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    That's an impressive level of pessimism even for this site !
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    Tuesday is the big one now we can secure a playoff spot and if we do that what a season we will have had. Semi final in Scottish cup and the possibility of promotion back to the premiership. Robbo has done an amazing job with the group of players and resources available to him This year. All round a good season.
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    Hello ICT Supporters! I am a fan of Inverness from Kyiv, Ukraine. Probably the only one in the country. I enjoyed Adam Rooney's goals with you, I admired Ross Tokely, I watched how young Ryan Christie was growing up in the team. I jumped for joy at the victory in the finals against Falkirk and I was also upset by the defeat of the Astra. I was worried about the resignation of Terry Butcher, and now I support Robbo. I want to say that you should not stop, that there are people admiring the team even in Ukraine, and I really want Inverness to play again in the Premier League and there be sold out at the stadium. Do not stop and do not allow the quagmire of the Championship to devour you. Inverness deserves the Premier League. I hope one day I can come and watch the team play alive. Yours sincerely and forever Fan from Ukraine Danylo Lytvynchuk
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    Seven league games, four of them at home and a possible three home play off matches to come. With our current form, promotion is a real possibility. That possibility could be enhanced with larger and more vocal home support, the away support is fantastic and has never been an issue. It's clear folk have stayed away for a variety of reasons from issues with the board to our poor home form and results earlier in the season but it's time for those folk to return and play their part. An extra thousand or so fans loudly backing the team would inspire the players and be the difference between another season in the Championship and a possible end to full time football and a much brighter prospect in the Premiership. Whatever your reasons for staying away, come back and let's rediscover TOGETHERNESS.
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    I think some folk are being rather unduly negative. Sure, we weren't at our best but let's give a bit of credit to Falkirk who are a much better side now than the team that beat us here earlier in the season to end our unbeaten run. They strengthened considerably in January and have lost only once in 2019 - a 2-1 loss away to league leaders County. In that game they may have conceded 2 goals but they restricted County to just 4 attempts on goal over the 90 minutes. Today was also the first time Falkirk have failed to score in 2019, a fact for which our defence deserve a bit of credit.
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    Read it and you'll ee its a good statement ,and the fact it's done jointly with County draws a line that is clear. Damage done to either stadium from either set of fans affects both clubs and will be dealt with accordingly. Some tubes in the support can't comprehend this...they aren't needed at the games.
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    https://www.facebook.com/events/159196654986337/ Don't forget to buy your tickets for the SemiFinal against Hearts at Hampden. This may appear to be an alien concept for some, but always remember this, in space, no one can hear you scream. If you are sitting in your living room passing round the werther's originals and watching on TV, the lads won't be able to hear you. They have been brilliant to get this far in the cup and it's a great day out at the National Stadium. Be there or be square!
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    I like John Hughes, I always have, even before he was our manager. He seemed like someone you could have a laugh and a joke with and had a wicked sense of humour. However, lets indeed talk about reality deniers and note that it has been well documented that JH did not operate on a shoestring. He had the largest budget of any manager in our history. I would say he used that budget wisely and got results as you have noted, but it was definitely not a shoestring ! However, two things soured his relationship with the club . The first was when private discussions about the next years (reduced) budget were conducted in the media and the second was his reaction to the club's refusal to let him speak to Dundee Utd after Jackie McNamara's departure. This led to irreconcilable differences between club and board. He was not some innocent party here. There was enough blame to go around. In my mind, we got two things wrong at that time, and with the benefit of hindsight I am sure you could ask Kenny Cameron and he would agree now. The first was refusing to let him speak to the Arabs. If our manager - any manager - wants to speak to another club then let them ... and don't let the door hit them on the way out ! If they are not committed to ICT then they can go. The second was appointing Richie. Every single one of us wanted Richie to succeed but Kenny showed too much loyalty in the end by not sacking him earlier, and that hurt us big time. I appreciate what JH did for us when he was here, but lets not erect the statues or canonise him just yet ! As for blowing opportunites to run the club succesfully ... I disagree. We have had several opportunities over the years, starting with Pele, and it could be argued our current manager kick-started our golden era in the 2003/04 season when we first got to the SPL. If you recall he had to fight tooth and nail to get our board moving and for the SPL to let us in, and had he not taken up the offer from Hearts - which I believe was the only team that could have lured him away at the time - then who knows what our history might have been ......
