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    Although this is not (yet) posted on the official site I am posting it here as the source is pretty legit (Nicola McAlley). Assuming this is indeed legit then a huge pat on the back to the club for doing this. This is a tremendous idea and one they should be praised highly for. GOOD JOB !!!
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    Personally, I'm so sick of this constant and unending talk of 'the board' on here. I support my team, have since I was young and always will. As long as nothing is going wrong financially, I care not one jot who the board are or how/what they communicate with me. I just want them to pick the correct manager, support him as well as they can within budget, and that’s pretty much it. The only real disconnect I have with the club at the moment is with this site, and the few helmets who take every opportunity to bleat on about perceived issues with the board and seem to think they’re speaking for us all. I go to games, and it’s good crack watching the team (well sometimes…) and seeing folk I know, few beers etc. Come on here however, and it’s always the same few folk constantly whining, and for a fans forum it doesn’t reflect any actual match going fans I know or have met. Personally, I have no interest in events like this or anything to do with our supporters’ group solely because of individual posters on here who seem to be running or involved with these things (see ridiculous SLO debacle for reference). It’s very clear they have personal issues with those running the club, and seem hell bent on proving points and highlighting any negativity to further their own egos over and above actually supporting the club. You can say that events like this are not attended because of a disconnect with those running the club, but maybe the reason fans don’t turn up is because a lot of us are just happy to go to games and have no idea what it is you guys actually want? That’s the case for me anyway, it’s not apathy, I just find this all incredibly boring. I’m even bored with my own post here, this is what CTO has driven me to and I feel ashamed.
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    I don't like hearing the "I'm done" talk...but that's the growing reality and I'm starting to see/hear it from people who would be considered the staunchest of fans. These are not people having a knee-jerk reaction to a bad game/spell or even a bad season...these are people who feel they are losing their affinity with ICTFC. How do I know that? Because I've engaged with them, I've asked them and I feel the same way as them. If someone is set to walk away then what do they care about the effects of dwindling crowds and finances?...they won't be there, it won't affect them...and they are already feeling like sitting at home on a Saturday (or a Friday, or Tuesday, maybe a Monday and sometimes a Sunday if it's a really big game) is better than the football. We can dismiss their views, turn on them, tell them they aren't proper fans if they walk away etc...but what good does that do? These are people right at the end of their tether and it's not going to take much to push a lot of them beyond the point by which they can be brought back. We are at the stage where it doesn't matter two fecks who broke it, how or why...it only matters that it gets fixed...and asap.
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    Massive well done to Pauline for pulling all this together and making it happen and to the club for hosting it 👍 ICTFC have hosted a "Festive Friends" dinner for the last three years, but this is the first time they've done it on Christmas Day and that will make a huge difference to those who may have otherwise spent the day alone.
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    That's an absolutely fantastic gesture. There's a lot the club haven't gotten right over the last couple of years but this is great. Well done to all involved!
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    Afternoon folks, Looking forward to welcoming you all to Ainslie Park on Sunday. I'd suggest getting there early, there's not many (4) turnstyles, so a fair old queue tends to form for larger crowds. Cheers
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    Whether you fall on the Leaver or Remainer side of the argument, surely you can't fail to acknowledge that the whole thing as got out of hand and lost direction/purpose? It feels like May, once a Remainer, is taking the strop and going...."So you want to leave, do you....well I'll get us out of Europe and we'll see what you think then". It's became a case of "leave at all costs" and not, as was promised, "leave for our own benefit". I gone from having doubts about the current governments ability to govern...to having no doubts whatsoever because I am absolutely certain they don't possess that ability. The biggest worry is that the only immediate alternative for a UK government is no feckin better...which leaves Scotland with only one other option. It might not be a perfect option, but it is better than anything else on offer.
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    Youd think we had never struggled with lower league opposition in the cup before!! Stranraer or Stirling Albion anyone? RIG and Stan sum it up for me. Not a good day! It was cold and wet and a throughly miserable afternoon. You could see how disappointed the players were at the end as they and we know we let it slip in the second half when we should have gone for the jugular. This always had banana skin potential. Lets hope weve learned a lesson and can finish this off quickly on the 4th. PS White's lack of movement around the ball really starting to annoy me. Then there is Austin who clearly thinks he is better than he is.
