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    We didn't 'bottle' it. We overcame a very talented and rather highly paid development team of a club with close to twenty five times our income in horrendous weather conditions and in the face of two terrible officiating decisions one of which deprived us of a penalty and a player for a large chunk of the second half and the other of a perfectly valid goal. A little more positively on reaching a national final might not go amiss.
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    To those thinking of boycotting please please think of the other players here! Boycotting wont make one scrap of a difference to the SFA. We dont get to many cup finals so lets get behind the boys and cheer them to a cup win. Leave the politics to the club who appear to be doing just fine re that.
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    The city is full of glory hunters & people still bitter about the merger. As Terry Butcher said Inverness doesn't deserve a team like ICT. It's amazing the success we have achieved during our 25 years as a club. But does Inverness care? If it ain't the glory hunting Old Firm fans with their TV subscriptions or people still crying about a merger of two Highland League clubs that happened 25 years ago people just don't want to give ICT any respect. Baffles my brain what would fans rather have? Still going on away trips to Forres Mechanics? or away to teams like Hibs in the Scottish Cup playing in the top leagues of Scottish football. As much as I like the Highland League there is no doubt that playing in the Premiership or the Championship is miles better. ICT have done the Highlands proud it's about time we get the respect & appreciation we deserve. We should be getting four to five thousand fans with the population we have not to forget the surrounding areas. Imagine if ICT & even County were nearly selling out their grounds it would be amazing. You can only dream eh?
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    Aitken should be dragged in to offer a personal apology to Keatings for that rotten decision.
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    Saw a tweet earlier that we have qualified for 12 Scottish cup quarter finals in the our 26 season’s in the league. A very good haul, thought I’d revisit them. 1995/96 - It was actually an epic cup run that saw us beat Livi in an epic tie (goals were all over Twitter last week), then two away wins over East Fife and Stenhousemuir (both in higher leagues than us) saw us draw Rangers at home. The game was played at Tannadice and the star studded Rangers team beat us pretty easily. It was quite something to see Grassa Bennet and Alan Hercher go up against Laudrup and Gascoigne but we acquited ourselves well in a 3-0 loss. 2001/02 - We smashed Hearts 3-1 at Tynecastle to get a tie with the eventual First Division Champions Partick Thistle. The first game was excellent, really good atmosphere. I remember standing outside Firhill waiting for someone and we had what seemed a huge support. We took the lead twice but were pegged back by Partick hero Scott Paterson, who always looked like he’d rather be playing bass in ocean Colour Scene than playing football. He scored the winner in the replay as well, I think they were the only goals he ever scored. 2002/03 - our first quarter final victory, we beat Celtic 1-0 in a live Sunday night game. This is overall probably the best win over Celtic we’ve had in th cup, this was a team who reached the UEFA Cup final as opposed to the John Barnes shambles a few years before. Henrik Larson also played but was outshone when Dennis Wyness knocked home the only goal and we withstood a battering to hold on. My mate Dave, a sometime poster on this site, ran down and goaded a group of Celtic fans at the end, a fond memory as the rage faced trampy Celtic minks were silenced. 2003/04 - I couldn’t get to this one as my cousin got married. Barry Wilson hit the only goal from approximately 250 yards out though and I had the double whammy of getting a text to let me know we’d won and finding out there was a free bar at the wedding in the space of five minutes. What a day. 2006/07 - We beat Stirling and Dundee Utd on the way to a tie against Celtic and it was one of the most gut wrenching games I’ve ever been at. A superb performance had us a goal up and heading for the semis but Kenny Miller and Steven Pressley scored in the last minute to take it away from us. Graham Baynes performance in this game was one of the best lone frontman showings I’ve seen from anyone, probably his best game for the club. Brutal. 2008/09 - We lost to Falkirk in this game and I genuinely have no memory of it. I think I was there but I can’t remember it. Can’t have happened. A mirage. 2010/11 - The original game was postponed and I remember finding some pub in Edinburgh that was showing the rearranged game. We took the lead through a Rooney penalty but were immediately pegged back and lost in a disappointing but less heartbreaking manner than a few years before, 2013/14 - By some distance the biggest thumping on this list, Dundee Utd absolutely destroyed us 5-0 at home. We also had Tansey and Watkins sent off, I’m sure Watkins just thought f*ck it and halfed someone with 20 minutes to go to get out of it. I couldn’t get out of work so watched it at my desk on a shaky BBC feed. Every time the picture depixelated we had conceded another goal. Interestingly, three of the Utd scorers that day have trained at some level withus - Gavin Gunning, Gary. MacKay-Steven and Stuart Armstrong. Traitors. 2014/15 - considering the emotional wringer that was the semi final and final this years quarter was a walk in the park, a routine 1-0 over Raith with Danny ‘F*cking’ Devine the scoring. 2015/16;- our defence of the trophy ended in the quarters this year when eventual winners and this years opponents Hibs beat us ina replay. Highlight of the first game was a glorious finish from Andréa Mbuyi-Mutombo, who has his shorts pulled down by John Hughes post game, classic banter lads lads lads. Yogi also punched Liam Polworth while celebrating the goal. I think he was trying to tell us something. The replay was a squib as we fell behind early. 2018/19 - Last years game was another I had to miss (word of warning to the youth: don’t get old, get a responsible job or a family) but watched on television delighted as we outplayed United and stole victory with a last minute Doran header. Probably one of our best performance of the season. What are everyone’s favourite quarter final memories?