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    He's put the ball in the net....
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    No guile, ponderous, and pedestrian. United were no great shakes but until the last 4 minutes we offered absolutely nothing going forward. Lump it up the park, give away possession, rinse and repeat. Austin needs to shut his mouth and not blame another hungrier looking young player for his laziness.
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    Who can blame him for leaving with the amount of abuse he gets from idiots who don't know what a playmaker is.
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    I'd be amazed if he stayed with us. Hopefully he can leave on a high, a fantastic servant for the club and a great player.
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    So it would have been a shock if Dundee Utd had beaten us? The team played well for the most part. Like other folk have said the better team won. The team gave it their best shot. Nothing for them to feel down about. It's over now playoffs are the goal let's secure them tonight.
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    Jesus Christ. Big team beats wee team. Nothing to see here, move along now..............
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    Beat Morton - "Blood" some of the "kids" - 90 minutes worth - and lets see what they can do. Why lash out the spondoolicks when the answer may be in our own back yard.
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    He certainly has experience in a number of roles at various clubs, and has been in discussion with us for a few weeks. Might be good for both parties - new challenge off the beaten track for him and a fresh appraisal of the situation we are in. Over the years we have been a happy hunting ground for players and managers to come here and prove themselves - perhaps mr Gardiner will do likewise.
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    We got home to Aberdeen from the game at 11:45pm after stopping in Glasgow for dinner and was too tired to post about about the game. Rig and Caley Stan pretty much sums it all up above and through hard work, grit and endeavour we came through with the three points. For all that Ayr had the ball in the second half I can't recall ever feeling like they were truly threatening us and the few saves Ridgers made were very comfortable. 4-4-2 for me doesn't work in terms of the style of play I like to see and we were over-run in midfield, it was noticeable that Polworth was not happy with something that Scott Kellacher said to him in the first half and it continued all through the second half. When Donaldson went down injured the team were over at the dugout, SC discussing stuff with them and it was notable from a few players body language that they didn't agree. Not sure that he was actually encouraging them although he did seem to try and reconcile with Polworth at the end of the game as they walked off but Polworth still wasn't happy. Saying that regards formation, we did what we needed to do and got a massive three points. Donaldson was superb for me until he went off injured, we stayed outside the main stand after the match and when he came out he didn't look good at all, was limping very heavily with very limited movement. Had they had crutches with them I reckon he would have been using them, it's probably just as well he's suspended next week. White deserves huge praise for coming into the game and for me looked much better after Austin went off, he seemed to know better where to be and enjoyed being the only focal point. For someone who looked very clumsy at the start of the season he's really come on and his touch and control in the last 20mins just proved that. Gets a lot of bad press for doing the ugly work but he done exactly what was asked of him, spoke to him briefly after the match and he said that it was a hard shift but a huge three points. Big shout out to the players afterwards outside when they were getting on the bus: we waited outside the ground to try and get photos for MissCaleyjag and they were superb with her; White, Walsh, Ridgers, Mckay, Chalmers and Robbo and I've never seen a kid look so happy to get her photo taken with complete strangers. They really made her day to top off her first game.
