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  1. Just saw it. No more arduous expeditions into the unexplored far-flung wilds of Inverness and Dingwall then.
  2. His latest ban for stating Celtic are the puppet masters has not gone down well at Killie. I have no issue with his interviews about matches per se, but the man lied to try to cost some people their jobs. Made for the Daily Record. He is the Jim Traynor of managers. The majority of comments on the BBC are from Gers fans who have seen him as a prophet. I think he will be off to Ibrox in some capacity. Bu for me, this was the biscuit...(sorry no tidy text linky) http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/kilmarnock-boss-kenny-shiels-raging-1129786
  3. Strachan is entertaining, Holloway is entertaining, but Shiels - the man has an ego the size of Derek Adam's chip, and blinkers that would do a mammoth. He lost me when he started moaning about travelling to Inverness. Good riddance I say.
  4. Looks like Kennie Shiels is offski. Kilmarnock are "reviewing" his position, i.e he's for the chop. In my opinion he's been a blight on the Scottish game, and an embarrassment to Killie. Unfortunately though, that means Killie will be on the up...
  5. According to the BBC it has ensured pot 4. The future with Matthew Kennedy, Islam Feruz, Jack Harper, Alex Davey, along with mainstays like Snodgrass, Morrison, McArthur, new manager, ....maybe this is the beginning of the end of our malaise?
  6. Three! I believe Rogic at Celtic was found on the Australian version, or a similar programme. You are correct! the TV show was called The Chance, I have since learned. Any future show should just say, 'you will end up in the SPL, one way or another'
  7. Ireland had a similar program, last year, and the winner got a place at Celtic's youth academy, Gareth McDonagh. seemingly STV had a similar show, with a place at Ross County for the winner, but no one passed the preliminary rigorous banjo boot camp, tobacco long spit, or parallel parking of a 1982 Vantage Phantom caravan in Aldi. In all seriousness, that's two players in the SPL from those shows. I think he will do well, I watched the show, hardest trials and a lot of pressure, he won't lack nerves.
  8. Courier headlines are so OTT I bet in the story, all it says is Hayes would like to work with Terry again one day. Cue a full back page, sensationalist and misleading. Never let the truth get in the way of a good story.
  9. Either he failed a medical or he was not the kind of persona the manager wanted. Did he cup his ear when they told him to get on his bike?
  10. Not overly impressed with this. If Doran can stay, and I'm sure he had offers too, then so could OTJ. A new challenge ? Hibs?
  11. Our players usually go to the championship, then the premier, win the FA cup, etc. Their players go to league one strugglers. But fair play to him, start at the bottom and all. Must be a humble man.
  12. This is along the lines of managers being cited for swearing. Former player enjoys winding up rival fans of ex-club in media before match. Said player cups ear after another players goal and runs past away fans. Said player's friend expects said fans to chuckle and finger wag a la Last of the Summer Wine. It's a forum, not the bill of rights. It's football, not mahjong. It's 99% banter, and that's all. The other 1% is indicative of nowt, as is with world in general. Think he's off anyway, and I have heard/ seen enough in the last week to see why T B got rid.
  13. How long do you spend in a supermarket generally, for a few days shop. 10, 20 mins? How is your general manner and mood and inner being during that time? imagine being there all the time! It's not a bad job, I enjoyed it, but I knew that almost every customer didn't want to be there. That made it tough.
  14. Actually, one of the more attractive jobs going. If you can keep them up and play a bit of the beautiful game, the jobs a good un. Gus Poyet would be a good shout. I'd fall asleep in the changing room if either Neville was in that job, they are so, very, dull.
  15. In edinburgh, one tesco i went to, it felt as though you were intruding, in the way, and in danger of getting mugged, except for the migrant workers, they were nice! Mind you, the way customers treat supermarket workers is also an issue (not related to the OP's experience I'm sure) I used to work in a supermarket, and had a real eye-opening experience. Drunks threatening you, people having a go for any number of reasons outwith a mere shop assistant's control, people complaining as you re-stock the shelves. Once i had someone ram my re- stock trolley, which also hit me, and bottles on
  16. Very interesting. Perth certainly have seen better times. Would ICT ever get 6000 average? There are only 6000 households in Inverness central.
  17. And finish on a downer? These players and the management team have just finished the best season in the club's history. I'm sure the easiest, most obvious, and most honest answer for TB was to criticise the performance, but was that how he or the club wanted to round off their best ever season? No. All he did was put on a brave face, and save face for the players, who, for 90% of the season, have exceeded expectations. It was one game, maybe two, where they fell short. That doesn't mean you discredit a year's work and leave your staff with a negative. you applaud the positives. As f
  18. Why have ICT been at the top table for so long while other more established clubs, with much bigger backings and advantages have finished below us and struggled? Luck with managers? Good scouting? while other clubs have driven themselves into unmanageable debt and their future is bleak, we are surpassing them in every area. RC must be paying some of the players I saw yesterday a lot more than what we are, I could be wrong, but I doubt it. I'd rather miss out on Europe because we were fiscally responsible than drain our resources on January signings, as that is what I saw yesterday.
  19. Poor Pepper, being hooked before half time is never good (wholly justified as it was). It was a half-squad really, out of position, young & rusty players, it was a big ask. RC bossed that game, and we just hoofed and hoofed. But it's done and the positives have to be put to the forefront. If you'd said before the season started RC were to be in 5th place, we'd have been mightily worried. But alas, they are still in our shadow. The beach balls will be back, Derek
  20. Did Adams really say "the beach balls are burst today" on the radio???
  21. Where to from now? Reguero, Shinnie, Hogg away. Mass exodus or nucleus kept?
  22. It is indeed, but we can't let it overshadow a first top six place. Europe could have meant two games yes, but 4th is a bigger achievement and done by some fantastic performances. Terry wouldn't want us to mourn I'm sure. 3rd next season.
  23. Gutted, had it all. But 4th place, have to look on the bright side, what else is there to do? Lots of cash this season, better situ for next season. And that's that
  24. Imagine a full strength squad. That's the pity of it all.
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