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    Highlights of the 3rd round replay between Caley and Airdrie in 1990 is now available on YouTube. Many thanks to @TheMantis for providing the footage of the 2 goals - greatly appreciated.
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    This Saturday we face Arbroath in our opening home league match of the new season. This Saturday’s game is almost exactly 25 years, to the date, of our first league match, which was also against Arbroath. The match finished 5-2 to ICTFC with Alan Hercher scoring a hat-trick. Along with the celebrations for the 25th Anniversary of the club, we will remember, Caley Thistle legend, Alan Hercher. Alan tragically passed away last year and he was the first ever captain of the club. Alan will be remembered in various ways this Saturday, there will be the opening of the Alan Hercher enclosure in the North Stand, there will be a minute of applause before the match in memory of Alan and all the players, Directors, staff and fans we have lost across the first 25 years. Friends and family of Alan’s will be in the P&J Lounge for the match and some members of the first Caley Jags team will be pitch side for the tribute. The Caley Thistle players will wear the special edition ICT25 Strip for this match to celebrate the 25 anniversary of our first match and each player will be wear an armband with the number 4 on it, Hercher’s squad number, as a tribute to him.
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    I reckon it's a bit presumptuous to write us off after only one game in the Championship, and that against the clear favourites and financially backed Dundee United. Yes we need to improve, but until we can gauge ourselves against similar opposition to ourselves then I will refrain from making rash judgement. Not the best result, but a tough opening fixture for anyone.
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    At least Braves is a feckin better choice than Thistle.
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    Oh dear - Has Vincent taken over from Polly in more ways than one ?
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    I am totally scunnered with your “old goat herder” description of Todorov. He is 22 years old for goodness sake! Is that old to you - if so you must be still in primary school. He has scored goals when he has come on as a sub in last ten minutes, is keen and fans like him already. Some fan you are betting against ICT - you may be right but it seems so wrong to bet against the team you supposedly support.
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    What is it with ICT players? Over the years we’ve had a few cases of players getting into trouble with the police, and now it seems James Vincent and Dennis Wyness are in a bit of bother. 😲
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    ICT FC team in the North of Scotland Cup first round, 8pm kick-off. C.Mackay, Thain, Harper, Carson, Gamble, McHattie, Machado, MacGregor, Todorov, Doran, D.Mackay. Subs: Hoban (GK), Harkness, Hogg, Davies. 10min: Lossie 0-1 ICT - Todorov opens the scoring with his head after the ball is headed back across the box by Mackay. Lossie 0-3 ICT - Todorov, Machado and Doran the scorers. ⚽⚽⚽ Two goals in two mins as Machado and Doran extend our lead! Machado’s goal coming from a Doran effort which hit the post and Doran’s goal was a rocket from 20 yard. Half-Time 0-3 and at Claggan Park Ft William 2-2 Nairn County (Ft William now leading 5-2) LOSSIE 1-3 ICT. Fraser Forbes (55). Full Time Lossie 1-3 ICT At Claggan Park, Ft William have beaten Nairn County 5-2. ICT loan player Martin MacKinnon saved a penalty, Jack Brown, Roddy Kennedy, Harry Nicolson and Donald Morrison were amongst the Fort scorers in a historic victory. Incredible stuff, you couldn't make a documentary about this could you?
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    So we're not even into August and we have already decided that we are gash on the back of what are a few pre-season fixtures. This may be the case and we may end up struggling. Might make sense to wait a few games to see where we are place???
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    We need to field our strongest possible team against cove. They have huge ambition to win league two this season and have spent money in the transfer window bringing in players with experience. They won't be the push over they were last time we played. We need to give them as much respect as we would any team in the championship.
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    I thought Carson grew into the game, a few wayward passes early on which did cause us some problems but he gets his head up and looks to play forward, overall more pros than cons.
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    Tonight we recorded the next episode of The Wyness Shuffle podcast. All being well it will be available tomorrow morning. Cheers!
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    Livi also did us 3-0 at home in Pele's first league game. We lost 4-0 away to Dunfermline in the opening day in '99. And 3-0 at home to Rangers in '07. And 3-0 at Fir Park in '11. This is just a thing we do. Everything will be allright.
