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  1. Speaking of building for the future - remind me why the club saw fit to release such a talented player ? 🤔
  2. I remembered 20 years ago when we were in the 1st division and we'd be drawn against premier league teams in the scottish cup and we believed every time that we would beat them. And very often we did........celtic away and at home (against Larsson et al, but we had Wyness!), hearts away. . . 5 years ago we won this competition. Tonight we're satisfied that we got humped 5-2 (against a team that we have beaten more times than they've beaten us) because we put in a decent performance! Wtf? Just goes to show how far the club and our expectations have fallen. Sad to say I wouldn't have belief in this team to win against Fort William FC these days.
  3. Inverness CT manager John Robertson: "We need to mark Shankland in the box, it's as simple as that. That's why United will win the league - they're more clinical than us and everyone else. "We're too nice. We react to things, we don't anticipate. It's difficult to criticise effort and honesty, but to be a top player, you need to have that extra quality, desire, and that bit more know-how. "We've got masses still to play for. We should, in my eyes, pretty clear in second place. This is the frustration - we've dropped too many silly points and haven't been clinical and ruthless enough." Sums up the story of the last few seasons imho. Well said JR 👏
  4. The most flat atmosphere I can ever recall at home. No wonder.... same old predictable, boring, slow-build-up play! Are players allowed to use their imagination anymore, or is that frowned upon by the coaching staff? Football should be entertaining. Feels like a chore to sit through 90minutes these days!
  5. You should've gone to the fluke before the start of the game .....would've been a much more enjoyable day! ???
  6. Heartless, gutless, boring, slow, sideways, backwards, pedestrian, unimaginative, apathetic, rudderless, wayward, unskilled, mince, passive, ?, ?, ? Why on earth was Siegrist playing???? Utd had no need for him whatsoever!
  7. Given results elsewhere it was another missed opportunity today. Very similar performance to that of the home game against Partick Thistle. Passing was always sideways and backwards. Just before the Alloa first goal we were in an attacking position by the corner flag yet proceeded to pass the ball all the way back to Ridgers, then kicked the ball long, lost possession, Alloa went up the park and scored! Second half we somehow managed to get ourselves in front (thanks for the Tremarco wonder strike), and then throw away two points by non existent defending at a long throw!! Yes mccart made the wrong decision in not passing the ball to Ridgers but we simply did not defend the throw. In truth though, on that performance, we did not deserve to win the game. It's been suggested above that we should try storey up front instead of playing him wide. His strength is his pace running onto through balls, but we just don't make any through passes that he could run onto! I hope that might change now with Keatings back from injury? Bit disappointed personally to hear the announcer call a substitution for "caley" second half. 25 years celebrations indeed!!! ?
  8. The other thistle played a game in midweek yet to a man showed more energy and desire than any ICT player! Got exactly what we deserved today. ?
  9. I seem to recall a 5-0 scoreline against Arbroath way back in the pele days, with help from a Barry Robson masterclass?
  10. Thought it was quite a scrappy first half, until Rooney made a run from virtually his own corner flag all the way to Morton's penalty spot . It seemed to change the game and we scored shortly after. Second half we got a perfect start and never looked back. Can't remember the last time we won 5-0 at home in the league. Tremendous result!
  11. Sad news indeed! He was captain of the 10th BB when I was there, affectionately referred to as 'JB' or 'Jelly Belly'. An influence and guidance on so many lives. A genuine, and funny, guy who will be missed.
  12. I disagree. The home kit, in particular, is the recognised identity of the club. We've had red and blue stripes in the past and which was universally acceptable to all fans of the club and a unique within scottish football. Why the sudden change back to all blue?
  13. You've said above that you have no affinity to either founder club so I wouldn't expect you to understand how strongly I feel about it.