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    Unlucky lads. We were well worth a draw, or even a win there. What a great game in atrocious conditions, and a good advert for Scottish football. I had a couple of calls at half time, from friends down here who were also watching it, and they were impressed. Normally my English friends here are pretty damning about the quality of Scottish football. Despite the defeat which might see us lose 2nd spot when Ayr next play, I am really encouraged with what I saw tonight. Once we settled down we had the measure of Utd for large portions of the game. If we can continue to play with that intensity, and skill, we should have no problem regaining, and holding on to 2nd.
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    Apologies if someone has already suggested this but if Keatings does not get to play couldn't we all take big (like the size of cards we were given for the Scottish cup) red cards stating "show SFA the red card - Justice for Keatings" to the final. Name them and shame them. I'd be happy to chip in towards the costs.
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    Harper is a very good player. We should be pleased he is back. We can but hope there is a real coming together of the group of players we have. Financially we need to accept the position and maximise the options we have.
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    Do we need a 3 person panel to consider use of the word “grave”? Or can we just get this thread back on track please.
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    He was only a few yards away, level with the players. If he didn't see contact then his guide dog should have barked.
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    A lot is being made of the Rangers kid applauding the decision ... I see it a little differently (although I could be wrong). Look at the kid's face when the whistle is blown. He is thinking 'oh f***' and probably wondering if he is getting a card or if the ref maybe thinks its in the box and is going to give a penalty. The applause is a little self-serving i think and based on relief not on bad sportsmanship. However, knowing the player was going to get a red it may have been more sportsmanlike to say to the ref - 'i did catch him, but it was an accident' but lets face it, no player is going to do that these days. none. regardless of the strip they are wearing. Would be nice if Rangers could say something through the club to side with Keatings but again, cant see that happening. At best the ref is incompetent - something backed up if you search google for his name - but for the panel to uphold the original decision is not incompetent it is something far worse. Who is on these panels? Why cant we know who is on it? If you are going to make a decision that will deprive a player of appearing in a cup final at least have the f***ing balls to stand up and be counted and say why you came to that decision.
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    Even this long lapsed former contributor feels motivated to return briefly to respond, having belatedly watched the video after learning of the decision and reading Scott Gardiner’s excellent statement. A more obvious instance of a push than by the Rangers player is difficult to imagine, and how anyone outwith the Orange Lodge and capable of regarding that as a dive is allowed to referee at any level at all is one of life’s great mysteries. Then you have to start worrying very seriously about the competence of any governing body which can find not just one but three individuals gormless enough to agreewith this enormous howler. The next part of the narrative is more difficult to make stand up because it is easy to deny. However it is abundantly clear that the overwhelming presence of decisions of all kinds made by Scottish football’s governing bodies and favouring the Old Firm place that allegation well beyond doubt. Add in the frequency of complaints about referees and even take a chunk off to allow for managerial paranoia😆 and the competence of Scottish officiating must be added to these charges of institutionalised Old Firm bias and governing body ineptitude. However I have a feeling that even something as outrageous as this will still be ignored by the Scottish football establishment which will carry on regardless as the game it is ruining continues to spiral into the ground.
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    Wonder if the SPFL will be hauling Robbo up again after those comments about the ref? Not because he was wrong, because he was totally spot on about that ref. He gave nearly everything the other way. Especially not blowing for the fowl on Charlie in the first half and then sending Keatings off, when it was obvious even to a blind man that there was plenty of contact.
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    Sadly, it's not just the football pitch where he is clueless and not at the football where he does most harm
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    Yes we really needed this badly. What a difference this will make to our season.
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    If we somehow had kept Donaldson and McCart I'd be confident of us securing second point and having a great shot at going up in the playoffs. Losing both of them is a bitter blow to our chances. I just cannot see Mckay, McHattie or Toshney being of the level required to keep us in second spot let alone be successful in the playoffs. I hope I'm wrong but these moves significantly weaken our team and damage our chances of promotion. Another season down here is going to ruin this club.
