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    It is with great regret and deep sadness that I post this note to pay tribute to Ken Thomson, former director of Inverness Caledonian Thistle who passed away earlier today (Friday). Personally I am happy and privileged to have been able to call Ken a friend as well as someone who always tried to do his best at Caley Thistle, sometimes under very challenging circumstances. A man who also liaised with us here at CTO to foster the excellent collaborative relationship we had with the club in recent years. Many people will have known him not only from the football world where he came to the club around 1999/2000 but also from the shinty world where he was president of the Camanachd Association in the early 90s. He was elected president in 1990 but served his time in that association well before coming president. He was on the executive committee in 1978 at the age of 24, and was also a former president of the Camanachd Referees' Association, a former secretary of the North of Scotland Shinty Association, and an organiser of the Aviemore Indoor Sixes. He was goalkeeper for Aberdeen University in the 1973 Sutherland Cup-winning team before turning to refereeing, and also sponsored Strathglass, the club from his home village of Cannich. Ken was an extremely important part of our relationship with the club. I would go as far as to say that he was the primary architect of the bond we forged over nearly 20 years. In the same season where Super Caley went ballistic, Ken reached out to me and we met a few times to discuss how the fledgling (5 year old) CaleyThistleOnline site could help the club communicate with fans and act as a two-way conduit directly with, and to, the board as the internet became a more and more important communication tool. He recognised the significance of the internet before many others did and was open minded enough to embrace it and ourselves and not worry too much about keeping things as insular as they had been for the first few years the club existed. He may have been more AOL than iOS when it came to operating the technology but he understood the importance. In modern day terms he was a supporters liaison officer (SLO) before anyone had ever coined the phrase or even thought supporters were that important ! He was instrumental in helping setup "Boardroom Banter" both times we ran it. He was the man responsible for the live chat sessions we had with the likes of Graeme Bennett and others and he helped us facilitate a number of events where club officials and fans mingled in social settings in the Caley Inn, Caley Club, Innes Bar and even on away trips at times. Over the years he dragged along the chairman, other directors, chief execs and other folk to these get togethers and I believe his input helped forge a bond with many supporters that can never be broken. There are not too many clubs that were as open as Caley Thistle during his time on the board and he is to be applauded and lauded for that. Goodnight my friend, you will be missed, but you will never be forgotten.
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    That's OFW officially gone to Hamilton Accies. He has barely played for us since 2016/17 he played like 3 games in 2017/18 while Mark Ridgers was going through a really bad period in form. His only appearances in 2018/19 was on the bench while Mark Ridgers was injured in the later stages of the season. Cammy Mackay didn't have a ridiculous appearance fee so he got put in between the sticks ahead of OFW. He wasn't the best keeper we had & certainly wasn't the worst. Pulled of some outrageous saves but then he would have horrendous blunders like that one against Dembele when we got thrashed 4-0 at home by Celtic. No one is to blame for the contract apart from the management that was in charge at the time. Anyone would have done the same if they got offered a luxury contract like that. Anyone who says otherwise is talking bollocks. It's not his fault that the situation turned into an farce GK department is a position we have a lot of depth in (Ridgers Mackay Hoban MacKinnon) I would imagine OFW's departure has given us a lot more room in the wages department. I wish him all the best for the future he seems like a pleasant guy. I'm glad he's finally found a club & has got himself out of this mess.
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    Lovely service today to remember Ken. Lots laughter and some tears too. A fitting tribute to a true gentleman.
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    A little insight into Alan's weekend entertainment right there
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    I, for one, am not a bit bothered about the two Dundee sides, they will be so busy trying to do each other the dirty that they will lose sight of the other teams. What we now have to concentrate on is our finishing and taking the chances we create, we failed to do this quite miserably last season and I expect Robbo will be concentrating on this aspect of our game in the new pre-season and beyond. I look forward to watching a much more accomplished and confident side performing at home and away which will ultimately put more bums on seats at the stadium.
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    All the old Caley and Thistle fans could wear black arm bands and perhaps walk to the ground from different directions ?
