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  1. Have I missed the information for non season ticket holders accessing the streaming service? I thought details were due this week, but I've not noticed anything.
  2. Unfortunately your cousin Aaron's appalling injury record over all the years he has been with us has meant that we just have had to consider him "dispensible". I would reckon that he has missed more than 50% of the games he could have played if fully fit. A great shame as when fit and on form he really could be indispesible.
  3. What a start! Couldn't have wished for better. Keep it up boys.
  4. I notice Jake Mulraney got his first goal for Atlanta Utd in the USA earlier today.
  5. H/T 2-0 F/T 3-0 ICT Storey Cowdenbeath Morrison
  6. And today also, Jason Oswell got another for Telford.
  7. Good news. Looking forward to receiving my copy.
  8. I notice Jason Oswell is now at AFC Telford, and scored his debut goal for them last night (6 Oct). Also scoring last night were Scott Boden, for Chesterfield, and Dean Ebbe with another couple for The New Saints.
  9. Well, we actually played a bit in the last 10 minutes and created a couple of half chances. So that was encouraging. Onwards and upwards, we'll be better when we get all our players fit.
  10. Very unlucky on us for that penalty to be awarded
  11. H/T 1-1 F/T 1-3 ICT Sutherland Hearts Berra