, far too often, on this forum.
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    The manager drove to York (370 miles), picked up Daniel MacKay (and Kieran Chalmers I believe) and drove back to Edinburgh (200 miles) where they stayed overnight before heading on to Perth (a further 45 miles.... all "ish"). Daniel was asked about it in his Sportsound post-match interview, where one of the questions was "so who got to choose the music on the way back?" to which the answer was "oh there wasn't any music because the gaffer talked all the time". Making that trip in advance of the stresses and strains of managing a team in a cup final shows quite a lot of commitment to tge job.
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    From the AGM it was generally agreed that Tulloch had provided in the region of £6,500,000 of "value" to the club over the years (not including any interest). I've not done the exact sums, but it was surmised that they had received approx £2,000,000 in rental income over the years....there's also been £300k of rent arrears written off and no rental for the past 12 months. That gives a net position of about £5,000,000 that Tullochs "paid" for the stadium & leases since 2001. The gift that has just been provided means the club will save 76 years worth of rent at £205,000 plus they asset has been valued at £2,300,000....total £17,880,000. Club will have £30k rent to pay per year (£15k to Common Good Fund & £15k for Car Parks)....over 76 years (and on the assumption we may have the car parks that long or need to pay for an alternative at similar rate if they are developed) that's a £2,280,000......the net "gift" value comes out at £15,600,000....on top of the £5,000,000 net investment by Tullochs from the last paragraph. Whichever way you want to cut it....that's £20,000,000 to the good for ICTFC....and I fail to see how anyone can continue to paint Tulloch as the bad guys. Some of you have been around this forum long enough to know that I did a lot of digging and questioning over the whole stadium ownership/lease deals for a number of years because I wanted to ensure that the debt would never come back to haunt the club. You may also recall that I made a statement (it may still be on this forum somewhere) that whilst I could not share information that I had been shown in confidence, I was happy to stick my neck out and state that the club's interests were being looked after and that the debt would not come back to haunt us. So this is as huge for me personally as it is for the club because a lot of people have questioned my credibility over the years as a result of that. Finally (for now at least...lol)....the work to bring the stadium ownership back to the club was started a long time ago and the offer was made public 12 months ago....so whilst the current board may have been the ones to finally sign off on it, credit has to be given to the previous Chairman and Board as they are actually the ones that made it even remotely likely or possible.
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    We were excellent today, thoroughly deserved the win and it probably should've been more. We appear to have stumbled on a formation and style that works, or it has the last two weeks anyway. We built on the performance against Falkirk and improved on it. We set up in a pretty standard 4-4-2, relatively flat in midfield with Chalmers left and Mulreany right. Vigurs and Polworth sat in the middle in front of the the same back four as previously, including returning hero Donaldson. Up front we had Baird and Bell. United had a few chances early and forced Ridgers into a reflex save from a shot (didn't see who hit it) and then we had to scramble clear from within the six yard box after a prolonged stramash. After that we really took over and started having an impact in an attacking sense. Baird and Tremarco missed headers and we had a few other openings before opening the scoring. Following a corner the ball was headed clear to Vigurs who shot in from the edge of the box. We then doubled our lead with one of the best goals I've seen us score in years. A United attack broke down around our 18 yard box and we broke with a little dink into midfield from Donaldson (I think). We then moved the ball quickly through midfield and released Mulreany with a weighted through ball. Mulreany rinsed the left back for pace and drove into the box, where he hit a driven low cross that Connor Bell drilled in from a couple of yards. It was a ******* belter, everything about it was perfect, the passing, the pace, the finish. When Mulreany got the ball I said to my mate that this would be goal of the season, I can't imagine us scoring s better one this season. We had a couple of other breaks which could've lead to goals in the first half, Mulreany, Baird and Bell all had opportunities. Into the second half and we again sat strong and broke, with Mulreany probably having the best chance when he was pit right through but didn't shoot quickly enough. Donaldson also had a header that he put over but should've got on target. United, oddly, played with their centre half Durnan up front from an hour but that had zero impact, I don't think a single chance came from it. There were a couple of set pieces that Ridgers had to save but weren't really threatening. It was nervy for the fans because we've been so bad but looking back, we cigar'd it in the second half. Overall, we were excellent. Vigurs was at the heart of everything, he ran the midfield. He has been superb this season, strolling though games and dominating possession. He can switch the play but it's the way he plays little passes to create space, flicks round the corner of players and turns with the ball that makes him so effective. He really has been a class act and is the heart of our team. Defensively we have somehow become settled and solid. Having two experienced full backs in Tremarco and Raven is a help but Donaldson has been a rock the last two weeks, defends well, no nonsense, quick and good in the air. He clearly loved getting that win, going by his celebrations at the end. He looks like being a real find. Up front Baird and Bell aren't likely to be prolific but the way they pull defenders about, hold the ball and make runs is vital to creating the space for our chances. Mulreany has kicked on in the last two weeks, another confidence filled game today, including an actual assist, miracle of miracles! Second week in a row he dominated the full back and his end product was better. Great stuff
  34. 10 points
    Want to say a Hugh Thank you to Lady F. She has very kindly just called me and told me she has a programme for me and she is sending it free of charge. I am blown away with her kindness. She is a true fan and a special lady. Wish there was more people in the world like this. I promised I would donate money to charity on her behalf and post the receipt on this forum. Thank you again.
