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  1. I too was surprised that the Tribunal did see sense and overturned the original scandalous decision. A victory for common sense. I hope that James does earn his place for the final in a month's time, and that he will have a memorable match, ending with a winner's medal.
  2. Yes, been out all evening with no access to internet. Great win. Just having a wee dram now to celebrate. Same again on Friday night would be nice. Both the result and another dram. Well done lads.
  3. Unlucky lads. We were well worth a draw, or even a win there. What a great game in atrocious conditions, and a good advert for Scottish football. I had a couple of calls at half time, from friends down here who were also watching it, and they were impressed. Normally my English friends here are pretty damning about the quality of Scottish football. Despite the defeat which might see us lose 2nd spot when Ayr next play, I am really encouraged with what I saw tonight. Once we settled down we had the measure of Utd for large portions of the game. If we can continue to play with that intensity, and skill, we should have no problem regaining, and holding on to 2nd.
  4. H/T 1-1 F/T 1-1 ICT Walsh Dun Utd Shankland Crowd 8123
  5. Yes, after those two shocking decisions in the second half, we did well to hold on. Well done lads.
  6. Unbelievable. I thought the ref had given us a penalty at first.
  7. Well, lets hope that equaliser (hardly merited imo), coupled with a good rollicking in the interval will give us the motivation to go on and win this game.
  8. ffs what is our defence doing? The Rangers youngsters are causing us problems every time they go forward. If things don't improve this is going to be one our more embarrassing defeats. Get a grip lads.
  9. Friday evening could not be worse for me. I really wanted to come up for this game but I have a function on the Friday night I can't get out of now. I'd even tentatively earmarked suitable flights for both the Sat and Sun thinking that it would be on either of these dates. Won't even be able to watch it on TV now.
  10. Yes, great to be in another QF. Do we want a winnable home match or a big pay day away to one of the ugly sisters? I'd go for the winnable one I think to give us another SF to look forward to.
  11. Well, it looks as if I spoke too soon. Good on you lads. Never mind the quality, a win will do.
  12. No shots on target, by either side, after an hour's play! Does that tell us non attendees all we need to know about the quality of this game?
  13. H/T 1-1 F/T 3-1 ICT Welsh Livvy Lawless Crod 2223 Yellow Tremarco