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  1. Undecided on Fisher. Part of me enjoys his appetite for the game, he's almost a throwback to the days when we had technically limited but wholehearted players who would leave everything out on the pitch. Another part of me thinks that this hides his faults and that he would bind us to a particular style of football. As for everyone else - Tremarco, Warren and Draper are must keeps. That's it. Everyone else is either dispensable or will look to move on. After hearing Tansey's aftermatch comments yesterday I'm almost happy he's leaving... We talk about the club engaging with the commu
  2. Looked like we were back to our best again today. Proper enthusiasm and belief. Wish people would shut up about the attendances, no SPL side has had a good turnout in any of their home cup matches this season.
  3. Dundee United are already playing Hibs tomorrow. My mistake, didn't even think of checking tomorrow's fixtures. Strange they're playing on a Sunday.
  4. Esson Duff Proctor Innes Shinnie Duncan Hayes Ross Foran Sanchez Rooney Subs: Tuffey, Golabek/Gillet, Cox, Doran, MacDonald, Odihambo, Sutherland. Any idea why we're not playing today? This game was postponed, why aren't we playing this at the earliest opportunity? Surely the SPL could have rejigged the fixtures, there are already SPL games on today and we'll lose a bit of money having to play on a Wednesday night. Seems mad that the bigwigs didn't consider the idea, especially after giving us a week notice to play at Ibrox.
  5. Cracking news. Another Irish lad. Pity about it only being a loan, but if it breathes a bit of life into the team then it's all good.
  6. Poor today, but Hamilton do seem to bring it out in us. I feel sorry for their *very few* fans having to watch that team perform every week. Imrie was dragging them along with him, if they didn't have him they would be almost certainties for relegation. Odi started well but faded badly. One mistake and he just falls apart. Sanchez was much better in midfield than I thought he would be, held onto the ball and looked for a simple pass. Foran didn't stay out wide at all and spent more time following Imrie around. Rooney was terrible but was never going to win anything against Mensing.
  7. Just play this over the tannoy before every game. Fantastic to hear someone in Scottish football speak their mind, and speak out on behalf of the fans.
  8. What's wrong with Morais? He was pretty good when he was with us, and got a move to St Johnstone based on his performances for us. I'd be delighted to have him back. I would kill for Juanjo in his prime, and sever a finger for Mihadjuks to come back. We won't be signing anyone though, it will be a couple of loans from down south, who will turn out to be quite good and move onto bigger and better things. Funny how players always assume more importance when they are out injured, Hayes has not been at his best in the his last few games and might not have made any difference in our de
  9. Don't think any of the SPL teams playing lower-league opposition yesterday had good attendances. Easter Road was almost empty, Pittodrie had one stand populated, St Mirren Park had just over 2000, NDP just over 1000 and the replay of last year's final had 4000 people watching. I'm saying that, but the club didn't really advertise the game. Not often you can sit in the main stand for a tenner.
  10. As disappointing as it is not to see the usual backheels, nutmegs and overhead kicks, Roscoe is still a modern day genius of the game. Every goal is a special event, usually because he balloons them out of the stadium. Hayes is definitely the most exciting player we've had for a while now. I'm convinced he became the player he is today by watching footage of Roscoe in his heyday rampaging down the right wing.
  11. Heading down for this one, needing to wait until payday on Friday to buy the ticket though, anyone know if it's ok to head down on the Saturday morning and get a ticket from Parkhead? Emailed the club but didn't get a reply. I take it we won't sell out our allocation....
  12. Cracking game. 6 goals, 2 penalties and a sending off. Enjoyed seeing Del Deeks Derek Riordan getting shown up as a horrific ned with little skill and even less workrate. Rooney took his hat trick superbly, he is lethal at the moment. Russell Duncan and Lee Cox should always be playing together in central midfield, it's like having Roy Keane and Fabregas together in the same team. Hope to god Hayes isn't out for next week.
  13. If you'd offered me the option of being 9 points clear of relegation after the first round of games (assuming that we don't beat Rangers and Midden lode again) I would have bitten your hand off. Sounds like we rode our luck a little, but we took our chances while Killie missed theirs. This league is too easy.
  14. Making good reading so far, learnt quite a bit about the guy. There is strange lack of any information on the internet about him, with the legend status he has amongst the seniors. I only saw him the once, just enough to consider him a cult hero.
  15. And, given that Daisy left ICT within the last decade or thereby, your definition of "elderly" would be...? :biggrin: Errrr, let's just say you would fall into the elderly category.
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