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    Hi there guys , although I'm a hearts fan I'm not in here to to talk about my own club or troll this forum. I'm only here to congratulate your club on there resent statement, it was not only well worded but it said everything about the dishonestly of the SPFL. Your club has proper morals, dignity and sporting integrity, this is what the majority of our 42 clubs don't have. You are a very proud club and looks to me like very proud supporters reading this thread and rightly so. Although we will be competing in the same league next season (if any) if hearts don't win it I very much hope ICT do and hope we both are promoted. I will be up for the away game against you gays as this will be my only away game as I would not give any of my hard earned cash to any of the gutless clubs. Stay safe and all the best for the future.
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    A club from Inverness playing in the national league system was once a remote prospect, reaching the top tier was an even more remote prospect, reaching the League Cup final was even more remote and winning the Scottish Cuo and playing in Europe was once the remotest prospect of all. I will just be happy for our club to survive and vie for promotion next season no matter how remote that prospect might be.
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    Not strictly ICT related but I was sorry to read of the death of former Clach forward Charlie Kennedy. My late father was a staunch Clach fan as a result of which I probably spent more time in Grant Street than was healthy in the late 60s and early 70s and Charlie was a firm favourite. I am sure that the whole Inverness football community would wish to send condolences to his family and friends.
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    Even before the pandemic struck I was concerned by the fact that we were increasingly struggling to make full time football work in it's conventional way on dwindling financial resources. Part time football was and remains an obvious destination but that is far from ideal and would make it all but impossible to get back to the top tier in the short of even medium term. A combination of full time and part time seemed a much better solution but, although we have had part time players in full time squads in the past, Jimmy Calder and Paul Ritchie notably come to mind, that is very difficult to work with the full timers training during the day and, due to work or educational commitments, the part timers only available in the evenings. So, I wonder if we could think a bit differently. Since the beginning of professional football, full time players have tended to train daily for about four hours almost invariably in the morning and very early afternoon. Is there any reason at all why they couldn't put those same hours in in the late afternoon and evening on a daily basis ? That way, they would themselves be able to combine full time football with some other employment or, in the case of the younger full timers, education or apprenticeships to supplement the very modest full time salaries we are now able to offer. Those full time players and coaching staff who were not otherwise engaged would have more time for community work in schools and elsewhere during the day thus bringing the club more closely into the community. The biggest benefit though is that we could then bring in some of the country's best part time players and fully integrate them by being able to train with the full timers for two or three hours two or three times a week. There are thirty or forty part time players in the lower leagues who are more skillful and have more potential than very many of the full time players playing in the Championship or the lower reaches of the Premiership who do not, for very understandable reasons, want to give up good careers or relocate to the Highlands for our very modest full time wages. However, if we could help find them employment in their own line of business or a place at college combined with what would be a very generous part time wage and the opportunity to play with full time colleagues at a higher level that could be a very much more attractive proposition for them. Could this be a way forward not just in the Championship but even if and when we are fortunate enough to return to the top tier or am I barking up the wrong tree entirely?
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    I'm fully behind the board on this. They dared to speak out against the cabal of self serving clubs and the papers and of course we are now being hounded as the latest statement says. Any club being relegated (Falkirk Partick etc) is being hounded in the same way when they release statements about their enforced demotion. Seemingly the only acceptable statement people would like would go along the lines of "we have full confidence in Doncaster. We dont want any reconstruction and everybody should stay quiet now for the good of the game. (The game being the premiership without regard to the other leagues) Also in regards to the Null and void nonsense. For teams like ourselves in playoff spots. The season is effectively Null and Void for us. No play off money or associated TV money from that. I wish the 6 self serving clubs in the Premiership would have at least got the same amount of vitriol that ourselves and other afflicted clubs are getting.
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    Wishing our former striker Scott ‘Trigger’Mclean a full recovery as he recovers in hospital after suffering a stroke
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    I think at least part of this is to do with the optics. The Rangers are, often with very good reason, widely disliked and distrusted in Scottish football. Generally speaking, I tend to dislike them and certainly distrust them myself. However, even the worst and most corrupt of organisations can sometimes be in the right and, in this instance at least, the Rangers seem to have a very valid point. Something certainly smells but because, at least partly of who is asking for the enquiry many are resistant to it and we are in part at least, being vilified by association. It is a great pity that this enforced hiatus could not be used as an opportunity to dismantle completely our tainted, incompetent and distrusted administration structure and start afresh based purely on sound administration, good marketing, fresh thinking and sporting integrity. Sadly however, the corrupt, inept and self interested forces in control would never allow that to happen as a result of which our game will eventually emerge in as unfair and mismanaged a state as ever. A missed opportunity.
