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    "Due to my history with the club, you'll always get a mention. What do you want me to say, that I want to run down the A9? "My job here is Inverness and I was out of the game for five years and they came and gave me an opportunity so my loyalty is to work hard, and keep working hard, at Inverness until I'm told differently." Well played, that man. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/50336949
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    Read it like this then... Until I'm told differently means when the chairman tells me I no longer have a job. Robbo will be going nowhere unless we punt him.
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    Lots of moaning on here since the defeat to Dundee utd which concluded a third of the seasons games. Strikers are gash, Robbo needs to go as we were not improving etc were the views of many on here. So I decided to compile a little report card to see if this would highlight areas of improvement and causes for concern. So as you can see we have actually improved in many areas as our league position, points tally, our wins.our draws, our goals scored, the number of players getting on the scoeresheet and the number of players who have had assists have all improved compared to last year in the league. The major cause for concern is in defence with the goals conceded which has actually gone up by 50% which in turn has led us to losing 4 games when in fact we hadnt lost any last season at this stage. One poster, think it was Satan called for new defenders, and he was lambasted but he maybe isnt that far off the mark.
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    We are 3-0 down to a part time team. Stll reckon we have improved?
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    A part of me is thinking it would be a good thing if Robbo gets offered the jambo's job. We get compensation and then we can look for a manager who is tactically more astute. Daft as it sounds Dick Campbell would be worth a punt. He has a decent record and has a track record of turning jobbers into winners ... and let's be fair we have a team of jobbers at the moment. Think Robbo has had his time and I don't think he is the man to take us up.
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    Credit to Jordan White's brother who scored for Lazio this evening.
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    You can feel the love😍
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    I hope we are not doing the catering they will have run out of pies before the event starts
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    Wish he would take the jambo's job because we then get compo and can look for a more tactically aware and imaginatve manager. Would be worth looking at today's opponents manager - bags of experience, good track record, gets results from very limited budgets ...
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    Absolutely nowhere near good enough to manage at a higher level.
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    Why u give him 2 £10ers for a £10 ticket my man ? Couple of pints for him on u the night then eh
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    You can sneak away early and go to the game we won't tell your boss 😏
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    As a wise old coach once said to me “Johndo, I don’t know can it ever be back to normal. Being honest about it, if you lose a dressing-room, you are probably better off to admit defeat."
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    Let's be honest he has been out of touch with reality of games for a few weeks now. Listening to his commentry after games differs greatly to what is happening on the pitch. It just isn't good enough.
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    Absolute Shambles, 3-0 to Arbroath. What has happened to ICT.
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    2-0 ...... Arbroath Penalty !!!! Woeful again this week.
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    Arbroath 2-0 ICT PEN FU*KING EMBRASSING!!!!!!
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    Never realised til he shifted it to the side, then he ignored me when I asked for the other one back.
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    Must be about time someone says our strikers are useless 😉
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    Stats paint the picture you want to see... Wins up...good Draws down...good Defeats up...bad Looks good that we have two 'improved' boxes checked but are less draws an improvement if you have lost most of those games you might have drawn?? Not really 😂 A few more games into the season and the stats will need serious reworking to paint a rosy picture in our current form. Bottom line, optimism is good but quarter season stats can turn bad quickly. Stick to the realism...it doesn't let you down.
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    Having seen the team, can I change my first scorer to Walsh, please.
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    That's so insulting to the vast majority of our fans. We have no right to be in the top league. We have to get there on merit, but realistically with our budget and fan base it will always be hard. We punched above our weight for many years, and we need good leadership from the Board, Management Team and senior players to get back to those heights. Not impossible but with our financial position, it is getting harder. A play off place is our best hope this season realistically. A cup run would be a bonus too.
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    He was a failure last time Hearts poached him off us so can't see it happening again. That said, if they want him, why don't we do a swap and offer Craig Levein a job? Might work - horses for courses and all that!
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    Wonder if we'll make the semis again...or further...
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    Back on topic about the team for Saturday, the only positions really up for changing are White, Doran and Curry. Walsh will replace either Doran or Curry almost certainly so one of them may retain their place. We need to try Todorov for a few games instead of White to try and develop a different style of play. The problem with White is that, despite his size, he is poor at winning and holding the ball up when it is punted up to him. When he doesn't retain the ball or win the header, the ball comes straight back to us from our opponents and puts us under pressure and this is what happened against United. His game intelligence is not good either while Todorov can see and make runs that White does not. Whit can score from good crosses into the box but, in my opinion needs too many chances to score a goal.
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    Whoever is in the team it is time to get down there and smoke the smokies...😂 let's make them look like a bunch of pillocks, I mean haddocks..😂 you get the drift...😁
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    After the dismal performance on Saturday only 3 points will do.
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    Macgregor will be out for a week or two with a broken thumb which he did against QotS. Walsh is likely to start.
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    Thought we were playing Westlife? Big crowd guaranteed, and a chance of a win cos there's only four of them...
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    The U9s girls team I coach would be keen for a game.
