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    I hope after reading and hearing what the man went through with his illness people get off his back. He genuinely wants to help our team do well and he's if nothing else not short on effort as well as being our current top scorer this season. Let's for once try and get behind all our players at the business end of the season, we still have a great chance of the playoffs and his goals are going to be crucial.
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    Seeing as this seems to be the pre match thread for the game it's worth posting this so fans who attend are aware. Hopefully as many supporters as possible join in with the applause as it would mean a lot to Dawn's family
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    All we need now is for every supporter to believe in the squad we have. Positive thinking shows every single player is an SPFL player waiting to re-emerge. Not too far off this time last year, the team started an incredible run. Let us begin that process again this Saturday.
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    A very professional job. Good pressure early on to establish a comfortable lead. It could easily have been more if McGinley had not been on such good form in goal for East Kilbride. Oakley was one of the players denied after he had created space for himself to unleash a powerful shot goalwards. This was after a great team move started by terrific work from Rooney deep in our half half when he released the ball from the touchline under pressure from two East Kilbride players. Austin was also denied by McGinley in the 2nd half but only he will know why he didn't hit it earlier with an empty net beckoning. Doran MOTM for me. He was excellent last week as well and seems to be be getting back to something like his best. I sense that his captaincy duties weighed heavily on him and that he feels more relaxed to play his natural game now that Carl is back. Good to see Polworth get back on the score sheet again. We need him scoring a bit more often than he has so far this season so hopefully this will give him the lift he needs.. Also good to see David Proctor back in Inverness and great applause for him from the Inverness fans when he had to be subbed early in the 2nd half. Brilliant to see the whole stadium stand and join in the applause for Dawn in the 16th minute. Credit to all the East Kilbride fans who showed great respect in joining in too. It shows that despite our differences and our rivalries, at the end of the day we are all decent and compassionate folk. All in all, a very good day out.
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    https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/av/scotland/20569486 "Richard Brittain has just put Ross County into the 5th round!" *30 seconds later*
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    Wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world to get a sponsorship deal from my favourite whisky and name the stadium Highland Park!
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    Liam is a superb guy. Inverness born and should deserve lots more accolades than he gets.
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    Probably the best post of the year so far. Well said. Leaving aside his medical difficulties the boo boys seem to neglect the fact that he is our top scorer into double figures with almost half the league season to go. If he is reading this thread, he should appreciate that 98% of ICT fans are fully behind him and the small but vocal minority who are not are never happy unless they are moaning about something or somebody.
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    Totally agree. Already our top scorer this season, and may well end up better than Billy Mackay. Keep going Jordan, true supporters wish you well.
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    Hi Graham I would be happy with a £30 donation to highland hospice in Inverness. I live in Inverness so could meet you in Inverness somewhere when suits yourself ?
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    A bit harsh don't you think? You obviously dont like him or his views - but I dont think that gives you the right to tell him to leave the forum. Im sure this is what a forum is all about - a salad bowl of mixed opinions , enriched with debates,arguments and even agreements- so why would you want Alan to leave the forum or anybody else for that matter just because you dont agree with them. Im sure he has his own opinion of your stats but I havent seen him ask you to leave the forum yet. If you read all the posts on here I think you will be fully aware that many dont attend games but does that mean they cannot contribute. Anyway back on topic we've brought in what we could with the resources we have at our disposal and its probably not enough offer a serious challenge to the title but the playoffs are well within our reach.
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    Geez, that was excruciating towards the end. Great result though, especially with so many of our best players missing.
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    For me it has to be the moment David Raven scored the screamer against Celtic in the semi final, pure joy
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    Getting pretty sick of posting the same comments after almost every home game! That first 45minutes today really was the worst I can remember from an Inverness side. Absolutely pathetic! Why McKay wasn't hooked at half-time instead of Rooney is a complete mystery. The only positives I can take from today are that we learned that 1. McKay isn't a central defender, and 2. He's no a right back either!
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    I've not been to many games this season but from what I saw last season I didn't think Oakley was that good a striker. He certainly wasn't the sort of striker who would fire you to the title in this league. He was also out of contract at the end of the season and if we thought he wasn't going to re-sign and isn't a starter then cashing in, even if it'll be pennies in the scheme of things, could be the right thing to do. He was a good contributor though and it leaves us with two senior strikers, one of whom is really injury prone. I'm cynical about the youth players - every post-match interview it seems we've got coaching staff talking about how good our youth players are but we never play any of them and have now signed a Hearts youth player who has gone straight into the first team.
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    A loss but also an opportunity for our two young home grown strikers to make more of an impression. Disappointing but not a disaster.
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    Must go ahead, I'm fed up writing previews for it.
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    Fully agree, moan if its not on TV, then moan when it is. There's lots of clubs and their fans who would love the chance to even see their club on TV and the minor windfall it generates. We are in the position where next to every league games are on Saturday at 3pm yet I don't see the fans running out to fill the stadium then and doubt they would have for the cup either!!!
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    Jeez Dougal, Is that the best you can do?
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    Piss poor to say the games will be played on the weekend of the 9th and 10th February then schedule a game for the 11th.
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    Some negative comments on here from the odd person/fan. Look on the bright side chums. This could be a cracker of a match. If it is not on the telly then it will be their loss not ours.-- our real fans will be at the game. If we want to go much further in the tourney then we have to beat them somewhere along the line. Look on the bright side.... this is going to be our day and a big win from our team of young lads who are playing well with good ball possession and passing.
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    All the pundits suggesting tie of round? I fully expect it to be picked for tv tbh
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    A fine result last night against high flying Ayr United. However, the week's work is only half done. That victory will count for much less if we can't repeat it on Saturday against low lying Patrick Thistle. There is no room for complacency, Patrick are battling to avoid successive relegations but, with the right attitude and loud vocal backing we can retain our promotion chasing momentum.
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    Press releases are typically not private! I also never said it was mutual consent. if you read my post you will see I said that phrases such as 'mutual consent' or 'immediate effect' make people wonder ... If we want to go one step further, I would be happy to be proved wrong and eat humble pie but I also don't agree with IHE's assertion that the goal was reached. If he was tasked with guiding the stadium transfer, a process that is not yet complete, then its certainly not job done and one of the lead people resigning before it is complete raises more questions than it answers. As a supporter of the club and a shareholder of the company, that concerns me.
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    Had a great day out yesterday. Doran was a good pick for MOTM well deserved he played well and could/should have had more. Fair play to Kilbride they kept plugging away even after the game more or less being over after half an hour, their keeper also pulled off some cracking saves. Hopefully we get a decent draw later and can get ourselves into the next round
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