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    Interesting article by Tom English. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52646285 In it, he says "Scottish football missed an opportunity to examine itself three years ago and it has missed another opportunity now. Strip away the bile and all the inter-club warfare and ask a simple question - can we do better than this? If a neutral party put that to a vote and asked club leaders, players and supporters to respond yes or no, what would the result look like? Can we do better? The answer, surely, would be an emphatic yes. This is the problem, though. When you try to lift the bonnet to have a look at how things are done, the thing that some want to know first is who's doing the lifting and why? What's their agenda? Who are they acting on behalf of? What are they really trying to do? That mentality chokes progress. It protects the status quo. Clubs have it in their gift to introduce radical change to the game if they so wish, but they don't want it - or don't want it enough. People like to talk about change, but not many are brave enough to see it through." Seems to sum up the situation pretty well.
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    Not unexpected but still very disappointing. The Stenhousemuir Chairman's statement explained very well why having an inquiry was so important. If the various allegations are founded in fact then it is clearly important they are brought out into the open and dealt with. If an independent inquiry found that the allegations were largely baseless then those making the allegations would need to start toeing the line. Either way, the outcome clears the air and allows the organisation to move on. So surely an inquiry should have been welcomed both by those who think the SPFL are doing a good job and those who do not. It seems those who have supported an inquiry are largely clubs who have been publicly critical of the SPFL. These are the clubs who are willing to put their side of things to an independent arbiter. Those who have been supportive of the SPFL position seem unwilling to have the allegations put to independent scrutiny. There really is only one conclusion that you can draw from that! It is all very well saying that we now need to draw a line under this and work together, but the best opportunity for that was for all to accept the conclusions of an independent inquiry. Working together in an organisation where the leadership clearly adopts a bullying culture of divide and rule and where nobody can trust anybody else will not be easy. Directors and staff from other clubs will have moaned about the SPFL in private and will have pledged their support, but then been too gutless to act. How on earth are you supposed to work constructively in that kind of environment? No doubt the club will put out another statement, but it does now need to accept the decision of the majority of member clubs and focus on the season ahead.
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    Still with the club on this one .... the statements issued up to yesterday were clear and well worded in my opinion. The record was the one who already printed the smear piece on the CEO around the time of the first vote and here again they print another alleging we had a plan that would cost us £175,000. I find that really hard to believe when for the last six months both Gardiner and Morrison have been scouring the country and beyond to try and raise £500,000. I would believe our chairman's comment this morning a lot more easily than the red top rag. (any red top rag).
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    Why would any other club trust us in any negotiation from this point? Transfers or further league meetings or anything else? This is going to cost us in the long run and a few crowd-pleasing, poorly written, seething statements won't mean anything in a few weeks, let alone in the long term., I'm stunned so many fans seem to be lapping this up.
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    It is remarkable how little is actually said in McArthur's statement beyond a bit of self-indulgent, indignant bluster. He limits himself to the allegation of threats and says that all he was doing was pointing out that if the SPFL failed and the Rangers' motion was subsequently put and failed, that distribution of Championship prize money might be dived into 10 equal portions. He ignores the fact that Inverness would be the 2nd biggest loser in that scenario and therefore stood to benefit more than most from supporting the SPFL motion. He ignores the fact that the "consequences" he mentions would only become reality if the SPFL chose to make them so, and therefore fails to understated why this was rightly seen as a "threat" rather than merely unavoidable "consequences". McArthur concludes " There are many more things I would like to say, but I will retain my dignity and continue to be more concerned about the long term future of Scottish football at this time. The endless point scoring is becoming tiresome, and I would have preferred to rise above it, but I have a duty to protect the reputation of Dunfermline Athletic FC." What gutless, pompous cr*p! Hiding behind his role as Pars Chairman allows him to squirm out of answering a range of valid concerns raised in the ICT statement. As a member of the SPFL Board he also has a duty to the the other 41 member clubs and to the wider reputation of Scottish football. That is a duty he is abjectly failing in.
