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  1. ictpj

    He's One Of Our Own

    We need more of this abuse. No one would doubt his attitude here. Everyone has a bad patch. Just get on with it and he'll turn it round. Roll on September 22nd.
  2. ictpj

    Bucharest to Giurgiu transfer

    3 seats for me please
  3. ictpj

    20150530 165746

  4. ictpj

    Black isle Bus

  5. ictpj

    20150530 171348

  6. ictpj

    Poll : Season's expectations

    league ....higher than county s cup.......further than county l cup....... expectation achieved already!
  7. ictpj

    e - Tickets

    just used the link to buy two tickets for liverpool game. <back of main stand>.......some single seats left in main stand. worked a treat but cost a couple quid extra for booking fee and post. well worth it if you cant get to the ticket office . progress indeed:003:
  8. ictpj

    McGuire out.

  9. ictpj

    Intertoto Cup Draw

    what if.................... hibs finish with 52 points in 6th place, and we finish with 53 points in 7th place, :) :( possible given recent form. anybody know of a good solicitor..