  35. 9 points
    Just wanted to share something I heard today. Im sure some of you may have seen the the great clip of the wee boy celebrating last tuesday night? Well Peter Paul managed to track him down yesterday and arranged for him to meet the players, get pictures and I think he was on pitch with them at the warm up.Thought this was a lovely thing to do so a big well done to Peter!!
  36. 9 points
    John Robertson...."We've got a problem at home. We've won two, lost three and drawn the rest. Away from him, we've got a small band of fans that get right behind the team but at home they don't seem to do that." There we have it folks.....it's all our fault. WTAF Give us something to get behind and we'll get behind you! But all we see the same abject lifeless performances every other week!!! That's a ridiculous comment to make. Don't think I'll bother turning up in future if I'm only going to be a hindrance to the team! Raging!
  37. 9 points
    Should get out later today. Still got some tubes in which I will have to deal with at home until they come out in the next 10 days or so but feeling reasonably ok and ready for some home comforts.
  38. 9 points
    First Polworth now White. For gods sake get a life. If these guys confronted their critics face to face they would crap themselves. Supporters should do exactly that..... SUPPORT.
  39. 9 points
    I've been full of admiration for what JR has achieved since he came back as manager but I think that is a simply appalling interview. For a start, how dare he criticise these young lads for disrespecting the opposition and the fans and being responsible for going out of the cup that, in his words, "we worked so hard last year to win". If he thinks making every effort to win this game was important, then he should have put out his strongest team. If he thinks the team that started on Saturday was his strongest team than how disrespectful is it to make no less than 7 changes. But to add insult to injury, his criticism of the 7 is mostly unjustified and to restrict his comments to the 7 is plain wrong. What about the 4 who also started against Ayr? Of those, only Rooney had a reasonable game. The Par's first goal came from a Trafford error and McKay's foul. The 2nd stemmed from Polworth losing the ball in midfield. Yes we were lethargic in the first half, but no more so than for most of the game against Ayr. Responsibility for that lethargy must lie primarily with the more experienced players who failed to show the necessary leadership on the park. And if some of these young lads were so poor, why then only take one of them off and only make 2 substitutions? He says that White and Welsh were fine and McCart did OK but that there was "... nothing. Nothing" from the others. I guess he was too far away to see just how well Calder did out on the left in the 2nd half. He makes reference to the number of crosses coming in and that some were good, but just who does he think was getting the ball across? The ball boys? To quote from the official match report " Spotting a weakness on the flanks, both Rooney and Calder continued to hit tantalising crosses into the box". And how can John Robertson say White and Welsh were fine and then go on to say it may be a long time before any of the 7 play again? It just doesn't make sense. Unfair criticism of his players in this way is a sure fire way of losing the dressing room. There is only one person responsible for yesterday's defeat and that is John Robertson himself It is John Robertson who should be taking a long hard look at the video of the game before making a few apologies to some of the lads. As I say, I have been a great admirer for what John has achieved here. His comments have often been uncomfortable but honest and fair. That is why I am just so disappointed to hear him making such unjustified criticism of his young players in order to deflect the blame from where it so clearly lies - with himself.
  40. 9 points
    Apologies for my choice of words last night while I was still in a rage after seeing the tweet from Liam. However, this type of harassment of our own players does nobody any good and should be stopped now before action is taken against those responsible. I totally agree that Liam did not have his best game, but the personal abuse is uncalled for, and as already posted very few of our players came out of this game without criticism. Difficult to pick a clear MotM from such a lethargic performance.
  41. 9 points
    It's a bit ironic that someone who has, on several occasions, marched half the length of Scotland between games, should be put off attending matches by a 30-second detour to the ticket window.