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    I read that statement differently, especially when he blows smoke up everyone's arse about the reputation of DAFC .... no-one has said anything about DAFC, or questioned their integrity ads a club, it was about an individual and he seems to be hiding behind his club rather than defending his personal reputation or denying what was said. In fact, he admits to making comments on the date specified, but like all bullies minimises it or attempts to blame the victim(s). I personally have no faith in ANYONE on the SPFL board to conduct business in a fair and impartial manner. They are rotten to the core. The only problem is that whoever replaced them if they did the decent thing would likely be just as bad ! Take personalities and pissing contests out of this for a second ... there are way too many discussion points not centered around this bullying that also bear talking about. Like the 'threat' that voting no would delay payments when it has already been established that interim payments could be made with or without a vote, or the circumstances surrounding the manner in which a valid no vote was lost then changed to yes (the digital forensics on this would be fascinating I am sure), or the manner in which teams are being relegated when it was not cut and dried they would finish bottom (no real issue with crowning champions as the margins there were a lot wider and the implications less far reaching).
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    It's not over with several clubs hinting at legal challenges. The vote was corrupt. And Dundee now look like a bunch of idiots that reconstruction is dead in the water. Spfl management of the whole situation has been a joke. The way the sfa handled the red card in the semi final earlier in the season has also highlighted that neither governing body in Scottish football is for for purpose. This was the ideal time to reform the system. But the whole system of Scottish football has been dealt a death blow by 6 premiership clubs. Absolute joke. But those same clubs were putting pressure on lower league clubs to vote so they could get money. Hypocrisy at its finest.
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    Once it became clear that there was no chance of the the 2019/20 season being completed and that the Coronavirus was going to have a significant effect on clubs' finances, there was one obviously sensible solution which could and should have been agreed promptly. Had agreement been reached, then clubs would now be in a position where they would know which division they were playing in next season and what the makeup of that division was. It would have given clubs the opportunity to plan as well as is possible in what is an unprecedentedly difficult time. Two basic principles should have been accepted. These are 1) that no club should be unnecessarily disadvantaged by the fact that it was not possible to finish the season and 2) uncertainty should be eliminated as much as possible, as soon as possible. Making the Premiership a 14 team division and keeping the other 3 divisions as 10 team divisions by promoting the top 2 in each division and the champions of the Highland and Lowland leagues would have meant no relegation and would have satisfied those 2 basic principles. Any dissent to this could have been overcome by making it a temporary arrangement for 2 or 3 seasons with an agreement on a process to discuss restructuring. The SPFL management are there to represent the interests of all clubs but have clearly had a very different agenda. The capacity for Scottish football to shoot itself in the foot never ceases to amaze.
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    Short term anyways, its likely that apart from the elite level sports, then the number of professional sports persons will significantly reduce including footballers as they will need to get 'regular' jobs to pay bills and do sports part-time. A club like ICT, in a lower league in Scotland may get enough revenue to have a mix of full/part-time but player may need to accept even lower wages. There will be plenty clubs in much worse positions financially. Overall the standard of football will drop and clubs will be fielding a mix of youngsters and those willing to play for the limited cash in budgets. For most the ability to field 11 players will be a challenge, being competitive is another hurdle - but there will be clubs throughout the country trying to cut budgets/overheads and costs.
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    Well done Jack!
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    What about restocking on those black hooded balaclavas that we used to wear to Elgin away games and down the Carse Road at home games ??
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    This. Unfortunately not many seem to be grasping this scenario. By which time its likely there will be less clubs still viable and for most just being able to field 11 players regardless of competitive ability will be seen as an achievement. There are significant costs of restarting football including player testing (estimates are £3-5k per wk per club), updating facilities such as changing rooms and corporate areas for 'social distancing' and that's irrespective of whether fans are allowed in - most Scottish clubs cant afford this as they are struggling to even keep the light on in their empty facilities!!!
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    Bail out Scotland. The state of this. 😃 Norway is dipping into its oil fund to support its population, but oil-poor Scotland has to rely on its southern benefactors to bail it oot, again! You actually think you won't be paying back this 'gift' with interest for decades to come? 🤣
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    Hey Smee. Thanks for asking. Its been a tough couple of years but I am still surviving 🙂 . Cancer was dealt with. Officially I was slightly over the stage 2 border into stage 3 so a PSA test is in my diary every 3 months for the foreseeable future but the ones so far have been more or less coming back as 'undetectable'. Most have been 0.0008 (=undetectable) but had a couple that were just up one notch, but no sustained increase or doubling so after 16 months that is a good sign. However, as you may know, during this time (almost 1 year ago now) I also lost my mother. She actually passed the day after Kenny Thomson, former ICT director and all-round good guy and her service was the day before his. Her loss was harder than dealing with the cancer, and still is some days. Mind you, in these days of Coronavirus, and with her having to endure 3 visits a week to the hospital for dialysis, it may have been a blessing that she went peacefully, at her own pace, and in her own place, when she had defied the medical odds for a long time than risk COVID-19 and a potentially horrible and undignified end in isolation in Raigmore. From all of this I have decided to take life a little differently now. I try not to let things bother me so much, and realised we have one life to live so we should make the most of it and do what we want, when we want, and not be ruled by the opinion of others (whilst staying within the laws of society of course). I think the world having to basically press a reset button the likes of which will be talked about in history books for eternity also feeds into this new mindset. I do miss football though .... on both sides of the pond.
