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  1. Frankly I think we saw the best of Storey when he was with us last time. He certainly didn't set the heather alight with Aberdeen or Partick. I was surprised we took him back.
  2. Also today, Alex Fisher scored his first for Exeter. And Callum Dingwall scored for Inverurie
  3. I really take notice when long standing and respected supporters like Yngie and Rig are posting as they have today. Bad times indeed, and maybe worse to come. The top play off positions are now seriously in doubt, and the ever present threat of part time football for us is a real possibility. Oh for the glory days of 2015. They seem like an eternity ago now.
  4. H/T 0-1 F/T 0-2 ICT Doran Arbroath Donnelly Crowd 986
  5. H/T 1-0 F/T 2-0 ICT Todorov Dun Utd Shankland Crowd 2567
  6. H/T 1-1 F/T 1-2 ICT Todorov QOS Dobbie Crowd 1234
  7. H/T 1-1 F/T 1-2 ICT White Morton Sutton Crowd 1567
  8. Great picture of my favourite Caley player, an outstanding member of a wonderful Caley team of the early 50s. I was sad to hear that he had passed away earlier this year at the ripe old age of 91. I last met 'Ginger' and his wife (Maimie) at their home in Winnipeg back in late 1963! He had just retired from playing then. I'm sure he told me then that he initially went to Vancouver, to play for the White Caps, before moving to Winnipeg. I don't actually recall if he had played football in Winnipeg. I guess he did, as I can't imagine anyone choosing to move from the beautiful Vancouver to a cold, windy, desolate prairie town like Winnipeg, otherwise.
  9. Wow, top of the league if nothing changes. Come on lads, get another one to be sure.
  10. .... and scored 3 goals for them so far in October!
  11. H/T 2-1 F/T 3-1 ICT White Alloa O'Hara Crowd 1979
  12. Wouldn't mind a trip to Wrexham for the semi-final tbh. But, of course, first we must beat Clyde. Should be winnable as long as we don't underestimate them.
  13. H/T 1-1 F/T 1-3 ICT White Ayr Doolan Crowd 2123
  14. I agree with all the positives that have been expressed in this thread. Greg was great for us, especially in his second spell. He contributed greatly to our cup winning team and, as far as I can tell, was always a good ambassador for ICT, on and off the field. Good luck to him in whatever he does next. We could do with one or two of his ilk these days.