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  1. Hi, requiring places on the bus for me +2 others (x3 total), Thanks
  2. Foreign Press on ICT If you look in more detail there is a video news report. Niculae seems quite a celebrity in Romania. I am looking forward to seeing him in a Caley Thistle shirt!
  3. Congrats Charlie. Well deserved and hopefully we can get some points in a tricky month of fixtures. I am sure he will have plenty monthly awards coming his way in the future. :022:
  4. Sammy Lee is my uncle!!!!!!! Sadly though He has retired so no more cheap deals i am affraid :006:
  5. I know a good young prospect. Jay shields of hibs. I saw him play a couple of times against Aberdeen and he was the only good hibs player on the pitch. The good thing is his contract expires in the summer!!!!!! He is a speedy right back
  6. If it weren't for the split we could have had a really small chance of getting 4Th spot...Now just imagine that!!!!!!!! Well done to Charlie and the lads!!!!!!!! :) :)