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  1. Hamilton game now on Tuesday 18th October 19:45
  2. Away to Motherwell 29th or 30th August
  3. Wallace Duffy according to several sources is a Right Back
  4. OOps ...how many Robbie Crawfords are there?? Also missed latest addition to Partick team Juan Alegria from Rangers reserves
  5. 790 attended on Saturday according to BBC
  6. Obviously not enough Ventilation in the Stadium
  7. Undersoil heating not required in any league in Scotland "Clubs shall have an adequate irrigation and drainage system in place." Under relaxation of rules 2018,... there is a substantial document on ground regulations available.
  8. It is my understanding that the under soil heating system is no longer operational since the new drainage was installed to overcome the waterlogging issues caused by the existence of the system. However perhaps the use of a warm air blower under a cover overnight could have solved the problem of a small area being deemed unplayable!
  9. Aye totally empty after being bounced from teir 1 & a bit..to tier 4 restrictions..with no evidence for the highlands produced
  10. just in time to watch players trooping off for HT
  11. Hi there, i would like to help out..
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