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  1. Caley Mad In Berks

    Scottish cricketers 'robbed'

    Yes, an absolutely outstanding performance from Scotland, and richly deserved. One to tell the grandchildren about.
  2. Caley Mad In Berks

    Ex ICT Players Score

    Callum Ferguson scored two more goals last night (7 Jun) for Cascadia in the CONIFA World Cup.
  3. Caley Mad In Berks

    Irn Bru Cup 18/19

    I know many folk will think this is a 'mickey mouse' tournament already (despite the fact that we won it) and that the addition of lower league English teams won't help. For me however the possibility of watching ICT compete competitively within 50 miles or so from where I live is something I welcome. Hope it happen.
  4. Caley Mad In Berks

    Ex-ICT players' news

    And he scored his first goal for them last night, 3 Jun.
  5. Caley Mad In Berks

    Ex-ICT players' news

    Graeme Shinnie also played, for the full 90 minutes I think.
  6. Caley Mad In Berks

    Who would you like to see at ICT next season?

    His overseas experience didn't amount to much. He got fairly little match time whilst he was there, and even that was mostly as sub. Although I quite liked Nick, I can't see him improving our sqaud greatly.
  7. Caley Mad In Berks

    Gary Warren told he can leave

    I have always liked Warren. In my opinion he has been the best signing the club made in the last decade or so. My reading of the report indicates to me that the club is treating him entirely fairly. Whatever transpires I wish him all the best for the future. Top man.
  8. Caley Mad In Berks

    Yvonne Crook - New Chief Executive

    I wish her well, and we now seem to be very adequately covered at 'the top end' business wise which I hope will provide long term stability. I'm assuming we are sorted on the football management side too, although I'm not sure how long Brian Rice's contract is for. So, maybe just the playing side to be firmed up on, with one or two suitable new signings, or loanees, and we should be well prepared for the new season, and be able to have a concentrated crack at promotion right from the start. I feel a lot more confident about 2018/19 than I did a year ago. If we can keep the momentum going which we discovered in the last third of last season, there is no reason why we shouldn't do well, despite the Championship now being considerably stronger than it was in 2017/18. Onwards and upwards
  9. Caley Mad In Berks

    Nunneries of Sneck

    The convent at the corner of Southside Road/Culduthel road was indeed a primary school from soon after WW11 right through to the mid/late1950s.. It had two classrooms run by Sister Agnes, for the younger kids, and Sister Mary Frances for the older ones.
  10. Caley Mad In Berks

    Who would you like to see at ICT next season?

    A lot of talk about Mutumbo in this thread. I'm not sure what has happened to him. I know he joined RNK Split in Croatia in 2017, but whether he is still with them is unclear. Split's results are easy enough to find but finding their goalscorers in 2018 is extremely difficult. The usual websites I used when I was following exICT scorers more diligently than I do now don't seem to include them. And Mutumbo's Wiki page doesn't appear to have been updated in a year.
  11. Caley Mad In Berks

    Highland Derbies Next Season

    Still, I think his (Tansey's) penalty record has been the best that ICT has had in the past decade or so.
  12. Caley Mad In Berks

    Highland Derbies Next Season

    In fact, I wouldn't be that worried about any of our former players now at County, taking a penalty against us, apart from Tansey, who was decent.
  13. Caley Mad In Berks


    Yes, I agree with Caman, discipline should be better. We just need Polworth and Warren to keep their cool and it should be miles better than this season. Couldn't be a lot worse mind you. I think it was the main thing which contributed to our dismal first half of the season. So, onwards and upwards!
  14. Caley Mad In Berks

    Cove Rangers

    I was disappointed to see that Cove lost their 2nd leg play off final to Cowdenbeath yesterday, after being ahead at one stage. I would have liked to see another HL team make it to the higher level. It looks as if Cove not only lost the match, but also their cool, having 3 players sent off in the 8 minutes of injury time which was played!
  15. Caley Mad In Berks


    Or, as we used to say in my youth, "It's no there noo, it must ae shifted"!