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  1. Yes, he left Elgin in the summer. I think he has scored 5 goals since moving to Rothes. Probably found his level I think.
  2. Just for starters :- Reguero Bulvitus Golobart Miadjuks Hastings Juanjo Morais Mutumbo Kink Ofere Doumbouya
  3. Another hat-trick for Nat Austin yesterday. I make that 20 in 10 games for Kelty Hearts. Now that is impressive, at any level of football.
  4. Well, sounds as though we stole that. Still, I'll take that all day long. Still well in touch with the top of the table. Well done lads.
  5. H/T 1-1 F/T 1-3 ICT White Dunfermline Nesbit Crowd 4123
  6. Being selfish, a nice little hour and a half drive up to Solihull would suit me. It would feel like a home game. Otherwise any of the Irish or Welsh teams would be an interesting tie, home or away.
  7. Whilst I agree that the club is being seen to be taking some action, because of a small minority of unruly visiting 'away fans', surely, especially for the probable,even fewer number, who will travel north for this next 'minor' cup game, just sticking them in a far corner of the uncovered main stand would have been enough. Then we could all have prayed to the rain Gods!! Opening the South stand for a handful of visiting fans does not make economical sense.
  8. I presume he might have. He has now scored 17 goals for them since signing in mid July. Pity he didn't do that with us!
  9. Can't disagree with that summary. Broadly speaking, that's the way it looked to me too on TV. I'm a little surprised that there are not more positive comments on here, after our biggest win in a long time, against a well fancied Morton outfit. Second half performance was just what we need. Well done lads.
  10. H/T 1-0 F/T 2-0 ICT Storey Morton Nesbitt Crowd 2001
  11. Well, a win is a win, so I'm grateful for that. The match stats as shown on BBC don't look too bad, but I'm looking forward to reading the first hand comments of those who were at the game. onwards and upwards.
  12. H/T 2-0 F/T 4-0 ICT White Arbroath Linn Crowd 2123
  13. H/T 1-1 F/T 1-2 ICT Walsh D Utd Shankland Crowd 6789
  14. As others have said, I quite liked Storey when he was with us, but he has done absolutely nothing since, so frankly, I can't see him being better than we've currently got. Its a 'no' from me.