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  1. It will be a good riddance for Scottish football when he goes for good.
  2. Thanks, Robert, I'll plough through them in due course.
  3. Surprisingly, this doesn't get a lot of press coverage down here in darkest Englandshire! I'd appreciate someone telling me where I can read up about it, background etc, where it has reached, and what might happen next.
  4. Yes, Mr Preece might have taught you the way to Telford Street😊
  5. H/T 0-2 F/T 0-4 ICT Sutherland Buckie MacAskill Corners 8 Fouls 14
  6. Loads of interviews on You tube with David before the his game v Spurs on Sunday (on BBC btw). I'm glad his recent red card has not precluded him from playing in that match. He has become quite the celeb in the past few weeks it seems. So I'm looking forward to a good week-end football viewing on TV. Hopefully our match v Buckie will be streamed on Saturday, and then seeing how DR copes with marking Harry Kane on Sunday. Good luck to him, and of course to ICT. I wouldn't mind one surprise 'underdog' victory on the w/end, but not, of course, two.
  7. Yes, terrible news. What a legacy he has left us all with his fabulous book. I'm honoured to have a signed copy. RIP
  8. H/T 1-1 F/T 1-3 ICT Sutherland Arbroath Doolan Yellow Allerdice
  9. I had intended not to bother keeping my spreadsheets of ex ICT scorers up to date in 2020, but suddenly finding myself at home a lot, looking for things to do, I decided to carry on. Unsurprisingly, the level of scoring in 2020 was about 60% down on 2019. Nevertheless, I found 62 players scoring 188 goals amongst them. Once again Nathan Austin came out at the top of the list. I don't include ICT players out on loan in my lists. Nor do I include goals scored in penalty shoot-outs. So, here goes :- 15 goals N Austin (Kelty H) 12 " D Ebbe (The New
  10. An away trip to Buckie in my childhood still holds fond memories for me too. It was the first 'away' match I'd been to outside of Inverness, and I travelled on the bus with the Caley team. Can you imagine how exciting that was for a youngster? It came about because an elder sister of mine was friendly with a sister of Donnie (Ginger) McKenzie, one of Caley's stars at the time. I don't remember anything about the match, but I recall the bus stopping in Forres on the way home for the team to go into a bar. I had to stay on the bus, but was well provided for with crisps and lemonade. Happy
  11. All over, 1-1. A lot better in second half.
  12. Doran off. He had done nothing anyway, even before his head knock. Let's hope Kennedy can show us some magic.
  13. I hadn't noticed his absence, as I've had him on 'ignore' for years!
  14. H/T 1-0 F/T 2-0 ICT Storey Dunfermline Watson Yellow Devine
  15. H/T 0-2 F/T 0-3 ICT Storey Morton Nesbitt Yellow Devine
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