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  1. Cost figures are here
  2. So it turns out that Project Brave isn't costing the club anything near the £500,000 that Messrs Morrison and The Spoof have been claiming. The cost is about £170,000 and half of that is paid by the SFA. Are we really saying that we can't afford to invest 2.5% of the club turnover in our Youth?
  3. I normally stick to posting in an informative manner and don't like to get caught up in the discussions and passing of opinions, but I feel so strongly on this that I have to break with that tradition. Who did Graeme Bennett think he was yesterday? Standing taking applause from that fans!!! Reality check Mr Bennett, not a single shout, whistle or coming together of hands was intended for you and many people (I know because enough of them were talking about it on the pitch and in the pub afterwards) were none too pleased see you playing the almighty and accepting praise that was intended for others like some self deluded hanger on. On the off chance that you read this, and to ensure you are left under no illusion....those cheers, chants, whistles and all that clapping were for Terry Butcher, Maurice Malpas and the Squad who have (certainly in my opinion) achieved the success they have despite and not because of you and some others on the board, although they at least had the decency to step back and wait for Terry to take HIS plaudits I apologise to the fans for the negative when we should be focusing on and enjoying the positives, but some people have been basking in the successes of ICT while contributing nothing for far too long and witnessing what I did yesterday had my blood boiling.
  4. The matchday magazine has been outsourced to Century Publishing who are now in control of finding advertisers and making it pay. This was done as the club have lost thousands of pounds on it so far this season and were unwilling/unable to continue to produce it themselves. As a result the amount of space available for things like Editorials has been scaled back which means it is now little more than an advertising brochure dressed up as a programme.
  5. Club have allegedly offer Marius ?35,000 in full and final settlement. This equates to about 15% of what he's due, will he accept?
  6. I know a few threads already exist on this, but they all speculate his going to other clubs or being sacked based on performance and this post is neither. Butcher will, allegedly, be gone within a fortnight and the reason he is going is because we are, allegedly, skint and need to get as many people off the wage bill as possible just to ensure we can make it till the end of the season. The hope is that he finds another club and we can get a token compensation payment but that's wishful thinking on our part (regarding the compensation, not him finding another club). Any players we can get a couple of quid for or who are on larger wages and we can offload will also go. ICT is, allegedly, operating hand to mouth at the moment and have started to make some ridiculous cost cutting measures which some might have already noticed.
  7. Mr Smith signed a 3 year deal with them at the end of last season. The only hope we have is that Darren is willing, and able, to do as he did with the last catering company and terminate any agreement on the basis that they are not meeting any SLA's that exist.
  8. There's termination clauses written in to the contract. So whilst this is a "5 year deal", one or other party are able to terminate the agreement if certain things do (or don't) happen, or within set periods of time throughout the 5 years.
  9. Wilson to part company with QotS in January....allegedly he's been in discussions with ICT about returning here as a player coach, with a view to moving into more of a coaching role at the end of the season under our next Manager.
  10. Given that ICT have not paid what's due in the time frame dictated, and no appeal has been lodged with FIFA or the Court of Arbitration for Sport....what sanctions will we now face?
  11. Around 1000 tickets sold by ICT already and Ross County have, grudgingly for some reason, agreed to send the club another couple of hundred terracing tickets. I would recommend people get tickets in advance to save the risk of disappointment.
  12. ...Mike Smith has left the building. Mods can move this to the main forum when they get a confirmed source.
  13. The club are taking advice from the solicitors who wrote the contract, who also happen to be the SPL Solicitors. Take from that what you will, but if I thought had an issue with a contract, I wouldn't be expecting honest and impartial advice from the ones who wrote it in the first place.
  14. With George Fraser (Retired ROK Director) having recently joined the Tulloch Board, then you can be pretty certain Sutherland has something up his sleeve.
  15. Heard rumour that our man on the mic would be having a quick word with Barry at pitch side before kick off.