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    Final score 3-2 to us. Well done to the youngsters for racing into a remarkable lead and then holding on against a club with a reputation for having one of the best youth systems in the land. They deserve a good turn out in the next round against Celtic. The future looks bright and promising.
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    I would strongly agree with those who have said that our unbeaten run has helped mask big problems with the squad - problems that were laid bare for all to see on Saturday. First there is the defence. We have been unlucky at left-back with Tremarco injured and then Calder (correctly) being punted. McCart looks solid enough defensively but offers no attacking threat at all there. On the other side Rooney is as erratic as QOS fans said he would be. His attacking play has improved and he offers a set-piece threat but lapses like the one that led to Falkirk's second goal are all too frequent. Brad McKay is going through a dreadful spell of form too. Add in a return of the yips for Ridgers in the last two games and you have a backline that are conceding too many cheap goals, all too often when we are on top as well. At the other end, we've regressed right back to where we were a year ago. The midfield are badly hindered by the lack of pace, movement and holdup play from whoever is playing up front. We seemed to have solved the problem when we got in Austin but he's had a rotten season so far. White (too slow, doesn't win enough against smaller CBs, poor in front of goal) and Oakley (fouls defenders too often, too predictable with his movement) put in typical performances against Falkirk, though at least Oakley got a goal. I think our midfield setup is pretty good but too often Welsh, Walsh, Polworth and Doran got possession in decent areas and didn't have anyone to play the killer ball to - the exception being the opening goal. Our Plan B is to go 4-4-2, which we did for the second half of this game and against Morton too. But then our midfield play breaks down, we only have Walsh as a natural wide player and Doran is a fish out of water as second striker...but White and Oakley are a dreadful partnership. But what else can you do when you only have two senior outfield players on the bench? And therein lies the biggest issue of all. Our squad depth is pitiful. Sure, we had four players out injured this weekend but should we really be down to the bare bones. Our failure to augment the team with loan players is bizarre - just look at the impact Zak Rudden and Aidan Keena have had against us in recent weeks. We have signed only one loan player since Robbo came in - Matthew Elsdon. At one point in February I believe we were the only SPFL team (out of 42!) who didn't have a player in on loan. We can still finish fourth, but to do so we need reinforcements, up front at least.
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    That was a hard one to take. We dominated for much of the game, but the hard truth is that very poor defending gifted them 3 chances which they efficiently put away whilst we created several decent chances which we should have done better with. There were at least 3 missed chances which certainly should have been put away. A bit more sharpness in front of goal and concentration at the back and we could have romped that. I felt McCart was excellent and that Polworth played better than I have seen him play all season. I didn't think Falkirk looked like a bottom of the table team (in fact, they aren't bottom any more!). They worked hard as a unit and were noticeably quicker than us getting back behind the ball after attacks had broken down. In Zac Rudden I think they have found a striker who will help them get comfortably mid table before long. They have taken 7 points from their last 3 games which is more than any other side in the division. The referee didn't help either. Whilst we were trying to play football, Falkirk were trying to stop us by fair means or foul. How the officials failed to notice all the holding Harrison and Brough were doing is beyond me. BBC Stats show 14 fouls against us and only 7 against Falkirk. It's a joke. At the end you could see the frustration of everything getting to the players and that probably led to the sucker punch at the end. All very disappointing but I am not as gloomy as many on here. There were enough positives there to make me think that when things click,there is a big league win in this side sometime soon. Hopefully the frustration and disappointment of today will get taken out on Edinburgh City on Tuesday evening and we'll kick on from there.
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    Well done. We all get it wrong sometimes. A sincere apology always goes a very long way to putting things right.
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    The deal has only been signed off by the other EU heads. There is a vanishingly small chance of it being approved by Parliament. Consequently, there remains everything to play for - for all sides of the debate.
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    Dunno what all the fuss is about. I fully expected another draw! Didn't you?
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    That was what I found most upsetting. We seemed sit off them in second half when it was clear in the first that they struggled when we pressed from the front. The squad is poor, and Robbo's been getting the best out if them, but I thought he fluffed it today. Can't believe White got 70mins - really concerning to see him look just as poor against a lower standard of opposition. Once Robbo had made the changes, I assume to get Polly further forward, we completely failed to get the ball into him. Almost every time we got into forward areas it was the result of a punt and we don't have anyone with the quality to make anything out of those balls. Really disappointed today. It was wet, cold and my kids were annoying me for the whole game. I'm definitely leaving them at home and getting hammered the next time I go to watch this shower.
