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  1. Henri Anier continued his recent good form at international level with the only goal in a 1-0 victory for Estonia, away to Lithuania.
  2. And Jamie Wilson for Dumbarton
  3. And Adam Rooney for Sollihull Moors also scored today (1 May)
  4. Pars 4-2 now. Another year in Championship I'm afraid is guaranteed.
  5. Just got home after a attending Grandson's birthday lunch (in my daughter's garden of course). Glad I didn't have to watch that first half. Need a real miracle now though to get top 4 slot. Ah well, and it looked so promising a week or two ago!
  6. H/T 0-1 F/T 1-2 ICT D Mackay Hearts Naismith ***JOKER***
  7. Like your optimism. We only have 2 games left btw, as do Dundee and Dunfermline. Out of our hands even if we get 6 points. Need masive favours from Alloa/Arbroath.
  8. Well, that was disappointing. Need to find a spark soon. Draw no good to us.
  9. Also today Adam Rooney scored for Sollihull Moors.
  10. Great match. Should not dent our confidence too much for the more important game on Tuesday. Onwards and upwards.
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