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  1. Rival

    Release or Retain?

    It's not at all relevant. We're not a super rich club who can afford to pay players who spend long spells injured.
  2. Rival

    Where Now?

    You are mistaken by my post, I am thankful I am just saying that survival cannot continue to be our objective season after season. This season? Fair enough. Next season? Rebuild and survive. The coming seasons we need to be more ambitious as fans or there is no point
  3. Rival

    Where Now?

    There's no point wanting to survive in a league you have no ambition to do anything in. We should be looking to be in the mix for top 6 each year and push on to Europe every so often, not just to survive. I understand that we can't have brilliant season every single year, but anybody who says they'd be happy with 10th year after year is kidding themselves on.
  4. Rival

    Where Now?

    Not complaining about this season as I know it's unrealistic to expect what we got last season every year, but I don't get this mentality of wanting to just survive every year, surely there has to be a point where you need to be more ambitious? What's the point of surviving to survive? Or have I misread your post
  5. Rival

    Motherwell -V- Inverness CT

    Are we behind the goal today?
  6. Rival

    Ex-ICT players' news

    John-Christophe Ayina has signed for Rochdale
  7. Rival

    Strengthening for Europe

    If we are to bring players in they will have to be early - last year Aberdeen brought most if not all of their signings in before Europe.
  8. Rival

    Replacement Striker?

    I rate that Ikonomou lad apbut he seem to be regularly playing in the Greek top flight now, something he wasn't doing before he joined County on both occasions.
  9. Rival

    Pacquaio v Mayweather

    And yes - worth every penny
  10. Rival

    Pacquaio v Mayweather

  11. Rival

    Semi final

    Come onnnnnnnnnn!
  12. Rival

    Watkins to Hearts?

    With Shinnie outgoing, and Hearts surprisingly getting rid of Eckersley, we should go for him, excellent LB
  13. Rival

    Yogi gets Deila vote

    I remember him saying we were the best team he'd faced in the league. I thought he was having a dig at sheep though
  14. Rival

    Brora win title.

    Brora have basically said they want to