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  1. CaleyCailleach

    Disgrace that is the Ferry of today

    Dornoch Bridge?
  2. CaleyCailleach

    Let's go out of Sneck

    Somewhere in Australia?
  3. CaleyCailleach

    Let's go out of Sneck

    Is no. 100 Portmahomack?
  4. CaleyCailleach

    "View New Content" - I Can't!

    Aah, that's where it is!! :blush: (Was looking on wrong screen....) Thanks Scotty (& OCG) - that was the problem. All sorted now!!
  5. CaleyCailleach

    "View New Content" - I Can't!

    Thanks OCG, I can't see any "options" anywhere, but do recall having seen it in the past somewhere. Strangely this thread does appear when I click the View New Content!
  6. CaleyCailleach

    "View New Content" - I Can't!

    I tend usually to look at the site via the "View New Content" but for a few weeks now all I get is "No new content." I've logged out & back in & even turned off the laptop but still have to go into each topic separately. Treat me gently - turning it off is about the most techie that I get.......
  7. CaleyCailleach

    Vote for Liam Polworth

    Just voted - looks like he's got 43 votes now.
  8. CaleyCailleach

    Next Close Season

    Probably Forbes. Great oatcakes too. Closed a few years ago unfortunately.
  9. CaleyCailleach

    Good SLR Digital Camera

    Ffordes also stock new stuff & are very knowledgable & helpful too; we always go there for camera equipment.
  10. CaleyCailleach


    I thought it was going to be an open-topped caravan - anyone got a tin opener?
  11. CaleyCailleach

    Liam polworth

    Ian Polworth was actually. :P Actually it was Iain Polworth. :P :P
  12. CaleyCailleach

    Rangers -v- Ict : Matchnight Thread

    Many Happy Returns... You won't forget this one in a hurry..!! :018: :thumb04: ;) :D
  13. CaleyCailleach

    Rangers -v- Ict : Matchnight Thread

    What a birthday! A gorgeous bit of sparkle from the Old Man & a lovely dinner @ the Lochardil; a dash home to sit on the edge of my seat (they don't make it easy for us, do they??) Finally the icing on the cake - a Caley win away to Rangers. Birthdays don't get much better than that!! :018: :thumb04: Thanks lads.
  14. CaleyCailleach


    My vote's just put it up to 80%. Why do they hide "The Big Vote" amongst the advertising?? (Down the right hand side in case anybody else is searching for it!)