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  1. only just seen this thread, met Bronson a good few times back in the day,lovely bloke, such terrible sad news RIP Simon 😞
  2. ???? Which part of " we are skint" you not quite understanding ?
  3. Proven Goalscorers cost money, which we do not have
  4. Aye we can afford to wait half a season to get someone match fit
  5. Islam Feruz ?? guy hasnt played in like 2 years
  6. Lets see how well off they are well uncle Roy eventually pulls out, its not sustainable
  7. think the twitter post summed it up best " our best years were your best years " Good player, such a shame
  8. Bobby Mann, still probably our best ever centre back and that goal against Celtic and THAT Picture
  9. Calder Tokely Mann Dods Shinnie Wilson Cherry Christie Hayes Wyness Stewart Subs Brown Meekings Ritchie Black Robson Sheerin Teasdale No sign of Foran anywhere ?
  10. Good thinking, let’s drop our top scorer for a guy who has done nothing. Any other pearls of wisdom to share just in case Robbo reads the forum ?
  11. Hughes should have left this club as a Legend, but his manner of departure soured it all
  12. Aye well done the club, but i want to know whose shoe it was?
  13. pretty sure that sums Billy McKay up the first time round
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