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    We've signed two players from clubs who finished below us last season, neither of whom were particular stand outs for those teams last season. Todorov has scored three or four goals at this level in his entire career. Vincent underwhelmed at Dundee and didn't stand out at Dunfermline either. We have to hope that both will do better in our environment than previously. The big loss for us is Liam Polworth. Last season he either scored or assisted 30% of our goals and the season before he scored or assisted 40% of our goals. We need to replace that contribution.
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    Then once was a Bulgar called Todorov Who said "To inverness I am feckin off" To play for his old Jambo hero And a wage of practically zero And in a year will be Nicolay Gudgiecof.
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    Just read some background to Owain's 4 years on ICT's books and his absolutely positive comments on that stay. Tonight he has an art exhibition on recent Scottish life. From a personal point of view can I just say thank you to Owain for his time at the club. He is an absolutely decent guy who gave everything to the cause and I for one salute him. Here is wishing him all the best for the future.
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    I've heard so many versions of what the contractual arrangements were and why he wasn't playing that I am certainly not going to take any sides on this. What I do know is that he performed well for us when he did play, but after a shaky start, Mark Ridgers has been outstanding and has been 1st choice keeper on merit. It is also reasonable to assume that given Owain has turned down various offers in the past, the salary he was on here was better than he was being offered elsewhere, whether he was playing or not. It is difficult to attract decent offers if you are not actually playing and putting yourself in the shop window, and therefore I would suspect that he was getting quite a bit more than he was being offered elsewhere. I don't think there is any point conjecturing about his honesty or integrity. What is important is that the club learns from the mistakes of the past and we are not burdened with the consequences of contracts offered as a result of unrealistic expectations of future success. There is a difference between taking a calculated risk and being foolhardy.
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    He is but we have one equally good goalkeeper staying and a couple of promising youngsters. Hopefully, at least some of the money freed up can be invested where it's needed more.
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    Surely this is pure conjecture, and more suited to the Rumour Mill?
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    How is a major honour a Mickey mouse cup? Just cause you don't get into Europe don't make it pointless . You will find you get more money now out of the Scottish League cup due to the BT Sport coverage £250,000 for winning it £115,00 for the runners up plus the TV money. You only win £60,000 for winning the Scottish cup these days runners up gets £30,000. You get the same amount (£60,000) for reaching the League Cup quarter finals. As far as I'm concerned the League Title Scottish Cup & League cup are your big three domestic cups & that's it the same in every country. Each one should be taken seriously especially if your a club like ICT. Football is all about winning major honours something we don't achieve often. As for the "No one cares who wins it" argument plenty of people do I remember every team who has won it in my lifetime & know of finals that happened before I was born it's one of the few cups I care about it's the same with a lot of football fans I know.
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    No need for me to reply. That puts the case concisely but perfectly. On reflection, I should answer Yngwie's question more directly. I would find an extreme right wing regime in Edinburgh just as worrying and threatening as one in London, perhaps even more so. However, since Scotland has not voted by majority for a right of centre party since 1955, I doubt that would be a serious threat. Even then it was the moderate centre right Conservatives of Anthony Eden. Very different from the Alexander(Boris) Johnstons, Dominic Raabs and Nigel (stockbroker of the people) Farages who loom large today.
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    I simply want independence and the people of Scotland can elect who they want in government.
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    There’s so many pundits trying to outdo each other, it’s tiresome with “fishing”. Stop it boys, or grow up please.
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    If true, very encouraging news. With White, Keatings, Todorov and young Daniel Mackay, we have the best group of potential goal scorers we've had in years. Remarkable what Robbo is managing to assemble on such a limited budget.
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    Right midfield, with Fat Bob in defence, Wee Eck out on the wing, and Soapy Soutar as slippery striker.
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    Both OFW and ICT are now out of this mess. Best all round for both parties.
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    I just hope the current board have learned from the previous mistakes and will keep working within our means which might involve some more of our youngsters being used in the first team.