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    Huge win in a quite entertaining game if somewhat short on quality at times. One player who certainly isn't short of quality is Polworth and his superb defence splitting pass sent Austin scampering away and he looked to be clipped by Doohan and from seemingly nowhere we had the chance to go one goal up. Sadly, as is the current ICT style, we fluffed the spot kick as Doran sent a weak shot down the middle of the goal and it was kept out by the trailing leg of the Ayr keeper. Austin was involved at the other end when we failed to clear a corner and Miller sent a fierce shot heading towards goal but Austin was on hand to header away. A few folk around me said it was probably going wide but I'm not so sure. Certainly grateful to have Austin there to keep Ayr out. Doran was next to threaten for Inverness when he picked up the ball on the right edge of the box but his shot was just over the bar although Doohan looked to have it covered. Miller again had a great chance to put Ayr ahead when a cross from Cadden, who was roasting Rooney for much of the opening 30 minutes, was deflected into his path but thankfully he sent a poor header high and wide with Ridgers looking stranded. Then came one of the many goalmouth scrambles of the day. Walsh tried to get onto the ball as it bobbled around in the six yard area but when he did swing a foot at the ball his effort was good enough to beat the Ayr keeper. The start of the second half saw Ayr administer an absolute bodying to the ICT defence save from actually scoring. Almost all the Ayr attacks were coming down the ICT right with a number of low crosses flashed across the goal. However it was Craig Thomson who almost helped set up the Ayr opener when a Donaldson clearance crashed off his back and sat up nicely for Geggan but he pulled a volleyed effort wide. Another goalmouth scramble saw Rooney and Tremarco make desperate blocks to keep United out before Geggan somehow hooked an effort well over from only a few yards out as Ayr started to turn the screw and it looked to be only a matter of time before we would concede especially given that we had lost Donaldson to injury by this point. Almost inexplicably we then took the lead Rooney was felled on the right touchline, Chalmers lifted a ball into the box which was missed by the United defence and Brad Mckay was on hand to score a goal of the season contender from 0.3 yards out. Ayr came right back into the game when McDaid cut inside and sent a low drive towards goal but Ridgers got down well to smother the shot. in the final few moments Moffat managed to create some space in the box but he seemed to hook his effort across the face of goal with no team mate on hand to tuck it away. Something of a smash and grab win for us but, as we've found out this season, if you don't take your chances... I was really impressed with the pace and movement of Shankland, Miller and Cadden and then McDaid when he came on. Rooney had a torrid time at right back and it was only a result of really poor finishing from the likes of Miller and Geggan that we didn't concede about 4 goals. For ICT White had a poor game for the first 60 minutes then turned into a colossus for the final 30 mainly due to having a bit more space to work in as mentioned by Caley Stan above. He went from losing every header he went up for to winning just about everything and linking brilliantly with team mates to really take the pressure off the defence. Austin had a good game as well as did Doran (despite the penalty miss) and Polworth. Huge loss for us with Donaldson going off with what looked to be a knee injury. He appeared in the dugout before full time in flip flops so I am hoping he was just looking to boost early to get a Ryanair flight at Prestwick right after kick off... A word for the Ayr fans, almost never stopped singing and getting behind their team for pretty much the entire game. I can't recall a home support like that this season. Great effort.
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    Falkirk did their homework.We never got going. They came for a point and got it by looks of it? Big week ahead. Lets pick ourselves up and move on. Lastly special mention to the totally inept ref Hope we dont have him again for a long while.
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    Disgraceful lack of videos on this thread so there's some of the mentioned goals...
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    Most seem to have missed the point that we were three or four players short of our first choice. Insert, Ridgers, Donaldson and Tremarco and we will be closer to the mark. Lot of guff on here about us playing rubbish. I thought we were OK given our resources available and Jamie McCart was top player for me. Polworth for the most part looked like he was avoiding injury and could have played for Motherwell yesterday, one good burst forward and shot apart. Donaldson was sorely missed. I would like to see Brad's penalty claim again. I was within 20 yards of this and thought his foot was clipped as he tried to turn. Instead of a penalty he got sent off. Can we beat United again? Of course we can, we tore them a new one in the Cup game. Maybe Robbo got this one just right, like he did prior to the cup game. We have bigger fish to fry. And to the mutant spouting rubbish all game. WTF!
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    WTAF was Austin shouting at Anthony for? He’s not exactly ingratiated himself with the North Stand today - think the body language showed he knew he’d fecked up. But echo all on here, poor today, poorest for a while. Fatigue maybe.
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    Whether he stays or whether he goes he has been a great and loyal servant to the club. The boo boys may be pleased but they will be very much in the minority and if he does go our team will be the poorer for it whichever division we are playing in.
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    In all fairness, despite the loss, it was still enjoyable, and will go down in the club's history. Back on that cold night in November at Ainslie Park, I can firmly and confidently say that not a single soul who was there, had the word "Hampden" on their minds. We far exceeded ourselves, and on the bright side, we can focus on our play off attempt, and return back to the top.
