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    The first misplaced pass yesterday was met with a chorus of groans, whistles and boos. There wasn't a single effort to get behind the team at all yesterday from the home support. Granted there wasn't much to get excited about but away from home the supporters are lifting the players from kick off and it helps them a lot.
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    I know there's some big words in there but it's not that confusing. From what I've just read the ST and club met, discussed it, club indicated they were going to appoint a SLO as would match their silver licence aspirations and what Supporters Direct advise in the handbook. Club then emailed to say they were going to have a nebulous SLO 'function' as opposed to what is recommended and what had been discussed in the previous meeting. Therefore the ST did not endorse what they likely see as a half measure. Does that about cover it?
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    As promised, my lad has arrived in town from Bordeaux SW FRANCE (suitably kitted out in last years top....only one available when I ordered for his birthday).....he has already cycled to the ground to see last week's 3-2 win, and travelled yesterday to Dingwall to see the Derby... Am looking to come across for the return match with her indoors on 3rd november (flights are super pricey because it's half-term over here)...he's looking to take a season ticket and has already convinced a friend from Skye to do the same. Tranmere had a bad Saturday, but you guys are going back up ....Hope to meet some of you soon for a beer or three; Chris TRANMERE33
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    FANS : We love ICT, but there's a few problems. ICT : Ok, we'll fix them. FANS : Would you like us to tell you what they are? ICT : Absolutely not.
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    From the BBC match report: Inverness Caledonian Thistle manager John Robertson: "I thought we totally dominated the match for an hour, created all the best chances in the first half, played some lovely football and cut through them for fun. We just couldn't get it past Foxy - I thought he had a terrific game. "We played the better football, created better chances but just didn't take them. In the end it's a good point - it's away and it's a derby game but we would have liked to have won. But to come to a club that's spent double the budget we've spent and be the better side shows that we are going to be at the right end of the table." As ever, good summary from Robbo. Very happy to be the better side, at less than half the cost. Moreover, a younger side with more to come as they mature together.
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    I honestly don't think that RIG has anything at all against Steve Paterson.
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    Perhaps the board should concentrate on getting the basics right first. The chairman is virtually anonymous when it comes to both the fans and the media and legitimate concerns remain unanswered and, thus far, it's far from clear what the new CEO is bringing to the party. The one thing the board has got right is the appointment of John Robertson who might not be a tactical genius but has repaired the hull of a sinking ship and got us sailing, once again, in the right direction sometimes I think despite the actions, or inactions, of the board rather than because of them. Credit to him for also being the one and only current public face of the club a role that surely should fall on others leaving him to concentrate more on football matters. Doug Mcgillivray, David Sutherland, Alan Savage and Kenny Cameron may all have made mistakes but they were all at least prepared to address the media and fans and explain themselves. The present incumbent only seems to break cover yo issue poorly worded statements apologising for mistakes and making hollow promises about doing better in the future.
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    He really was utterly crap, Storey I mean...just as well we didn’t blow our budget on him Alan Simpson? 😉
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    You could see the difference when Austin & Calder came on, more width and pace with some good crosses in. The addition of Mckay always produces an increase in tempo and chances. I wonder why we leave the substitutions so late in the game? If players are brought on to make a difference or have an effect, surely they need some time to do so !!!!
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    Agree totally with you on this IHE. Too many posters seem to have an agenda against the current board. This seems to be that they want the board to communicate on everything and anything even when it isn't required and would add nothing in terms of moving the club forward
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    But We ARE the most successful club in the Highlands - and bantering windups are most welcome
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    As long as its not like the Judean People's Front we should be OK.
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    Agree! How good was Polly running things in the middle. His best position and yesterday proved it. Happy with a point and we remain unbeaten. Word of praise for Willie Collum who let the game flow and was restrained with the cards Different class to Aitken last week.
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    excellant day brilliant banter in the singing section and a deserved point. Probs fair result but i thought we were the better side throughout. For all county's money and quality on the pitch they looked very ordinary and lacked any cohesion. Just missed that spark up top otherwise we would have won that. Big shout out to Liam Polworth, standout player on the pitch pulling all the strings. Also shout out for completely different angle to Ian Vigurs, who came on and worked so hard to take Liam out of the game. What a thug 😠
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    Absolutely. I understand the frustration from the fans and I share it but I've never understood what people hope to achieve by whining at and booing their own players.
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    I must watch a different game with White getting all the blame lol , the reason we didn’t get the goals yesterday was that Queens sat in and cut of the runners from the three behind White not allowing them to perform as well as they have done and hardly any chances were created. White as a target man is decent and yesterday he still led the line well ,we have 3 good strikers unfortunately Oakley is injured and Young Daniel is there for backup . let’s be honest the team have done well over the season. Maybe we need to go with 442 in next game with Austin and White up top but then I would start Calder and Walsh wide with Polwarth in centre mid , the big choice would then be one out of three for remaining central midfield slot in Welsh , Chalmers or Doran Who would be a Manager lol Thats why we need to leave it to Robbo and IMO he has done not too bad this season in his management. Why don’t we try and see the positives and get behind the team at home like we do away , funny that we have won away at Falkirk Dunfermline and did well at County.You would think we were at a funeral at home so maybe us fans have to take a bit of the blame too and make some noise instead of coming on here and talking about being bored and nit picking at players performance, we are playing in the Scottish Championship , not la liga or The Premier League in England , and we are the only unbeaten team in the league. Onwards to next weeks game and let’s see what the managers team selection will be.
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    Lets not blow it out of all proportion though. Its not nice nor clever and would have been better if hadnt happened but the rest of the almost 7000 fans had a good day and there was no problems. As said earlier the correct authorities will sort this out Im sure.
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    It was a long one for me sleeper from Euston Friday night and then flight back to Luton on the Saturday before my sister picked me up and we drove the 2hrs back to Ipswich. Even though it was 0-0 the day was well worth and cant wait for November and New Year when I will be visiting my parents and getting to the games.
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    That was the best performance I have seen from Polworth and even when Vigers came on the only thing he could do was take him out!
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    I amaze maself at times - must have been a subconscious premonition.
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    The best possible way to celebrate our quarter century is to start the anniversary season as a Premiership club once again.
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