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  1. Very underwhelming and short sighted appointment if true. Don't think promotion is happening this year lads.
  2. Paul Sheerin will be fine but if Brian Rice stays, god help us!
  3. http://bit.ly/2rFJit4 Looks like Sheerin the wanted man for the job, also article confirms Brian Rice in temporary charge - Jesus wept.
  4. There's getting an experienced manager but Billy Reid - Lol
  5. Meekings when fit can walk into any top 6 premiership side, not surprised he's rejected a contract with us.
  6. Keeping the season tickets at premiership level will drop the average attendance at matches. Obviously it will go down that we ain't playing the Old Firm, County and Edinburgh teams regularly, but this may put regular season ticket holders off. Like others have said, we currently have 10 outfield players with no manager (with no signs of anyone coming soon). Are fans really going to get their money's worth - doubt it.
  7. I really don't think we will appoint a manager that is already with a club (except Paul Sheerin)
  8. Out of interest, what has Telfer done since then?
  9. I would love a full clear out of both playing squad and management team. Realistically the only ones I would keep from this squad would be Alex Fisher and Brad Mckay.
  10. IF/When Richie leaves the club, I genuinely don't know who we could realistically replace him with? I can't think we would pay compensation for Jack Ross of St Mirren. We could do no wrong in getting Paul Hartley if he fancied it!
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