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  1. What a fantastic decision to award him a 2 year contract! Who was responsible for that and how much has it cost the club? One more head, at least, needs to roll!
  2. I'm finding myself in agreement. Talks a great game but what has he actually achieved, other than alienate a lot of local businesses from wanting anything to do with the club after the concert fiasco? All that orange kit and 12th july nonsense was the final straw for me, the club should never have let itself be lowered to that level! Seems like the chairman has given him free rein of the club to run it as he likes? Might his final act have been, what's becoming blatantly obvious, the mad decision to award dodds another 2 year contract?
  3. First half we looked comfortable. Second half was dire. Felt like we were just waiting for the equaliser, and no surprise when it came.
  4. Well done on a good-looking and thorough presentation. Just a shame that only 316 people completed the survey. No doubt the club will view this as unrepresentative and ignore it!?
  5. So did the club extend the loyalty price until the 12th !? sake!
  6. I get the feeling that might have been the plan?!?!
  7. Was it a conscious decision by the club to release such a kit on such a date? Really have no time for this kind of sectarian nonsense, personally!
  8. Now that I like . We've finally managed to get the 'c' out of ICTFC and the eagle has flown, leaving just the thistle and ITFC
  9. Disgusting way for the club to behave . What is going on in there?
  10. I think the last two posts above sum up the game perfectly. Shaw through the middle didn't work, and he seemed to be exhausted early doors? Though I can see the thinking behind putting him there with his height maybe giving the celtic central defenders something to think about, but he really had nothing to work with! Special mention to the singing section. . . . they were awesome throughout Just goes to show that this west terrace project should be put to bed and the singing section moved into a completely unallocated section B (or wherever) of the north stand. That would create the best possible atmosphere at home. Mon The Jags !
  11. Why the secrecy? Was the same in 2015. Seems crazy that the club won't tell us. It will only put people off trying to get tickets cos they'll likely take the view that tickets are either sold out, or so few sold that there won't be a good atmosphere! It'll be clear to see on the day exactly how many tickets we've sold so I really don't understand the club's stance on this?
  12. I faced the same issue. Seems the only way to book kids tickets for the bus is in person at the ticket office, as I did today? To be fair to the staff, when I was in there was a queue so no chance for them to answer any calls.
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