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  1. Not the most confident win, but I'll take it. 2 superb goals. Well done lads.
  2. I missed that sad news re Ginger MacKenzie. My all time favourite Caley player. His wife was best friends with one of my elder sisters. I visited him at his home in Winnipeg many years ago and they made me very welcome. Thanks for posting the news, sad though it was to read.
  3. H/T 1-1 F/T 2-1 ICT White Ross Mckay Crowd 4567
  4. Sounds like a pretty confident away win keeping us well in touch with the play off places. Well done lads. Looks like we're hitting good form at the right time. Two tough Friday night televised matches to negotiate next. Win these and we've got every chance . Keep it going lads. Onwards and upwards.
  5. H/T 0-1 F/T 1-2 ICT Trafford QOS Dobbie Crowd 1456
  6. Obviously begs the question " did she go or was she pushed"? I may be being unfair to her but I'm not sure what impact she made to the efficient running of the club in her short tenure. Perhaps those closer to the action could answer that.
  7. Being selfish about it, Glasgow (or even Edinburgh) would suit me best from a travel (flights) point of view. But I can see the argument for a smaller stadium from a crowd/atmosphere point of view. I just wish they would get it sorted so that I, and all the others, who will be flying, can get their travel and accommodation in place asap. Time is money, especially where flights are concerned. I've seen a difference already, for both 13 and 14 Apr, since I started looking at potential flights immediately following our win at Tannadice a few days ago.
  8. Certainly hope we don't have to wait for the Dons/Sevco replay before knowing the date/time. Quite a few of us have flights to book. I had hoped to do that tomorrow.
  9. I'm sure you are correct great one. How brilliant that will be. Come on Plastic Whistle tomorrow!
  10. White 5 Doran 3 Chalmers 1 But really, I would have given the whole team 5 if allowed.
  11. Well done CD, it certainly looks as if Coll will be ok based on these rules.
  12. I see there is no 'Man of the match' thread yet. For once, it will be a difficult decision to leave anyone out of the top 3. They were all heroes, and no one had a poor game. But my 3 for MOM would be White, Doran and Chal;mers in that order.
  13. Yes, unlike Stephen Thompson with his biased comments at the end.
  14. Still buzzing! If we can play with that commitment for the rest of the season we can beat anybody. Play offs should hold no fears for us now. Well done to all the team. They played today as if they really wanted it more than Utd. Roll on Hampden, and the rest of the season.