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    I really don’t see the problem here. The bottom line is that if his contract needs to be honoured, it will be. But as part of a process of urgently necessary cost cutting, an alternative option is being sought. The financial reality is that each and every means of cutting costs has to be pursued. There is, unfortunately, no room for sentiment when the future of the club is at stake. I don’t know the intimate details of Gary’s current contract but would guess that it was, a la Foran, a fairly long one given under the previous boardroom and managerial regimes in the Premiership. We need to thank Gary for his huge contribution (for which he has been remunerated) and regret the earlier failure which has made it necessary to try to terminate his engagement.
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    As above, I don’t see how people can disassociate so quickly from players. I doubt Gary is feeling very chipper and either will any of the players who are close to him. It’s not a nice thing to be doing. That it is like water off a duck’s back for many i find a bit soulless. Him staying or going either now or at the end of the season will not make or break the finances and I find that getting so excited about the money saved and dismissing Gary’s situation, and the club’s word, as sentiment all a bit crass. Aware I’m in the minority here, certainly not bothered about that. Raven’s farewell speech after his last game brought home that sometimes you owe and stand by people who committed to the club. I honestly dont see how people can applaud and cheer and celebrate our captain for years and then quickly dismiss their fall from grace overnight as a good cash deal.
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    If we sit back and take stock, is this not normally seen as the kindest way to treat someone leaving a club that is surplus to requirements. Get yourself a deal elsewhere and the club will not make it difficult for you to move on. Been a good servant for a few years now but as seen with the likes of Coll Donaldson moving in it's unfortunately time for Gary to move on if he wants to continue with first team football. No brainer for me and good luck to Gary who has served Inverness well. Worth a hall of fame entry.
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    Polworth's body language is disgraceful.
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    Maybe it’s time to put another tuppence worth in because the thread is getting a bit muddier and some of the other ones are going the same way. There are reasons that the old Board of Directors could not continue, all of them connected with the performance and accountability of that Board. They have all been stated in this forum. Not a single reason that I can identify was or is personal. The regulatory rules were unclear, the governance uncertain, there was little credibility left after two successive unsatisfactory AGM’s, no visible leadership and there appeared stasis in terms of activity and publicity. In that case, the entire Board should bear responsibility and if it is the wish of the people who attended and voted and this last EGM, resign. That is what happened. There is no personal dimension to this. In terms of going forward, CJT needs strong leadership that is willing to put in the hard work and confront the issues. Supporters (at least in this forum) appear concerned about a long standing lack of communication by ICTFC, inconsistent policies and approach to young supporters, shortcomings in the matchday experience and the lack of a meaningful voice at a senior level within ICTFC. These are important issues. In my opinion, they need to be prioritised and addressed in sequence by an interim Board after the upcoming election. At least at that point CJT members will be able to have an informed debate about the way forward and who they want to take them in that direction. As an ex-Chair, I’d be happy to participate in that interim Board in any capacity except Chair. At the moment, the only person showing any willingness to address the issues is Caley D and some of the criticism he’s presently attracting is grubby. His recent history of working for the club is something that should be used to CJT’s advantage, not as an object of scorn. He might well cause ructions in his way of putting his case but he has the tenacious character to front it up and take it on. He also might be able to contain any factionalism. He would make the Club take notice and for that I would support him. At present, people know who Don is and most of you know who I am. I don’t hide behind an anonymous user name when putting my views forward. That isn’t the case with some others on here who appear to be taking an approach that damned the old Board but don’t really fancy the potential replacements that they imagine might be getting the nod as we speak. Heads up, there isn’t a big queue of people wanting this gig and I do think that with the technology at our disposal we can involve people living outside of the Highlands as Directors. So IHE, Kingsmills, Charles Bannerman, Caleyboy, Renegade etc. Stand for election and get involved in whatever capacity you can and influence what happens. It’s hard work but it is fun.
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    Is there no positive news that you are not prepared to put a negative spin on these days ?
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    In that case, can we bring the whets on as soon as possible so that we can play our full part in Europe and the wider world while the rump UK remains in splendid isololation led by progressive and forward looking characters like Rees Mogg and John Redwood. Perhaps you should head south just in case you get trapped on the wrong side of the border.
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    Given that background, I suppose that we can expect some cuts.
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    Very disappointing. The feel good factor that had been developing has been considerably diluted with this news that the club still has not communicated. So, we can apparently afford to appoint a chief executive officer presumably on a salary commensurate with such a senior position but can't afford to retain the services of our club captain who's ability and experience could be the difference between seriously challenging for promotion or not in what will be a vital season ahead. What a very odd set of priorities.
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    What a strange thing for a grown man to post.
