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    It's a bit ironic that someone who has, on several occasions, marched half the length of Scotland between games, should be put off attending matches by a 30-second detour to the ticket window.
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    Sorry to go pre-merger but if you were a pre 1994 Caley or Jags fan then the journey has been incredible, bordering on the miraculous. A definite footballing fairy tale. There are still times that I need to slap myself to believe what has happened. Then I pour a voddie and watch SO many great post 1994 memories. Apologies but I think that Joonya's possible "problem" is that he and may others are NOT born and bred Inverness supporters. We have been through some bad times BUT the club were attached to us for eternity. Supporting the same team ALL your life says it all. Some people came across ICT as their rise started. Last season must have been a nightmare to them. To me we stayed in the Championship, won a cup and appear to have more about us. As for more nonsense about the Board. IMHO let them concentrate on the finances and the politics. The people who I want to hear from are Robbo and the players and NOT the board. And look at our management team. At least we know that 100% commitment will be prioritized. An old adage but some of the mercenaries that we have picked up in recent seasons simply did not know what "playing for the shirt" means.
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    Didn't look like that to me. As IHE says it was a 442 / 4411 for most of the game. Polworth spent most of the game tucking inside which brutally exposed Rooney on a number of occasions and led to Mckay getting dragged out of the middle to cover when he (Rooney) was taken apart. Left side was more impressive with Tremarco and Walsh getting a lot more joy especially in the first half with the latter sending over a number of good crosses and setting up the goal. When Walsh went off for Welsh Chalmers was moved to left midfield and Welsh slotted into the centre with Trafford. Austin and Oakley played as a two up front with Oakley often dropping slightly deeper to challenge for high balls. We got very lucky today. Despite a good start we regressed more and more as the game wore on. Falkirk really came to dominate things as the match wore on but more often than not they ran out of ideas as they got closer to our goal. Walsh, as mentioned above, started well down the left and he set up the opener with a ball across the box sent in from the left and Oakley found a bit of space to divert the ball back across goal and into the net. We should have killed the game off when Austin found himself with a free run on goal after a defensive mix up but he never looked like he would score and he was smothered by the onrushing Falkirk keeper. Falkirk thought they pulled level when a high free kick was headed beyond Ridgers but after a loooong delay, and with the players about to take the kick off, it was suddenly pulled back. I've no idea why the Falkirk goal was chopped off but I'm guessing it was a foul on one of Rooney, Donaldson or Mckay as they all ended up in a heap when the ball was floated in. The referee hadn't given anything but it seemed the linesman was the one who saw something wrong. Following on from that we resorted to brutal route one football with aimless hoofs up the park for Oakley and later White to try and chase. Bizarrely we even seemed to be targeting Mckay with these long balls rather than White and these high balls were easily mopped up by the defenders. The one occasion we did get the ball down and pass it around we looked good. Chalmers, Welsh and Trafford quickly played the ball around 3 or 4 home players who were left chasing shadows so it was disappointing that we seemed to lack the composure to do this more often though perhaps that was more to Falkirk closing us down a lot better in the second half than the first. Falkirk look exactly what we were like this time last season, a team clearly lacking cohesion due to so many new faces so we definitely got them at a good time. Whilst it's a very encouraging result I think we need to be cautious given how poor we were in the second half. Donaldson, Tremarco, Walsh and Oakley were probably my picks from today. Donaldson was excellent at the back although there were a couple of lapses on occasions. Tremarco and Walsh linked well down the left and the latter offered good defensive cover as well. Oakley was a handful up front but faded as the game went on.
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    Really surprised at how willing folk are to brush this result off. We should be in the next round of the League Cup. All we had to do was avoid being pumped 4 - 0 but we somehow went one better and conceded five. It was a lamentable showing from us today with a lot to think about going into the league opener next weekend.
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    Fer fecks sake - Did anyone see the first 2 or even the first 3 goals - All GREAT finishes - No answer to that. For the first 30 minutes there was little in that. Shure Robbo gotthe tactics wrong in the end BUT it was wholly understandable why he set out the team as he did. That was NOT a humiliation - We went behind to a better team and there was absolutely NOTHING straightforward about it. Cant believe that the "vultures" are circling already. The season STARTS next Saturday.