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    There is merit in taking risks in any walk of life. Our big mistake was taking too many risks and making too many unrealistic assumptions in a very short period of time. After winning the Scottish Cup we should have been looking to consolidate rather than spending beyond our means in an attempt to reach even greater heights.
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    Inverness Caledonian Thistle Supporters Trust in conjunction with the Angel Wings charity is hosting a fans party night at the Stadium on the evening of Saturday 29th June. Earlier in the day, the team kicks off the start of Inverness Caledonian Thistle's 26th season with a friendly away to our neighbours Clach at Grant St. , so what better way to celebrate the first fantastic 25 years years and to look forward to the next 25 than with a party! The party starts at 19.00 and ends at 23.45. Ticket price includes a buffet and disco. Players past and present will be there so this will be a great opportunity to share memories with friends old and new and to chat about hopes and expectations for the next 25 years. Ticket prices have been kept low at £15 to make this event as affordable as possible, so please book early to avoid disappointment! Tickets can be purchased via Eventbrite at https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/start-of-season-25th-anniversary-fans-party-tickets-62818410557 All of us on the Trust Board look forward to meeting you on the 29th.
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    Explain? In which way has OFW shown a lack of respect to the club, broken the clubs trust and failed in his loyalty? I would suggest that if anything its some fans and the club itself that has betrayed these. For a club which is poor at communication, its certainly done well to spin senior players as greedy and problematic in contributing to the clubs financial plight. I wonder if Draper, Raven & Warren hadn't accepted being forced out and walked elsewhere whether the same treatment would have eventually bestowed them?
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    Unless you can produce a copy of his contract then how lucrative his contract was is, at best, speculation. Threads have been moved to the rumour mill and users banned for less.
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    Spot on! I dont like looking back so would rather see some new blood in.
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    Storey? The first chapter was OK but he’s lost the plot since. I don’t think signing him would lead to a happy ending.
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    Please cut out the personal abuse. Any more and action will be taken. It's possible to disagree with someone without abusing them so kindly do so.
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    a few people have renewed after getting email or reminders from the site. Sorry I have not updated things to show who has paid and who we might get as sponsored player etc .... I am not in Toronto right now .... I am currently running around in Inverness visiting friends and family so literally have zero computer time. Hope to get the sponsorship for this year rolling and the draw for last year's sponsorship prize winners done soon (while I am here).
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    Aye because the highland league gets huge crowds. It's about fitness and development. Any game is better than no game and both sets of players would want to prove their worth.
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    Good call. I am not surprised by the decision of the Highland League. Although it may have suited us, to have a Colts team from a higher tier would have compromised the integrity of their competition just in the same way as having Old Firm Colts teams in League 1 or 2 would compromise the integrity of the SPFL. Playing the idle Highland League team on an informal basis worked for us before and there's no reason why it couldn't work now.
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    Feck me - Look what I have seen in my crystal ball
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    I don't get it when people call the league cup a "mickey mouse" competition. I was there when we lost to Aberdeen, and I was devastated to lose that final, and are they saying that a third of the trophies that Celtic won on their historic treble treble are mickey mouse? Every trophy that we are involved in are important to our development and in some cases, our history. I for one, can't wait for the dates to be announced, roll on the new season.
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    I think had you said it this way first then you wouldn't have got the response you did. No one disagrees that we need to improve to win promotion this year from the top down but it needs brought back to reality and is not as clear cut and black and white as you make out. We are where we are for a reason and it'll be tough again next season. I'm sure there will be a few new faces brought in and one or two may well leave but we have the nucleus of a good team, if we can keep them, so lets see what the next 4-6 weeks brings then pre-season.
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    Haha I'm collecting them the day no seen as many red lights since the damm last summer
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    The sort of complacency that the manager and the players certainly won't share. Nor will most sensible and realistic fans.
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    It's the third most important tournament in the country and very worth doing well in for all sorts of reasons not least early season momentum and confidence building. I didn't regard it as a Mickey Mouse competition when I was sitting at Parkhead with my head in my hands after losing out on penalties to Aberdeen and I don't regard it as a Mickey Mouse competition now.
