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    For those not wishing Carl well, I ask them what they would do if they were sacked by their employer and were offered employment at an even higher level by the only other similar employer in the area that didn't necessitate moving yourself and your young family ? Good luck Carl and thanks for your efforts and loyalty over the years.
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    Too many people on here doubting Shane's ability to play at the level we are at. Just remember he was playing premiership here. There is goals in the guy I have seen him the past two seasons and he will put away the chances we missed the last two years, so give him some slack
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    Sorry but it seems to be a 50 50 love hate split on the horrendous away strip. They should have gone with black and red stripes sold more and made a bigger donation to the hospice. The colour will put many off buying it and as such a smaller donation being made.
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    Guess I'm in the minority here. I'm pleased for Carl personally. But still think the club made the right decision. Fans always state they want more local youngsters being given a chance. Well this is a sign of the club doing just that. Obviously there is monetary considerations aswell. People say he would have signed for less money? Maybe but I think in our position we don't have the budget for 2 players for every position. It will be 1 per position then probably 5/6 players who can cover a few positions then the young lads. Then you make a choice. Keep a club legend at 35? Or free a young highly rated local lad? Cameron Harper looks perfectly capable of competing at this level and could have great potential. It could go terribly wrong for him/us but we need to give him the opportunity and platform to play. The money freed up from Carl's wages may be spent on a gem or a dud but that's football. You have to take risks and be objective rather than overly sentimental. I'm sorry to see Carl go and thank him for his contribution to the club but now my focus and energy is on Cameron and his future with the club.
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    I wish him all the best. Shouldn't have been let go. Solid in defence. Good leader. Shot ourselves in the foot.
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    It's all very depressing and, along with the appeal from Dundee Utd, Raith and Cove for help with legal funding to support their battle against the possibility of losing out on promotion, it drags the reputation of Scottish football further into the mire. This could all have been so easily avoided if the clubs had just done the sensible thing and voted for the 14-10-10-10 setup in the first place!
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    Regardless of youth systems I can't see youth players flourishing unless we increase the league numbers. 12/10 is far too tight/competitive to blood youngsters. Managers are fearing for their jobs and will stick with experience over youth. Yes it makes for more excitement and intrigue. We have seen especially in the championship you can go from relegation candidates to having playoff potential after a couple of wins. This is great for fans but not for young players. A larger league and less risk of relegation would probably increase the game time afforded to younger players to gain said experience and allow them to develop. Until this happens all this 'projects' are a waste of time imo.
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    Fixtures are out tomorrow at 2pm
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    Yup. It's a no from me. You get puma, produce a banging home strip then produce some very bright pink nonsense with no link to the club. Hospice would probably have benefited if the colours were at least somewhat related to the club. 25 years and we go pink. Why?
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    To be fair to the Home Office, perhaps they thought there was no need to share the information with officials in Edinburgh as they probably assumed that Public Health England would deal with it since there is 'no such thing as a border between Scotland and England'.
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    At last.A post surely everyone can agree with.
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    😱 Roll on October when we can get back to talking about playing football again.
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    Communities get 'overrun by rats and other vermin' Communities do not get overrun by decent human beings who are our friends, neighbours, doctors, nurses, restaurateurs and perform many other positive roles in our community. Once again, I respectfully invite you to reconsider the phrasing of your post. If your point is that Inverness and the Highlands in general is not particularly ethnically diverse then that is undoubtedly true. Mores the pity in my view but I fail to see why that, in any way, is relevant to the debate.
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    I entirely agree. When Scotland had two large national leagues the national team were constantly successful and competitive. Ever since the introduction of ten or twelve team divisions the number and quality of youngsters being brought through has diminished to the detriment of both the clubs and the national team. Reconstruction is sensible and long overdue. Unfortunately, however greed and narrow self interest means it's unlikely to happen.
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    Given that the litigation was relatively short lived and the arbitration concluded swiftly, I would expect the legal expenses of each of the parties to be in the tens of thousands rather than hundreds of thousands. The arbitration has been continued to allow the matter of expenses to be settled. Given that the SFA were largely successful and Hearts and Partick largely unsuccessful, the clubs are likely to have to pay the association's expenses as well as their own and possibly any expenses separately incurred by Dundee United, Raith and Cove Rangers who they were trying to deprive of promotion. Sensible compromise and league reconstruction, even on a single season basis and all this could have been avoided but insular self interest won the day as always leaving some losers and very few winners. It seems that Scottish football never learns from past errors.