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    I do wonder though if the board did publically back Robbo with some cash which shows intent would some fans return again? There is a view rightly or wrongly that club are at our natural level and are not prepared to make a real push for promotion as that will take more investment. To get these missing folk back we need to prove otherwise?
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    As far as I am concerned Ridgers has been our Player of the Season BUT he fecked up the first two goals and the defence clearly lost concentration and positioning for all three goals. And then Oakley should have netted a hat-trick. Robbo cant give allowances for individual mistakes. We are having a poor season albeit I bet that most of us would have taken our league position and our points tally in pre-season. I recall some positive comments about our squad at the start of the season as well. It is probably as much bad misfortune that we have had more than our share of injuries and some unforeseen losses. It is always a gamble going for the cheaper option of bringing in potential with a history of injuries. I also feel that the "unbeaten run" nonsense was having a negative effect and lets hope that getting the monkey off our back will pay dividends. I would suspect that we had two "goals" at the start of the season - to avoid relegation and to bring back some financial stability. Watching the purse strings and improving is evidently a very difficult task. We have brought in a management team who have been tasked with balancing the finances. That must be both understandable but very frustrating for Robbo. I was disappointed but not surprised that he kept the yoof on the bench yesterday BUT here are my suggested New Year Resolutions. Ditch the "hangers-on" (There must be spondoolachs for OFW ?) - take an increasing risk on blooding some of the Under 18's and look at spending a bit more cash on two journeymen - one with some midfield panache and one with a striking record.
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    All the talk of quitting watching, not renewing season tickets after first defeat - we were poor at times but not awful- surely this is the time to get behind the team .Stopping supporting - its a vicious circle- less crowds less income less quality players etc. etc.
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    The previous board and there ridiculous loyalty to Foran when it was clear before xmas he'd lost the dressing room and couldn't run a bath are totally to blame! Tho some deluded punters on here will no doubt blame yogi
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    Come on Kingsmills did you really expect anything else? She is not interested in Scotland it was just a token gesture!
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    Spot on Scarlet me old pal! It is nothing more than entertainment. And sadly nowadays, the masses demand only the best. Watching football now involves attaching oneself to a top-tier team from some country or other and sitting in front of the telly watching highly-skilled multi-millionaires exhibiting their abilities on Sky. The attachment is seldom geographical - maybe one likes the name, maybe it's a team that usually wins, or perhaps one is drawn to a star player. The financial gap between the top teams and your local team is ever widening and so long as people choose to pump their money into rich football teams with no geographical relevance and Sky Sports, I can't really see the situation changing. Football, as a spectator sport has evolved from the tribal affair it used to be, to a 5-star exhibition of riches and skills that we, supporters of our local team, could never realistically aspire to.
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    I feel he's gone unnoticed in recent weeks but credit to Jamie McCart who is looking really assured at the back with Donaldson. If I was Brad Mckay I wouldn't be feeling too great about keeping my place in the side once Rooney comes back from injury. Between the two of them, our CB pairing must be one of the youngest in the league yet their apparent lack of experience doesn't show.
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    Scarlet, Scotland's population is at a record high level and still growing, there is plenty of coal still under the ground and under the sea, enough to last more than a century if we were to want to continue to ruin the planet, fortunately we don't and choose to generate our electricity by greener means of which we are world leaders, we have the largest and most sustainable wild fish stock in Europe as well as the second most successful farmed fish industry in the word and Scotch whisky sales do not generate millions of pounds of income, they generate multiple billions of pounds. Scotland is on the cutting edge of developing wave and tidal energy and has an almost perfect coastline to generate and export it. We are world leaders in online and video game technology, have a healthy financial sector, are home to leading biomedical companies and have a very healthy and growing tourist industry which consists of just a little more than skiing in the Cairngorms for six weeks in a year. That is to name but a few of the advantages and potential advantages at our disposal. If you think that being governed by a far more populous Southern neighbour with increasingly different values, standards and ambitions to your own is the way forward then perhaps Canada should give it a try.
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