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  1. ICT & The SPL being dragged kicking & screaming into using the internet............the MLS offical YouTube page is great, highlights of each game, best goal/player/misses packages every week. a great example of what the SPL needs to showcase it's talent.
  2. Ian was the guy we knew could beat the plumbers, call center employees & househusbands in the 3rd division.
  3. Does anyone know what his goals to games ratio is for the lad? would love some ammo for my dons mates, seems to be his favorite team to score against.
  4. Pissing rain, high winds, Baltic weather? that's usually how a story of how we won starts!!!!
  5. what about those who had bought tickets before the price slash?
  6. I doubt it will affect the majority of ICT fans as who the hell can get a pie at half time from our top flight catering company......those guys must bring in about 20 of each pie and then sell out by kick off.
  7. 10/11 was probably Arron as he came from blackburn on a free xfer.
  8. ICT should put the tickets into schools like the old days (i used to get alot for div2&3 games). then run a mini bus thru stopping outside the schools to pick folk up and charge £2/3 to transport them thru and back maybe slightly more for people to supervise them!. if you told parents they could shift the kids to a game for the day for under a £5 i'm sure most would bite yer hand off!!
  9. one of the best LB's we've had without a doubt (can actually cross a ball unlike hastings!!). nothing but a bright future ahead.
  10. i did think everytime he PUNTED the ball up the field "what on earth are you doing lad". clearly would have rather been watching chelsea get pumped in the C.L.
  11. 2nd half was mostly the youth squad as Rossco, Williams, McKay etc. were subbed. I could have sworn Forres scored 3 but maybe i was being generous as they did play well despite the scoreline. The fact Forres are 2nd in the highland league and have only lost 5 games out of 22 makes them a decent test in such a game like this. it was heated but mostly between the McKay and the main stand Assist. Ref who at one point billy called him a "f**king idiot" and he told MM on the touchline for billy to keep it shut and he that he WAS offside. Rossco Also has a bit of verbal sparring with the Assist
  12. yea it'd be good if ICT did more to show off their charity work, it'd be an interesting read in the matchday programme AND on the website etc. as not everyone makes it to every match/buys a programme.
  13. In light of Bayer Leverkusen's recent idea of auctioning off the shirts their own players managed to acquire during their match against Barcelona, should the club maybe think about doing something similar to put towards a charity or the supporters trust (or even just back into the club)? Either our own game worn tops signed etc. or ones the players collect from opposing teams and fire them on ebay with the proceeds (excluding admin costs) going towards either the players choice of charity or something similar. I'm sure it'd raise cash even if it's small amounts and give the ICT fans s
  14. Forres want a MID-Season Thrashing now? might aswell. Supercaley FTW!
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