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  1. gingerjaggy

    Derby Day Travel

    I dont fly until 10 to 9 so may have one in the mallard after but happy t go straight after if needs be. Thats very kind lizi if the offer is open?
  2. gingerjaggy

    Derby Day Travel

    Hey Guys, I will be travelling up for the Derby in a few weeks but will also disappear back down South after the game. As the train will get me back into Inverness too Late is there a chance of a lift back to sneck so i can sort out getting to the airport. If not i can get a taxi but if there is then it will save me a few pennies 😊.
  3. gingerjaggy

    Inverness CT -V- Alloa

    Haven’t been to a game since losing to Killie in the relegation season but hope to be at most if not all derbies and a few others. Now I am not going to argue with people who have been to the games as they have the best views of seeing the whole 90 minutes but I find this doom and gloom outlook on the season a bit laughable. I looked at my phone and saw Alloa had equalised and did roll my eyes but we had a worse start last season. County lost to Morton today, which I didn’t see coming, I think this league is going to be tight with points being taken off each other. I agree that not winning against 10 men and two promoted sides is not great but to say that means our season is going to be awful is a bit premature. Early season is always a bit of a phoney war, you want to start well but we will know far better how this season will pan out closer to Christmas. The fact that we are creating chances makes me less worried, yes we need to start putting teams away so they can’t get back in to games but again strikers are weird creatures. Austin scored quite a few last season when he joined but has struggled so far, if he gets on a roll then I am sure the goals will start flowing. Drawing today was awful but not terminal in our promotion/play off chances but we have to start winning games when we are on top. As for penalties sort it out!!!
  4. gingerjaggy

    Reporters wanted for season 2018-2019

    I am hoping to get to more games than the 0 of last season now my parents are leaving Caithness to be closer to Inverness. easier to sneak off to the football when visiting, especially with derbies this season and generally happy to produce previews this season and any game I do get to a report.
  5. gingerjaggy

    Reporters Wanted

    Yeah don me too but will only be previews again unless I get to a game but will do more this season
  6. gingerjaggy

    Foran - Should he stay or should he go?

    Foran won't go so unless change is made at the boardroom level then he willl lead us in our campaign to stay up and more likly a promotion campaign. The mess with Hughes has left us in this position. I think Richie was being groomed to manage at some point but the mess we got ourselves in with Hughes left us to promote foran early. I don't think had funds been available that he would be manager now and with relegation almost a formality unless some kind of miracle, then even less money than last summer it is hard to see them sack another manager so early into a long term deal. I've said in another thread he should stay in some capacity but just not manager but if the excuse was no money last summer then it is even more apt if we are a championship club face it guys Richie is going nowhere fast unless something changes at the top.
  7. gingerjaggy

    Ups and downs

    Relegation is not good and of course I want to see the club remain in the top division but a side from the financial it may just be something to kick start a revival for the club. People will lose there jobs and that is deverstating but maybe this will be the making of the club. More chance of winning silverware, cheaper admission may just increase the crowds up a little. I remember 2009, my first year at uni and I had an exam on a Saturday (yes what is that all about) and missed Falkirk. My mum took my season ticket but I watched in the union and I cried when the whistle went. I won't be this time but what followed was great fun visiting old stadiums with terraces and the last day when the ground was almost packed. My first game was Ayr in Inverness with just over 1,000 fans and then a dunfermiline semi at hampden before watching the first promotion on the bridge. The club has had way more highs than lows but the size of the club we have to accept this will happen from time to time. We certainly ain't a yo-yo club but maybe this will get people back and enjoying the club. We won't suddenly get flocks of fans but maybe we can back over that 3,000 mark. Even if we don't win with the play offs now we need to finish top 4 to be part of a play off so coming back won't be as difficult than in the past with just one going up. Hope we stay up but if the inevitable happens then let's embrace it, sort this mess out and come back stronger
  8. gingerjaggy

    Motherwell -V- Inverness CT

    Only hope is Dundee continue to drop but I just can't see us doing anything to even make up a 5 pt gap
  9. gingerjaggy

    Motherwell -V- Inverness CT

    To late for change the damage has been done
  10. gingerjaggy

    Motherwell -V- Inverness CT

    4-2 goodnight god bless
  11. gingerjaggy

    Motherwell -V- Inverness CT

    Have heard it didn't cross the line what a shocker to make in such a big game
  12. gingerjaggy

    Foran - Should he stay or should he go?

    I don't think that we should call for forans head completely but look for him to learn under an experienced manager. That is the curiosity that although finances dictated our decision we didn't go that route and let him learn. I think the board need to be held responsible for this mess in being complacent and giving foran a 4 year contract because the squad is still good. Goes to show how much influence a manager can have and I'm afraid in this case it is very negative. Brian rice was supposed to be the experienced hand but ever since he came in the club has gone backwards even in Hughes last season. I like Richie, his passion for the club and area and his leadership skills he could bring to the role but not all players make good coaches or managers after they finish and clearly he hasn't got the tactical and even coaching side to be successful. That's not to say he won't be successful in his managerial career but at this time i think it is way to early and either he steps down and learns under a new man or goes completely because relegation is almost a certainty and even if we did squeek out of this will next season be any different? We are a small club so not expecting to win the league or get top 6 each season but are we under a foran going to be a Hamilton and always be in this fight each season when we had looked a safe prem main stay. And if we go down are we going to get back up like last time, looks like it could be a while.
  13. gingerjaggy

    Inverness CT -V- St Johnstone

    Barry Wilson calling this the worst Inverness side I've ever seen sums it up
  14. gingerjaggy

    Inverness CT -V- Kilmarnock

    My first and probs last game of this season and well I'm not sure where I can see us beat the drop. The players are good enough but I think when Richie said at the start of the season that the football will be more direct, they take it to literally. We are a better side than lumping it to draper but that's what happened but when we got it down that's when we created the best chances. I thought Tansey was top notch and although I'm disappointed he is leaving his commitment to keeping us can't be questioned like some seem to think. We concede silly goals and unfortunately we don't create enough chances to make it more likely we will win. Billy's shot was saved well but had we created more, then that save may have not been as crucial. A point may have been fair but at this stage we need wins and one a day where we had other games in our favour we have lost out which could be huge. If we end up in the play offs I think we still have enough quality to stay up but ATM we are just battling to play for our right to stay up let alone stay up. Wasn't the worst performance ever but ultimately not good enough and matches are running out