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  1. H/T 0-1 F/T 0-3 ICT White P'head McAllister Crowd 795
  2. From a distance that felt like a really good pre season, especially the performances against the Premiership clubs. Must give us confidence for the more competitive matches about to start. I'm looking forward to the season with a good deal of optimism. Good luck lads, have a good one!
  3. I'd go with Brown Tokely Mann Warren Shinnie Wilson Christie Hayes Robson Wyness Rooney Subs :- Esson Munro Meekings Sheerin Teasdale Stewart
  4. Much as I will always remember his winning goal in the Cup Final v Falkirk, I am somewhat underwhelmed by this signing. He did not do much after leaving us, either with Dundee or Dunfermline. I am however prepared to be proved wrong.
  5. I only switched on to watch the penalty shoot out. What bottlers Utd were. Not one decent strike in 4 goes. They don't deserve to go up.
  6. Congratulations Gringo. You were pushed all the way. And, of course, thanks for all your considerable time and effort spent in running this enjoyable competition.
  7. Yes, I've seen Cove play a couple of times in recent years on trips up north when ICT have not been at home, and have been well impressed with them. I suspect they will do very well and climb through the lower leagues quite rapidly.
  8. Harsh penalty. No worries about what tactics we adopt second half. Go for it lads, all or nothing. .
  9. H/T 0-1 F/T 1-2 ICT Doran Dun Utd McMullen Crowd 6456
  10. Pity. Even down to 10 men, we looked reasonably comfortable defending, until a poor error by McHattie led to the goal. But, at least we're not out of it yet. With our good away form, if we score first on Friday we'll have a decent chance. Believe!
  11. Agree about Donaldson. He is a 'red card' waiting to happen tonight. Gives away far too many free kicks. Think we're unlucky not to be ahead at half time. Keep up the good work lads, we can pinch this.
  12. H/T 1-1 F/T 1-1 ICT Doran Dun Utd McMullen Crod 2789
  13. I'll take that. Well done to all concerned. Hope we didn't pick up any injuries. Same again next week will do nicely. Onwards and upwards.