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  1. Just to save starting another thread, someone has mentioned that the game on Saturday is part of the season ticket. Is this the case?
  2. Surely County didn't get that many? Or were there a lot of Falkirk fans? They weren't managing that last year!
  3. I don't know how Brian Rice is getting away without blame over this.
  4. What's the deal with the Strathspey game? Is it at a ground or just a training field? Can we go to it? Does it cost?
  5. Lets hope it; Lets hope it's not County then...
  6. Might we start with 3 at the back? I think a back 3 of Mckay, Donaldson and McCart is very solid on paper. From what I've read from QoTS fans, Rooney is very good going forwards but a bit suspect at the back, so a Right Wing Back role might be a shout. This would also free Tremarco to bomb down the left - we all know what an attacking threat he can be. I liked the look of Oakley and Austin together up front towards the end of the season, so a 3-5-2 is a way of keeping them in the team together again. Trafford would sit deep when need be, whilst Polworth and Doran would be given a b
  7. The club has tweeted that we've now sold out 1000th season ticket. Is that good? What are we usually at at this stage and how many did we sell last year?
  8. Got the away kit today and the lady in the shop said it had been selling really well!
  9. Could someone marketing ST's in the town centre be an idea? I wonder if the Inverness public in general has any exposure to these being on sale, and surely someone in the Eastgate/High Street handling out leaflets, talking to people etc. might be an idea?
  10. I hear there is going to be an announcement next week. Does anybody have idea what it's to do with?
  11. I had lost hope of promotion after Saturday, but after Morton lost last night, I have a new found belief. If we beat Brechin and Dunfermilne (big if's) then all of a sudden, we are in 5th, ahead of QoTS and Dunfermilne, and just 5 points off Morton having played the same number of games. From then, especially with another game against Morton, anything can happen. We need to install some POSITIVITY amongst ourselves and back the boys on Saturday against Brechin. That's the first of two really big games. If we win those two then we really are right back in the hunt.
  12. Is the season ticket offer available to ICT season ticket holders too?
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