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  1. Was a close run thing passed by 1 vote. Chair backed to refuse and that was seconded but only had 5 councillors allowed to vote and passed by 3 to 2. They have got through by the skin of their teeth
  2. I saw Forest Green get battered at Portman Road but they are a small club and we’re not ready or invest well enough to stay in League 1 so 1 in 18 sounds bad but they were well out of there depth. His one win actually came against Sheffield Wednesday. He took over after there previous manager - might have been Rob Edwards - left to go to Watford I think and a lot of the players that got them promoted left too. Ferguson took over when they were already bottom and struggling so although that record not great can’t all be pinned on him. By the sounds of it he’s a very good coach at Everton with Ancellotti wanting to take him to Real but whether he is a good manger is the question. Time will tell!
  3. Being an Ipswich Town Season ticket holder I know that Terry Butcher is part of a show called Life’s a pitch (was a local bbc radio show but been cut) and that is done every week talking to members of past Ipswich squads or current ones. I’m guessing he will be at PR most Saturdays.
  4. Agreed r.e.The Celtic fans. I left the ferry about half 3 and caught the back of police accompanied march to the ground. But they were all great with me shaking my hand and wishing me a great day out. They asked if I was confident and I said no but they were all like it’s a one off. Spoke with a very friendly guy on the train from mt florida after. I had a great day and nearly went over some seats when Dan’s header hit the net. I had no expectation and that made it more enjoyable and the euphoria if we had won ever higher. We won just being there and I am glad I was there. I think the tactics were fine - against a side that can rip teams to shreds we needed to stay in it for as long as possible. I knew we weren’t going to get lots of chances but I felt we lacked a little belief to really go at them as they could be got at with carter vickers. But can’t fault the effort of the team and being near to the front next to the singing section was a brilliant atmosphere. Even in defeat I loved the whole day and hope we experience this again in future
  5. The winners of the Scottish Cup go into the Play off round of the Europa League and if they lose will automatically drop in the Conference League group stages (Hearts this season). If the winners of the cup have qualified for any of the European spots via the league then the Europa League play off spot will go to the team sitting in 3rd in the Prem (why Aberdeen are partying) and an extra spot conference spot will be applied to 5th. That will all happen if the likely even that Celtic win the cup. If Caley cause the biggest shock in history (hope so) then we will get the play off spot and guaranteed Conference Group Stage football and Aberdeen and currently Hearts will get the Conference qualifying round spots.
  6. Lets be honest it was the same for the Semi Final in 2015 and there were fewer and it didn't do us any harm
  7. Gutted i cant' make this but i am also missing potentially seeing Ipswich get promoted this weekend as I am away. Will definitely be up for the final if we are successful on sat so i just wish everyone a great day out and i am hoping i get to join you guys and more in the final on the 3rd. Mon the Caleyjags
  8. Its plausible but only result that I have next to no confidence about happening is Cove winning at Dens. I would take 2nd place and looking at QP's run in then it is a great chance if we win all our remaining games. But funnier things have happened and even a draw between Ayr and QP could still be profitable for us. But from where we came from and what we have had to do to get into this position then i would rather make sure we finish top 4 than hope for a dangerous set of results that may win us the title but unlikely
  9. Maybe we offer him a 6 month contract so he can start and finish a season but we get someone in to do the mid season winter period
  10. The Scottish Cup winners go straight into the Europa League PO round. If the winners of the Cup are already in Europe through their League placing - I.e. Old Firm - then the play off spot will go to 3rd place in the Premiership currently held by Hearts, who would qualify for the conference league for 3rd atm. Five teams qualify for Europe with 2 Champs League/1 Europa League and 2 Conference League so if the cup winners are already in Europe then the top 4 that qualify will become the top 5. Its a long shot with beating one side of the Old Firm in the final if we beat Falkirk but if that happens then Caley will be guaranteed group stage European Football if we won the play off or not as will slip into the Conference League groups. Bit early to get over excited about that but that is what could happen if we lift the trophy on the 3rd of June.
  11. The only thing I want to know is that this is the original tie and not a replay. Because of the postponement do all players need be registered for the original date to be available for the postponed date is the question. Otherwise then I don't see them breaking the rules and saving us from another Dodds masterclass in paint drying.
  12. My first game since before Covid. And what a game to return on! We made a decent start but you could see Cove coming back into it and the goal from a corner was looking inevitable as we looked so poor defending them. But I thought we always looked quite fluent going forward today and turned it around for 3-1 at HT. The second half was fun but I thought Billy Aaron were outstanding linking together and showing their quality and experience. The gap to Queens Park at the top is 10pts so not completely gone but hard but only 4pts back to the play offs. One win doesn’t mean it’s all rosey in the garden but still plenty to look forward too if this is a beginning of something.
  13. I saw Derek Adams on Saturday at Morecambe - moaning about time wasting in added time yet his team started it from minute dot
  14. I believe that the Football League (who the blackout really protects) is being looked at as to whether it really serves any purpose. I think the blackout is to protect those in League 1 and League 2 because of the lack of TV revenue. I am now a ST holder at Ipswich Town and since their relegation from the Championship I believe the TV revenue dropped from 7m to 700k for being in League 1 so the bottom two leagues relies very heavily on fans through the gates to make an income and the blackout is to protect them encase I guess many decide to watch 3pm Prem matches on TV instead of attending. The fact they are going to discuss it suggests that eventually it will be removed. Having watched games during Covid on a screen it was a bleak fare and having the EFL IFollow down here where with VPN I can watch away games at 3pm it still doesn't have the same feeling even with fans back. The real joy of football comes from attending live but all the social interaction pre and post match. I think clubs will be able to stream to make another revenue income but the joy of still attending live will still be a greater pull than watching on a screen.
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