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    From the U18 team two season ago Jack Brown is a midfield terrier he may be small but so was Billy Bremner two centre backs aren't a million miles off it - Harry Nicolson and Ryan Fyffe, both very good ball players. Ross Gunn on the wing has a lot of potential along with Roddy MacGregor and Daniel MacKay they played some outstanding football. Be interesting to see if they could get their style of play back Miller Gamble and Lewis Hyde have been up and around the 1st team squad and in Scotland age groups stuff that's quite a lot of potential there.. just got to give them a chance....and what better time. Edit This just popped up on Twitter https://www.inverness-courier.co.uk/sport/caley-thistle-footballer-named-fort-williams-player-of-the-season-200350/
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    Well today confirms that the majority of the SPFL members particularly the Premier league members are nothing but a bunch of spineless self serving yes men who are happy with the status quo as long as they receive their old firm gate money.
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    quality hosting in Germany chosen by the previous CEO to thank for that one 😉 Sorry, couldn't resist it.
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    That statement did not miss and hit the wall !!! Read it in full folks !! The chairman and CEO continue to speak eloquently about this farcical and corrupt debacle that makes Scottish football even more of a laughing stock than it was before and that - to be frank - is saying something ! A few folk slagging off 'Rangers' or 'The Rangers' (call them what you want, not going to get into that argument). However, what is clear from this statement is that the power brokers had an agenda to reach a certain end point, and based on that letter, the team from Govan are right to say that when that didnt happen they bullied their way through things, changed the rules, and, worse still, made things up to manipulate things to get the result they wanted. They continue to bully clubs and denigrate individuals and each and every one of them from doncaster down need to resign NOW. There is no better time to put (radical) change into motion than now. The SFA/SPFL should support all its members and right now this nonsense will unfairly penalise Hearts, Partick, Stranraer as well as Kelty and Brora. In fact, the only club to really benefit from all this is Brechin and I am sure this is just a happy coincidence for them. The teams awarded each division would likely have won it anyway but there was plenty to play for in the relegation stakes and to a lesser extent the playoffs. 14-14-14 or 14-14-16 or 14-10-10-10 or some re-org that allows us to not penalise the clubs currently being expelled from their divisions whilst also not adversely affecting others like Brora or Kelty who have earned their right to league play would be the sensible solution.
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    Shafted as usual but entirely predictable that the self serving premiership clubs would be stubborn. Altough i feel for Partick as they are in an even worse position than us. Relegated by two points when they had a game in hand against us. Absolute disgrace.
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    Just wrapped the Polworth one. He was brilliant to chat with and I think people will think twice about some of the stuff that has been said about him in the past. And yes we asked him about that photo!
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    I have lived long enough to have viewed some of the most appalling images of inhumanity from children with skin dropping off having been burned with Naphalm in Vietnam to innocent aid workers having their heads sawn off by craven cowards in balaclavas in the Middle East. However, in all honesty, I don't think that anything chilled by blood as much as the sight of a white supremacist in a police uniform causally leaning on the neck of a fellow human being initially pleading for his life and then being very patently lifeless for a full nine minutes. Almost worse, the image of three of his equally culpable colleagues standing back and doing not a thing to intervene and prevent the murder taking place before their eyes and a matter of feet from them. I do not condone the violence and looting which serves nobody but can understand the outrage and the feeling of enough is enough and was pleased and proud to see so many white people standing shoulder to shoulder with their African American brothers and sisters. That country needed, as never before, an empathetic voice of authority with a credible promise of real and lasting change. Instead what they got was a loathsome subhuman pouring petrol on the flames calculating that more death and devastation, especially if the deaths were more black deaths would play well to his base and improve his rapidly diminishing prospects of re election. Never have I been so ashamed by the thought that there is Scottish blood flowing through the veins of that vile reptile.
