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  1. Same. I've had to change my mentality to attend nowadays. . . .now I expect a defeat and anything else is a bonus!
  2. I see Partick's keeper scored their equaliser today. Maybe we should play Ridgers as lone striker? He must be a better option than Oakley!!
  3. I don't think I've ever met Kingsmills, but I enjoyed both his balanced viewpoint and impassioned discourse in his many postings across the years. Being a fellow Jaggie, I also appreciated his support in numerous threads too! RIP ❤❤
  4. Please can they leave the rugby goalposts in place for our next home game ?
  5. Didn't even realise he was on the park, until he was subbed. He's worse than a man short !
  6. A truly disgraceful 'performance'. Was like watching a training exercise... no urgency, no creativity, no pace, no tactics, no inspiration, no imagination, no skill, and no heart! Looking at that team today, there's nothing there. There's nothing that says to me that this team can challenge for the title. The performances through the playoffs gave me hope that we could win promotion this season. On today's evidence, that hope is gone! Awful
  7. Oh my days That shirt ❤❤❤
  8. When do the tickets go on sale for the glamour friendly against Milan that the club has obviously arranged for Wednesday 13th July?
  9. Nice shirt ! Shame it's taken the club 28 years to acknowledge, and should be the Home not Away! Nevertheless I'll buy it for the kids (and probably myself too)
  10. Those young FCU lads were my kids' highlight of the whole evening! They were fascinated by them and daughter hasn't stopped watching clips of them on the the youtube footy adventures channel since ! I think anything that adds to the atmosphere and encourages more young fans to attend is a good thing.
  11. Don't know how to feel after that. Delighted to get through; furious with the refereeing 'performance'; concerned with our performance; worried if we'll have enough players to field a team in the final; pissed off with the 'fans' hurling missiles on the pitch; gutted for shane; proud of the defensive display; impressed by the determination of the players; ... All emotions in a day in the life of a Jaggie !
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