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  1. Great idea. Many thanks for the buses. You were a true star. Thanks to your good lady for putting up for it as well.
  2. That's a likely shout. I am sure there are enough people with contact in Inverness that can have tickets picked up and taken over for them. This is one this thing that is well out of the clubs control.
  3. I shall be just travelling home from my holiday. If I had been in the country I would have gone up. Getting to the away leg will make do i guess.
  4. I am on holiday during the home leg so sadly wont be able to make it, however I am certain there would be enough people to get even a mini bus. If you open it up to Stirling and Perth punters you should be fine.
  5. IHE is down to 1 now so can my total please be changed to 14 again. Sorry and thanks.
  6. Hi. Can I please add one more. That is now 15 for me please. Thanks
  7. Having seen the pictures of the Celtic fans using a hotel in the town of the actual game, is that something that CTJ are thinking about for when our buses arrive?
  8. Love the fact we have more going to Romania that we take to Kilmarnock!
  9. I am 14 now. I have included IHE in that number already.
  10. Silly question. The kick off time is showing as 2000. Is that local or UK?
  11. More Tuesday night people! Are you changing in Amsterdam at all?
  12. All the confirms have come back so spares are filled. Sorry. You will have seen IHE post slightly further down. Give him a shout.
  13. Not 100% at the moment as I am waiting from confirmation from some people so wouldn't want to say I have x amount when I don't.
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