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    If only we could play that 12 men all at once IHE 😃
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    The Board of the Supporters Trust is delighted to report that Michael Talbot has agreed to join the Board as a co-opted member. Michael has been a keen supporter since having been taken to ICT's first competitive game at the new Stadium. With a background in sales, Michael is now Key Account Manager for the North of Scotland with a major supply and logistics company which has allowed him to develop relationships with staff in companies throughout the area. Michael brings organisational, time management and business skills to the Board, These, combined with his enthusiasm and love of Caley Thistle will make him a valuable member of the Board as we move forward. Michael's appointment brings the number on the Board up to 7.
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    Was at the Elgin game at The Glebe last night. Mackay was playing on the left of a forward 3. Good overall performance which included Daniel missing a sitter of a header in the 1st half and netting a rasping 20 yard drive in the 2nd half. Was easily the goal of the game aswell.
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    Credit to Rooney who looked knackered at the end - great effort after a long time out. White looked thinner in white but still failed to convert a lot of Walsh deliveries to his head in the first half. Carson is a very good new recruit - he has played in a few positions already and looks very promising. Vincent for me is very lively. Pleased to see him back. I thought Arbroath played extremely well. They have some very good players and should have retaken the lead immediately after half time. We were lucky not to be in the same hole as we were against Cove. Walsh did have a very good game and will probably be happier assisting Todorov but needs Robbo to rest White. Keatings is another good signing but like most of the team needs more game time before we wake up. However, two games in, and we have hauled ourselves off the bottom. The Championship is a brutal league to be in. Dundee United look as though they will walk the first place as long as Shankland remains fit. As for the other 9 teams, it is safe to say there are 3 play off spots up for grabs and we need to target one of them. Onwards to Dundee in two weeks time and it is time we achieved something there again.
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    White looked like a traffic cone today, he was rubbish. the game completely changed once storey came on and we started to play a lot better playing the ball on the ground and doing some nice passing moves. Also a deserved motm for carson
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    The announcer doesn't seem to know who our current players are half the time so I'm not surprised he couldn't name the legends.
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    Hope the commentary sounded okay for those who were listening in. Thought the first half was great entertainment. Arbroath had no interest in sitting deep and pushed players forward when they could with Linn the obvious threat on the left. He had a shot over the bar with his left foot and a right footed one saved comfortably by Ridgers early. Meanwhile Keatings kept popping up in the space in front of their centre backs and was the creator of almost everything good for us. Doran got in behind twice, but the first time he struggled to get the ball out of his feet and shot tamely and the second time he took too long and allowed Jamieson to block. Keatings then had an audacious overhead kick which looked terrific from my vantage point but was probably an easier save than it looked. So since we were on top, of course Arbroath went and scored. Ridgers flapped at a cross, the ball fell to Linn and instead of racing out to block his shot our players all tried to form a wall on the goalline. So Linn did the sensible thing and just leathered it. Having seen the footage at half-time I think Ridgers should still have saved it. He got a hand on it but was beaten by the power. Crucially we got level just before half-time. Unsurprisingly it was Keatings who played the killer pass (Polworth-esque!) and this time Doran finished the one-on-one. Half-time probably came at the wrong time for us as we looked like kicking on. After the break we started slowly; whilst Doran had another half chance so did Arbroath with one that somehow got flicked away from goal at the front post. The decision to bring Storey on for White kinda made sense as Arbroath were playing a super-high line but White's linkup play had been decent. And with Arbroath now tiring they dropped so deep that their central midfielders were on top of their centre-backs...and therefore denying Keatings any space to orchestrate in. That said when Storey went wide we didn't look any more threatening. Whilst the visitors were now leggy and sitting deep they defended pretty comfortably...until Storey cut in from the left and had a speculative shot that looked like a comfortable save at the near post, only for it to end up in the far corner via Jamieson's hands. It was an absolute gift. I'd love to hear what Dick Campbell said when that happened! Over the 90, we deserved the three points but anyone expecting a comfortable win will have been disappointed. As mentioned above I thought Keatings was terrific. Walsh had the beating of the full-back all day long and our central defenders were excellent in and out of possession. That was as good as I've seen Rooney defensively too, he was well disciplined and dealt with Linn very well. The obvious problem is in central midfield. Vincent's energy proved crucial in the later stages but Carson looks like he's still getting used to playing at this level. His decision-making wasn't great and he was too hesitant. We miss Welsh's confidence on the ball so much. A midfield duo of Welsh and Tansey (hey, I can dream!) would make us an altogether different proposition. Three points are three points. We only won five home league games last year so it's not to be sneezed at.