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    Like it or not, the EU Parliamentary elections were effectively a proxy second referendum. Interesting to note that, in Scotland, the unambiguously remain parties outpolled the unambiguously leave parties by more than two to one. In England, on the same basis, the ratio was 54/46 and the picture very similar in Wales. No wonder the nutters are running scared of a confirmatory vote. Since when did proposing a mass exercise in democracy become an affront to democracy?
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    Robbo introducing our latest signing Wullie Todorov.
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    Would prefer Triffid and Shyte to peepee.
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    See County made a late move for OFW unlike smoking joe tho he knocked back Roy's dollars! Hope he does well at Hamilton class keeper
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    Didn't realise Scotch Broth had been regionalised!!
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    Last of the feckin Summer Wine ya mean. Does this look like the dudes ? They are all posters on here.
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    Old slippers should be tossed in the bin. They are never the same when they are worn out.
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    Miles Storey had one good season and has been distinctly mediocre since. If we have money to bolster the squad, I would not be inclined to risk any on him returning.
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    Rendall's Rambles #5 If you have been following James on his ICT journey, here's the next three seasons. He's a well travelled football connoisseur who has been following the Caley Jags from the start. He has put together a fascinating nostalgic recap of Inverness Caledonian Thistle's first 25 years as witnessed through his own eyes. Thanks James, a remarkable commitment to the beautiful game. Inverness Caledonian Thistle Years No.13 #ICT25 Season 2006/07 (Games 512 to 578) A very European feel season. Football in eight countries!! The third season of Caley Thistle at the top table. While the essence of each campaign was survival, the general feeling amongst the fans seemed to be more insistent that cheap Pomagne was traded in for a drop of the proper stuff. Reaching for the fabled top six was the want, but the reality for a brilliantly run club on a shoestring, they can't just switch up and splash the cash. Our 13th season wasn't unlucky but it wasn't one that lives long in the memory. That said, I was here, there and everywhere so I may have missed a classic memorable game or four! Before the season started Neil Warlock brought Sheffield United to Inverness for Ross Tokely's Testimonial. It was a good crowd, a worthy attendance for a wonderful servant of the club, who many years later was poorly dealt with by Terry Butcher. In this game, the Blades were flashing past us, and ran out 3-0 winners. The league didn't start brilliantly, it rarely does, and losing at home to St Mirren was a poor opening gambit. A brave point at Aberdeen, as well as home points versus the green duo steadied the ship somewhat, but it was the 29th September before I saw us win a game, a narrow 1-0 at home to the Pars. Falkirk were then beaten at home 3-2, a rare moment of joy versus the Bairns in the Highland Capital. A bag of struggles ensued, but Christmas came with a morsel of festive cheer, a 2-1 versus Rangers. This remains to this day, the only time I have ever seen Rangers lose!! Darren Dods and a John Rankin screamer won the day. The biggest win of the season that I saw was a 3-0 thumping of Hibs, who rarely enjoyed their trip up the A9. Ultimately it was the bottom six again, but with limited chance of going down, and perhaps with a relaxed, let's enjoy life attitude, we beat Motherwell, Dunfermline and St Mirren before the curtain came down. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Inverness Caledonian Thistle Years #ICT25 No. 14 2007/2008 (Games 579 to 631) Fourth top table safety secured: August is still a month I dread when it comes to ICT even if we have marginally improved in learning to hit the ground running! In this particular season we absolutely hit rock bottom with four straight defeats, two home 0-3 biffings by Rangers and Arabia, with narrower 2-1 losses on the road at Well and Les Buddoise sandwiched in between. I was so hacked off I scampered off to Italy and Doncaster before casting eyes on a win finally, 2-1 on the 22 September at home to Hearts. A bit like buses another win came the following weekend with a 4-2 with over the Bairns also at the Caledonian Stadium. A rare moment of home joy against a team that had previously inflected such painful home