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  1. Inevitable that it would be called off. It occurred to me that the forecast for Sunday is at least in positive figures. Whilst no fans are involved at this time, why can the clubs not agree to play the following day (provided the officials are available)
  2. I agree with all the previous posters, if it isn't taking too much of your time keep it as it is. (Delete the first three words of the first option for me) Anyone who has organised anything will realise how much work goes into things that may appear to be simple. Its appreciated.
  3. Ayr v Dundee draw @ 3.30 please
  4. HT 1-0 FT 2-2 Hibs Boyle ICT Doran Crowd 10234
  5. HT 0-1 FT 1-3 ICT White Dunf Nisbet Crowd 2567
  6. HT 1-1 FT 2-3 ICT Doran Liv Dykes Crowd 1999 Yellow Mckay
  7. HT 0-1 FT 1-2 ICT Storey A Utd Drinan Crowd 1745
  8. HT 0-1 FT 1-2 ICT Doran Dfc Hemmings Crowd 4680 Yellow: Trafford
  9. P&J today lists the crowd as 2287.
  10. HT 1-0 FT 3-1 ICT Doran Arb Linn Crowd 2141 Yellow Rooney
  11. HT 1-0 FT 2-1 ICT Doran Dunf Nisbet Crowd 2121
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