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    Fort William, tonight? lol
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    Joonya's head before heart selection did the business - well played young man, I couldnae bring myself to do it!
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    I remember the teams of those (wonder)years, sure they could have an off game here or there, maybe ship 4 or 5 goals at home but they ALWAYS came back strong the next game.Guaranteed! Damn this nostalgia!
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    I thought Charlie trafford was by far our best player today must start v lichties he gives his all for the club ⚽️ please give toddy a chance up front
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    Good players don't become bad overnight...just need to sort out what's stopped working and put it right.
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    Gave my son a hard time for not challenging him and leaving him with a free header 😆
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    We will have the links to download for those who want it shortly ... meantime, here's something i found online ....
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    The memorial to the people of the Highland Clearances in Helmsdale.
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    I think it may be WW1. Invergordon opened as a naval base just as WW1 began and survived right through to the 1950s. But the general style of the ships, especially with the cross yards on the masts, is more reminiscent of WW1. It's difficult to get an idea of scale, but I'm wondering if the ship in the floating dock may be one of the earlier Dreadnoughts with 8 x 12 inch guns. Mind you I'd be happier with my WW1 suggestion if I could make out more detail of funnels on the big ship.
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    Echo and the Bunnymen - Ice Rink 1983 (my first gig) The Smiths - Eden Court (the second visit from them, had The Chesterfields as support) Stump - Ice Rink Goodbye Mr MacKenzie - Ice Rink Jesse Garon and the Desperados - Ice Rink New York Pig Funkers - Carlton Proclaimers - Ice Rink Hook n' Pull Gang - Tryst Shop Assistants - Eden Court (Could have been the Crows in support) Senseless Things - Hayloft and Railway Club Mega City 4 - Hayloft UK Subs - both Hayloft and Culloden Sedition - Hayloft Waterboys - large tent in the Bught Park Mambo Taxi - Railway Club Man at the Window - Bught Park (free music festival, this is the only band I remember) As for Inverness bands seen the Cateran both at the Ice Rink and the Tryst, A Gentle Sound I can't remember where, The Kettle Brothers at the Ice Rink playing visuals from a tv set at the front of the stage or was this at the Caley Hotel downstairs, Bikini Test twice first up in Tain Balnagowan Hotel as a 6 piece, then Caley Hotel just Louis and Kenny. Make my Day, Stetsonhead, Joyriders probably a few more I've seen. The Boyfriends who had Graham Kemp who went on to John Peel faves Urusei Yatsura a few years later. Rainland somewhere I can't remember. Another band from the early 80's called Lethality Index(?). The Voyeurs were another band seen a couple of times. Seen a few folk artists such as Blazing Fiddles, Old Blind Dogs, Kate Rusby. Any more I can recall I'll come back to this post.
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    We were in the top league for years and wouldn't have went down with that squad not for the boards stubborness in sticking with a manager with no clue what he was doing but then again a lot of our "fans" on here hated Yogi remember! Far from impossible my man you'd think we were competing with PSG thexway some of the posters on here bleat on about things Livi done it on a far smaller budget by recruiting wisely! A play off spots the best well get now not what I'd be hoping for every season since we've been down I think we should've competed for the title but it's not happened why would that be an insult to any fan expecting to win a fairly poor league?
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    What free fall we were in the relegation zone most of his 1st season every game with a bit of pressure on us i.e. Cup semi play offs we were soundly beaten! He's not spend whatever budget he's had wisely not 1 player we could sell on at a profit the football we play is brutal at times not help with the crowds ! Not once have we challenged for the league! A lot of our "fans" have zero expectations what's that all about I expected us to have been promoted by now and at the very least title challenges every season gotta think these fans just see ICT as a wee 2nd team they take an interest in behind there real team no doubts 1 half of the old firm
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    0-3 win on the road coming up 🤘🏻
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    Nothing except arrest the free fall we were in prior to his arrival. Nothing except coming within a minute and one goal of a play off place in his first season. Nothing except reaching the play off semi final last season. Nothing except challenging towards the top of the league and occupying a play off spot so far this season. All on a very small and ever diminishing budget in front of a small and ever diminishing home support.
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    Well maybe have a look at Whites last two goals for us and there is the answer. Two fantastic balls into the box from wide areas from young McGregor and Tremarco and two equally fantastic finishes by his head to score. Against Morton he also slotted the ball away well by a lovely pass from Vincent White is a very decent striker imo who needs more decent service from his team mates on a regular basis Its the lack of creativity from midfield that is the problem not the finishing from White. He dosent hide in any games Ive watched him and gives 100% He has become the scapegoat for Saturdays defeat when we lost 3 goals which is incredible. You would have thought he missed a barrowload of chances in the game. Unfortunately for him he has become the new Liam Polworth and gets the blame for nearly everything that goes wrong on the park.
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    Id says depends on deal? Are the promoters just renting stadium or are we involved in catering/hospitality etc?
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    I beg that White gets dropped entirely. He's pure gash. How about that guy from the Main Stand? He had a better header than any of the players on the field...
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    Anything right...was utter garbage
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