losses, but the monkey was far from gone as next season will tell 😥. In truth this season quickly panned out as a walk in the park, even for the less ambitious teams. Gretna had overstretched in too quick a time, and having to play 'home' games at Fir Park for a small village team, it was the financial straw that broke the camels back, and indeed, maybe it exacerbated Miles Brookson's illness. His investments in the USA were collapsing, his health was deteriorating and his family were trying to hold onto what family legacy hadn't been pumped into Gretna, and to a lesser extent Workington. Miles was a good egg, his heart was in the right place, Gretna was the mouse that briefly roared, but despite completing the season, they would fold by the summer. The new Gretna doesn't ever wish to be associated with the old one which I find sad. As mentioned previously seeing Miramar Misiones beat Central Español in Montevideo the previous season, one of the stars of that win would end up at Gretna, Fabian Yantorno. ICT had already thumped them 4-0 away, but when they came to Inverness on the 5th January, my programme article on the Uruguayan game would start a beautiful friendship, and I hope I will get to see him play one last time before he hangs up his boots when I head across to South America in late Feb next year! We won that encounter 3-0 but prior to that from late November, we won four games on the trot making up for August loses to St Mirren and Dundee United before back to back home wins versus the green duo, 2-0 v Hibs and more memorably 3-2 versus the hoops, John Rankin, David Proctor and Don Cowie with the goals. The day before that I had watched third tier Moss County struggle to beat Berwick Rangers 2-1. Ironic that next weekend the Dingwall mob will be promoted to the top table again, and Berwick could well be sent to walk the plank versus East Kilbride or Cove! Scotland could lose it's English club 😉. It kind of dribbled away after that home win v Gretna, I scampered off to South America and Donny again but did catch a close run 3-4 home loss to Aberdeen, but following a 6-1 clubbing of poor Gretna again, the 0-0 last day draw at home to St Mirren kind of summed it all up. There would be no Gretna the following season, were we ready for the fight? Find out in next week's gripping instalment!! My neutral games in Scotland hit an all time low in this season! I never saw any European games, save a Murrayfield friendly between Hearts and Barcelona. I will let you work out who won 😂. I finally got a league game at Borough Briggs Elgin, a 2-1 home win versus Dumbarton. What I didn't know then was that this Sons goal would be the only one I had seen to this day since they pulped Hearts 5-2 at Tynecastle!! There was a fire drill that day 😂. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Inverness Caledonian Thistle Years #ICT25 No.15 - 2008/09 (Games 632 to 696) That sinking feeling! August, usually that perennial bad month for ICT started so well, a 2-0 win at Pittodrie, but a week later, the new boys Hamilton Kaccies, beat us 1-0. However this was to be a different first month of the season, but before any more league hostilities, Liverpool duped 7,000+ at the Caley Stadium for Barry Wilson's Testimonial into thinking an 'XI' might include a star or two, but they were in my opinion disrespectful in sending a bunch of kids, and they got what they deserved in a 5-0 home win! Things settled down nicely, a 1-1 versus Hibs was followed by a rare August win versus Falkirk, albeit away, and it merely acted as a poking of a well oiled bear that would haunt the rest of this season. Sandwiched in between these league games was an uninspiring 2-2 (4-2 pens) win at Arbroath, although Gayfield is always one of the great wee stadium of this land! We were still picking up points here and there, beating Killie 3-1 at home days after getting the better of Morton in the League Cup. Narrow losses at Arabia and at home to Well, who had a cracking record versus us in Inverness in those days, sadly, before we were back at the Bairnabeu for the League Cup Quarter-final, going down 1-0. Somewhere soon after that game Craig Brewster departed, and Terence Butcher arrived! We bounced back in the league with a 2-1 over Hibs at Fester Road. We had a habit of winning there at this juncture, but what is more remarkable is that my mate Fabian played his only full game for Hibs that day! Sorry hombre ☺. The tale end of the year was fairly torrid, Les Jambons, the Darling Buds of Chic, Dons, Arabia and the Castle Greyskull tenants all stuffed us without us even as much as tickling their under carriage so to speak! The new year started in better fettle with a fine 3-0 dismantling of the Maryhill Magyar, before I scampered off to South America a few weeks earlier than normal. Upon my