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  1. I listened to yesterday's Sportsound where Donald Findlay and Cameron Lauchlan were on and they kept doing the same old of course we feel sorry and yes we want reconstruction but it was too late to do for this season. They never actually explain why though just there isn't the time but they would like to create a larger championship even if the Prem doesn't change to get rid of 4 times a season. Frankly if Hearts and Partick win then the only team i have real sympathy with Cove who did vote to end all this where the other two and many others gave this crap we feel sorry for them but not actively helping to secure their position.
  2. Tynecastle and Easter Road for me. Great atmospheres plus some decent results too 😉
  3. The thing that makes it worse is that the SPFL lined up the extra payments to Brora and Kelty but reducing Celtic and Rangers's cut (1st/2nd) by 0.02 or something minute like that so the actual arguement from lower clubs that another two mouths to feed is pretty poor when it was coming from the old firm which i think Celtic voted for.
  4. May have also been something to do with suddenly seeding the play offs when Portugal/France looked like they may not qualify and so gave them an easier chance to qualify instead of the potential to play each other which it had been before then haha
  5. I think terracing as they were will never return to the top leagues in the UK but it maybe that the terrace could be reopened as rail seating but that will be costly. I don't know if the rules have changed but would be surprised to see terracing as it was allowed to be used in the premiership even though the ones that Caley would have wont be very big.
  6. By the sounds of it the voting structure will strike again and make it fail. I think county are against as uncle Roy doesn’t believe that a global parade mix is extraordinary enough for a change. Probs be at least one more that will kill it but if it does get through then I’m afraid 6 need to pass in the championship and I doubt it will fly as most clubs will not be able to resist to stop doing something that will be good for us. Scottish football will never move forward until the voting system is sorted out that will allow things to change more regularly. The change proposed is not radical compared to other proposals and even financially the changes to prize pots makes minimal change to add kelty and Brora. But because clubs will lose at least one extra game against the old firm in this bottom 8 and clubs in mid table have no meaningful games it won’t pass. The meaningless games argument I find really poor as it could be a chance to blood youngsters and give them the exposure clubs can’t allow atm
  7. They can do what they like. If this doesn't go through Hearts will go legal and with the precedent from Europe they will either likley hold up the season or run in the financial compensation that will come out of the tv money. Lets see Uncle Roy squirm as his wallet gets hit when he could avoid it all by pretty much agreeing to the least radical change of everything that has been proposed.
  8. Reconstruction will happen but it won’t be budge’s proposal but more natural down to who can play and who can’t. League 1+2 will likely mothball barring Falkirk and Patrick and likes of queens and a few other in champ may not get started so we may get some change. The most interesting part of sportsound was budge’s comments on wealthy backers looking to hand a no strings multi million pound donation to mainly the lower leagues. Sounds like Doncaster is not doing his job if true that the spfl are not negotiating atm
  9. Absolutely loved the Yogi one and I think it does put his view across from the stormy end with the whole raven debacle. Listened to all the Caley Thistle ones so far, you've done a great job Ian. The John Rankin one brought back back vivid memories of me losing my rag at Artur Boruc as he celebrated in front of us after Kenny MIller scored that last minute cup winner. Keep up the good work!!!
  10. The interesting thing is that there is more benefit to those lower Prem clubs to expand as it gives them a better chance to stay up. It is more likely the higher clubs torpedoing it as they will not be concerned by that and more concerned about losing a chunk of their pie to accommodate to extra mouths. In a perfect world 14/14/16 would be the best that we can hope for as the old firm keep the 4 games and therefor don’t impact the sky deal. Sky don’t care what the structure is as long as they get that. In fact sky would welcome 14 as it keeps the second biggest derby in the top flight and adds the highland too (although doubt it will get tele coverage). My fear is the lower divisions won’t want to add the Highland and lowland so more likely get 14/14/14. Although permanent would be great why can’t it be temporary to get through this period and if it works then can be kept. If it doesn’t then the status quo can be returned to or another suggestion is made. I hope it does happen but I’m not naive enough to believe it will or have any expectation but we will see.
  11. I would hope you are right but this has a little to run yet. The reconstruction talks will drag for a bit longer and then require a vote. And if that fails then my mate, who is a big Jambo already says that there is a crowdfunding to help cover legal costs and that the club will go for it.
  12. Now Morton have come and attacked us saying the records story is correct
  13. We are talking about the record though What would we gain from voiding the season if that was the plan if the resolution had been ditched If we were aggressive then surely an independent investigation that we are backing would show badly on that The EGM will not pass but if there is a clamour from enough clubs then it will put the SPFL under pressure to do something all that I know is just because the vote is unlikely to happen this isn't the end of this turbulent time
  14. Judging by Falkirk’s response this like the Rangers saga may continue to run. I too like most people thought this would likely fail but let’s be honest this decision pretty much kills Scottish football. It needed change and yet had Covid 19 not happened reconstruction would not even be mentioned. Whether you believe this has been driven by Hearts to avoid the drop or for the greater good reconstruction makes the season endings fairer than the status quo. The 14/14/16 idea I thought was very good and combats the issues that the SPFL wants avoid. Of course what Aberdeen said today is important need to work on ways to get football back and how to make money with the potential of closed doors to begin with. But reconstruction is also part of that as a way to stop clubs going to the wall and sporting integrity hearts were not adrift, Patrick were one game in hand from being off bottom, Raith champions by a point to Falkirk with at least one game between the two. And then there’s is the pyramid with Brora and Kelly adding freshness to the league system but as usual self interest rules the day and Scottish football loses an opportunity that may not happen until it’s way too late. Legal challenges could be coming.
  15. 14/10/10/10 fairest as nobody goes down only promotion and of course the pyramid is open. 14/14/16 does keep the pyramid but you have the league 2 clubs standing firm atm and this will alienate 4 league 1 clubs who will end up in the bottom tier. I suppose Like doofers dad said that the details of play offs and splits maybe key but also the money. If those league 1 clubs end up in the bottom tier but don’t lose out on income then can’t see what the issue would be overall.