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    According to the SPFL these are the Play Off dates for that Premier league place. May 8 Ladbrokes Premiership play-off quarter-final, 1st leg 11 Ladbrokes Premiership play-off quarter-final, 2nd leg 15 Ladbrokes Premiership play-off semi-final, 1st leg 18 Ladbrokes Premiership play-off semi-final, 2nd leg 23 Ladbrokes Premiership play-off final, 1st leg 26 Ladbrokes Premiership play-off final, 2nd leg Question is, how are ICT going to cope with a two leg play off final against St Mirren and the Scottish Cup Final (25th May) against Aberdeen? Three games in four days seems a bit unfair don't you think?
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    Good to see an appointment who has no links to existing or previous board members. Will hopefully have lots of ideas and contacts to generate new income / investment for the club. Time will tell if it is a good appointment but he has far more experience than our previous CEO (and the board). Lets back the guy rather than looking for reasons to dismiss him before he has started.
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    Cannot believe Draper is getting any plaudits on here. His tackling was reckless,over the top and dangerous. Jamie McCart was lucky he escaped a serious injury on Tuesday.
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    Would you prefer that they turn a blind eye to criminal activity?
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    To be fair they're only having a go a those who have chosen to wreck seats. I'm ok with that.
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    I've just spent the afternoon down at the stadium at the Irn Bru cup final. I bought a ticket for the Nomads section and met some lovely people and cheered the team on throughout the game. The fans put the County ones to shame with their singing (although they were quick to admit that they had a limited amount of songs) and they sang Caley thistle chants as well, just to wind up County. For a while Connah Quay were 1-0 up which I don't think they had really expected, but the fans continued to cheer the team on even after RC's goals and also at the end of the game. I would have loved for the Welsh side to win, and to those who wanted county to win just because they are Scottish, I say that if you are allowed to compete then you are of course perfectly within your rights to win if you are able. I also think it is no-ones business but mine to suggest who I should support or what I should spend my hard earned money on, as one or two have tried to do earlier in this thread. I have everything I need interms of ICT merchandise and for those carefree souls who can do exactly as they please every weekend, not all of us are able to go to away games for various reasons such as other commitments, work, family or health issues. I had a great time, made some new friends and now have a team in Wales to keep an eye on. Well done to the Nomads from Connahs Quay, both the team and the fans - for a wee club that only has about 200 fans at home games, they have done themselves proud and have at least one new fan.
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    Glad you are supporting us Danylo, it is just IHE having a joke if you are on the forum a lot you will get used to it. We need all the support we can get as the Inverness folk are not so good at supporting their local team and if you have or know someone who wants to invest a million or two there might be an opportunity.
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    How low can the Board sink to do this ? I suspect this may be Gordy Fyffe.
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    I would let Austin go. He has scored 2 or 3 very nice goals with some composed finishes but that is the exception rather than the rule. He has had a lot of game time and in general he has failed to impress. He gets himself into decent positions and has had some decent service but all to often he doesn''t seem to be committed enough or have enough belief in his own abilities and ends up turning a half chance into a no chance. His strike rate is not bad but he doesn't offer a lot else apart from the occasional goal. He's better in the air than Jordan White but Jordan has other attributes which put him well ahead of Nathan in my book. At 25, I 'm not sure he's really going to get much better. Kevin McHattie is also 25 but shows a good bit more maturity than Nathan. He's had less game time than Austin but done well when called upon. He had a pretty decent game today as part of a makeshift defence. He was obviously highly regarded as a youngster with Scottish Caps at both under 17 and 21 levels. His career has been dogged by injury, but if he can remain largely injury free then I feel he could be a real asset to us both at Championship and Premier division level. Carl will be 34 later this year and sadly will be approaching the end of his career soon. If he can be retained, it would not surprise me if he had established himself as first choice left back by this time next year.
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    Totally agree with this. Anthony Mcdonald had his head down just beaten 3 or 4 men then took the shot. Austin should have been applauding him not shouting at him.
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    I just think it showed the gap between a top half Championship team and a top 6 premiership one tbh. I personally enjoyed my day despite the result and I am grateful we got so far.
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    Thanks to the driver and staff of bus two a professional job well done .
