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  1. Very sad news. I remember Alison week in week out at games when i was younger, always full of passion. Thoughts are with you Iain.
  2. Was in touch with my dad earlier. They've managed to walk 94 miles so far in 48 hours so well on track. Four of them are still on track for an end to end but as Don said Chumba's got a stress fracture so has been helping in support work instead. Apart from that they're doing well.
  3. What time in the hunting lodge? Think i'll be there about 12.
  4. First game of the season for me. There is a car park there mate, but the chances are it'll be chokka block. pub before the game for the OF me thinks
  5. Do you still have mine as well?
  6. Cheers :003:. Do i want to ask what they stand for FW :010: :006:
  7. :015: read this small print is it. When do you get yours back?
  8. How did we all get on? AABBC for me, its going to be a blurry night :003:
  9. What was the crack at the game last night? Wish i had went now rather than packing my bags :009:. Have to say though with Hibs lossing alot of players and seeing Killie, i fancy Killie to end up above HIbs, they were emense on Thursday. I even went along on Saturday to see them against PNE with a mate whos a season ticket holder, thye controled the whole game with Naismith running the show and would have won if it wasn't for an own goal. Doubt they'll beat us though :002:
  10. Don't know why but at the moment i find myself going through all my dvds. Forgot how good Guy Ritches films 'Snatch' and ' Lock, Stcok and Two Smoking Barrels' are. If your into that sort of London gangsters type movie and haven't saw these two then well worth it. Haven't seen the third though, 'Revolver', anyone saw it?
  11. Cheers Mee :003:. Oh and Laura anymore of that and i'll be showing Gemma around Glasgow :016: :003:
  12. :004: :003: fair enough :003:
  13. I sure can Mee :003: :003: :003:. We should be ok until the next major footie tournament then :004:.
  14. OK petal. Oh i say, you've got me blushing :cute01: :003:
  15. That would be nice Mee :003:.