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    Can this be included in the thread? 😂😂😂
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    I would just go it alone OCG and push hard to get our reserves in the SHFL. We don't have dozens of quality kids so let's concentrate on the ones with potential.
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    I am saddened but, given their track record, not shocked that the SFA have brought disciplinary action against Hearts and Partick for bringing court action. The matter has been referred to independent arbitration which is much better facilitated with at least some element of goodwill on each side. This action and the timing of it is simply wrong headed, ill advised and vindictive. We are unfortunately used to idiotic actions on the part of our football authorities but the idiot or idiots responsible for this action at this time should simply resign. Not good enough. The clubs, the players and most importantly, the fans need and deserve better.
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    Hopefully once confirmed, we can line up a friendly when the football's back on and have it as a testimonial match for him.
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    Help! One I knew and I was too late. I was brought up in Corpach!
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    An absolute classic available on YouTube from half 5 today. 8 goals, 2 penalties and 2 red cards, it's Inverness CT v Queens Of The South from 2002/03.
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    I don't believe the SPFL have mandated taking the knee before games as the EPL did a few months ago which I feel this is a pity as international solidarity is important. However, I understand there may be a sense of the moment having passed (unfortunately) by the time the season starts in October so understand why our league may not involve themselves in it. In relation to this, I believe it would be a nice touch if our club made an effort at some point to recognise the contribution of BAME players who have helped to lead us to success in the past. The club has been good at supporting progressive social causes in recent years (Rainbow Laces, mental health etc.), but it would be nice to see something done to recognise those from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds and to make fans from these groups feel even more welcome at the club.
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    Some good news for the youth set up... https://ictfc.com/ictfc-academy-update?fbclid=IwAR0RqPLvTFzuu1gJC0snDivaaPMAPjYT4AZi3ack3mPUSDAFCYg5i0w8RVQ
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    Love it! One of things that amused my wife and myself down here in the London area was the "discovery", about 10-15 years ago, of porridge as a "superfood". We had the very rapid spread of porridge outlets, in cafes, health food bars, and railway station stalls, all selling this wonderstuff to the trendy young professionals heading to their offices and trading floors in the City, in Canary Wharf, and so on. What used to horrify us was the stuff that was added to it to make it attractive (or just edible). Looking at just one website, I can see, amongst many others, porridge with: almond milk oats, butter, hazelnuts, cinnamon coconut palm sugar and apple fig, agave and chia seeds date molasses and Medjool dates vanilla cream, cocoa nibs, chia, banana mature coconut, dates, almonds, apple, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, hemp seeds, cacao and blueberries. Personally, I can't stand the stuff
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    I agree. Some of the posts on here are embarrassing.
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    Congratulations to Harrogate Town for winning England's National League play of final and, next season, playing league football for the first time in their history. They join Northampton Town and Wycombe Wanderers in being promoted, through play offs through leagues that had otherwise been abandoned. The same option was available to the SPFL which would at least have added a bit more fairness to our truncated season but, as always short sightedness and narrow self interest prevailed over fairness and sporting integrity. For what it's worth, I would have made the same point even if ICT hadn't finished the season in a play off position.
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    Can a moderator close this topic? Or move it to general nonsense? The less said the better on this one.
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    Yet there is still racism in our community: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.pressandjournal.co.uk/fp/news/highlands/2243678/activists-claim-removal-of-black-lives-matter-posters-from-bridge-is-evidence-of-subtle-racism-in-highlands1/amp/ Not to mention our own fanbase's history of anti-gypsy abuse. The actions of a small minority of protesters pale in comparison to the injustice wrought on these groups for hundreds of years, and doesn't devalue the points the wider movement are making.
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    Big difference between Black lives matter and the organisation BLM. We need to be careful. I fully support any anti racist stance the club may propose however I won't support anything with links to BLM. If there is a BLM event at the club I and possibly other will not support the event, this does not mean we are racist but that we don't support BLM. However it could be twisted by others as being racist. Its a minefield now a days when it comes to peoples opinions.
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    While I do agree that it would be a good idea, in some senses, I'd rather not give light to the BLM organisation itself. Their motives are all there, Black lives do matter and something needs to be done about fixing inequality, but the way they go about trying to do it, it's just a big no no. All the group seems to be is an organized riot movement, early days, it was alright, all peaceful protests, but then they got bored and started burning and looting then screaming about being (rightfully) arrested for their crimes, and it's all gone to pot from there on out. Thankfully it's not been as bad as it has been in the US (London is a close exception). I'm fully on board with having something to show more recognition to these players, but it'd probably be a bad move to associate ourselves with a group that's renowned for rioting and trying to silence anyone who calls them out on their actions.