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    Unfortunately, another year has passed and lack of game time means Harper/McGregor and the others still fall into the high risk replacements category. Shame really, we should have brought their development on more than we have.🙄
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    Are we not sponsored by a law firm? Surely this would be good PR for them seeing to be fighting an injustice.
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    Incredible to see the number of high profile (ex) players, pundits etc coming out to criticise this decision. The SFA have made themselves to be a total laughing stock with this decision but, as others have said, this has clearly been done to stick two fingers up at Robbo after what he said post match.
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    Normally our club statements leave me utterly mortified but tonights is outstanding. Utterly magnificent take down of the SFA.
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    Aye Super Caley Man, it's always something I've struggled to comprehend. Back then I had thought the city would rally behind the new team but the bitterness went far deeper and lasted a lot longer than I ever imagined. Being so faraway and without the great benefit of the wider internet exposure and social media back in 93/94 I didn't fully appreciate all the rancour that was flying about. But now that we're heading towards three decades on, and given the astonishing success and adventures we've had along the way, I now can't comprehend the apathy that obviously still exists. The poor attendances completely baffle me - it doesn't matter how well or poorly your team are doing, it's your team so you turn up to give your support if you can. it's the lot of the football supporter to go through the successes and failures of your team together. You can never really appreciate the joys of success without having experienced the depths and despair of failure - for that reason I pity the OF fans.
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    I have to say, I rather enjoyed the game. The wind was a major factor and it was quite amusing seeing how completely inept Livi were in coping with it. They never seemed to quite understand that a 40mph wind would blow the ball off course. I think it was 3 times their keeper kicked the ball straight out for a throw in. Remarkably, Douglas Ross actually awarded the throw in to us on each occasion! We certainly coped with the conditions better but it was the commitment of the entire team which so impressed. Livi were chased and harried when they got the ball, and as a result were rarely able to impose themselves on the game. Nobody had a poor game but Welsh, Carson and Trafford were all excellent in midfield. Also a mention to Mckay and McHattie who did a great job in central defence following the departure of the established 1st choice pairing. We have these excellent team performances from time to time and one just wishes that this level of commitment was shown on a more regular basis. A very disappointing crowd but great to see some of the young lads back and making a bit of very welcome noise!
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    When White was lying on the pitch after a foul in the first half the guy behind me said "Gregor will be worried"
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    A very good display by the team in poor conditions. First half against the wind was always going to be backs to the wall but we handled the conditions well, we’re not too troubled and made a good game of it. Second half we used the conditions to our benefit and did really well. Welsh scored direct from a free kick into the bottom corner while half the crowd were watching Storey run to the touch line to change his boots! We then did well to close the game out. Yes there were some loose balls in poor conditions but we were more than a match for Livingston. Ridgers and the defence coped well. Carson was the pick of the midfield, making a right nuisance of himself, whilst Welsh just brings calmness and control. White had a good game up front whilst I cannot fault any of the guys. A good job well done. Just a shame only 1512 there to enjoy it Roll on the draw for the last 8.
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    It may also galvanise the squad and make them work together to get the best out of the rest of the season and give a two fingered salute to those in power.
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    Hear, Hear. I would go as far as saying that a boycott would be a grave error. 😁
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    The majority of news stories now seem to be based on a few tweets. Not belittling the petition but the other day the P & J ran a story online about ICT fans fuming about the Scottish Cup Q/F kick off time and the article was just a couple of embedded tweets. Anything for clicks these days. ETA: 1.1 million views of the clip on the ICT Twitter feed now. Certainly get a load of exposure and making the SFA look like utter arses
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    Sad to see the young Rangers player applaud the ref when he showed the red card though?
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    The other thing that annoyed me is the young Rangers cheat applauding the referee when he produced the red card for Keatings!
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    I have watched the clip about a hundred times just to see if there is anything I’m missing. But no. It’s just a totally baffling decision by ref, never mind the review panel. Even if the ‘panel’ had also thought it wasn’t a free kick (which it clearly was) was James Keatings’ actions really worthy of a yellow card? A yellow card!! Utterly shambolic decision. Fine And ban Robbo for his comments afterwards if you must. But Christ almighty, let a guy who has been fouled and wronged play in a cup final.
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    Tremendous statement from our Chairman and Chief Exec. Night and day when compared with the drivel spouted by our previous regime. Hardly worth commenting on the decision. Par for the course from the SFA but hats off to them for reaching a whole new level of incompetence and corruption.