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    She was 52 in 1994 - Happy 77th Birthday MrsCaleyjag 😉
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    I'm delighted to confirm that the club will be providing live audio commentary of Saturday's game. For those who can't attend, a link to a Periscope feed will go up on the club's Twitter shortly before kickoff, probably just after 1450. This seemed to work okay when we tried it towards the end of last season so hopefully it'll go fine again. For those who complained I was too loud when Coll Donaldson scored against Ayr in the playoffs, I can't promise that won't happen again
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    A 5-2 win would top it off nicely.
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    I predict that you are going to get a slap.
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    Get Bobby Mann back in defence
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    Is he better than McGregor, Mackay or Machedo. I don't think so. Robbo keeps talking up our youngsters yet signs guys who are no better than what we have. Storey is certainly no legend. In the history of ICT this is possibly the best core of youngsters to come through. All these guys need is a chance. We've got nothing to lose.
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    True. Have added “even more”. Hard to find positives. Ridgers was giving Robbo pelters after the first goal so not sure if he was being blamed. For some reason, he was kicking short to Donaldson or McCart a lot of the time and that led to one of the goals as we got in a tangle. Mckay’s injury is hopefully not as bad as it looked. He left on a stretcher. United then targeted Carson, who I thought acquited himself well given he was out of position. Donaldson and McCart struggled to contain the lively United front two as the scoreline shows. Tremarco was not the player we have seen in recent seasons. Vincent has a decent spell when he came on, but is not a holding midfielder. Trafford had a few moments but was largely bypassed. Doran and Walsh did not impose themselves. For a spell the Carson / Walsh pairing caused issues for United but they sorted that by pressing up on Carson. Keatings did little. White was actually doing ok on the service he got. I’d have left him on and taken Doran off. Todorov and Storey did not really change anything, although Storey looked lively and had a couple of runs. Worryingly, there seemed to be more bi keeping amongst the players than normal. Hopefully just a reflection on them knowing they were having a bad day rather than anything more untoward. Hopefully we saw how good United are rather than how bad we are. Time will tell. We will get a better feel for it next week against Arbroath. Bottom of the league is never a nice feeling, though.
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    There's only one Djebi-Zadi
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    Very surprised and ambivalent about this. I'd imagine that Alan Simpsons bedroom looks like a Jackson Pollock painting right now. Narey sums it up well (as usual). He was really effective playing off the shoulder of the last defender and thrived on some of the gorgeous slide rule passes that Christie would play to him. He's not really had the level of service at the other clubs he's been at since and I can't see who would offer that in this ICT team. Maybe if we still had a Vigurs or a Polworth perhaps but obviously we don't have that any more. Scott Burns is normally spot on so there would seem to be something in this. Wouldn't be disappointed but wouldn't really be jumping for joy at the same time. Awkward for the group of ICT fans who barrack him at Firhill if he does come back
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    hope this is just early season bad day at the office. we have a few days to sort it out so come on boys go get em and prove the doubters wrong.👍
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    Mine is still in Bucharest 😂 Shine on Mikey Diamond 🥂
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    Well, how shocking was that? Easy to blame Ridgers for his howler, but in truth Dundee could/should have scored 3 or 4. Our long ball puts towards White were poorer than schoolboy stuff. Our so-called play makers, Walsh and especially Doran created absolutely nothing. Huge improvement needed if we are to make an early impression in the league .