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    He means Jackson Carlaw. The £7m refers to the paintings.
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    I think the first 27 games could go along way to defining our season!
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    No sharing sweeties either 😁
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    I'm not optimistic. There are several European countries which have eased lockdown measures to some extent and are now seeing a worrying rise in the number of cases. If lockdown measures are eased too much, it is clear to see what is going to happen. This virus is not going away any time soon. The Scottish government have taken a cautious approach and unless there is a radical change of direction, large scale gatherings are not going to be permitted for some time. When things do open up a bit more I expect that it will be with reduced capacities.
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    I think we would all prefer to see our home grown talent get a game but they have to be good enough to get into the squad in the first place and get the experience to help them stay there. That's where a Reserve team helps.
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    Would far prefer seeing our own youth players getting a game than most of the journeymen wev been "treated" to last few seasons will never no how good they are if the manager doesn't play them
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    Patience is not something our club can afford Satan. If our directors and managers are happy then so be it but it is only prudent to review every part of our business regularly considering our financial situation.
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    Sorry Satan I don't agree with you. Every kid needs a level up from playing in youth football before having a chance in the first team. We need a reserve team where they play with and against men, not an U18/U19 squad where there are kids ,who have no chance of making it. We seem to think numbers is a success but it's not, quality with potential is the answer. I don't blame our management for not giving some a chance but maybe next season he will have no option.
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    Yes you are. As all the players are in furlough. Whats the point in paying now? There will be plenty players available
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    Entirely forgot that 5 years ago today, we kicked off our Europa League Debut against Astra Giurgiu, in which Owain Fôn Williams made his debut by nearly keeping out a free kick comparable to Greg Tansey's own from one Constantin Budescu, leaving us trailing an away goal heading into the second leg near the border with Bulgaria. Shame really that we might not ever see the sights of European Competition again for quite some time...
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    As a cancer survivor, I would have no problem wearing the pink shirt, looks pretty decent to be honest and most sports over here have a pink shirt for various cancer causes. The fact that some money is going to the hospice is also excellent as that is a good and deserving cause. If I were to criticise, i would perhaps wonder if it should be a 3rd kit rather than 2nd ? The first and second kits should reflect the club, any other 'special' kits can be event, cause or charity specific. Over the course of a year MLS (and therefore all teams including TFC) have had a 'camo' strip for armed forces day, a 'pride' shirt, a pink shirt for various cancer causes and others I cant recall right now. These are worn across the league for one specific day. If you like it, you buy it, if not you move along ... Edit : I knew I forgot one. This year its the 'unity' kit to promote 25 years of MLS. The kit is a retro style back to the similar kit designs worn by USA national team and other teams around the world 25 years ago. https://www.torontofc.ca/post/2020/02/06/toronto-fc-unveil-new-unity-kit-ahead-major-league-soccers-25th-season // https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2020/02/05/2020-official-mls-jerseys
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    Somebody on here recently told me Tremarco was off to Elgin !!!
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    Not a fan of pink football kit but hey ho. Would have preferred red and black stripes. I suppose what matters is the quality of players wearing them.
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    Thanks for highlighting. That was the only time I have seen home fans in the away end due to the support we had. None of us knew who the goalie wearing 25 was as we all expected Esson to be in goal Oh for support like that again. Sadly j suspect we can only dream!
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    I’m with the majority here. Really sorry we let Carl go, but as we did, good for him in getting a decent move and, whilst I’m no supporter of County, I wish him well. Is that seven players who we used to have who are now there, or have any left following the end of last season? Donaldson, Tremarco, Cowie, Draper, Chalmers, Vigurs, Mckay. Sadly it does highlight our players e on the Highland pecking order at this time
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    Entirely agree. It would have been one thing if we offered him a new contract on reduced terms and he refused but I remain bemused that, by all accounts, we didn't even consider him worth making the offer.
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    Shane In my opinion is the best striker we have signed in years.
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    Delighted for him if he has managed to secure a player coach position at Elgin. I still feel that, after so many years of loyal service, we should have at least offered him another season on reduced terms. If confirmed, I might just put a bob or two on Elgin winning the League 2 title. Once he has a bit of coaching experience under his belt, I would not be entirely surprised, or indeed entirely disappointed, if he came back as manager one day.
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    Once confirmed, I’m really pleased for him. Great he can continue in the game and remain based locally.
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