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    Early on in the season if someone had said to me we will make the semi-final in the Scottish Cup I would have laughed After today's effort I will now settle for the play off final if we can get behind the team and make it
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    It would be easy to be disappointed today but this was the diddy team mixing it with Celtic, Aberdeen and Hearts. Amazing really when you consider Owain Fon Williams , Col Donaldson and Sean Welsh were out of the squad. We've lost Angus Beith from the squad. We probably had to sell George Oakley in January. Daniel Mackay has had an injury packed season. Carl was injured quite early on in today's game. We had three youngsters on the bench today. So all things taken into account, quite a remarkable achievement. The cup experience this year might prove very useful in the potential games against Ayr assuming we make the play offs. With us having a superior goal difference and 8 point advantage, I cannot see Dunfermline winning all three of their remaining games and us losing all four of ours although nothing can be taken for granted. Tuesday game at Morton is now a big game - we move on.
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    We have missed coll in defence today but chalmers so unlucky with his free kick strike. Unfortunately hearts have neutralized polworth in midfield and it shows how much he has created for us through midfield over the season.
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    Following Ayr's game last night their form is now 7 points out of the last 24 available. If it's them we'll face in the playoffs (looking likely) let's hope they keep up that form!
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    I can hardly believe that an ICT fan would forgo watching his team at Hampden because of the SFA and their awful policies. Some of our players may never have played there before, and may never play there again. Such occasions make memories to be savoured for all concerned, young and old. I was too ill to attend the final in 2015 but have great memories of the semi final - wonderful David Raven goal. I hope all going to Hampden on Saturday have a great time, no matter the result - such are days out following ICT - come on Caleyaway. Raise the roof- make plenty noise.
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    One step at a time folks. Saturday first...
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    From the club's point of view, this is just bad luck. I can easily imagine that last summer there was enough reason to believe he would get back to fitness to justify signing him, especially given the reports from his spell at Stranraer were so glowing. It's not ICT's fault, it's not the medical team's fault and it's certainly not the player's fault. Just one of those things. Whilst the club got a lot of criticism on this board for the lack of communication regarding the player, I'd say they were right all along to be discreet about the player's fitness issues - better to let Angus deal with such a dreadful prospect in his own time and with a bit of space. I feel so dreadfully sorry for Angus himself. It's awful for anyone so young to have to give up their career, and also awful to be left struggling with chronic pain at that age. It's great that ICT and Hearts are going to play a benefit match for him and I do hope he goes onto great things either in coaching or outwith football.
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    Really disappointing. I thought we started poor, got worse, got a lifeline, blew it, got level, fecked up and got a shit ref. Nick Walsh, you are the worst referee ever. Disgusted, North Kessock
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    The entire Summer Wine crew will be in attendance ( rare these days). We will be travelling down in a bath ...........naturally
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    Just thought I'd spread the word that - all being well - the club will be providing live audio commentary from tomorrow afternoon's game against Falkirk. The plan is to put it up on the club's Twitter feed during the match via the Periscope streaming app - which means hopefully that it should easily be found either on Twitter or by checking down the twitter feed displayed on the matchday topic. You should just have to open the tweet and press play. It won't be much good for people at the game as the broadcast will be about 20 seconds or so behind real time, but hopefully it'll work well for those of you who can't make the game. We're still getting the hang of this, so constructive feedback would be appreciated.
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    I am a long time fan and season ticket holder. I support the team through good times and not so good. I go with the Travel Club to away games and, if for any reason I can’t go on the bus I pay my fare plus extra for first to score etc so the Travel Club doesn’t miss out for my absence as empty seats still have a cost. However if a fan can’t go to a game, for any reason, that doesn’t make them any less of a fan. Each to their own, but, please one day will Invernessians appreciate ICT and support them any way they can, please.
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    May be a moot point but a fans forum is usually read by fans who already go to the games...need alternative means of reaching out to those elusive fans.
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    Count me with the corner-flag-theory haters. Teams can dispossess you there and break away and score too. We gave up a couple of promising attacking options to try to kill the game that way. Happily, it paid off this time.
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    You get the feeling it's coming together at exactly the right time. Could be an exciting end to the season. 😀
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