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    Good questions to which I don't know the answer. Hopefully somebody else will be able to provide it. I have to say I am rather taken with this development for two reasons. Firstly, it shows a real statement of faith in youngsters who did very well last year but not quite well enough to make the first team squad. We all know that players develop at different rates and who's to say that in time one of these lads won't eclipse those who have been included in the first team squad? The second reason is that all the lads stay together. This means they are mutual support for each other in a different environment and the familiarity they have of each other on the park will allow them to perform to the best of their ability. I often think it must be really hard for youngsters going out on lone, alone, to ambitious Highland League clubs stuffed with seasoned part timers who would have loved to have made the grade to be a full time footballer. Maybe the loan experience is the making for some, but for many it is simply an introduction to the type of football that will later be seen as the pinnacle of their careers. This is a win, win, win situation. A win for the lads, for ICT and the Fort. The only concern for Fort William will be what on earth they do when they get drawn against us in the 4th round of the Scottish cup!
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    Interesting game. Nobody should have under-estimated Cove after they held Dundee to a goalless draw earlier. We were able to create far more chances than Dundee managed and if it were not for a couple of bad misses, one off the woodwork and several fine saves from the keeper we could have had 7 or 8. Having said that, the final whistle was greeted with relief more than anything as Cove really exposed us going forward, even when they were down to 10 men following the dismissal of their star striker. There were no new faces in our back line but they really couldn't cope with Cove's pacey attacks and with Megginson and Glass in particular. That has to be a concern going forward into the league season, although I think part of the problem was the lack of bite in defensive midfield and the return of Welsh will help in that respect. A downside in Cove's game was they way they went down too easily and feigned injury. It rather backfired on them once the ref got wise to it. We scored the winner whilst Megginson was feigning injury in the other half. He hobbled with an almost comedy limp to the ref to complain but then moved as freely as ever immediately after the kick off. Soon after Sculley got a genuinely sore one and it was a little while before the ref stopped play to allow treatment. The lad was clearly in some pain and had to be stretchered off. Hopefully it's not too serious. Nice too see a sporting round of applause from the home fans as he was carried off. Robbo has said that the team is looking to cut out all the draws that held us back last season. Last night would indicate a real desire to take the game to the opposition which means taking a few risks at the back. Lots of interesting games to come methinks.
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    Best thing about tonight is the result, And.. the subs! we looked like we were playing in 2nd gear! really! Cove looked sharper for most of the first half and probably should have been leading. our goal was a wayward header from Mackay that i'm pretty sure came off White's ass. Cove equalised with a smart move down the left that left Mackay nowhere and Vincent chasing a shadow, neat ball across the 6yd line and bang. Cove took the lead with a move down the left again, poor cover and cross into the box was deflected ( i think - sun in my eyes) and Megginson blasted the ball past Ridgers. Equaliser was a neat move which ended with Keatings smacking the ball into the net - well worked. Subs: Todorov & Curry replaced an out of sorts White and Doran. Todorov making an immediate impact by outjumping the Cove defence and heading the ball into the net. Positives, Subs including Mcgregor who was so direct and almost scored a beaut, Walsh was dangerous, the rest were pretty ordinary.. Vincent looked off the pace and needs to sharpen up. Carson shouldn't start when Welsh is fit. We are now top of the league, And a sharper performance vs Dundee should see us through!
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    Yes , he is a bit of a tit. Booked for kicking the ball away 1st half. Second yellow for a tackle. Cheap red card, might have cost them the game. This looks like being Roddy McGregors season btw...pace and movement giving a decent Cove backline kittens.
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    2. 2. Keatings. Thank ****
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    Hi Danylo. There used to be three whisky distilleries in Inverness, but they all closed down a long time ago - in the 1980s I think. Their names were: Glen Mhor - this distillery was quite literally at the end of the ground of Caledonian FC (Caley), one of the teams which merged to form ICT. Glen Albyn - very close to Glen Mhor - both distilleries were at the side of the canal in Inverness. Millburn - at the east side of Inverness - the distillery is now a hotel, and I was staying in it last week 🙂 Because the distilleries closed down so long ago, the whisky will be very hard to find, and you will have to pay a lot of money (maybe hundreds of UK pounds) for a bottle. I have tried them all, several years ago. I think my favourite was Millburn, although I also had a special single-cask bottling of Glen Albyn which was really good. But none of them was as good as the best whiskies that you can find easily today - Highland Park, Springbank, Macallan, etc - so if you can't find any, then don't worry. You won't be missing anything special.
