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  1. No. 2 of above looks nice. Does ICT suffer from a bit of an identity crisis? What is ICTs colour? Blue and Red 50/50 or 40/40 and 10 black? this season it was 90 blue... Still better that than being black and white like St.Mirren...hard to get excited over new strips for them I imagine.
  2. This is ButcherWatch, away and talk about ICT elsewhere :) If TB gets the sack, he may find it hard to get going again. He may suit Ross County? Stranger things have happened.
  3. Now it is really interesting! SP is right, and added to that, the last manager you want to work with prima donnas is...Butcher. He can make players play but only if they are his buys or younglings. I'd say the big players know he wants rid of them come what may, and can't motivate themselves accordingly.
  4. 3 years, regardless of results???? Well, if it's good enough for The Rangers...
  5. I'd rather see the players try things that will see them through pre-season and the start of next season well. This is the time to be taking risks and play without fear. Hughes will not have a better chance to show the fans the merits of what it is he is trying to do and the players can afford to try it out. 6th would be ok if it gave us all the assurance that this system is kosher.
  6. Partick will be the key to whether Hibs stay safe. If PT have a reasonably decent run, it may come to pass. What irked me was not just when he sat in with them before the deal was done, but his mocking of our resources when he did go. It was good enough when he couldn't buy a job and good enough when he oversaw our relegation. I would actually like him to repeat his bouncebackability next season though...so, very, much.
  7. Teams that can press high up the pitch and break quickly well are hard to find, and need a coach who believes in that system. We have just the former it seems. Why change a whole team's style and philosophy when they were 2nd in the league. The squad wasn't designed to do that, it seems like buying a football to then play table tennis with. That being said, maybe the players are "loving it" but the bigger question is can they do it? Hughes obviously thinks so, as I don't think the squad will be changed. So, now we know what the hymn sheet says, let's see how well JH conducts this choir of burly workhorses. That's the one and only thing JH and the board will now be judged on.
  8. Maybe JH needs a keeper who is comfortable with the ball at his feet and likes to play the sweeper. Maybe JH needs a holding midfielder who can pass and pass well Maybe JH needs another striker who can play alongside Billy At present, JH hasn't brought in anyone - I'm sure he is desperate for 3 players (that ICT need regardless) that would be the lynchpin of the system he plays. That's when he will ask to be judged. You can't expect him to simply copy Butcher - no manager worth his salt would agree to that.
  9. TB would make Oscar Wilde look like a stuttering redneck, and whoever took over was going to be on a hiding to nothing on that score, certainly in terms of the media. The cliches are just his style, we all have our foibles, so be it. Hughes will be in place next season and by then the honeymoon period will be over. He will be targeted with top six again, and I think if that is achieved, then we will know we have a manager in place that can do the business. Falling very short of that, then we can talk.
  10. Butcher needs Marsella to build him a team for his system/method. That's why Butcher is a long term option. The thing is Marsella needs 3 years to do the job, and in the meantime, Mediocrity ensues. Hibs really need to beat Hearts, or else there will be a few post-split splits.
  11. UEFA will be starting the Nations League as a kind of junior tournament to the European championship qualifiers http://www.bbc.com/sport/0/football/26762899 Basically four divisions, 1-4 sorted by rankings, i.e Div.1. would be all the best teams, but each division winner gets a spot in the Euros. We'd be Div.3 and if we won it, a place in the Euros is ours!
  12. Russel Latapy left the sunny climes of Porto and a cushy number at Boavista for inverness, all at the behest of one man. I'm looking forward to seeing what this group of self-policing players can achieve with a managerial set-up that respects them enough to allow some freedom.
  13. We'll have a new home strip for next season anyway...and the current away strip will remain and just have the sponsor details changed. I've often wondered whether there could be fan input into the strip, even on a very basic level, but probably not feasible, however who is it that chooses the design? Is it simply at the chairman's discretion? This goes for all clubs.
  14. I will continue with the Batman theme, some people just want to watch the world burn. It was a fantastic video - it was not so long ago that ICT was in splendid isolation, nothing came out of the club, good news or bad. I find it more than a little annoying that this has not got positive recognition across the forum, I don't get it. The movie Nixon perhaps was on TV recently? Anyway, I hope the media team don't go under the parapet, as some would like, and keep going for the vast majority of fans for who this is a rare chance to learn more about the goings on at ICT.
  15. As with Batman, maybe he wasn't what ICT fans wanted, but what they needed. Inverness have arguably built more of an identity in this season than any other, and JH is very much a mirror of that. He seems to be a man who has found a kindred spirit at this club, perhaps after seeing the more ruthless Hibs and Hartlepool suits at work. Great video, can we have a Christie-esque focus on the asst. manager next time, I'm interested to know more about how he complements JH.
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