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  1. Maybe next season we will see some fine young talent from the much heralded 'Academy', when we visit Dungwall,
  2. A Merry Yule to one and all.... hope robbo is unwrapping a new striker right now!
  3. Hello again can you now mske that 4 seats for ICTEWD, thanks once more.
  4. Hi can I add another please making 3 for ICTEWD, real good work on this by the way,
  5. ICTEWD + 1 please
  6. I smell television money, watch out for even more Friday night, Saturday 12 o'clock & Sunday anytime games. Its a winter for me
  7. happy birthday in advance. ..double celebration we hope
  8. ictewd


    Australia, Canberra don't have a team in the A league
  9. Expect an announcement tomorrow
  10. To quote an interpretation of black Sabbath ' Is it the end, my friend? Satan's coming 'round the bend people running 'cause they're scared The people better go and beware! No, no, please, no!;
  11. well count me as 1 of the 2500, but why would someone who wanted to go to the game have to make 2 trips to the stadium on a Sunday with little public transport? The 'real fan' i refer to is one who comes to every game he can - work shifts permitting but is not a ST holder! just reading that Bundesliga fans can stand behind the goals ( oh right thats what the old firm or anyone else at caley park in the south stand are allowed to do) for 9.50 euro just added another moan in case you never noticed mun