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    I remember Don (Keir) driving the CaleyInn bus to Dumfries ... that was quite an away day. or the game in Dundee against Rangers where a few members of the bus mooned Gazza as he was driven away from the ground with Jimmy 5 bellies. I remember our 4-3 game against livingston being described eloquently by Bill Leckie as all that was good about the game just a day after Hugh Dallas had been hit by a coin at an old firm game. I remember the Gringos picture in the paper after that Livi game. I remember 28 minutes in Kilmarnock and the Killie Hippo and I remember countless wonderful experiences at the TCS and in various away grounds. all good times and all part of the rollercoaster experience of supporting a club outside of the big two. I always glance at the fixture list when planning trips home and try to maximise the opportunity to see (home) games. However, when I do come the atmosphere is flat. The enjoyment and experience has been legislated out of the game. We were never the most vociferous support but we could get a bit loud and rowdy. Not any more. if anyone has the temerity to do so it seems they could be in trouble from the authorities ... I have not lost the spark, but I hope that the club and Scottish football in general takes a look at things and looks at ways to improve the matchday experience. Not talking about American razzmatazz as some might suggest (or have in the past), just basic stuff like being treated with respect, having decent food options, reasonably clean toilets, stewards that are present to help make the day better and resolve issues rather than inflame them or cause confrontations. Alcohol is always involved in football, so you will get the odd bell-end but just deal with them as they deserve and dont take the default position that everyone is a bell-end !!! The club does some things right and some things wrong and that has been true regardless of who sits in the boardroom. Having them listen is a good start ... then making small changes that dont have to cost the earth (or in some cases dont cost anything) is the next step ... lets hope CJT - once back on track - can be the conduit it was supposed to be for that kind of thing.
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    You miss the point of the statement. What is comparable is fans with an interest in the game and potential customers for the club to make money from. The climate may not be the same but we have areas around the stadium we can use - get a large covered area or marquee at the front (doesn't even need heated) just a suitable space that's dry with some seating for fans - have some big screens up to watch games (instead of a single 30in TV down in the foyer of the Main stand), pre-match build up, some music etc - something to build up an atmosphere. Have snack bars/drinks in them and encourage fans to come early and hang around for the build up rather than at bars in town. Nobody is suggesting Prawn Cocktail - pies and tea/bovril still have a place but really is he pricing reflective for the quality of goods on offer good value? The quality can be improved by offering external catering the opportunity to rent a stall outside the ground - plenty of small companies doing great quality foods for comparable prices - just visit game fairs/food events to see that. Helps the provide better local community ties & links to business. With games on at 3pm, having catering and facilities that can get folks out there at 12 or 1 - taps into a lunch market not just game time snacks - but people need to want to be there and entertained in that time. You dismiss all this yet there are clubs in England with areas doing this so why cant we?
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    Thank goodness for that. I have been worried all week about it.
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    Such sad news. Gone way too soon. I will always remember his opening day Hat rick in ICTs first ever SFL game. RIP Herch
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    For two seasons now I've struggled to find any degree of passion towards the club I once adored. In fact my last game was a 1-1 derby day draw on 18th March 2017 (my only game for that season too, with none [obviously] for last term!). It was as though winning the Scottish Cup and getting into Europe completely killed any ambition within the club. Losing the likes of Ryan, Graeme and Marley probably didn't help either. It seemed to me like Richie was sold down the river and whatever 'progress' the club attempted to make, it always seemed the 'cheap' option with no ambition or consideration behind decisions. To be fair, hanging up my boots and an ever reducing amount of enthusiasm for the beautiful game probably didn't help. This season, it seems different. Recruiting Barry as a coach, Scott as assistant, and Ryan Esson as goalkeeping coach, it all just seems to fit right for ICT. Hearing how the new recruits have fitted in is encouraging and even the new kit looks smart. The league itself looks like it'll be the most entertaining for years. It's got the feel of 2003 about it where any one could challenge for the title. I'm interested to see what others have to say about their ICT experiences over the past two or three years and what people's thoughts are for the future of this club. There'll undoubtedly be those who say 'support the club through think and thin' and I understand that notion. Sometimes, it's just not that easy.
