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  1. 4-0 over two legs tells its own story! Nothing to do with refereeing decisions or bad's the story of our season, missed chances have cost us big time. Until we change that we will be stuck in this division. Good luck in the playoff final, Arabs. Expecting a bit of an exodus of players over the next few days now. 🙄
  2. Really looked like we were playing within ourselves today, likely with Tuesday in mind? Maybe that was the tactics or are the players just exhausted? Was an anxious spectacle for us fans and might have been very worrying had Ayr got a second goal before we got ours! Still we're through and that's what counts. Impressed by MacDonald when he came on. Would be great to get him back in on loan again next season.
  3. Let's face it the Roy McGregor era we're currently in is county's golden age! Once it's over it's unlikely they'll find another figure so willing to throw money at the club the way he's done and they'll revert to being a peripheral club similar to Elgin or Petterhead (albeit with the benefit of having a derby with their larger local rival 20minutes away ......Inverness CT). We, on the other hand, are at one of our lower ebbs in our short but very successful history. We will always be the bigger club, just not always the best run! Just wait around for a while......we'll be back!
  4. Best wishes Liam. ICT since age 8, most assists in the division, .......and will likely still be a target for the boo boys come Saturday!
  5. Felt it was a bit of a reality check today. We didn't play badly but we didn't play well, other than the first 10minutes of the match and for 10minutes after the first goal. We're currently a second flight side and it showed at times. That said, if Chalmers free kick goes in and McCart's 'goal' is allowed, it could've been a whole different story? And who knows if it would've been a different game if we had Donaldson and Welsh available? I'm not overly disappointed at the outcome. Reaching the semi-final was a bit of a bonus this season and we still have a play-off place to aim for. So looking at the bigger picture I think we've actually done well. Saddest thing for me about today was when I read that our former player who scored that legendary goal to get us to the 2015 Scottish cup final didn't even receive a winner's medal!
  6. I don't believe I've ever witnessed such an inept refereeing performance at any level ever before! It really was a farce. The only tiny mitigating factor might be the fact that the standside linesman was absolutely no help to the ref whatsoever 🙈 What had been an entertaining game up to the break fell completely flat after it because of the red card 'decision', which should never have been because of the foul that was ignored by the ref just seconds before. Quite unbelievable !
  7. I have no idea what goes on behind the boardroom doors at the club, but it seems to me that these battles have been ongoing for nearly two decades!! What's the reason? Is it purely egocentricity? If so, then that's a pretty pathetic way to behave. This club does not belong to one person nor to one clique! You'd think that after 25 years the club would by now have found a settled method of being run in a sensible, mature way!
  8. Probably the accountant's ?
  9. These boys... Around at the height of the baggy/indie era late 80s. I don't have a copy of their tape though, sorry!
  10. John Robertson...."We've got a problem at home. We've won two, lost three and drawn the rest. Away from him, we've got a small band of fans that get right behind the team but at home they don't seem to do that." There we have it's all our fault. WTAF Give us something to get behind and we'll get behind you! But all we see the same abject lifeless performances every other week!!! That's a ridiculous comment to make. Don't think I'll bother turning up in future if I'm only going to be a hindrance to the team! Raging!
  11. Getting pretty sick of posting the same comments after almost every home game! That first 45minutes today really was the worst I can remember from an Inverness side. Absolutely pathetic! Why McKay wasn't hooked at half-time instead of Rooney is a complete mystery. The only positives I can take from today are that we learned that 1. McKay isn't a central defender, and 2. He's no a right back either!
  12. When's the Polly announcement ?
  13. Surely even Inverness cannot find a way to turn this into a draw!?