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    This result only fuels the idea that the SPFL really have more than one rule, one for the ugly sisters, one for SPL and another specially for ICT. How dare we win the Scottish Cup, how dare we have poor crowds that umpteen times are more than Hamilton, St Mirren and even St Johnstone, but still survive. It was a blatant error by Aitken again but after his antics at Ayr I am sorely disillusioned that the SPFL have sided with him. I will always support ICT but never again give these morons any support, these “experts” who supposedly run the SPFL - biased, idiotic, spineless, not worth a penny of the inflated wages they pocket every week. They have no consciences, don’t accept the truth, should resign en bloc.
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    I don't buy into the idea that football should be 3pm on a Saturday "because that's when it's always been played". However, I do think the inconsistency, and often short notice of changes, generates a lot of frustration and hassle for fans. That's part of the reason I think shifting the entire calendar to a Friday night with 8.00pm or later kick-off time would help as it immediately removes the current need to shift them outwith the TV black-out period....it may even encourage more beneficial/profitable deals to be down with broadcasters. I get that it may not suit some of those who currently attend games on a Saturday, but when you start looking at the attendance figures for Friday night games home crowds are generally as good as a Saturday. I'd rather see a policy that promotes a larger home crowd, even if it does mean we have a few less traveling fans. It's those home fans who will buy the merchandise, spend in the bar and do all the other things which help improve a club. We bang on about how we have to compete with other activities at weekends as if we somehow expect those businesses to stop trying to compete with us....and that's never going to happen....so move to a time where there's less competition and more consistency with fixture days/times.
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    Coll needs a hug after being involved in Hibs three goals last night. Hibs looked very dangerous but the good news is that Coll will not be in our defence when we play them.
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    Change the record, or find the proper thread for bumming JH.
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    When you think about some of our fans they remind me of Charlton under Curbishly had a style much the same as yogis possession football finished every season top 10 in the prem sections of the fans turned on him got bagged didn't realise till it was to late the impact he'd had on the club before u no it they've lost there style and identity plummet down the divisions playing route 1 football ! Definitely similiar to what's happened wit her us since Yogi left he was a huge presence around our club
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    Hughes managed the team when we were in the top tier during his entire tenure so he was always about 1 or 2 wins away from reaching the Quarter Finals most seasons compared to Paterson who had no negotiate many more games to reach the same round.
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    Doug Ross is the most clueless b'stard to walk a football pitch. Well done ICT for beating Livvy. Conditions were horrific, but the best team won. ??????
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    Entirely deserving of our win and on another day Livingston might have been on the end of a hiding. Livi were very physical and it was great to see us keep our heads and just keep playing football. Did the nearside linesman get a single throw-in decision correct?
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    Yes, great to be in another QF. Do we want a winnable home match or a big pay day away to one of the ugly sisters? I'd go for the winnable one I think to give us another SF to look forward to.
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    :Worth adding that after losing our central defence pairing, we managed a clean sheet against a Premier league side. Well done ICT. Edit to add: so no bombscares! ?
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    Have to comment that Im a bit disappointed at the lack of recognition of our fairly large female support (in comparison to lots of other clubs).
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    The only thing that's been consistent about us for the last season or three is that it's impossible to predict which ICT team will turn up.
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    Could we not play them right back ? Right back to where we got them from
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    I doubt we'll sign anyone in the next few days. This is basically it, we can't afford to turn down cash offers for players who are going leave anyway. We'll have to proceed with two of McHattie, McKay and Toshney as our centre backs. Maybe it'll turn out well, maybe it won't. But I think anyone talking about replacing McCart and Donaldson with signings of an equal standard is going to be disappointed.
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    Personally I feel we can look forward to yet another season in this league if we don't sign another experienced centre back in the window. I'm not a great fan but I would take Berra from Hearts until the end of the season.
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    The Supporters Trust, in conjunction with the Angel Wings Baby James Legacy, is delighted to announce that it is holding what promises to be an exciting evening event on Saturday 21st March in the P&J lounge at the Stadium. Tickets will cost £26.64 (£25 + booking fee) and are available from Eventbrite. This event is to celebrate the first 25 years of the club's history and to relive some of the fantastic memories those years have provided us with. To help us do that we will watch some video footage from the archive, have a little quiz, listen to a speaker from the club's proud past and have a Q&A session. We are calling it a "legends evening" not just because we will be reliving some of the great moments the legends of our club have provided over the years, but because some of the legends will sharing these memories with us in person. A 2 course buffet meal will be included in the cost of the ticket. Come and join us - it should be great fun! Further details to follow. Ticket numbers will be limited so book early on the link below to avoid disappointment. https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/25th-anniversary-legends-evening-tickets-89468106515
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