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  1. M&S & Bella Italia were having intermittent problems yesterday. Muir of Ord's OK!
  2. Aah, that's where it is!! :blush: (Was looking on wrong screen....) Thanks Scotty (& OCG) - that was the problem. All sorted now!!
  3. Thanks OCG, I can't see any "options" anywhere, but do recall having seen it in the past somewhere. Strangely this thread does appear when I click the View New Content!
  4. I tend usually to look at the site via the "View New Content" but for a few weeks now all I get is "No new content." I've logged out & back in & even turned off the laptop but still have to go into each topic separately. Treat me gently - turning it off is about the most techie that I get.......
  5. Just voted - looks like he's got 43 votes now.
  6. Probably Forbes. Great oatcakes too. Closed a few years ago unfortunately.
  7. Ffordes also stock new stuff & are very knowledgable & helpful too; we always go there for camera equipment.
  8. I thought it was going to be an open-topped caravan - anyone got a tin opener?
  9. Ian Polworth was actually. :P Actually it was Iain Polworth. :P :P
  10. Many Happy Returns... You won't forget this one in a hurry..!! :018: :thumb04: ;) :D
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