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    Yes it does fit. The budget is being cut - end of. In order to run a squad of viable size under these circumstances, the decision has been taken to dispense with the services of a high earner given a long and well-remunerated contract by the previous regime which can no longer be afforded. What would you be proposing on the basis of your "quantity over quality" argument? James Forrest or similar, the ten young lads given contracts the other week, plus nobody on the bench? That is its ultimate extrapolation. It rather strikes me that this is another attempt to portray the current board as worse than the previous one - ironically by using a decision by the current board to dispense with a lengthy and expensive contract handed out under the previous board, but now no longer affordable as a result of the relegation also arrived at on the watch of that previous board.
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    With the money warren is on, i'm not surprised he is being told to leave, even if he took a 50% pay cut he would probably still be one of our highest payed players to do what this season sit on the bench. With Donaldson and Mackay being the centre half pairing which is the best option for the team we can't afford to have warren on the bench. Can't let sentiment cloud the fact at the end of the day we are business which under a previous regime just handed out stupid money for this club and now Robbo and current board look like the bad guys for trying to cut the wages so we don't have problems in the long term.
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    Have to Agree with Charles and from reading the article Robertson has made it quite clear that he is under no obligation to go but if he can get a good deal elsewhere then he is free to go. I understand fans wanting the best for the team but we have to be realistic and live within our means otherwise we will have no team to support. The only way to change that is to get all these missing fans through the gate on a Saturday always seems strange to me we can get 10000 plus for a cup final but struggle to get 3000 on a Saturday
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    Well done on being in the team of the season Liam. Well deserved. Here's hoping for more of the same next season!
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    Made the SPFL Championship team of the season with 25 assists across all competitions.
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    Kyle Hutton didn't sign because he was reluctant to move his family. Players and agents talk and clubs get a reputation. It will become even harder to attract players when the club keeps on trying to push players out. What options did Warren have when he was offered this contract? What did he turn down? So it was offered by a 'previous regime' - but by the same logic would we be equally indifferent if it was our manager or company owner that changed and then the new incumbent said we weren't wanted? Who is it we support at this club, the players or the board? Clubs take hits, for every Christie you may have a player for year longer - that's a gamble at all levels and all clubs. If Warren is what stands between the club and administration then that is a different matter, but it isn't as the board haven't said so. We can afford Warren, with such a young team and injuries he has a place, but the board clearly wants to rob Peter to pay Paul. Hutton would have moved had the deal been attractive enough, it wasn't. I don't deny the validity of the arguments above, and agree with the sentiments but surely concerns on the motives behind Warren and the road that this ethos will bring to the club as time goes on are worth airing.
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    From my perspective there have been numerous positives since the end of the season and they far outweigh the negatives. A strong CJT now is just what is needed to raise issues and hopefully assist the new regime. As fer Mr Warren - a great servant, always gave 100% but his days are numbered.
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    Not happy with this at all. I appreciate we need to cut costs but we seem to slitting our own throat at times and are losing a lot of experience from the side as well. Warren definitely struggled for parts of last season but he was also a mainstay in the side when it went on that great run of form. To suddenly cast him out now instead of trying to restructure his deal is incredibly short sighted.
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    Which is why they should pick historic pics instead of players imho
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    Got the away top today. Completely in love with it. I'm taking it out for dinner at The Kitchen tonight.
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    WTF does his pay have to do with anything?
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    The new strip most definitely sticks closely to the club colours. It certainly gets a general thumbs up from me.
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    Pleased to see Livingston promoted for a number of reasons. Firstly; it freshens up both the Premiership and the Championship. One of the many issues with Scottish football is an ongoing sameness or staleness. The Premiership will have two different clubs next season and the Championship no less than four which, in my view, has to be a good thing. Secondly, they did it the hard way by coming through the uneven play off system which was cynically stacked against them and in favour of the incumbent top tier club. They will face a challenge next season with, almost certainly, the lowest budget in that league but they have earned the right to face that challenge. One in the eye for the self centred powers that be. Again, in my view, that can only be a good thing. Thirdly, at not leastly, Livvy gained promotion on half our crowds and no more than two thirds of our budget. If they can be promoted this season then proof and incentive, if that is needed, that there is no reason why we can't do the same next.
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    Holding a pre-Election forum to present the perceptions from current Board members (preferably ones also seeking re-election) and open questions sounds like a very good idea. If I lived closer then that is what I would be seeking. However DD - put your name forward and if there is not sufficient interest then pull out - with understandable reason. The thing that got me is that certain individuals have been butting in and putting people off with their tainted views with NO intention whatsoever of helping out.
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    That makes a very refreshing change to have the new strips available and on sale before the beginning of June. Well done to those concerned.
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