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    Jeez... the one occasion when I actually pay on time 🤷‍♂️
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    It seems a lifetime ago, but tonight 5 years ago was the eve of our most prominent trophy win. I was in a Premier Inn in Glasgow with my wife, her sister and her sister’s husband. The ladies were not looking forward to their first ever football match. I have a clearer memory of the Friday night than the Saturday night I must admit. The ladies really enjoyed their day at Hampden, even if we had to explain everything to them. They missed Carl’s sending off and wondered why Falkirk had more players...... We were near the front so in the sun all game, much like tomorrow’s weather is meant to be. After the game, Wetherspoons set us up for a meal in a great Greek restaurant in George Square, before another Wetherspoons and a late night in the Premier Inn with some other ICT fans. Great memories!!
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    Just finished this epic and must say it's the best one yet despite the length - well, what else have we got to do anyway. Full credit to Charlie and Ryan for being open and honest. A great insight. You can really feel the passion they both have for ICT. Well done everyone.
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    I’m still angry with Watkins for wasting a glorious chance to win the cup with a lame effort that wasn’t even on target, when he should have played Vincent in. Things might have turned out so different.....
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    "The Christie Legacy" is out now! https://thewynessshuffle.podbean.com/e/the-christie-legacy/ Warning - this is a looooong podcast. Time stamps included if you want to park it and pick it up again at a later date
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    Not going to happen this year - maybe not next season at all. No vaccination, no congregation. No immunity, no community. I think I'm getting the hang of this "government" thing. Snappy slogans 'r' us.
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    This track still as relevant now as the day it was born. Timestamps on the pod a useful addition, but overall length isn't an issue atm, as most of us have plenty free time to kill. Keep it real.
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    Praying that Hearts are gash this coming season. All comes down to final day, we need a win to go top, Hearts celebrating thinking they've won the title, we win a last minute free kick on the edge of the box, Aaron Doran steps up, and smashes it top bins to win the game and steal it from Hearts, cue a massive pitch invasion, and Doran is immortalised in club history for all eternity.
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    What a great opportunity to rebuild with some of the players from the youth squad from a couple of years ago plus some of the ones that have been getting into Scotland youth squads. A core of 6/7 seasoned professionals and a load of youngsters would be great to watch. This season and the next couple are for surviving and rebuilding.
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    Hey, man - it's SHOWN not showed ! Just letting you know !
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    Sure, it's been a shambles but the impression I get is that people from the outside are pointing the finger at Scot Gardiner as he has previous and apparently is a diehard currant bun. We're just seen as the mugs who took him on despite all the baggage, and (it has to be said), we were well warned. I am not judging him - just saying how it appears from things I've read.
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    Away man, that’s the sort of paranoia that Bannerman used to spout. At least when Fergie did it there was a point to it. If you read Pie & Bovril it’s the away trip of the season, even for Morton and Queens who regularly get thumped. It’s no fun for midweek replays In winter and the like, I’ll grant you that, but to say “most” never liked ICT is absolute nonsense.
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    I thought our statement was a bit of an embarrassment to be honest, poorly written and just a rant.
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    You are right. Someone is not being honest and telling porkies.Is it the First Ministers of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland all of whom have very different political perspectives,or is it the person responsible for a lie plastered on the side of a bus, who was judicially determined to have lied about the reason for prorogation of Parliament, who misled the queen, who cheated on his wife, who lied to his close political allies the DUP and who has been sacked at least twice from professional positions for dishonesty. I can see your point. It's a tricky one.
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    Indeed. Maybe one of the local journalists in the Highland area can pull him up on these comments from 2012 when he seemed quite happy to expand the top division. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/ross-county-chief-roy-macgregor-1412188 Obviously we shouldn't just vote for any form of reconstruction.
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    Very well written statement. Didn't pull any punches. A credit to our chairman and board.
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    Lack of money is a problem, lack of honesty & integrity of the governing league body is the issue...if we had faith/confidence in them we could begin to work out real solutions to the problem.
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    Great statement. Of course we had more to gain than other clubs. But the facts remain the same regardless. And its dependent on clubs like ourselves to speak up when others would stay quiet.
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    Just caught up on last three editions. Loved them all and great to hear the views from players past and present. Brilliant, well done all. Polly hates the County - that works for me.
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    Right now, from a football point of view, all that really matters is that the club survives to start and complete the 2020/21 season. If we can be competitive and vie for promotion again that will be a bonus.
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