  42. 9 points
    As above, I don’t see how people can disassociate so quickly from players. I doubt Gary is feeling very chipper and either will any of the players who are close to him. It’s not a nice thing to be doing. That it is like water off a duck’s back for many i find a bit soulless. Him staying or going either now or at the end of the season will not make or break the finances and I find that getting so excited about the money saved and dismissing Gary’s situation, and the club’s word, as sentiment all a bit crass. Aware I’m in the minority here, certainly not bothered about that. Raven’s farewell speech after his last game brought home that sometimes you owe and stand by people who committed to the club. I honestly dont see how people can applaud and cheer and celebrate our captain for years and then quickly dismiss their fall from grace overnight as a good cash deal.
  43. 9 points
    I truly despair at folk on here's views of Vigurs. He is a superb footballer and will be a huge loss to us - anyone who thinks otherwise clearly doesn't really get football at all. More worryingly this appears to be a very visible attempt by our neighbours to lay down a marker for next season and beyond. A much as I enjoyed their demise on Saturday I fear they will be going large on an immediate return to the Premiership. We appear to be shopping at Aldi and they are clearly intent on melting their plastic in M&S.
  44. 9 points
    Is anyone else starting to get quite irritated by this chairman? Now while it's wrong for fans to be racist, run on the pitch and generally be an idiot, this is once again another vilification of supporters. How many times has the club released a statement praising its fan base over the course of this season? None that I can think of. Yet we've had numerous statements over bad behaviour. The other week we won the Irn Bru Cup and the first act of the chairman was to release a very ambiguous statement about a rammy in the half time pie queue. We're apparently trying to attract new fans. People who are thinking about coming will look at these statements and think 'we aren't going in there with those hooligans'. It'd be interesting to know what the chairman's football background is. From the sounds of things, it doesn't sound like he has one.
  45. 9 points
    Please use this thread only for the important matter of the CJT Special General Meeting. The off-topic PC debate has been split out and moved to General Nonsense.
  46. 9 points
    I can't believe people are moaning about the quality of the game - who cares. The atmosphere was great and the ending was perfect. It's been nearly 3 years since i had any fun watching Caley. The celebrations at the end today made it all worthwhile. I loved it.
  47. 9 points
    An anonymous post, with no details, a 'board' composed of 6 unidentified people, and a vague promise to put things right, whilst appearing not to have a clue who the members are of this organisation. What is your remit to make any announcement at all, and who do you represent? Not the supporters because they have no way of knowing who you are or what you intend to do, especially as they have been shut out and ignored for months, if not years. The whole thing needs scrapped and reformed, with open, identifiable people answerable to their members and supporters. I expect another two to six months of complete silence. Graeme Rae will throw you out on your ear, quite rightly, until a responsible, professional organisation is established.
  48. 9 points
    Glover and others. I think we can now safely say that the current Board of CJT seem either unable or unwilling to represent or inform the membership effectively or at all. There have been seven separate attempts to gain a response from them about what they have been doing on this forum alone in the last couple of months without success. Facebook and website queries are unanswered. It’s nearly dead but we can’t let CJT die and then start a rival supporters group because the voting right within ICTFC that is held by CJT would die with it. As Charles Bannerman says that’s the 3rd or 4th biggest bloc within the club and represents the people who make the club what it is. That can’t be allowed to disappear. I’ve been in touch with SDS and asked advice on how to demit this Board in order that we can get CJT on an even keel and operating properly according to its objectives. The model rules (insofar as we know because CJT cannot or will not confirm what rules they are operating under) state that the Board should be informed of the intention of the membership to call a meeting of the society and that the intention must be supported by 20 members or 5% of the membership (rule 32). The Board at present appears to dispute who are or are not members in their view but anyone with a fob, a £1 share certificate or membership number who paid a one off £1 would be regarded as members for this purpose. We therefore need 20 people to take this forward. If you can DM me on this forum, I can add your name to the list. As soon as we have the minimum number, we call the meeting which has the sole agenda of requiring the immediate resignation of the current Board (Liz MacRae, Cliff Sim, Laura Grant and any others) From the date of that meeting being called, the Board may not do anything – other than preparing for that meeting. It’s questionable if, after the way the AGM finished, they are allowed to do any business now that isn’t direct preparation for a Special General Meeting under rule 36.4 and rule 65. It’s a damn shame it’s come to this but it’s not too late to do something about it. We will need people to serve on a new Board. At present I’m talking to various people about how to move things on and there are ideas. We’ll put them out there after we have got the support to call an EGM and certainly before it happens so that the members can make an informed choice about what happens next.
  49. 9 points
    So all the Vigurs and Polworth doubters? Hows it going without them?
  50. 9 points
    As promised, made a donation to JDRF type 1 diabetes charity. Thank you again Lady F for your generosity in sending me a match programme I needed for my collection free of charge . You are a wonderful Lady . kind Regards Kevin
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