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    Ryan Watson was at '3'. Fairly even first half with Hamilton taking the lead from a dipping 20 yard shot. Second half we gradually got on top and Liam Polworth's goal was probably the highpoint of a competitive and enjoyable match to watch.
  2. Apologies in advance for not knowing the names! Caley u20s scored very early on and St Mirren equalised with a deflected shot before half time. Caley edged ahead in the second half and went 3-1 up with a superb long range shot that the St. Mirren keeper probably lost in the mist! Caley's keeper made two excellent saves before the visitors scored in the final minute with a penalty for a very soft hand ball. Caley were worthy winners.
  3. Any chance we'll get some money from the Gaelic channel?
  4. I was thinking about making sure that by the end of the season Cowie, Rankin, Fraser and Black - hopefully, Proctor (?) could be left in no doubt that their future is at Caley. We do not want to get in the position in January 2009 of finding our best young talent being poached. Obviously some of our more experienced players should be included as well - but it is keeping the younger talent that is the long term future of the club.
  5. I know there is a danger of signing players for too long, on 'big' contracts but, given recent performances, shouldn't Caley be thinking about signing up our existing talent for the foreseeable future - before other clubs come looking?
  6. Brewster should have replaced Bayne at half time with Niculae as it was obvious the ref would be looking out for Bayne to commit another foul. Replacing Wyness with Niculae was a crazy decision - we were losing and had to go for goals. Sorry, but Tokely let himself, the team and the fans down today.
  7. Great atmosphere today. If Caley supporters have to sit then so do away supporters - otherwise stop picking on real fans!
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