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    Overall a good performance looking more of a goal threat than last season new boys bedding in well thought Carson looked good comfortable on the ball maybe that's his position macgregor did well too todorov took his goal well as did white think this could be a good year😊😋
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    The boo boys will surely find out that Polly was a real credit to ICT. Too late now. I do wish he was still here.
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    Not the first 😉...but a cracking job and not as easy as you guys make it appear. I always enjoyed doing them with Iain Auld and various others over the years...even if my/our proximity to the club meant we had to be mindful of the tone and content 😂
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    This is not a merger argument...it's not even an argument IMO...it's about people expressing an opinion that the club has failed to properly recognise the clubs roots in both strips released for our 25th Anniversary. Regardless of how good, bad or indifferent you think the strip is as a design...it can't be argued that it fairly represents the club's roots. Also...why do we need to bury the events and histories of the clubs sacrificed to bring ICTFC into existence? To try and do so is utterly disrespectful to those on all sides at the time, to those who moved forward and worked tirelessly to try and ensure it was a success and even to those who decided not to follow ICTFC. The solution is pretty simple....FAIRLY represent the 109 or so years of history from BOTH the pre-merger clubs. Do that and the constantly recurring "they get more recognition than them" issue goes away and all fans...young and old alike...can properly embrace all 134ish years of history. One Great Club - Three Great Histories Let's celebrate it, not obliterate it.
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    Really enjoyed the honesty and variety of views. Theres even some radical alan simpson style controversial views. The Mutilator Some terrible ideas below. Any chance of talking to some of the young uns in fort william as a road trip interview. Find out domestic issues like meeting team etc and travel . And what they think about this opportunity to play every week. Fw boy of the match? What about reviewing man of the match votes and telling everyone how pish their votes were and why. Agree with result , disagree, or blind guys choosing. Worst techies of the week spot _ todorovs backward header in defence, etc. Best opposition player in next match. What to expect. Bobby linn well spotted!!!! Grasswatch _ weekly update on new pitch condition from groundstaff.... Aquifer watch- weekly pessimism from caleyd. Steward watch. Weekly update from those pesky kids in the stand whose wham bar gets stolen as a lethal weapon. Prediction league highlights......geeky. Well done.
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    Episode 2 is available now. Enjoy! https://thewynessshuffle.podbean.com/e/a-seagull-in-a-carrier-bag/
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    I would hate to play for this club with supporters like you around.
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    Who's David Dowling supporting this week then?
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    One time at training, the new thing was 'change of pace,' so all the drills were about change of pace and beating yer man, all that. Next game, up at Milton, JB on the touchline as animated as ever. The rather rotund full back, 'Donnie', gets the ball, big bit of space in front of him, into which he lumbers gradually. 'Change of pace, Donnie, man, change of pace...' JB yells. Donnie's mind is willing, he pushes his head forward to see if that will help, but to no avail, still in slow motion... JB punches the ground, raging. 'Aw fer fck's' sake, Donnie, ah didn't mean to fckn go slower...'
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    Of the new players, I thought Carson did very well playing out of position. Vincent started quietly but grew into the game. Keatings was taking corners and free kicks and was quite ambitious with some. Todorov is very similar to White and took his goal well. Curry did not get much time but looked lively. Great to see MacGregor get game time. He lifted things when he came on. Tremarco took a knock after a disgraceful high tackle that went unpunished, but played on so hopefully ok. Donaldson took a sore one too but seemed ok. I don’t think Doran is fully fit, but he took his goal well. With a long injury list already, some youngsters should get game time. I’d start MacGregor on Tuesday.
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    I have just listened to the podcast, it is very good and great to hear local people rather than those from the BBC on a Friday night. Thanks to those involved and I am looking forward to the next one.
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