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    It's got a bridge, and no bouncy castle, oh Inverness...
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    If people want to have a curry and some cheap pisswater beer then head to Auctioneers on a Saturday afternoon. If you want a bouncy castle and face painting go to a party. A lot of this stuff seems to be dancing around the issue at hand which, in the most succinct way, is simply a lot of fans have stopped enjoying going to games because the team don't win as many games.
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    - Punished by clinical finishing. - Defending set pieces / crosses to be addressed. - We created plenty chances but didn't put the ball in the back of the net. Learn from this and move on.
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    Due to the kindness of one of our fans and help from Travel Club ,Craig will be going to the game tonight . Thank you ...you know who you are .!!!
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    I was at the Cove - Hearts game last night and have to say that Mulraney had a very decent game which seemed to go down a storm with the visiting jambos. Will be interesting to see how he progresses this season. I don't see any harm in what he's said in terms of the relative professionalism of ourselves and HMFC. Hearts clearly have a better set up and more dough than us so it should come as no surprise. It goes without saying that Jake hardly falls into the Stuart Armstrong school of media eloquence so he's always likely to offer a fairly simplistic and un-sanitised response when asked to contrast the two clubs. No point in folk getting their knickers in a twist over a simple statement of fact.
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    Loads of comments after the Tynie performance. I am simply putting it down to "a bad day at the office". We got our tactics wrong, we put out the wrong formation BUT we were holding our own before we were blitzed by - lets say three well fashioned and executed goals. The League has to be our focus. Some people are asking for wholesale changes BUT we don't have the squad to do that. Would like to see how the others would change it around for Falkirk. Me I would drop Rooney, replace at full back with Brad McKay and bring McCart into the middle with Donaldson. Up front I would pair White and Austin. I suspect that White would be much better with a player up beside him and Austin must surely have a point to prove. An alternative which will not happen YET is to pair up Austin and wee Danny McKay. Now midfield is the problem area. Doran has clearly got to be given time and space to be the playmaker but he has to do a lot more work as well. He looked good but was static at Tynie. It probably will not happen but I would go for Calder and Walsh wide and Doran and Polly in the middle. One sitting (probably Doran) and Polly in a roving role. That also means a high line defence. SO ?? RIDGERS McKAY McCART DONALDSON TREMARCO CALDER DORAN POLWORTH WALSH WHITE AUSTIN
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    Didn't bring the picture up just becos I liked it but what a chant yesterday and first time in my life that I have joined in to a Jaggie orientated chant - Pointing at the Bairns fans and singing "When the Jags went up to lift the Scottish Cup YOU were there"
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    One sure fire way to ensure it never changes is to take the attitude that it will never change.
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    He needs to be taken into the manager's office first thing in the morning and told that that sort of conduct will not be tolerated. We paid heavily for poor discipline last season and can't afford to again. An apology to Brora, his victim and his own team mates would not go amiss either.
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    Delighted that this thread is almost redundant. The season proper is just over three hours away and with a full pre season with no upheaval or disruption let's hope for a far far better start to the season than a year ago. Very best wishes to John Roberston, the coaches, the players and everyone working hard behind the scenes. Let's have such a successful season that we start the next one back in the Premiership.
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    Very sad news indeed, especially in such a young man. I was a Thistle fan who wished we could have had him playing for us. He was such a good midfielder, box to box, strong in the tackle and a goal threat. Being the first Caley Thistle captain, he will always be remembered and be part of the clubs history.
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    So very sad and sorry to hear that. As a Thistle fan I grudgingly admired him and after the merger I was delighted that he was playing for my team rather than against it. A credit to himself and to to sometime unfairly maligned community from which he came and sincere condolences to those close to him for their untimely bereavement. A part of our club history and will always be remembered as such.
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    So far he has scored on average every second game since he came here. Hardly a disaster.
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    Wetherspoons have imo cracked the market in value for money. A curry and 5 pints (if you can take as much) for £20 and 3 to 4 hours craic with your mates in a really busy pub. Football needs to learn how to provide real value for money from sources who know how to do it.
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