return, a draw at Tannadice and another win against the Cabbage saw us nearing a top six place, but we would fall short, as well as exit the Scottish Cup in a bad tempered home fixture to Falkirk. Two weeks later they murdered us 4-0 down at their place, but we ended the regular campaign comfortably clear of the bottom. Alas, Butcher would experience this post split demise not only with us, but Hibs a few years later. We just couldn't get the win that would keep us safe, and other results conspired to drag us further and further into the muck. Two points from twelve meant we were 11th just above Falkirk going into the last game. They had already thrashed us 4-0 and knocked us out of both cups, the sense of foreboding was prevalent before we kicked a ball. Hughes had moulded a street fighting unit, marshalled by one Steven Pressley, who would fall down holding his head so often after a corner it was embarrassing. When he did it in the cup match and winked at the crowd, the normally passive home crowd were positively foaming. Bad blood was overflowing on the last day, six games in a season playing each other was taking it's toll. Tokely's red card was central belt decision making and the game was up. Hughes ran on the field at the end like a demented flea and we were down. His antics that day never left me, and while he might have overseen ICT highs in latter years, he was never fully embraced by a good number of Caley Thistle fans. The one crumb of comfort from a real fall from grace might have been we were, and still are, the team relegated with the highest ever points total, only ran close by our second relegation! But hey, what fun we had the next season, and it would be years before we ever had to play the Bairns again, and despite having ten men that day too, oh what joy 😂. European games in Scotland numbered two viewings, Hibs were eased aside by Swedish team Elfsborg 2-0 in the Intertoto to kick off the season on the 6th July, but Queen of the South put in a braver effort against Nordsjaelland, going down 0-1 to the Danish outfit on one soggy Airdrie night! South America called me and the curtain came down on futbol Sud America across in Greater Bueños Aires, with Lanus playing out a 1-1 draw with the Goats (Chivas) of Guadalajara in the Libertadores! All done before heading home for the hangman's noose and our first demotion in the fifteen year history of ICT. 'Fifteen points and you f***ed up' next time out 😎 Thanks James, some great memories in there once again. Not all of them enjoyable, but thems the breaks More to come from James, the next three seasons coming along next week. You can read all about James' worldwide footballing travels in his own excellent blog FOOTBALL ADVENTURES WITH JAMES RENDALL
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    Donaldson has been linked with County for months by many people. Frankly, I don't care how many people link him with County as long as he doesn't actually leave and go there.
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    You are quite right Kingsmills, those of us living in Englandshire have no choice in the matter no matter which way we want to vote. I wrote to Alex Salmond before Indyref1 to question the fairness of so many Scots not being allowed to have a say in our future but got a stock answer and directed to the legal position. It's a conundrum I don't have an answer to offer but it grates on me hugely. I live down here while working for RBS and have no rights to participate in voting for the future of my country because I'm registered as a voter in England. Whereas someone of any other nationality can vote on Scotland's future if registered on the electoral role in Scotland. It is my firm belief that the majority of foreign nationals registered in Scotland would likely vote No, while many of us living and working south of the border would vote Yes. It's a process tilting the balance of the vote in favour of the No camp - frustrating! Living in mid-Norfolk is even more frustrating, it's one of those constituencies where sticking a blue rosette on a donkey would see the poor animal elected to serve in Westminster. I always vote tactically in any election down here, giving my X to the candidate best placed to beat the Tory, but it's always a waste and means nothing. Consequently I feel completely disenfranchised in this neck of the woods. From a Indyref2 viewpoint, having an extreme Brexiteer as PM could quite likely be the best boost the Yes campaign could have. I'd look forward to coming home even more then...
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    League cup is still a great cup. Especially for a team like us. I like the group stages as it gives you a chance to play a fair few teams you wouldn’t usually play.
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