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  1. At least north of the border Nicola has been clear and unequivocal in her advice and instructions. Down here bumbling Boris and his cohorts see fit to massage the rules to suit the puppet master, Cummings. Totally outrageous, and I hope the general public will make him pay for it, sooner rather than later.
  2. I think Nicola, and her compatriots in Wales and N. Ireland have done the right thing in continuing the lockdown . Whilst down here in Englandshire bumbling Boris has muddied the waters with his new 'Stay alert' message, which is almost certainly going to confuse people, or worse still, give them an excuse to ignore the advice of recent weeks. Anyway, I'm just about to hear what he has to say.
  3. Very well written statement. Didn't pull any punches. A credit to our chairman and board.
  4. Yes, both Polworth and White got more than their fair share of stick, especially from some posters, (you know who you are!), on here. Wonder who they will pick on next?
  5. Agreed, she should go. Nicola has shown a bit of weakness in not sacking her.
  6. One of our best ever signings imo. Love to see him back involved in the club. He seems eminently suited to a coaching role.
  7. And, today (14 March), on a day with scarcely any football played in the UK, he scored for his latest club, Tonbridge Angels
  8. But she also said - "There's something liberating about not pretending. Dare to embarrass yourself. Risk"
  9. H/T 1-1 F/T 1=3 ICT Whitye Alloa O'Hara Crowd 817
  10. Fantastic result. We're usually on the wrong end of injury time winners, so great to see us getting one tonight. Good results elsewhere too so altogether a good evening. Well done lads, same again on Saturday please.
  11. H/T 1-1 F/T 2-1 ICT Walsh Morton Nesbit Crowd 1723
  12. H/T 1-1 F/T 1-2 ICT white Hibs Boyle Crowd 9879
  13. I too was surprised that the Tribunal did see sense and overturned the original scandalous decision. A victory for common sense. I hope that James does earn his place for the final in a month's time, and that he will have a memorable match, ending with a winner's medal.