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  1. The SPFL have agreed to the postponement. The lower leagues are less of an issue than the Prem with the lacking of international players as the Premiership has to finish on time because of the earlier start due to Qatar WC shut down. Add in cup games and European commitments there isnt a huge amount of space where as the lower leagues can so no issue on the forfeit front
  2. Glad you said it as I thought it read that they would transfer a win over Kllie for a cup run haha
  3. I went to School with Shane and Gary Mackay-Steven. They were the two standouts although Gary was different Gravy, Shane is still a a player who make a a big difference in the top flight now he's matured. I think first spell he wasn't suited to being out wide and it made him inconsistent.
  4. I was just making a reply to what someone said about Terry Butcher earlier in the thread. I don't think he will come back and I wouldnt want him back at ICT now so we agree haha
  5. I wouldnt return to Terry Butcher in fact if he was to return i would rather in the role Robbo is in. He is currently a coach with Keiron Dyer with the Ipswich Town u23s so i doubt he will return
  6. I think its good to be disappointed as at one stage it was more fear of relegation. It has been a strange season with ups and downs and the downs have contributed to missing out but as people have said we have a decent core and will look to try and improve the squad adequately. There will be no standout team next season and we have to be optimistic and take our medicine until the start of next season and go again.
  7. We more than likely need to win both matches to get into the play offs but the key thing from the weekend for me is that we make sure we have chance on the final day. If that means draw then thats fine too but the fact is we have beaten better Hearts teams at Tynecastle in the past and they have been gunk for a lot of this season so why shouldn't we win. I still think Arbroath may help us as they seem in good form and still need the results so sneak a win and we draw and we go into the final game ahead of GD. Of course though lets get 3 points and make sure Friday will be a cracker. Im still h
  8. 6 pointer tonight have to feel anything but a win makes it very hard for us to make the play offs so come on lads lets keep this alive and show we are one of the top 4 sides in this division!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Its a very tricky one to predict as I would say Ayr is the easiest game for us but then they will be fighting to avoid the play off. Similar, yes Dunfermline do have on paper an easier run in, but They have Queens who will still see a P/O spot achievable even though long shot. And then Arbroath are in the same category as Ayr in terms of avoiding the P/O at the bottom and did come from 2-0 down to get a point against Raith so these are harder matches for a team that are so out of form. I think if we can get to the final game with 3pts gap then the GD should be enough to keep us in. Yes 3 out o
  10. What realistically do we want tonight? I guess we want a queens win over Raith to keep us within one win of them but that then draws queens level with us. As for the other game i guess a draw works as we can move to within 1 point of Scumdee at home and stay ahead of Dunfermline. There are pros and cons to all results tonight being such a tight league.
  11. I've seen enough this season to suggest there is a good team team but it is inconsistent and for me the biggest issue is lacking a number 9 who can put the goals away. Keatings is past his best but is the best natural goal scorer in the squad as Toddy isnt prolific and Shane showed in the big moments that we cant rely on him to take the big chances to make a difference. The league table is a contridiction of pros and cons. The pro is it still pretty tight that IF (big if) caley go on a winning run they will sneak into the play offs but is there much confidence that they will in those play offs
  12. Just got my one buying 2 print at homes and 2 souvenir tickets. Once for me and my sister who used to be season ticket holders great idea and real thanks to the Hearts fans who have backed this brilliantly
  13. Well Robbo not slurring his words in the post match interview. Very scathing
  14. just seen that he has signed a new deal with rangers and is in line to go on loan to Raith 🤷‍♂️
  15. I dont know where is read it but i am sure the SPFL said the pyramid would be closed this season too , which is an absolute tragedy if true
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